Parrot Does a Lucky Box Opening in Brawl Stars

13 apr 2021
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Parrot Does a Box Opening in Brawl Stars
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  • -ben bak milletin kusu napiyo ornek al Kanarya- Napim😎

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  • 3.6 mil ppl:interresting

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  • Too bad

    Valdete AlcântaraValdete Alcântara2 giorni fa
  • Maltrato animal

    Paulina VillanuevaPaulina Villanueva2 giorni fa
  • surge the parrot damn it I wanted crow

    BipBip2 giorni fa
  • Не вчера из Мега ящика 9 предметов выпало борти силу мне выпал и какие-то гаджеты я не помню

    Islam MahmudovIslam Mahmudov2 giorni fa
  • In germany we say : kein ende kein like

    Luis bang10Luis bang102 giorni fa
  • That parrot is more lucky than me all I get is nonsense.

    dan on 30 fpsdan on 30 fps2 giorni fa
  • This is not parrot

    Namık BabalNamık Babal2 giorni fa
  • WOW

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  • Ciao

    Giacomo TestaGiacomo Testa2 giorni fa
  • Кто-то здесь говорит по русски

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  • У меня тоже "был" попугай 😭😭

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  • У мене такий самий папугай

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  • bro this perrot is Georgian🇬🇪

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  • WOW!

    Nelča TVNelča TV3 giorni fa
  • Lol i got leon

    Roberts VitolsRoberts Vitols3 giorni fa
  • FREE box for me

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  • Ohhh i have perot

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  • Русские вы тут

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  • From now on I will open my boxes to my bird

    İdlys GTİdlys GT5 giorni fa
  • This is an Parrot-opening

    Jud :/Jud :/5 giorni fa
  • Parrot: help me of this cause

    Andula gamingAndula gaming5 giorni fa
  • Parrot is more powerful than I 😂😂😂

    Ильяс СерикбаевИльяс Серикбаев5 giorni fa
  • :D

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  • So cute

    марина кузьменкомарина кузьменко7 giorni fa
  • Correction: that’s a parakeet. Not a parrot :)

    ColdBloodedYTColdBloodedYT7 giorni fa
  • woah That is crazy

    DxrkSoulzDxrkSoulz7 giorni fa
  • De idi 🥺

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  • 1:08 sjjsjsjs

    • Yoj kausgab turkuz bebi malmiyim ben

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  • Türkler +1

    TREND STREND S7 giorni fa
  • Fuj

    Hamza PROHamza PRO7 giorni fa
  • same as our bird

    RoséRosé7 giorni fa
  • It has been over 6 months since i got a new brawler. This bird just got like 4 brawlers and 89 gadgets in 1 box opening video. Praise this bird

    Marcow the Great CowMarcow the Great Cow7 giorni fa
  • My luck = Poco The parrots luck = Crow

    Ender KingEnder King8 giorni fa
  • OMG

    Edu GamersEdu Gamers8 giorni fa
  • Batu ITworlds yaptı bunu çalıntı 🇹🇷

  • That parrot will must go to the heaven

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  • Fake

    brawl Stars tv 2.0brawl Stars tv 2.08 giorni fa
  • Ay alguien aqui con vidaaa v:

    Patricia LuquePatricia Luque8 giorni fa
  • Surge is a epic rarity

    anniekanniek9 giorni fa
  • :D

  • Jesus......

    BrokenNervesBrokenNerves9 giorni fa
  • I love you parrot😍😍

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  • XaaXaxxaxaxaxa lox, loser😎

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    eyüp bayateyüp bayat9 giorni fa
  • My mum literraly opened a mega box and it said 7

    ImNotColetteImNotColette9 giorni fa
  • İts not a parrot it is budgie

    Gül Kokulu Kur-AnGül Kokulu Kur-An9 giorni fa
  • I have only two chromtic

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  • Omg

    kleberkleber10 giorni fa
  • That ant no parrot 🦜. Smh. That's a parakeet

    Russell WallinRussell Wallin10 giorni fa
  • People: MGOOOOD SURGE IS LEGEMDAEY AAAAAAAAAH Parrot: what the hell is this

    6Red cardenAs6Red cardenAs10 giorni fa
  • Luck perrot

    Lela UrushadzeLela Urushadze10 giorni fa
  • 🤣

    Metin SahbazMetin Sahbaz10 giorni fa
  • Soooo lucky 😒

    Γιάννης ΚουρουλήςΓιάννης Κουρουλής10 giorni fa
  • Luckier Parrot xddd

    Craig o Terceiro IIICraig o Terceiro III10 giorni fa
  • 1 русский комм

    IceBearg_BsIceBearg_Bs10 giorni fa
  • I need a parrot🤣

    Мурзик ГеймерМурзик Геймер10 giorni fa
  • I'm going buy parrot now😂

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  • русские, где вы? мне страшно..

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    • Тут

      Джавид ГасановДжавид Гасанов9 giorni fa
  • I have two but the white one died I have one just like yours but my white one died shame on you rat

    Juva LiaJuva Lia11 giorni fa
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  • That parrot is luckier than all of us 😂

    Thunder BrawlerThunder Brawler11 giorni fa
  • "Canais verificados comentando coisas genéricas"

    Lucas MonegattoLucas Monegatto11 giorni fa
  • How did this get 3 million views in only 1 week and other popular bs yt cant even get a mil

    SproutSprout11 giorni fa
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  • My budget is trand probably lucky

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  • El pajaro de la suerte ,ayudame a tener un legendario ;-;

    Dayana prinsDayana prins12 giorni fa
  • Did I am the only one who see eren here 🤣

    IZmustafaZIIZmustafaZI12 giorni fa