PRADA Cup Day 2 | Full Race Replay | Round Robins

15 gen 2021
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Day 2 of the PRADA Cup in Auckland, NZ.
January 16th, 2021
RR 1 Race 3 - Luna Rossa PRADA Pirelli vs American Magic
RR 2 Race 1 - INEOS TEAM UK vs American Magic
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The 36th America's Cup presented by Prada will be contested by the winner of the 2017 America's Cup, the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron represented by their team, Emirates Team New Zealand, and the winner of the Prada Cup, the challenger selection series which takes place in January-February in 2021.
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  • ITUK looks to have a bigger sail plan, main and jib.

    ben sutherlandben sutherland20 giorni fa
  • I'd like to hear more of the boat comms than all the chatter from the commentary box.....

    ben sutherlandben sutherland20 giorni fa
  • It's hard to be smart in a slow boat. Well known sailing saying there Ken.

    Sargon of CincinnatiSargon of Cincinnati20 giorni fa
  • It looks like they're using high wind procedures even in low wind conditions, which is a mistake. When the hull is scrubbing the water, both wings must be in the water as well to lift the hull out as soon as possible (at least when one wing alone is evidently not capable of lifting the boat).

    jorehirjorehir22 giorni fa
    • @Amish Mittal Are you sure? Can you recall the rule or where you heard it?

      jorehirjorehir21 giorno fa
    • they can only have one wing down other than maneuvers.

      Amish MittalAmish Mittal21 giorno fa
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    Every InfosysEvery Infosys22 giorni fa
  • Luna Rossa fantastic 🇮🇹

    Alessandro BargelliniAlessandro Bargellini23 giorni fa
  • Is it a white man sport ?

    peter lewispeter lewisMese fa
    • @Theo T.E thankyou

      peter lewispeter lewisMese fa
    • Sailing is very diverse across many nations, however the richest sailing nations like Britain, Australia, Australia and NZ have a very competitive sailing culture and people who train from childhood to become professional. The best sailing nations happen to have mainly white people, which is why there are so many white sailors. There are many opportunities for people of other races to train and become sailors and very little discrimination, but many people of colour aren't interested because they don't see it as part of their culture.

      Theo T.ETheo T.EMese fa
  • Why no penalty against USA for failing to get outta the way of UK in the start of race 2?

    Cpt BrnclsCpt BrnclsMese fa
  • Now that's old school. Rspect from an old Lymington guy

    Ima GineIma GineMese fa
  • Yt: "Planetary collapse is a growth opportunity,"

    ÁngelÁngelMese fa
  • God damn I wish Australia was still interested in competing in the America's Cup. We have an Australian Skipper who is clearly capable of winning the cup as he has already shown but unfortunately he did it for an American boat and half the crew of that boat was also Australian. Now he's driving the Italian boat at least I can still support him. I guess 1983 was enough for us? Lame.

    Adam MarrAdam MarrMese fa
  • Take a shot every time they say "time and distance" haha

    Brian RoseBrian RoseMese fa
  • hey!Who else is trying to grow their YT channel during quarantine. Let’s help one another. Much Love

    EzmagirlEzmagirlMese fa
  • I have hydrofoiled on a windsurfer on days like that. Only I didn't have a course to race on so could just enjoy the time I spent flying on the foil. This must have been maddening, especially for the American team.

    SaulOhioSaulOhioMese fa
  • Still waiting on Day 3

    Richard YoungRichard YoungMese fa
  • Imagine one of them had a spinnaker in this light wind, they can actually hoist one right?

    Fabowski KaboskiFabowski KaboskiMese fa
    • Not such a good idea on a foiling boat. As a sailboat goes faster the apparent wind moves forward. Thus, foiling boats are seemingly pointing higher & can't use a spinnaker unless they are sailing farther off the wind. Also, in a shorter race with shortened courses it's not worthwhile to raise a spinnaker - the latter is too big to set easily & takes too long. With no wind you can't keep a spinnaker full & working; you'd be better off with a bigger jib.

