Cat bites dogs butt, dog gets tired of it and moves.

2 mag 2021
444 522 visualizzazioni

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  • I was expecting the dog to fart on the cat's face at the end

    Mr. DitkovichMr. Ditkovich28 minuti fa
  • Tom (From T&J) will be proud after seeing this 😼

    Yi Sun ShinYi Sun Shin35 minuti fa
  • wow we are living in a cat eat dog world 😅😅😅

    Bobby RobertsBobby RobertsOra fa
  • Move bitch😼

    nukul vermanukul vermaOra fa
    • 😾👍

      Yi Sun ShinYi Sun Shin37 minuti fa
  • Cat: Yeah I just did that what you gonna do about it.. Dog ..hhhuuuuuhhh

    Ken FutureKen FutureOra fa
  • Thankfully the dog didn't fart on the cat's face or he would have been blown away.

    sarita saritasarita sarita2 ore fa
  • That cat need his ass beat

    shannon landshannon land6 ore fa
  • Cats are total insensitive assholes and dogs just want to be left alone in wonder my ex was such a cat person and I'd die for dogs.

    ManjimaManjima8 ore fa
  • Cat-. "Baby let's do it tonight" Dog- " not tonight baby.. I'm very tired after playing with my human" Cat- " That's why i hate humans"

    Sonu SaanSonu Saan10 ore fa
  • Dog: Can't take this shit anymore! I'm leaving!!

    Old MajesticOld Majestic10 ore fa
  • Cat : *Bites* Dog : Why are we still here? Just to suffer!

    Aryan 9988Aryan 998812 ore fa
  • The dog should have farted!🤪⛽️

    36chinadoll36chinadoll14 ore fa
  • Cat needs a spray of water in the face! Let the old dog nap.

    Jo JoJo Jo16 ore fa
  • Cat: Move you’re in my spot Dog: Make me Cat: 😼 Dog: You win

    GrandMasterLynxGrandMasterLynx17 ore fa
  • Cat hates dog

    Tedolph BundlerTedolph Bundler17 ore fa
  • Give that cat a good swat on the nose. It knows it's being an asshole for no reason. Doggo is just trying to nap.

    KapheeKaphee17 ore fa
  • Intense fight ever

    CassZenCassZen18 ore fa
  • That cat needs to get wacked in the head with a dishcloth and introduced to 3 foster kittens aged 6 weeks and above.

    wendy macmullenwendy macmullen19 ore fa
  • Cat: oooh cake 😛

    OnceUponAReeseOnceUponAReese19 ore fa
  • This cat needs some Jackson Galaxy magic - more owners play time and less (zero) dog bullying. xP

    Emiliyan YankovEmiliyan Yankov20 ore fa
  • 😆

    Fiona NabagerekaFiona Nabagereka21 ora fa
  • It mistook the dog for a piece of meat, that's a hefty boi.

    BerétBayBerétBay21 ora fa
  • He should have slapped the cat with his tail lol then did that wiggle and walked off

    jamaicaskyjamaicasky21 ora fa
  • That cat very sus

    ProdigiousProdigious22 ore fa
  • I would pinch the tail of that cat every time it bites the dog's butt

    Shreyas KulkarniShreyas Kulkarni23 ore fa
  • LOL the cats trying to have sex with this fucking monstrous dog , it's like 15 times bigger

    AzazelAzazel23 ore fa
  • I hate cats I woulda given it a kick

    Tony RTony RGiorno fa
  • Such a *PEACE LOVING* dog 🤣😂

    Sheetal AggarwalSheetal AggarwalGiorno fa
  • I love cats, they're such a**holes 😂😂

    Sweet TeeSweet TeeGiorno fa
  • cat biting this dog’s butt=cat biting every human’s big toe for no reason

    alyalyGiorno fa
  • Cat: - Confident - Stare At You - Bad Boy

    Just Some Guy Who Slays GoblinsJust Some Guy Who Slays GoblinsGiorno fa
  • He even shakes his head to make sure his teeth went paste his hair and really pinch, wow.

