16 nov 2020
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Haulover Inlet is the most dangerous inlet in Florida and yet it has the most boat traffic of any inlet in the United States. At any given moment, the waves will get the best of unsavvy captains and send them home with a few learned lessons.
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  • You guys taking the Cigarette Cat 52' or the Cigarette Tirranna? 😎

    Wavy BoatsWavy Boats8 giorni fa
    • @Marc3753 yea that handled it the best

      Walk AloneWalk Alone6 ore fa
    • @Dillon C lmao

      Walk AloneWalk Alone6 ore fa
    • I'll have the sailfish thank you

      E SkeesE Skees9 ore fa
    • @Impulse reaction those Freeman's all ride like that. The new 47 is a absolute best! Dont even look like u feel anything thrown at it

      Marc3753Marc375314 ore fa
    • @Marc3753 that thing skated right over these waves

      Impulse reactionImpulse reaction14 ore fa
  • Kids with no life jackets riding in the bow while crossing a bar with large waves. I couldn't do that.

    Coach 1092Coach 109259 minuti fa
  • 4:22 came through like a boss

    JdubJdubOra fa
  • 👀👀👀👀👀 3:47

    JdubJdubOra fa
  • WOW. What a bizarre stretch of water.

    TheJimmyTheJimmy2 ore fa
  • Nice boats.

    Wayne SchenkWayne Schenk3 ore fa
  • I dont think I saw 1 life jacket lol

    NICK GNICK G3 ore fa
  • Why do "men" still wear speedos🤮

    Carrie BarracloughCarrie Barraclough3 ore fa
  • turn on your bilged pumps as scotty killer would say

    Mike LongMike Long4 ore fa
  • That poor pontoon boat

    bo mattbo matt4 ore fa
  • A 3 hour tour!

    Chuck StithChuck Stith4 ore fa
  • Couple of these people said when in doubt throttle out lmao

    1WheelSEXAppeal1WheelSEXAppeal5 ore fa
  • Notice all of the women with a lot of boating experience are usually riding in the back of the boats, while the younger peeps start out in the bow. They learn soon though. Thanks, nice video.

    BobBob5 ore fa
  • Scarab 300 looked like fun

  • It’s not the size of the boat it’s the motion of the ocean

    oaktownfunkyoaktownfunky6 ore fa
  • 6:44 yoooo that guy didnt gave a single fuck

    Tu po krajuTu po kraju7 ore fa
  • Does everyone in the boating world know that inlet can be treacherous except the people that boat there? Get the kids (and everyone else) out of the bow and into the cockpit till you get to open water. Its like a minute or two...

    Mark A. CogerMark A. Coger7 ore fa
  • What a fuck am i doing with my life watching this at 4 am..

    Tu po krajuTu po kraju7 ore fa
  • 1:19 is an INTREPID not a Midnight Express. Just sayin'

    Mark A. CogerMark A. Coger7 ore fa
    • also sweet video.

      Mark A. CogerMark A. Coger7 ore fa
  • Mystery boat is a Bunhugger 26"...twust me!

    Nix ErNix Er7 ore fa
    • #2 I mean

      Nix ErNix Er7 ore fa
  • Anyone else notice the motor falls off the boat at 6:45 when they go off the big wave 😂

    EwanEwan7 ore fa
  • That suntracker captain is a bloody legend.

    Caleb JohnsonCaleb Johnson7 ore fa
  • And the click bait wins again!!

    turn n burn sturn n burn s8 ore fa
  • Pontoons are dangerous on a good day. He handled that well.

    The BunnisherThe Bunnisher8 ore fa
  • bad captain of the boat

    David AlexanderDavid Alexander8 ore fa
  • no kids had pfd on the boats

    David AlexanderDavid Alexander8 ore fa
  • Must be something special about the ocean out there to risk so many lives!

    Jack FrostJack Frost9 ore fa
  • Any boaters get into serious trouble navigating this inlet unsafe?

    Byron HaranoByron Harano9 ore fa
  • At least that Boston Whaler won't sink. Get swamped, bogged down and stall and drift and collide with the seawall. Not sink however; therefore, throw caution to the wind!

    Byron HaranoByron Harano9 ore fa
  • Woww

    JaittsJaitts9 ore fa
  • for more flood check this out, it'll change your life.

    Life in WashingtonLife in Washington9 ore fa
  • Not a life vest to be seen, even on the kids 🤔

    GSXR SquidGSXR Squid9 ore fa
  • I'll take the Old Popeyes Offshore Champion from 183rd Street.