      FredH999 HarrisFredH999 HarrisMese fa
  • Didn't American Magic finish outside the race time against Ineos? Shouldn't they get a DNF.

    Henry JamesHenry JamesMese fa
  • Epic stuff. Light wind conditions, USA had a bad day. They looked good when they were on their foils though. With a little more wind, they are in business. Time off the foils is what really choked them out. But don't count them out ~~~ trust me. I want all these teams to be very good for a great competition demanding the ultimate sailing skills as a team... It's a huge campaign... which is still really only kicking off here.

    nzriotnzriotMese fa
  • Countless millions spent on R&D and these boats can't sail in 10 knots of wind?

    Iceracer25Iceracer25Mese fa
    • They can sail in 10 knots of wind, and faster than most boats out there. They are going very fast, even when they are not foiling and sailing on the water, you just don't notice it because they are constantly trying to foil.

      Theo T.ETheo T.EMese fa
    • Semantic/Argumentative perhaps, but they are sailing. Just not on their foils. Have the British stopped their foils taking in water yet? Good luck Rita! Bad luck A Magic. But daft that their next race will probably be the semi final tho’.....?

      Andrew ChambersAndrew ChambersMese fa
  • 👍👌🇨🇦❤

    Pocket ChangePocket ChangeMese fa
  • While I like the fact that the Brits have come out of nowhere to win all of their three races, it is unfortunate the rest of this Prada Cup racing has been an unmitigated dismal disaster! Some people think that when these foil boats fall off the foils and are in the water like a displacement boat that the under ten knots of boat speed of the foil boat would be traveling at would be the same speed as the displacement boat in similar air! Hardly! That is why being able to change sails to fit the wind is so important! In the soft breezes like this when the foil boats cannot even get up on those foils, the displacement boats of just a few years back would simply change sails and probably sail rings around these foil boats! Of course that would never happen if the wind were to pick up enough to maintain foil boating! Unfortunately, the first three days of this Prada Cup have been very boring! Millions and millions of dollars spent on boats that only work if the conditions are perfect! again, it's only my opinion, I am sure many others would disagree!🥱🥱😴🦂

    ScorpiusScorpiusMese fa
  • ita - us 12:37 uk - us 01:51:00

    Marco FabbriMarco FabbriMese fa
  • This isn’t sailing its technology ....BRING BACK MONO HULLS at least you can sail a boat in light wind....this is BS

    Mark ShawMark ShawMese fa
    • that's like saying Formula 1 is not Nascar.

      Larry DunnLarry DunnMese fa
  • what a great video. emotional regatas, both of them. and a bad day for American magic team. the rabit fell from their hat and the magic is gone :D

    Joao Pedro JacintoJoao Pedro JacintoMese fa
  • race 1 was about foil profile. Luna Rossa has a more curved profil that does more lift on low speeds and less top speed, but wich gaves it a better average speed in light winds. American magic has slimmer profile foil that does a greater maximum speed but also needs more speed to lift. In short. Luna Rossa is more allround and less fast in strong winds.

    Joao Pedro JacintoJoao Pedro JacintoMese fa
    • one needs to understand both airplanes and sailing to really understand how these boats work.

      Joao Pedro JacintoJoao Pedro JacintoMese fa
  • Black magic will capsize tomorrow.

    Kiwi madeKiwi madeMese fa
  • The British and NZ have a wider main on the back end and have way more cords running up from the traveler

    Bradley HeathBradley HeathMese fa

    Somebody's Poisoned the WaterholeSomebody's Poisoned the WaterholeMese fa
  • Its a joke when the most important skill needed to win these races is to keep the boat out of the water.

    Greyham LockettGreyham LockettMese fa
    • It looks easy; but, it really isn't!

      FredH999 HarrisFredH999 HarrisMese fa
  • Team Alinghi forever

    Tom BurnTom BurnMese fa
  • American Magic is done. They are slow in light winds. They are slow in medium winds. When are they fast. INEOS win Prada cup over Luna Rosa, looses to the Kiwis. American Magic can go home now.