    ToggledoffToggledoffGiorno fa
  • Cat looks at dog like *"what you gonna do about it"* 😂

    yaser khalidyaser khalidGiorno fa
  • My family dog treats me like that too.

    Jon TJon TGiorno fa
  • Dog: "You aren't right in the head."

    Aj AjAj AjGiorno fa
  • i love that suspicious thing dogs do with their eyebrows

    Miami NymphMiami NymphGiorno fa
  • Those are both very very chunky bois

    Kayden MartinKayden MartinGiorno fa
  • The cat: Mmm Tã$t¥! The dog: NaW man imma move

    twilight shimmertwilight shimmerGiorno fa
  • My GF for no apparent reason. I think cats have more similarity in women they are just so unpredictable and do random stuff to annoy you.

    Ariel McdownyAriel McdownyGiorno fa
  • That is a marriage in a nutshell, husband trys to sleep, wife gets mad that he is sleeping so she wakes him up

  • The title: *basically telling me what the video is* Me: I MUST SEE FOR MYSELFF-

  • The cat likes big buts and he cannot lie

    ttban1988ttban1988Giorno fa
  • The cat is a millennial.

  • The not so wildlife lol. Look I'm eating you like lions eat their pray. Yeah (jawn) I don't think so, I'll go check out ehm, like if there's food in the bowl. Laterz...

    nom chowskinom chowskiGiorno fa
  • Cat's kinda sus

    Vi sanVi sanGiorno fa
  • That is one nasty cat.

    Jeannie MarkechJeannie MarkechGiorno fa
  • When u realize that was the cat's mastermind to seize the place for laying down.

    Utkarsh SinghUtkarsh SinghGiorno fa
  • I was thinking what the cat's reaction would have been if the dog farts when the cat bites ?😂

    sняєє иιναssняєє иιναsGiorno fa
  • Cat : my ancestors maybe was scared of your type but im NOT

    ARMY BLiNk뭐ARMY BLiNk뭐Giorno fa
  • Love bite!!!

    Johan SalterJohan SalterGiorno fa
  • The dog is old in dog years

    jefferson cristobaljefferson cristobalGiorno fa
  • "Well, it smells like meat..."

    Sylvia ElseSylvia ElseGiorno fa
  • How about you discipline your bully of a cat, poor old pup no doubt deals with this on the daily.

    SariaSariaGiorno fa
  • Perv.

    juzores1juzores1Giorno fa
  • Let's be honest here. Who doesn't enjoy some ass-flesh between your teeth every once in a while?

    dng2usbdng2usbGiorno fa
  • Intelligent dog asshool cat

    24bidy24bidyGiorno fa
  • Straight up scene from the tom and Jerry where tom always mess with spike.

  • That poor dog is morbidly obese. Really sad

    Bailey BBailey BGiorno fa
  • 219 dogs disliked this video

    主席大人主席大人Giorno fa
  • Skurwiały sierściuch

    tylko tel3tylko tel3Giorno fa
  • Its almost as if the cat's doing it on purpose to make the dog stand and leave that place 😂

    Amol JoshiAmol JoshiGiorno fa
  • Cat : if you die here i eat you like this you know what i mean faty Dog : Oh no no no no Oh no no no 😂😂

    Derin StateDerin StateGiorno fa
  • Sweet Dog ❤ Bratty and Cute Kitty... My dog is very sweet to my cat as well ❤❤ 😸🐕

    M GilM GilGiorno fa
  • Dog: thats not what i meant

    due whitdue whitGiorno fa
  • I love the the part where the cat bites him and he gets up to move

    KoeitKoeitGiorno fa
  • Cat : “I will show the world how we catch prey in the wild and why our big cousins are called King of the Jungle..” Doggo : 😑

    xaldy valdezxaldy valdezGiorno fa
  • Alex and Marty

    FOSSEL_san ಠ ͜ʖ ಠFOSSEL_san ಠ ͜ʖ ಠGiorno fa
  • Yo cat this dog here before you respect ✊

    ruben martinezruben martinezGiorno fa
  • yuck. dog's hair in mouth. dogs should get up and leave whenever a cat commands them to do so. or remain on the ground as cozy cushion and endure the pain of being clawed gently. this is the privilege of a dog being allowed to live with a cat. 😼

    nosynosyGiorno fa
  • The dog should have nailed the cat with his tail on the way out

