Did Bahrain Signal An Epic Title Fight? | 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix

28 mar 2021
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Lewis versus Max. Mercedes versus Red Bull. As the dust settles in Bahrain, we take a look at how the 2021 season could provide a much-anticipated title fight.
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  • Great race. Need to watch Checo, if he didn't have a mechanical issue, he could have been on the podium, first race with Red Bull.

    Rob MosaRob Mosa5 giorni fa
  • 29 laps going wide on 4 = not a lasting advantage Using the wideness to perform a safe overtake = lasting advantage, give it back This is such BS

    Gustav SchuykovGustav Schuykov12 giorni fa
  • I think this year Bottas is no longer going to do his job keeping people away from Hamilton, and Vettel is finally going to realise he cant blame the car for his results anymore

    mammutitmammutit13 giorni fa
  • I hope so,,

    Agus PramonoAgus Pramono17 giorni fa
  • guys care, thats just a scam. there is no epic title fight

    Mad FlavorMad Flavor17 giorni fa
  • do we need to see your faces with masks on? also you sound like you have tissue in your mouth!

    lurin971lurin97117 giorni fa
  • FIA changing the turn 4 rule mid race after Mercedes gain 3 seconds advantage over 29 laps. But when Red Bull want to take the same advantage the FIA forbid it. FIA helps Mercedes, so Hamilton must be disqualify and the win must go to Verstappen.

    Freedom VoiceFreedom Voice17 giorni fa
  • No discussion about sergio

    AlsonAlson17 giorni fa
  • What a couple of Mooks.

    Leon CarrLeon Carr18 giorni fa
  • I still dont trust Mercedes

    Randima DadigamaRandima Dadigama18 giorni fa
  • Its race 1, let's all calm down for a minute. Fingers crossed it will be an epic battle every race but can't see it yet.

    Matthew WhiteMatthew White18 giorni fa
  • Hamilton extending the corner to keep the gap alive isn't a lasting advantage? 🤔

    TheMightyAkkYleXTheMightyAkkYleX18 giorni fa
  • Why aren't there any black commentators

    Cat WranglerCat Wrangler19 giorni fa
  • maFIA

    Demøn KingDemøn King19 giorni fa
  • Turn 4:laps 28×0.2sec=5.6 sec

    Lewis TplnLewis Tpln19 giorni fa
  • No. It was the Lewis and Max show. Everyone else was a mile back. If things would have worked out better, Bottas could have been 4 seconds behind Max. Yes, it was exciting.

    Carl SitlerCarl Sitler19 giorni fa
  • A one horse race is a one horse race Hamilton wins again yawn

    marshgatelanepossemarshgatelaneposse19 giorni fa
  • I am filing a lawsuit against Mercedes for ruining Formula 1

    Ben 8473Ben 847319 giorni fa
  • Epic fight? You know the rules? There is only one - Hamilton MUST WIN!!!!

    GigibigioGigibigio19 giorni fa
  • Let's be real here. As long as Mercedes are in the game, there is no fight, it's a Blitzkrieg ! I like when people are waiting for another driver to win the tile but let's be real, it's not going to happen. The same goes for constructor's title !

    Snapshot 101Snapshot 10119 giorni fa
  • I don't understand this whole white line grey area, why is it grey at all? Don't put all 4 wheels over the white lines at any time, what's wrong with that? No grey area there, in qualifying it will get your time deleted, in the race you get warned and then penalised if you continue to do it. Great race though, I look forward to a (hopefully) action packed race for the title.

    Titus FettTitus Fett19 giorni fa
  • If everyone gets the same "lasting advantage" then it isn't a lasting advantage. Everyone could run wide. No one can overtake or complete an overtake off track. Doesn't seem like a grey area to me.

    stu0508stu050819 giorni fa
  • Its gonna be roller coaster in the Standing from 1 to 10

    Omprakash Singh ChowpawatOmprakash Singh Chowpawat19 giorni fa
  • This is the kind of racing we need to see all season.