    Paul BaileyPaul BaileyMese fa
  • it doesnt get any more boring than this! its simply not up to par for the AC! these boats dont quite cut it! since when does a super technological package prove to be completely uncapable of taking less than 10 or more than 25 knots?! these boats arent even sea worthy, they are simply a millionaires toy,... as sailing boats they simply suck!... when will people finally realize that its all about the cews/people not the tech package... soon there wont be any spectators left..... we will all be sleeping

    Mario SampaioMario SampaioMese fa
    • Mario AC boats have always been millionaires / billionaires toys all the way back to the start of the completion. 12m AC boats are not seaworthy, have upper wind limits and I wouldn’t take one across the English Channel. The old 12m are also highly specialised machines designed to sail in a narrow weather window

      Martin JohnsonMartin JohnsonMese fa
    • @FredH999 Harris ahah thanks for sharing your ignorance about the subject matter, you would be well advised to re read my post and maybe youll end up learning sometjhing ...

      Mario SampaioMario SampaioMese fa
    • You don't really know what you are talking about, Mario. These boats are very high performance boats. As such they are highly specialized for racing, NOT FOR FISHING. Would you also criticize F1 cars for being unsuitable for street driving? It's true these boats are millionairse toys. So what? But as sailing boats they sure don't suck; they are brilliant.

      FredH999 HarrisFredH999 HarrisMese fa
  • Great boats and I would love go for a sail on one.... but what SHITTY racing. Far to long to get up on the foils. It means almost every race will be a trouncing.

    HakapikHakapikMese fa
  • I felt personally attacked by that wind speed 💨 🌬

    Far Too Much To SayFar Too Much To SayMese fa
  • I know you guys are hearing this before but please keep data on screen and not scrolled

    GreenflashGreenflashMese fa
  • Non so se luna rossa sarà la più forte ma è sicuramente la più bella.

    Stefano toromeStefano toromeMese fa
  • Why do they have bowsprits? is it just to hold the camera?

    Kevin O'NeilKevin O'NeilMese fa
    • Might be for rigidity. There is a line going from the end of it to the bottom of the hull.

      Márton OvádMárton OvádMese fa
  • IL VIRUS!!! IL VIRUS!!! Sono senza museruola !!! Secondo Burioni e Speranza moriranno tutti!!!! Spettatori compresi.

  • What brings you 22 this video?

    MoonGangsterMoonGangsterMese fa
  • How often I was yelling at my screen for the commentators to just stop talking. At least please shut up while the teams are talking to race control

    Knut PohlKnut PohlMese fa
  • Oh

    TelBoxTelBoxMese fa
  • Great to see the Brits get it back together ! FAntastic work !

    Ian DunlopIan DunlopMese fa
  • I love Nathan Outterridge as an announcer, he's really good. Probably a good job for him when he retires from racing.

    leotardleotardMese fa

    filippo ortenzifilippo ortenziMese fa
  • can you add the wind vector on the maps please?

    O LSO LSMese fa

    Refuse the smart grid !!!!!!!!!!Refuse the smart grid !!!!!!!!!!Mese fa
  • The fact that none of these Challengers have really stood out during this circuit makes me think the Kiwis are just going to eat them up in March.

    leotardleotardMese fa
    • @leotard I beg your pardon, Luna Rossa have two points, not one.

      Pete RembranchPete RembranchMese fa
    • @leotard You're not from this planet. Ineos' score is 4/4 with four races to go. They couldn't haver a better score at this stage. By contrast, Luna Rossa have one point and American Magic zero. And you're saying no one stands out...........Stop taking whatever it is you're on.

      Pete RembranchPete RembranchMese fa
    • @Pete Rembranch Its record so far is 3-6

      leotardleotardMese fa
    • Maybe, but don't forget - by the time March rolls around there will be a well seasoned challenger prepared to meet the Kiwis who will be out of competition practice. It ain't over till the fat lady sings!

      FredH999 HarrisFredH999 HarrisMese fa
    • You think Ineos didn't stand out??

      Pete RembranchPete RembranchMese fa
  • Sometimes the best part of those races is the opening and intermissions because it shows flashes over old America's Cup with non-foiling boats. I'm kind of nostalgic today...

