Among Us Logic 8 | Cartoon Animation

14 nov 2020
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Player is feeling kind of down today, but it gets much worse when he's stuck with Mr. Egg as his impostor partner. Can Veteran and the other crewmates figure out who's the killer? Check it out on this episode of Among Us Logic set on the MIRA HQ map.
🡆 Abigail Turner -
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  • Mr.

    Chicha RhoydChicha Rhoyd25 secondi fa
  • Sometimes you can't trust YOURSELF

    Christine JosephChristine Joseph42 minuti fa
  • pls play with BTS

    Pramod DeshmukhPramod DeshmukhOra fa
  • 5:53

    Kutsuragi HatsukoKutsuragi HatsukoOra fa
  • This song needs to be on Spotify and apple music

    gametimegametimeOra fa

    TKO Channel 5XGTKO Channel 5XGOra fa
  • im crying

    Zida Maria Angela MirandaZida Maria Angela Miranda2 ore fa
  • Did mr.egg just leave them

    saipruthviraj vbsaipruthviraj vb2 ore fa
  • 😭❤️

    Tubagus IsmailTubagus Ismail2 ore fa
  • What happened to Mr egg

    Lucio trendyLucio trendy3 ore fa
  • Mr eggs song tho

    JamesJames3 ore fa
  • Player could’ve kill veteran before captains body gets reported. Same thing, when the gentleman and mr cheese, at least kill someone. Player really was a big noob. He don’t deserve to win

    Metra F40PH RailfannerMetra F40PH Railfanner3 ore fa
  • R.I.P MR. EGG

    MonteMayor1367MonteMayor13673 ore fa
  • I hope this cartoon goes on TV

    ZaneZane3 ore fa
  • Shut up mrcheese

    tink101497tink1014974 ore fa
  • G😘😎😄

    Tanesha ConleyTanesha Conley5 ore fa
  • Ooof

    Esteban GarciaEsteban Garcia5 ore fa
  • Poor mr. egg

    Tammy SchaferTammy Schafer5 ore fa
  • cool ontro love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Jelly fanJelly fan5 ore fa
  • WHAT mr egg is kit and deadpool!?

    Diego Altamirano MoralesDiego Altamirano Morales6 ore fa

    Luvveegrl [lovey girl]Luvveegrl [lovey girl]6 ore fa
  • Mr. Egg's song is very sweet, beautiful, and sad 😞

    Jeff LiJeff Li6 ore fa
  • Dude Mr.Egg can leave the game MC+MG

    MARISOL986MARISOL9866 ore fa
  • ,µnblaze

    Blaze VaronaBlaze Varona6 ore fa
  • Beautiful intro Also I feel player I never win

    Disconnected StudiosDisconnected Studios7 ore fa
  • Yeah love like how i love mr egg😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Reverend Daniel n Tammi MercadoReverend Daniel n Tammi Mercado7 ore fa
  • Whoever thinks Mr. Cheese still belongs to The Gentleman say “aye”.

    Yellow CrewmateYellow Crewmate7 ore fa
  • Mr egg so cute

  • it's so gunny wen mr cheese asked the gentlemen and the gentlemen is so scared haha 😂😂

    Illuminada VillafloresIlluminada Villaflores7 ore fa
  • Are u going to make a me cheese song

    niko ignacioniko ignacio7 ore fa
  • I love the Mr egg song 😁😁😁

    niko ignacioniko ignacio7 ore fa
  • 5:34 mr cheese does not say i

    Charlie FrittsCharlie Fritts7 ore fa
  • Sorry cheese

    stephanie fehlenstephanie fehlen8 ore fa
  • Mr. Cheese is the best!

    Julianna FrancisJulianna Francis8 ore fa
  • I love mr. egg song is soooo funny

    Lisa Hanahan SosaLisa Hanahan Sosa8 ore fa
  • I cried

    Jagoda K.Jagoda K.8 ore fa
  • Idk why but ummmmm...... the song makes me cry lol and 😭

    Hi8 GuuHi8 Guu8 ore fa
  • que?

    simon balbuenasimon balbuena8 ore fa
  • :)

    Gerardo TorresGerardo Torres8 ore fa
  • :) :9

    Gerardo TorresGerardo Torres8 ore fa
  • :):

    Gerardo TorresGerardo Torres8 ore fa
  • aww so sad

    Bairon PeñaBairon Peña8 ore fa
  • Rip orange

    8wrld8wrld9 ore fa
  • This video made me cry 😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Nicole JensenNicole Jensen9 ore fa
  • wish i could go back to the way we started

    Alphen AlbertAlphen Albert9 ore fa
  • So beautiful song😣😥😪😫😢😭

  • That was the most beautiful song ever 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😱

    Harrison HiottHarrison Hiott10 ore fa
  • *One day Player will win 😂 Dope outro beat as always.*

    SMToon TürkçeSMToon Türkçe10 ore fa
  • i

    Etna {Disgaea}Etna {Disgaea}10 ore fa
  • i

    Etna {Disgaea}Etna {Disgaea}10 ore fa
  • 💔❤️🧡💛💚💙💜😔🥺😭😢👏👌

    Annie NguyenAnnie Nguyen11 ore fa
  • WOW you are so much and I like you so much and I’ll love it I’ll get back 💔❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

    Annie NguyenAnnie Nguyen11 ore fa
  • Now I feel bad for Mr eggs ;(

    WO_LFYWO_LFY11 ore fa
  • Is mr. Egg when's or not?