    Steve SmithSteve Smith19 giorni fa
  • That move from Hamilton was normal. What are these guys on about. Hamilton was in front he had the racing line. If that was Monaco with a wall, max would not have continued on the outside, he would of had to give way, he probably wouldn’t even of considered overtaking with a wall there. So shut up

    It doesn’t matter What your name isIt doesn’t matter What your name is19 giorni fa
  • If this is what the season is going to be like, bring it on. There is no gray area in the overtake, it is illegal to overtake or complete one with all four wheels off the track. Max need to be more patient and calculate when and when not to attack.

    Chris-OyChris-Oy19 giorni fa
  • Very unfair for Max that Lewis got wide turn a lot of times in turn 4 and no penalties. Not trying to be controversial but it's just plain not fair and sportsmanship at all neither it's passing or not.

    monyet82monyet8219 giorni fa
  • If all the races this season are gonna be exciting like this... I probably need some green tea...

    RemcoRemco19 giorni fa
  • Red Bull's championship to lose

    Zaki BasukiZaki Basuki19 giorni fa
  • You are all forgetting last years’ Austrian gp

    Roble urniRoble urni19 giorni fa
  • Congratulations Sir Lewis 👏 👏👏👏👏

    Kevwe EgbegbediaKevwe Egbegbedia19 giorni fa
  • didn't signal anything its one race

    sphere 528sphere 52819 giorni fa
  • The car is competitive, reliable so Max will win, when his best is better than everyone on the grid on that day and his team's best is better than everyone too. That is how you win races and championships in a competitive car. That's what Hamilton and Mercedes do time and time again and produce together a monster car and get the best out of it on the best strategy.....it's not easy so let's see what Max and the team pull out this season. He is going to have to drive out of his skin and RB be as slick asf. That's what it takes to be the best, think Hamilton and Mercedes have made it look easy but even with potentially having the best car, Max and RB have to pull it all together.

    Tuesdays ChildTuesdays Child19 giorni fa
  • It’s one race stop trying to cash in

    Robert NavarroRobert Navarro19 giorni fa
  • That "grey area" is dangerous... even in the most "boring" lap of the race the driver gains time just getting a better racing line so... Track limits must apply all the Grand Prix sessions, in every situation.

    José FickertJosé Fickert20 giorni fa
  • Mercedes got new system on board called as exploit the Grey areas ! Wake up FIA

    Dipesh PatelDipesh Patel20 giorni fa
  • They just need to be more strict on track limits. There shouldn’t be some corners where it is allowed and some where it isn’t. These are professional drivers and should be able to control their vehicle and keep it on the track. The track is clearly defined so there is no excuse to leave it

    SRJT16SRJT1620 giorni fa
  • it signalled that we will most likely get another 2018.... Mercedes getting a proper challenge, the FIA stepping in to crush the opposition when Mercedes is unable to and then the opposition finally giving up when they realise how futile it is to fight the governing body and the pay to win team

    Luka DžidićLuka Džidić20 giorni fa
  • It's quite remarkable how many people think that Honda of Max won't conk out at some point this season. Has Max ever finished a season without mechanical failure?

    Resurrected SunlightResurrected Sunlight20 giorni fa
  • Problem with Max is, he isn’t an all rounder. He is very inconsistent when it comes to collecting point. He always crashes and retire. Something Lewis hardly does.

    Perccy MagongwaPerccy Magongwa20 giorni fa
  • For everyone arguing about track limits, here are the rules. Formula 1 Technical Regulation, Issue 7, Artical 27 DRIVING states the below: 27.1 The driver must drive the car alone and unaided. 27.2 Drivers must observe the provisions of the Code relating to driving behaviour on circuits at all times. 27.3 Drivers must make every reasonable effort to use the track at all times and may not leave the track without a justifiable reason. Drivers will be judged to have left the track if no part of the car remains in contact with it and, for the avoidance of doubt, any white lines defining the track edges are considered to be part of the track but the kerbs are not. Should a car leave the track the driver may re-join, however, this may only be done when it is safe to do so and without gaining any lasting advantage. At the absolute discretion of the Race Director a driver may be given the opportunity to give back the whole of any advantage he gained by leaving the track. 27.4 At no time may a car be driven unnecessarily slowly, erratically or in a manner which could be deemed potentially dangerous to other drivers or any other person. It is extremely clear. White line is the limit of the track. Hamilton exceeded track limits 29 times and never received an official warning. Max was clearly ahead, then proceeded to exceed track limits just like Hamilton did, and was told to give the position back. Its clear that the stewards favored Hamilton in this situation when referencing the written sporting regulations and there is no arguing that.