    Mark SwenorMark Swenor10 ore fa
  • Fallover Beach there looking North used to be a Nude Beach and Big Party spot during the 1980's.

    Mark SwenorMark Swenor10 ore fa
  • Pontoon boat is a death trap

    Notaliberal FromcaliNotaliberal Fromcali10 ore fa
  • Most of these guys deserves every bit of it trimmed the way they are lol

    jason suttlejason suttle10 ore fa
  • 6:50 lost a backpack 🎒

    Jorge FloresJorge Flores10 ore fa
  • boat company: how many engines would you like on your boat? customer: yes.

    keiko909keiko90910 ore fa
  • Yawn

    Travis NTravis N11 ore fa
  • someone's phone got wet

    Hal ArmstrongHal Armstrong11 ore fa
  • MYSTERYBOAT, Boston Whaler, perhaps?

    Svenn SvennsonSvenn Svennson12 ore fa
  • Go to San Luis Reservoir on a windy day. Makes this look like a kitty pool

    Eric MelloEric Mello12 ore fa
  • Like to see more yachts

    William LawsonWilliam Lawson13 ore fa
  • Love boating but I can't ever seem to get my sea legs. Five minutes of waves and I'm heaving over the railings. 🤮

    Eddie MoralezEddie Moralez13 ore fa
    • @Jessie Frye 😄 doesn't work for me...

      Eddie MoralezEddie Moralez4 ore fa
    • Get some Dramamine. Over the counter, motion sickness med

      Jessie FryeJessie Frye8 ore fa
  • Pontoon was sketchy bro!

    Briar FoxBriar Fox13 ore fa
  • 8:12 nice one

    Grayson DavisGrayson Davis13 ore fa
  • You know you're rich, when your boat has a boat.

    SS14 ore fa
  • Is this water always so angry.. or just video on the angry days?

    Denny SmithDenny Smith16 ore fa
  • "Mystery boat 2" is most likely a customized Phantom. Great hulls.

    dunderogbrakdunderogbrak17 ore fa
  • Build ocean wave generator there.. You can get clean energy from ocean

    부페전문가 사나이부페전문가 사나이18 ore fa
  • Not a lifejacket in sight. Idiots!

    Frank O'RourkeFrank O'Rourke18 ore fa
  • Not sure why this was recommended to me, but as I'm sitting here watching all I can hear is Clarkson yelling "speed and power!"

    JRKJRK18 ore fa
  • Not one life jacket?????

    Chew PapaChew Papa19 ore fa
  • Mystery boat 2 is a sutphen

    hogie rollhogie roll20 ore fa
  • Freeman also had the calmest water mind

    CloudminsterCloudminster21 ora fa
  • Kind of crazy nobody wears a PFD in the most "dangerous" waterway !

    Ann DavisAnn Davis21 ora fa
  • 6:51 Lost the engine! =)

    capsyatinacapsyatina21 ora fa
  • good morning Haulover. woke up to snow in Chicago on Nov.24,2020

  • Great video! I didn’t cruise through all the comments, but I’m sure I’m not the only person that saw the cooler overboard at approximately 6 minutes 50 seconds

    19derrick7719derrick7722 ore fa
  • or two serious surprizes here, i’d háve to admit!

    Kobus du Toit BosmanKobus du Toit Bosman22 ore fa
  • Freeman 42lr had no issue at all with the waves

    mons0427mons042722 ore fa
  • 6:43 oh i love his way to get out

    mons0427mons042722 ore fa
  • That black boat was sick!!!

    Mustang 5.0Mustang 5.023 ore fa
  • This area looks like a raging River

    Dave NDave N23 ore fa
  • Looks like a calm afternoon on Superior...

    Minong ManiacMinong Maniac23 ore fa
  • Low tide and tide against wind, shit time to run that bar..

    rtempler7rtempler7Giorno fa
  • At 6:50 what is the black things that falls off the back of the boat?

    Flyboy1986Flyboy1986Giorno fa
  • That sun tracker pontoon hated that shit

    Preston McDowellPreston McDowellGiorno fa
  • what's the purpose of traveling through? a faster way to get to a specific part of the Ocean? i read what Haulover Inlet was but it didn't explain it's purpose.

    Bobby WalkerBobby WalkerGiorno fa
  • Why in hell don't they dredge that fucking thing to stop the water piling up??

    itsabigitsabigGiorno fa
  • What is the proper way to go through this? It seemed like a few where throttling off when they hit the wave then applied throttle again.

    Alex WolfAlex WolfGiorno fa
  • The thing that stand out for me is not one of them had a life jacket on, really stupid at any time but when travelling dangerous waters its a no brainer I would have thought.