    FLPplaysFLPplaysMese fa
  • Great to be able to watch these two really racing.

    John AndersonJohn AndersonMese fa
  • 5x the wind speed is really impressive

    leotardleotardMese fa
  • Seems like they really should've used the Code 0 sail

    leotardleotardMese fa
  • Good to see the brits dragging themselves out of the tar pit...finally.

    Ben LandonBen LandonMese fa
  • So nice to see people acting like people again. Without masks.

    Ben LandonBen LandonMese fa
    • would you prefer they acted like dead people, coughing up blood?

      Theo T.ETheo T.EMese fa
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    Natasha WillemsNatasha WillemsMese fa
  • What language is the kiwi commentator speaking ?? Be better just to listen to boat cam instead of his nonsense.

    Ian DunlopIan DunlopMese fa
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    Life Is My Opportunity - ChannelLife Is My Opportunity - ChannelMese fa
  • Are fishing rods allowed on board ?

    acetreemanacetreemanMese fa
    • Yes, but spear guns are more highly recommended because they are faster.

      FredH999 HarrisFredH999 HarrisMese fa

    BarryBarryMese fa
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    goldenGOATgoldenGOATMese fa
  • American Tragic🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    cau caianocau caianoMese fa
  • Non é piú barca a vela !

    Gianrico ZanzotteraGianrico ZanzotteraMese fa
  • It looks to me that INEOS have a hull that is also fast in displacement mode. Any comments on hull shape?

    greennewdealoxfordgreennewdealoxfordMese fa
    • Actually, before the Christmas race we saw they have been the fastest boat when going displacement. Today's race confirmed that statement :D

      Jacek RafleszJacek RafleszMese fa
  • Fantastic guys! Just a point though, that crew kit. Do I really have to know what side Sir Ben dresses on? :)

    Patrick ColcloughPatrick ColcloughMese fa
  • fantastic racers confused by removing every human element of yacht racing in every department

    philinthesouthphilinthesouthMese fa
  • 2:12:10 looks like he's running on a treadmill with the floor moving under him XD

    Deja Vu SailingDeja Vu SailingMese fa
  • I start to believe that this combination of foiling/displacement tactics just add a huge portion of boost in terms of watching pleasure! This was amazing from the go, is amazing write now, and it will be just growing in terms of excitement. Jezus, I love this Cup!

    Jacek RafleszJacek RafleszMese fa
  • E domenica doppia bastonata!

    Edoardo MarchiniEdoardo MarchiniMese fa
  • Well done. Keep it up Ben. We need that trophy at the Castle.

    Andy McGregorAndy McGregorMese fa
  • Excellent race 3. Bodes well for the series. Stay in the wind up or down wind no matter what.

    Mike NortonMike NortonMese fa
  • stop to be kind you official speakers & comentators, you're allowed to say that Dean is making many & awfull never seen mistakes. And I can say I'm a big fan of the US boat

    Philippe DumezPhilippe DumezMese fa
  • Great to see the crowds and a laser sailor showing them how it’s done!!!

    Eric PetersenEric PetersenMese fa
  • I'm loving the coverage of the race but can some audio guy reduce that annoying cow noise? It's as loud as the announcers.

    Bryan BowserBryan BowserMese fa
  • 19:44 - Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiii - A crew member with something else than a computer or a grinder in his hands. IS THAT A ROPE I SAW ????? So these boats actually do have lines ..... Goooo Lewna Rawsa LOL

    Team33Team33Mese fa
  • Popopo ... ce gars BEN ... respect !

    Eric WellerEric WellerMese fa
  • This American commentator talks about so much ramdom ans useless stuff. Inlike the other ones a lot more because the focus on the sailing

    Halfdome05Halfdome05Mese fa
  • I have the feeling that American Magic has more attentions over the other teams. But is only a feeling. Good job everyone!

    Davide MongeDavide MongeMese fa
  • A DNF for American Magic. That is a very shameful result in the sailing world.

    David RobsonDavid RobsonMese fa
  • Thanks for this fantastic entertainment!