    Steven MurraySteven Murray20 giorni fa
  • Just when the racing got interesting & close the regulations will change to again create hierarchies in the pecking order.

    Nandeesh KumarNandeesh Kumar20 giorni fa
  • lewis , 29 laps times 0,2 seconds is not an advantage right. micheal masi shoud be fired asap what a clown show

    promo130promo13020 giorni fa
  • I think the rules should be changed for something much more simple and straightforward like at all times, anywhere on the track, always at least 1 wheel completely within the white lines on both sides of the track, at any time, in the middle of a fight or alone on the track. With a time penalty of 5 seconds each time it's happening during the race, and that lap's time cancelled during the qualifications. No discussion. Basically, it means the race is happening on the track, if you leave the track, you leave the race. If a driver squeezes another driver out and doesn't leave enough space for the other driver to stay on the track, time penalty of 10 seconds. Extreme but the same for everyone, so no surprises.

    Alexis de WoutersAlexis de Wouters20 giorni fa
  • This was the first time RBR was dissapointed with a second place.

    BBOBBO20 giorni fa
  • He gained at least 3-4 secs there.

    BBOBBO20 giorni fa
  • Yes it is always exciting if other teams can fight for the win and the podium than always dominant Mercedes but that giving back the place to Lewis I don't like, the rules again favor to Lewis. I don't understand why he needs to give it back that's ridiculous.

    Johnny TampocaoJohnny Tampocao20 giorni fa
  • Yes, It also signaled that the FIA will make sure lewis wins

    John WilliamsJohn Williams20 giorni fa
  • i watch f1 and have been thoroughly entertained for years. ferrari fought merc, merc fought merc. mid field battles. development war. drama of politics. i mean...........WHY DOES THE MEDIA KEEP PRETENDING LIKE THEY WERENT TALKING ABOUT HOW GREAT 2020 OR FERRARI FIGHTS WERE?

    Micro SoftMicro Soft20 giorni fa
  • Finally a season worth watching!

    SurajSuraj20 giorni fa
  • 2021 the worst year

    super gamersuper gamer20 giorni fa
  • It doesn‘t help, when rules do not change a lot, so one driver retains his chance of winning. Looks like there’s kind of agreement, HAM has to win his 8th title, before rules will finally change in 2022. It doesn‘t help at all, when excitement was created artificially through strange strategies and decisions. What a pity.

    RAZAN KRAZAN K20 giorni fa
  • Back livestream F2 in You Tube

    João FonsecaJoão Fonseca20 giorni fa
  • What's up with the voice?

    Durmus KurtulusDurmus Kurtulus20 giorni fa
  • Max got over exited that he would beat Hamilton finally...

    Kumar kumarKumar kumar20 giorni fa
  • Thank you Will, Lawrence and SCREAMING BUZZER for the analysis!😂

    May BMay B20 giorni fa
  • When it comes to track limits, why can’t we just observe the white lines/curbs where they exist as track limits - keep two tyres (or all four, frankly) wholly within that limit, otherwise you’ve explicitly cut the corner/over extended? Why was this ever blurred?

    James StockwinJames Stockwin20 giorni fa
  • Answer: no 'cause FIAmilton Bye

    Simon BASTIENSimon BASTIEN20 giorni fa
  • And I haven't seen it because of Sky

    Tyler DurdenTyler Durden20 giorni fa
  • This is going down to the wire and it's going to be a race of who's going to spew better updates faster, so for the first time in many years this is going to be a race of the factories rather than drivers themselves.