    Bob BluefieldBob BluefieldGiorno fa
  • Thts fking Madagascar in rl😂😂

    Clinton KClinton KGiorno fa
  • Cat will be cat

    Atomic PlayerAtomic PlayerGiorno fa
  • Cat: lemme taste that thicc ass boi

    Roop KDRoop KDGiorno fa
  • My dog would have torn kitty a new arsehole

    AsmodeusAsmodeusGiorno fa
  • nom nom nom... my favorite chew toy... nom... nom... nom.....................

    John PJohn PGiorno fa
  • What a bratt :)

    Nina SavageNina SavageGiorno fa
  • It’s kind of funny, your dog is huge compared to your cat and they’re friendly with each other. While my puppy is half the size of my cat and she bullies him all of the time.

    Justice BeskeJustice BeskeGiorno fa
  • cat be like: sniff* sniff* sniff* snif- ewww ,what is this smell , did you fart? 😤

    Zhou SabrinaZhou SabrinaGiorno fa
  • ITworlds recommendation is a cat and has a dog fetish

    Shubham Priyanshu ChoudharyShubham Priyanshu ChoudharyGiorno fa
  • Rotten cat

    Mikey RileyMikey RileyGiorno fa
  • dog: just a simple American that wants to live his best life cat: typical leftist s**t disturber antagonizing just for the hell of it - probably named karen

    Thomas TThomas TGiorno fa
  • Even in the animal kingdom there's the guy that is knowingly annoying just to amuse himself & be a jerk.

    me005003me005003Giorno fa
  • Animals have so much personality

    Gavin RainsGavin RainsGiorno fa
  • I was expecting the dog to kick the cats face

    SparrowSparrowGiorno fa
  • Mean ass cat. Leave the old timmer alone, he just resting his eyes.

    Susan HighSusan HighGiorno fa
  • The cat obviously belives in smart working. minimum effort maximum results. She banished the dog without moving a tail 😂

    r nr nGiorno fa
  • 😂😂😂 Cat was full Cabroncito and looked back at the dog, "Yeah! I DID IT" 😂😂😂 I guess Gato was feeling a bit guilty and tried to smooth it over literally. Furry ones crack me up.

    rockyrockyGiorno fa
  • This needed to be recorded and uploaded ?

    Stephen SmithStephen SmithGiorno fa
  • Biting dog butt. Some call it a duty. To cats, it's a responsibility.

    Theo KirkleyTheo KirkleyGiorno fa
  • Cat was lucky, but that dog is way overweight, the owner needs to work on helping doggo lose about ten pounds.

    GeorgeFlippinGeorgeFlippinGiorno fa
  • Cats a 100% spawns of satan and little ass holes. My uncle's cat bit my dog for no reason, guess who was then forced outside for 2 weeks while we were there. :p My dog was giving the cat its space and the cat ran up and bit him. I was walking down the street one time and had a cat come up and attack me. I dont like cats. Never been bit or attacked by a dog. period.

    MarshMellowMarshMellowGiorno fa
  • What's up that cat.

    Rigel MitchellRigel MitchellGiorno fa
  • Shouldn’t let that cat bite the dog

    Lean And DesignLean And DesignGiorno fa
  • That cat is an a-hole. If I'd have seen that, he might go missing. Not the least bit funny to me.

    Santa Fe 2926Santa Fe 2926Giorno fa
  • The cat just admiring that thiccness 🍑

    StreetFighter JStreetFighter JGiorno fa
  • That cat is so mean.

    Beautiful & BlessedBeautiful & BlessedGiorno fa
  • Dog: and I took that personally...

    Kota KimuraKota KimuraGiorno fa
  • The cat is simply a menace

    Jeremy BassetJeremy BassetGiorno fa