    Shawn BartleyShawn BartleyGiorno fa
  • The Tidy Bowl man has both seen and can handle far worse.

  • What astounds me is nobody wears a life jacket although they’re crossing a bar.

    jonki leshijonki leshiGiorno fa
  • I am appalled that I don’t see people wearing life jackets.

    Natalie McBroomNatalie McBroomGiorno fa
    • Why on earth would you give a crap if some random human you dont know has a life jacket on?

      cliffisfree100cliffisfree1004 ore fa
    • I'm appalled that's your only comment, Karen

      bixby9797bixby979712 ore fa
  • Not one single life jacket 🤦‍♂️

    Jose SilverioJose SilverioGiorno fa
  • Should call this channel "Lots of Money and Little Skill".

    Prop WashProp WashGiorno fa
  • Now just to put it out there that is not a tri haul pontoon boat and that boat was out there on a choppy over haul day pontoon today is the winner in my book

    twinz playztwinz playzGiorno fa
  • Jeez no life preservers on while passing threw that ? Must be some real good Olympic swimmers on deck

    shon evansshon evansGiorno fa
  • Freeman 42 cat said... what seems to be the problem guys...

    speculizer1971speculizer1971Giorno fa
  • I'd hate to have to land a Catalina in that slop.

    Wayne NeherWayne NeherGiorno fa
  • at 6:48 green bag slides off back of boat into water lol

    ٴٴGiorno fa
  • In Florida you don’t need life jackets done you guys know that

    Master BaiterMaster BaiterGiorno fa
  • The crown line at 6:45 is SENDING IT

    Chris ShireyChris ShireyGiorno fa
  • did I really just watch a bunch of boats bouncing in the ocean??? thanks ITworlds!! 🛥️😂❤️

    johnny five ojohnny five oGiorno fa
    • Yup Gilligan's tour

      Chuck StithChuck Stith4 ore fa
    • Lool)

      DMBDMB6 ore fa
  • I expected to see more wealthy yanks having a really bad day, disappointed, more boat smashes and drowning next time please

    Doug CrabtreeDoug CrabtreeGiorno fa
  • Look like to me they need to have a speed limit

    Jeff EatonJeff EatonGiorno fa
  • And then God created the boat... not knowing that not all of his flock should be allowed to own one....

    Don OrangethingDon OrangethingGiorno fa
  • Great video, It was interesting to see how the different hauls handle the waves

    Johnny TurboJohnny TurboGiorno fa
  • 6:49 If he sees this video he will know what happen to his black bag ( that you can see falling off the back into the water after the boat does its bounce)

    Johnny TurboJohnny TurboGiorno fa
  • And nobodies wearing 🤬life jackets

    Megan MMegan MGiorno fa
  • 6:40 really not sure how that boat moves with the weight of that guys balls

    Aaron DixonAaron DixonGiorno fa

    Lt. FireguyLt. FireguyGiorno fa
  • can we all just give huge props to that first pontoon captain. he didnt get tossed around for nothin. clearly a vet of those waters

    Aaron DixonAaron DixonGiorno fa
    • I mean I would but he's a pontoon captain... at least he didn't have a motor on the back worth 4-5 times the cost of the pontoon. Whenever I see that I always consider it a waste of a good motor on a poorly designed hull. Edit: u know what I changed my mind this man gets props just for not being one of those people.

      FAKE NAMEFAKE NAME6 ore fa
  • Jqjjqjqjajjq

    Reina ValerioReina ValerioGiorno fa
  • That sailfish CC did what you NEVER want to do, stop. Keep your bow up in conditions like that, muscle through it, and then stop, but never stop in the middle of it

    Robdog 1Robdog 1Giorno fa
  • 6:52 something like a bag or cooler fell off the back of the boat

    Luis EnriquezLuis EnriquezGiorno fa
  • Wow some these people got more money than brains!

    Whynotus?Whynotus?Giorno fa
  • What a shame that wealth is concentrated in the hands of so few people when there's sufficient to improve the living conditions of people existing in abject squalor and poverty. It's unsettling to watch such ostentatious displays of wealth while there are people scratching in the dirt drinking shit out of puddles. Yeah that's right, give me some thumbs down.

    saturday7saturday7Giorno fa
    • Don't blame others for making a life for others and their families, sick of people and their poor me attitude. Work through it and make a comfortable life for you and your family.

      Tyler LewisTyler LewisGiorno fa
  • Some of these boats look like they’re owned by bang Brose

    Morgan BenceMorgan BenceGiorno fa