    Robert JabłońskiRobert Jabłoński20 giorni fa
  • I think I know why Seb isn't performing well. If you look back at his Red Bull days when he was at his best he had long hair, he then cut it shorter when driving for Ferrari and his performance went down, now that he is literally going bald he is performing even worse. Coincidence? I think not.

    Sir MountedSir Mounted20 giorni fa
  • I hope Vettel won in Emilia Romagnia

    Leonardo L.M.Leonardo L.M.20 giorni fa
  • Where are the Lewis haters. Oh Lewis wins because he's in a faster car 😂. Give max a similar car and he'll beat Lewis. Okay max here's a faster car, oh sh💩t Lewis wins.

    starbwoi 1starbwoi 120 giorni fa
    • You miss the Sakihr race last year?

      nittojoe136nittojoe13620 giorni fa
  • Could there possibly be less chemistry between 2 people

    David ManningDavid Manning20 giorni fa
  • We'll see - said the ZEN master. :) In the last 25 years almost always the pole man or winner of the first race became the champion. Personal feelings? I think Red Bull has the upper hand, they'll learn from this for sure! The season's going to be long anyway (23 races), so...

    Duško DragićDuško Dragić20 giorni fa
  • if the Formula one race control continue to les Mercedes make her rules again and again I stop looking thé GP because the 2 Mercedes ride over thé track limite all thé race and when Verstappen ride like Mercedes hé do less hamilton pass" is inacceptable if the Mercedes can ride over thé track limite is the same for all driver and all car not just for the Mercedes princess. Américain rules is disgusting to see this

    Fab YokoFab Yoko20 giorni fa
  • Nah Mercedes 1-2 will continue

    Jorge ÁlvarezJorge Álvarez20 giorni fa
  • Lewis went off track 29 times lol. no wonder he had that pace.

    Mauricio Hermoza-SuarezMauricio Hermoza-Suarez20 giorni fa
  • will needs more bracelets

    John FerroJohn Ferro20 giorni fa
  • F1 is corrupted why they let him pass. stolen race

    Pablo AlvarezPablo Alvarez20 giorni fa

    SearchSearch20 giorni fa
  • Sooo....Tsunoda secret future champion? I mean, first F1 race and as Kimi would say, Bwoah!

    Disparia BooksDisparia Books20 giorni fa
  • no i dont think we will have an epic title fight, we will however have an epic and probably the best midfield battle. if this is the "slow" mercedes, imagine what would happen when they fix all the problem with the car. i think by imola they would be very fast and almost uncatchable.

    Muhamad AdhityaMuhamad Adhitya20 giorni fa
  • This is going to be epic max got the edge right now but after a couple of Mercedes upgrades its going to get real juicy

    Maurice DunmoreMaurice Dunmore20 giorni fa
  • Red Bull won’t have the reliability so it’s another Ham / Ver / Bot season.

    Drive TastefullyDrive Tastefully20 giorni fa
  • How much money are you willing to bet Max wins? Exactly. How much will you bet that Mercedes DOESN'T win the constructors? They won every championship since 2014, come on, Red Bull isn't on their level.

    HXMbamwamHXMbamwam20 giorni fa
  • mclaren, ferrari, alphatauri, aston martin, and alpine will be interesting to see moving forward. everyone's talking about merc v red bull but the midfield is stacked rn

    Maximus KeeneMaximus Keene20 giorni fa
  • Mazespin😆😆😆

    Nudel Biały MurzynNudel Biały Murzyn20 giorni fa
  • Perez REALLY has impressed me in the last couple of months.

    Jacob HillerJacob Hiller20 giorni fa
  • I feel Max was robbed this win... if yellow flag was raise for Vettle and Occon accident or Hamilton was penalised or cautioned before the 5th time ignoring the track limit, Verstapen would’ve won easily..

    XenoniXenoni20 giorni fa
  • Now that Mercedes has got the first win, watch them continue to obliterate the pack as new upgrades are added to the car. Mercedes don’t sit on their laurels!