    MrGentlebutfirmMrGentlebutfirmMese fa
    • Completely agree. This coverage is brilliant and keeps me on the edge of my seat for a sport which many people consider is boring to watch.

      David RobsonDavid RobsonMese fa
  • So proud of you Team Ineos, 3/3 and under such difficult light wind conditions. Well done Sir Ben, Giles and the crew, great work on Rita by the back room boys too. Does the individual positioning of the grinder boys over all the other teams make a significant difference?

    Katie KitchenKatie KitchenMese fa
  • To all those who are complaining about the lower wind limit and want it changed. NO. The racecourse was set, all the teams promoted their amazing wheater forcasting skills and boat designing skills here on youtube. They KNEW what the weather could be like. they should've designed a boat which can handle the weather as it is. That's the game.

    Splinter5570Splinter5570Mese fa
  • Go Luna Rossa.

    Simone LocaSimone LocaMese fa
  • What are the 4 gill-like openings under each side of the UK boat?

    Michael de SelincourtMichael de SelincourtMese fa
    • I think they're holes for water to run out of. If water makes it into the crew pods, they might have to pump the water out of there.

      leotardleotardMese fa
  • AM needs to step up their sail game if they want to stay in the race. Too much slack for light breezes like these. Luna Rossa, the team and the boat showed their superiority in stall conditions. Ineos and Rita are still a wild card. The fastest setup of these three, but also the most unstable.

    Oikku OekOikku OekMese fa
  • Ainslie masterclass at the start....

    Roy ThompsonRoy ThompsonMese fa
  • Any chance we can get The commentators to stop talking when the race control is talking to the boats so we can hear the coms

    Colibri1931Colibri1931Mese fa
  • Rule Britannia ⭐️🙏

    Patrick HillPatrick HillMese fa
  • How did USA get a finish in that last race? maximum race time is 45 minutes British finished in 42:44 and the americans where 4:59 later that's 47:43 racetime for USA

    Splinter5570Splinter5570Mese fa
    • Typically the time limit is to the first boat finishing, the clock then starts for the second boat to finish in a time limit.

      Graham MGraham MMese fa
    • You are right, Splinters5579. Maybe the first team who finishes stop the maximum race time?

      Lupo EllisonLupo EllisonMese fa
    • That's a most interesting observation and if correct it means that American Magic now have two DNFs to live down.

      David RobsonDavid RobsonMese fa
  • Perhaps it's just me, because nobody else has made a comment about the very annoying talk-over of the boat mics on the commentary. The result is just a cacophony of noise. Why do that? I don't know of any other sport where this happens. Please, please, turn the boat mics down when the commentators are talking.

    dawhandledawhandleMese fa
    • @Ruben Menke I agree the commentators need to shut up and let the boat crews do the talking for them. But this is coming from an experiences sailor. I can understand that someone with not so much experience would prefer to listen to the commentators to understand what is happening. However I think the volume is fine as you can still understand both when both are talking. It's a lot of noise but this is sailing! It's a noisy sport! Moooooo!

      Skysocal BalenSkysocal BalenMese fa
    • Please have less comentary, especially comments like, they are going fast or other random chatter is just not needed. Either mention things we can't see or let us hear the boats.

      Ruben MenkeRuben MenkeMese fa
  • That Steve commentator can't say Rossa. When he talks to the Italians he says it normally, then in commentary tries to make it sound fancy. Then his pronunciation of Waita-ma-ta, what a Muppet. Want to hear him say Matamata... Wth, ma-ta-ma-ta?? I think not. Kiwi trying to be posh, smh

    Ice TrollIce TrollMese fa
    • He can't say Ineos either, same pronunciation issue with the O.

      Michael ScottMichael ScottMese fa

    Cornwall TogetherCornwall TogetherMese fa
  • Who would have thought sailors would be looking ahead for wind pressure, when it was coming from behind. Is this sailing or flying?🤔😄

    Anthony FletcherAnthony FletcherMese fa
  • Outeridge, legend!! Great insight and humour. Why the teams don't put up bigger jibs/code0s is just mind boggling. Magic have real issues with decision making and of course have the "worst" of the 4 helmsmen, seems also tacticians. How a boat makes up for that, I have no idea.

