THE CASH CUP GODS (Fortnite Duo Cash Cup)

26 mar 2020
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Mongraal and I placed 3rd in the most recent Duo Cash Cup together.. And we streamed the whole thing! (go follow my twitch) More videos to come, so be sure to subscribe to the channel and leave a like if you enjoyed the video 🧡
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  • He killed this one kid “ lil “ like 4 times in different games

    ZonifyZonifyGiorno fa
  • Gg benji 😜🥰❤️☘️🌹👍

    Amir ÆAmir Æ2 giorni fa
  • Getting hit once does not mean your lasered

    Sebastian ProchadzkaSebastian Prochadzka2 giorni fa

    rodrigo sebastian ogaldes de leonrodrigo sebastian ogaldes de leon3 giorni fa
  • he killed the same person after game 3 his first kill in game 4 he killed out of air

    Dejarvis PerryDejarvis Perry6 giorni fa
  • get of my loot bitch

    Dejarvis PerryDejarvis Perry6 giorni fa

    MattureMatture6 giorni fa
  • 17:20 did benjy have a stroke??

    Parallel vixifyParallel vixify8 giorni fa
  • this is on my brthsday

    Ruj RozmanRuj Rozman8 giorni fa
  • Shit your good for your birthday

    Joe KellowayJoe Kelloway8 giorni fa
  • Lol mans sweated so hard in pre game lobby and crashes ☝️😂😂😂

    goldenyt _24goldenyt _249 giorni fa
  • Love this video it’s the best

    Jake TurnerJake Turner10 giorni fa
  • heyy

    S3 GamingS3 Gaming10 giorni fa
  • Bro i miss when Benjy and Mongraal played together

    JajoglaviツJajoglaviツ11 giorni fa
    • Same

      Expert Gaming HDExpert Gaming HD4 giorni fa
  • Benjyfishy @ 17.20 Benjyfishy. lblbllbllbllblrb RPG this guturueu

    it took you all thatit took you all that12 giorni fa
  • 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    school_ Gian MDQschool_ Gian MDQ12 giorni fa
  • if pumps arent in season 6 im quiting the game

    D_OfficialD_Official14 giorni fa
  • how many time did mongraal say ONE HP


    FAZE_le boîtier de adjixFAZE_le boîtier de adjix16 giorni fa
  • 50 mins bro it would take me like a day to upload a 50 mins vid bruh, even tho I have a pretty good wifi.

    ArtgraalArtgraal18 giorni fa
  • Yo wassup bois

    MikeyyFNMikeyyFN18 giorni fa
  • Anybody wanna ask at 0:11 he shoot a person with a Grey AR in the head which was 60 damage but when you use the gold AR(scar) it does 54 to the head

    Mythic ToxinMythic Toxin18 giorni fa
  • What this skin call???

    Luisi&BertiLuisi&Berti21 giorno fa
  • what is like playing a tourment in

    Noah McBeanNoah McBean21 giorno fa
  • on no

    Mornings with AliMornings with Ali22 giorni fa
  • Hi

    WotyWoty22 giorni fa

    Elite EditsElite Edits23 giorni fa

    Elite EditsElite Edits23 giorni fa
  • are you tikos brother

    poopydoohjeffpoopydoohjeff24 giorni fa
  • Yoooo dose anyone want to be my duo? I am good ;) if u do text me on discord RNG_DRX all caps btw i am not toxic 😁

    sceptixsceptix26 giorni fa
  • ur dog water 1v1 me

    voxify_meltzvoxify_meltz27 giorni fa
  • この2人強すぎ

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  • 🔥🔥🔥

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  • I wish this happened again

    Diako 2332Diako 233228 giorni fa
    • Yh

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  • at 24:30 mongraal says hes controller

    FaZeNarutoBTWツFaZeNarutoBTWツ29 giorni fa
  • Hellooo

    Elias DamianiElias Damiani29 giorni fa
  • Quem e BR ou PT Da like aqui pfv

    Elizandro Miguel Hossi Marques NovoElizandro Miguel Hossi Marques Novo29 giorni fa
  • Anyone in 2021?

    C07E_RainfallC07E_Rainfall29 giorni fa
  • what does the 83+ mean on the thing?

    Cozzys wrldCozzys wrld29 giorni fa
  • Could I get in his tournaments I'm EU but I'm PS4?