    Juan JoseJuan Jose11 ore fa
  • is it just me or is mr chesse the imposter almost ALL the time

    Laura BillingsleyLaura Billingsley12 ore fa
  • Plot twist: Any last words Veteran? Yes..... *EMERGENCY MEETING* Player was an Imposter Mr. Egg was an Imposter

    Ivan MartinezIvan Martinez12 ore fa
  • F for mr.egg ;c

    Manny Stevensen (Student)Manny Stevensen (Student)12 ore fa
  • plot twist mr cheese is green lantern and he is making mr egg with his ring...honestly that`s possible they pretty alike ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    John BookwoodJohn Bookwood12 ore fa
  • black cheating on mr cheese hilarouse

    Roman GutierrezRoman Gutierrez12 ore fa
  • Can we just give MASSIVE respect for the animator who had to make this awesome film in a few days you deserve some attention

    Hydro FufuHydro Fufu13 ore fa

    Luke CoulterLuke Coulter13 ore fa
  • 2:33 Holy s*** I recognize that music 😂

    Tristan Gaming69Tristan Gaming6913 ore fa

    Hybrid StarDustHybrid StarDust13 ore fa
  • poor mr.cheese

    lindsey combeslindsey combes13 ore fa
  • Goober:mr.cheese dum If mr egg existed then:he sure is

    collector fanf,Pokemon,gameplaycollector fanf,Pokemon,gameplay13 ore fa
  • Oh wait it was mr. egg nvm

    RoHalvorRoHalvor14 ore fa
  • its funny

    Morgan SladeMorgan Slade14 ore fa
  • Full song? For "Where we started"?

    Tamás TóthTamás Tóth14 ore fa
  • 5:57 I finished twelfth so im a practical genius

    ChapapkoffChapapkoff15 ore fa
  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Niylah ForteNiylah Forte15 ore fa
  • It almost made me cry :(:::

    Your Death 666Your Death 66615 ore fa
  • I now think that Mr. Egg wasn't actually a bad guy..

    Honza PecháčekHonza Pecháček15 ore fa
  • Is Mr egg kit from thingy

    janine mouldjanine mould16 ore fa
  • This vid better than me beast very proud😀

    The Village Kitchen cafeThe Village Kitchen cafe16 ore fa
  • Your videos are so cool 😎

    Elise FavaElise Fava16 ore fa
  • Our legend Hero mr chesse

    Shinchan GamingShinchan Gaming16 ore fa
  • 1:45 if you went to-*skip the song*

    suckmy asssuckmy ass16 ore fa
  • The song is sad

  • Omg is good an good wase good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Aunda AundaAunda Aunda17 ore fa
  • this is egg-celent🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    winclub a willywinclub a willy17 ore fa
  • When Mr.Egg started singing I thought it was GameTunes

    GamingifyGamingify17 ore fa
  • Now I'm just imagining Player going up to Veteran's family and saying "That I."

    Angie, a Theatre DorkAngie, a Theatre Dork17 ore fa
  • Mr egg is simping

    • I'mm Reiidd •• I'mm Reiidd •17 ore fa
  • Imagine if Mr Egg takes revenge of Mr Cheese in the future

    Ahmed MoAhmed Mo17 ore fa
  • Hey brah

    Jude BeyerJude Beyer18 ore fa
  • when gentlmen closes the laptop. ;-;

  • everyone is so mean to Mr.Egg

    Ian BatesIan Bates18 ore fa
  • GameToons: (Does not do any Intro song ANY ON ONE OF THE VIDS) No one: Totally NO ONE: me: I think the intro song is the Mr.Eggs song Everyone:Kind of make sense GameToons: ...Uh Maybe?....

    Samuel SetiawanSamuel Setiawan18 ore fa

    ReinBerriReinBerri18 ore fa
  • pls bring mr egg back

    Joshua CampbellJoshua Campbell18 ore fa
  • That song is legitimatly amazing

  • lol players last words

    JohnathanJohnathan18 ore fa
  • How to be hack

    Shannis Oh ShanyanShannis Oh Shanyan18 ore fa
  • plese new videos

    Osama FelaliOsama Felali19 ore fa
  • Nobody's gonna talk about the hilarious song Veteran said? 😂

    Hannah TasHannah Tas19 ore fa

    Cosmostic_TigerCosmostic_Tiger19 ore fa
  • Are TheGentleman, MrEgg and MrCheese gays?

    Natalia PavlovicovaNatalia Pavlovicova19 ore fa
  • I really love Mr. Cheese, The Gentleman and Mr. Egg together Btw, look at The Gentleman's face tho 1:37

    girlgirl20 ore fa
  • The beginning song is so beautiful I play it like a million times

    Sarah1victoriousSarah1victorious20 ore fa
  • What can i say is just i respekt who ever made this and u deserve really more ! I do such a stuff and know how long it takes and the voice also 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 all respekt

    Helia FathianHelia Fathian20 ore fa