    Ice TrollIce TrollMese fa
  • Commentator-Renewed energy for Team Ineos? I never saw a dip in energy from Ben and his team

    Malcolm RannMalcolm RannMese fa
    • Yeah mate. His boat had a decicisive lack of energy. But that crew has loads of it. And I think their radical design will give them Performance once they manage to control it.

      TheNecromancer6666TheNecromancer6666Mese fa
  • Heres to big wind tomorrow

    William DawsonWilliam DawsonMese fa
  • It might not be as spectacular to watch a foiling boat plowing along in displacement mode but being able to race in all conditions including a sub foiling breeze is what racing is about right? Same race course, same rules regarding boat design = fair sport.

    Greg NorthGreg NorthMese fa
    • Quite right, Greg. There is a lot of suspense involved because a boat that's far behind can still win IF a wind shift happens that favors the trailing boat. I've had it happen more than once. Sometimes it's just beautiful; sometimes it ain't pretty!

      FredH999 HarrisFredH999 HarrisMese fa
  • I always appreciated Nathan Outteridgre’s insightful interviews when he was Artemis skipper in 2017. Really sorry he’s not on one of these boats but very grateful for his commentary for this event.

    Rudi von StadenRudi von StadenMese fa
    • NO cracks when the going gets tough

      Mario SampaioMario SampaioMese fa
  • Would've been interesting seeing Italians vs Brits. Americans where way off the pace and sulking about it. Its not a lottery, they struggle big time to foil. Its design and also they were not keeping calm in adversity. Brits non foiling VMG was even so much better.

    Wise FoolWise FoolMese fa
    • And sail choice, tactics, AM worst in all aspects

      Ice TrollIce TrollMese fa
  • Can we hear some opinion on the grinder pedestal configurations and how much more efficiency Ineos get from each grinder? Each of their grinders is leaning over the crank and able to be always pushing down. On the double pedestals they're almost underneath the cranks and 1 person is always pulling.

    Windswept and Interesting LimitedWindswept and Interesting LimitedMese fa
  • What are the gill like holes underneath the INEOS foil arms?

    Marc WeissMarc WeissMese fa
    • @Sean Ricketts Sounds logical to me; those boats are surprisingly wet - at 25 to 40 knots they kick up a helluva lot of water.

      FredH999 HarrisFredH999 HarrisMese fa
    • They could be drainage tubes for the cockpit?

      Sean RickettsSean RickettsMese fa
  • So boring to watch. This is not the americas cup how it was in the past.

    MichelleWhyMichelleWhyMese fa
    • @MichelleWhy I get your point, Michelle; however, I disagree. "...not the Americas the past..." Most AC series in the past resulted in a 4-0 sweep by the Americans. That wasn't interesting, was it? Did you find that interesting when light air races resulted in boats just lying there waiting forever for a breeze that never came? Today we get the most exciting boats that have ever raced. We get the Americans building a huge lead only to lose it by capsizing. We get a series with the Americans winning the trial with the Brits finishing last & losing 6 straight races. We get a series with the Brits surprising with 4 straight wins while the Americans finish last with 4 straight losses. Now who will get to meet the Kiwis? Who knows? Could be anybody. Ain't that enough excitement for you? What the hell do you want?!!!

      FredH999 HarrisFredH999 HarrisMese fa
    • @FredH999 Harris It's not about the technology. It's all about how interesting a race series can be made. And I think this is where it failed. At least for me.

      MichelleWhyMichelleWhyMese fa
    • " the past..." do you mean 150 years ago or do you mean 120 years ago? Perhaps 100 yrs ago? Or 85 yrs ago or 60 yrs ago? etc., etc. Whether it's sail boat or power boat or race car or racing airplane there is a natural tendency to always use the latest technology to seek the fastest machine. Would you really prefer to see older obsolete technology?

      FredH999 HarrisFredH999 HarrisMese fa