    Smidgey BoiSmidgey BoiMese fa
  • Bruu you 2 was soo good wgy you are in argue ?😑

    Mohsen GhaderiMohsen GhaderiMese fa
  • Hi

    AGW snipe YoAGW snipe YoMese fa
  • [wow]

    white_ hamelwhite_ hamelMese fa
  • Kto z Polski daje like

    DV1_kubcioDV1_kubcioMese fa
  • What are these graphics

    bhikhibhikhiMese fa
  • Benjy hitd for 132 and says: 180, 190🤣

    Tigas10Tigas10Mese fa
  • savage watching this lol

    Kai MiscialiKai MiscialiMese fa
  • Benjy se trabo macizote en el minuto 17:17 jajajaja

    KL Tokio 女KL Tokio 女Mese fa
  • I miss these 50 mins vids

    Chloe HigginsChloe HigginsMese fa
    • Same

      Expert Gaming HDExpert Gaming HD4 giorni fa
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    הפטישהפטישMese fa
  • this guy missed a purple scar,and a gold burst.get your eyes checked you man smh

    Aquaz uses nine tailsAquaz uses nine tailsMese fa
  • Would have came first if game didn’t crash

    YoCazyYoCazyMese fa
  • toxic

    Nan CezarNan CezarMese fa
  • you are gotid

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  • gg

    Frezze AbdelFrezze AbdelMese fa

    VierreVierreMese fa

    くらげくらげMese fa
  • Without mythics chapter 2 season 2 had the best loot pool.

    Miles OsmondMiles OsmondMese fa
    • Vouch

      Expert Gaming HDExpert Gaming HD4 giorni fa
  • Unfair 1st round he crashed

    Idk JackIdk JackMese fa
  • The hideous high friend substantively pull because drug neurochemically boil towards a apathetic pentagon. rigid, wholesale snail

    Myles TelemaqueMyles TelemaqueMese fa
  • the game was so fun when this video took place :(

    cultrdd on twitchcultrdd on twitchMese fa
    • Fax

      Expert Gaming HDExpert Gaming HD4 giorni fa

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  • Imagine someone in 2020

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  • 27:54 thats my luck right there

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  • I love this guys

    Ismail CigerliIsmail CigerliMese fa
  • all i hear is bumubbmubmubmubjm

    JAydn MAplJAydn MAplMese fa
  • Benjy if your gamę freez you must to hold Ctrl+alt+del and change user after this go back to your user where you have fortnite and i wil unfreez

    _Kayozz_KayozzMese fa
  • u and graal are insane

    oshoshMese fa
  • Aaaaa

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  • el3n bz a5tk

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  • You are king

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  • GG

    W0rried -_-W0rried -_-Mese fa
  • How To Get Fortnite Download On iPhone Without Jailbreak 2021

    edithge0edithge0Mese fa
  • First in 2021

    Vitoria GamesVitoria GamesMese fa
  • u should play in formula cups and try to win the 100$

  • Did mongraal just tell someone to chill? Weird😶

    HexHexMese fa
  • “Get off my loot bitch” 😂

    HexHexMese fa
  • does anyone saw that he killed the same guy twice like at 19:04 and at 21:20

    taha bechir khattalitaha bechir khattaliMese fa
  • I watched this whole thing again .

    ASTR NxhemiahASTR NxhemiahMese fa
  • malo de mierda

    maty gamermaty gamerMese fa
  • what does he. ddhudussaiwihdjoaioieqwdj , mean at 1720

    Summer Land73Summer Land73Mese fa

    soliman Elgabrysoliman ElgabryMese fa
  • I ain’t ever seen 2 bad fortnite players named Benjy and mongral

    Crypto LegendCrypto LegendMese fa
  • 31:32 when you shoot in sync

    Thomas ShwaikiThomas ShwaikiMese fa

    Havoc eSportsHavoc eSportsMese fa
  • Love the scrims❤️

    Yert ッYert ッMese fa
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    Nム丂ㄒㄚNム丂ㄒㄚMese fa
  • Some random kid playing fortnite arena: Edits a window Mongraal: So I have chosen...Death

    VibezツVibezツMese fa
  • Why did you restart you’re points after every round?

    Wexy on Da blockWexy on Da blockMese fa
  • I'm from germany ( -_・)ᡕᠵ᠊ᡃ່࡚ࠢ࠘ ⸝່ࠡࠣ᠊߯᠆ࠣ╦╤── And i like benjy and mongraal :))))))))

    AveliorAveliorMese fa
  • ho ho ho

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  • wtf mongraal 19:08

    miroslav tancosmiroslav tancosMese fa
  • Hi

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  • Who else is here in 2021😂

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  • モングラールとベンジーは最強

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  • barley 2v1s kid "SHIT ON SHITT ON

    Momo The chickenMomo The chickenMese fa
  • Yeah

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