    Wolfgang EzehWolfgang Ezeh20 giorni fa
  • RB should of let max just get on with it instead of worrying about tyres.

    johnnymacf1johnnymacf120 giorni fa
  • Truth is RbR n Max will fall short, VB won't be attacking. Ham will take another title with the ultimate boredom.

    Afif Shah Sadip SevenAfif Shah Sadip Seven20 giorni fa
  • No it signaled the 2021season is over. Its no secret merc struggled in pre-season it was not sandbagging at all-they were testing 2022 bits they already knew what they had for 2021, the only 2021 "element" they tested was the floor and even that was not full 2021 spec. RB did close the gap but its not enough, game over sorry Max, RB did not give you enough car. I truly want Max to take the title he deserves, highly unlikely it happens in 2021

    Dale MasonDale Mason20 giorni fa
  • Fp1: Verstappen Fp2: Verstappen Fp3: Verstappen Quali: Verstappen Race: Get in there Lewis!

    Jason GarfittJason Garfitt20 giorni fa
  • I'm actually happy that Lewis won today cuz if Max won, then the season would have been redbull dominance instead of a mercedes one and it would still be boring, so at least there is hope for a title fight. Also hope the midfield teams compete for podiums more.

    Arvind WeeArvind Wee20 giorni fa
  • It's great to see 3 guys fighting in the front. Go Max, Hamilton and FIA !

    Bruno FollmannBruno Follmann20 giorni fa
  • Exactly what I said. Max should have won this race. But then, the storm of biased Hamilton fans came in with their sensitive ego’s😂

    Joe FelonyJoe Felony20 giorni fa
    • Salt. lol

      David GoliathDavid Goliath20 giorni fa
  • optimistic about this season. i just hope we go the full 23 rounds.

    unknownunknown20 giorni fa
  • hamilton vs alonso 2007 hamilton vs rosberg 2014-2016 hamilton vs vettel 2017-2018 hamilton vs verstappen 2021 ? so far only rosberg has beaten hamilton

    Archiworks 92Archiworks 9220 giorni fa
  • The cream always rises to the top. Mercedes will lose a few races but will still be in the top spot at the end of the year...

    Worlds Worst MusicianWorlds Worst Musician20 giorni fa
  • All that it signalled was how the FIA stewards are running a circus and don't know what they're doing, driving away spectators from the sport, this comes as someone who is neither a fan of Hamilton or Verstappen.

    JohnnasJohnnas20 giorni fa
    • Yh, u can leave

      Jamie AsintoyeJamie Asintoye19 giorni fa
  • Forklift driver “ out of the way media wimps. Men are working!”

    yulmp2yulmp220 giorni fa
  • Lewis is a cunning person. He will politically play the game in every race to the drivers who try to overtake him. He always squeezes the overtaking driver off the track, and the drivers have two choices. Either run over the track limit or suffer a bump to the rear of their car. Subsequently throwing the other driver off track or worse. Suffer a puncture by running over the front wing of Lewis' car. He is a cheat. I have seen this move many times by Lewis. I don't respect him anymore.

    Alex OnarresAlex Onarres20 giorni fa
    • Salt. lol

      David GoliathDavid Goliath20 giorni fa
  • Sorry what is Lawrence saying at the start, I mean Turkey wasn't that long ago!

    ab8jehab8jeh20 giorni fa
  • Nope. hamilton can cheat again.

    taffpower1taffpower120 giorni fa
  • Let's not forget Sergio.... From last to 5...

    SKASKA20 giorni fa
  • more like, Red Bull gave a preview of 1000 ways on how to lose a GP!

    USugoUSugo20 giorni fa
  • great race from top to bottom. that what we want.

    Brian AsciakBrian Asciak20 giorni fa
  • I find it interesting how lots of people are saying "finally we have a title fight", whilst conveniently forgetting that during the hybrid era we've had great title fights in 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

    Jordan BassJordan Bass20 giorni fa