25 mar 2021
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Official music video for “STORY” by NF.
New project CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE) out now.
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Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill
Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein

  • Brooooooo, this was sick! The fact that he was telling a "Story" with his words was amazing. And his wordplay is so smooth to

    Skillfulljoker605 Skill605Skillfulljoker605 Skill60540 minuti fa

    SycromSycromOra fa
  • i was the 495 k like kid

    Karim farhatKarim farhat2 ore fa
  • Now I clearly know how a robbery feels like😰 raw talent👏👌

    Robin RookRobin Rook3 ore fa
  • This gave me chills🔥🔥🔥🥵

    vanshika chowdharyvanshika chowdhary4 ore fa
  • The video changed the song for me! Good job!

    John WatsonJohn Watson5 ore fa
  • NF always amazes us 🎈

    Nitin BhardwajNitin Bhardwaj6 ore fa
  • This hit like a freit train. Jesus!!

    Roger RankinRoger Rankin8 ore fa
  • Nf is fuckin' killing in all song,his all songs are vibes 😍💓👌🥺💔👍🔥

    Vivek MouryaVivek Mourya8 ore fa
  • Top 5 Plottwist in Anime

    pneumonoultramicro scopicsilicovolcanoconiosispneumonoultramicro scopicsilicovolcanoconiosis8 ore fa
  • My first time ever hearing this artist and i was on the edge of my seat, will be listening to the rest of his shit. Talent like a mutha! Story telling at its finest 👌

    A RodA Rod9 ore fa
  • First time my son and I listened to this song we were both on edge! Such a gripping story with amazing delivery! I was just telling him the other day that this one needed a video and it doesn’t disappoint. Can’t wait to watch it with him!

    Doc LDoc L9 ore fa
  • Bro at first I was like wtf is this. I'm so glad I didn't stop.

    Bree JohnsonBree Johnson10 ore fa
  • Left me speechless 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

    Chanelle JaiChanelle Jai11 ore fa
  • The robbers went to little nas x.

    • Don't mention him I hate Him just so stupid

  • when i hear the song i saw a way diffent picture in my head then i watched the music vid and im like omg

    Serenity MiedemaSerenity Miedema11 ore fa
  • Holy shit, this literally is unexplainably good.

    Austin TalleyAustin Talley12 ore fa
  • Brasil por aqui!💥

    Janecleide SanctorumJanecleide Sanctorum12 ore fa
  • WOOOOOOOOW excellent video I love your songs

    Andmax gamerAndmax gamer13 ore fa
  • Well shit. This wasn’t what I was expecting at all when I started this video. Raw emotional talent.

    drummers anonymousdrummers anonymous13 ore fa
  • “I don’t know if I’m making movies or music videos.” - NF, The Search.

    Morgan BusseyMorgan Bussey13 ore fa
  • Everyone who wanna rob should watch this. This is real life shit no hollywood with happy endings and flair around the actors.

    Akaboy4lifeAkaboy4life13 ore fa
  • no one had to die if she had just stayed put two more minutes 🥶

    Kaiaya.Kaiaya.14 ore fa
    • But then the song would have sucked 😂 also no one died it's called acting

      Daniel MartelDaniel Martel10 ore fa

    Vincent VictorVincent Victor14 ore fa
  • That was powerful

    RolvaagRolvaag14 ore fa
  • Cried when i just hear the audio.... cried when i saw the video.... anyone know if this is a true story?

    She NovaShe Nova15 ore fa
  • Oh Sh**, I apologise NF... I been sleeping on your music... No Longer.

    BlackpixelsBlackpixels15 ore fa
  • the worlds broken very broken

    Edward DanchevEdward Danchev15 ore fa
  • Because when you have actual talent and skill you don't have to curse or rap about drugs or what you have he also doesn't have to have half naked girls twerking in his videos. He is so talented and so underappreciated.

    Andrea GlazikAndrea Glazik15 ore fa
  • Does anyone know the back story to this song? Like was this an actual event that occurred for him?

    Gamersens 23Gamersens 2315 ore fa
  • No matter how many times I watch think it's better each time

    Andrea GlazikAndrea Glazik15 ore fa
  • Plot Twist: The Driver knew Erin was there cause he saw her car and told his partner to steal all the cigarettes to spite her.

    Zenitsu AgatsumaZenitsu Agatsuma15 ore fa
  • Damnnn

    Jessica KayseJessica Kayse15 ore fa
  • Wow my mind said : boom!

    Alisaleh SamiAlisaleh Sami16 ore fa
  • Whole nother level

    Christian MatosChristian Matos16 ore fa
  • Storyyyyy

  • am i the only one that is reminded so much of Hopsin by NF?

    Charles CarmichaelCharles Carmichael16 ore fa
  • this was toooo good 😌

    Zinhle PetersenZinhle Petersen17 ore fa
  • chile-

    Zinhle PetersenZinhle Petersen17 ore fa
  • we need part 2 i wanna see if he lived or died

    Joshua BerlintJoshua Berlint17 ore fa
  • 2:56 Damm... That Moment Of Panic

    King Kyle HamillKing Kyle Hamill17 ore fa
  • 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    Clara GomesClara Gomes17 ore fa
  • Good vid👌

    jaylee Kiestjaylee Kiest17 ore fa
  • Real

    Non Judgemental InternationalNon Judgemental International18 ore fa
  • wow

    Sergio RuizSergio Ruiz18 ore fa
  • This is intense man. So well done.

    MistikButterflyMistikButterfly19 ore fa
  • Art

    KidaaKidaa19 ore fa
  • Never heard someone as good as NF at storytelling

    sm1ttysavsm1ttysav20 ore fa
  • A story indeed.

    Intro VertIntro Vert20 ore fa
  • This is absolutely incredible

    Brian JohnsonBrian Johnson20 ore fa
  • I’d get right out of the convenience store business. Done.

    Jon DohJon Doh21 ora fa
  • Who is the actress in this?? She is flawless in her abilities to convey the emotions of the song PERFECTLY!

    Broken Controller GamingBroken Controller Gaming21 ora fa
  • Shoulda grabbed the twix

    lil luffylil luffy21 ora fa
  • 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

    roby novrianto officialroby novrianto official21 ora fa
  • Nf is the most real rapper out hear

    Conner TuckerConner Tucker21 ora fa
  • Holy sh!t - THAT was insane.

    AzzrayAzzray22 ore fa
  • Police so tell me exactly what happened sir I woke up in a bad place been on my phone for the past 8. 3 minutes into the song my jacket knocked over a soup

    Hollis KellyHollis Kelly22 ore fa
  • OK preschoolers ready for a new story

    Hollis KellyHollis Kelly22 ore fa
  • He’s basically rapping and acting

    Jonathan HillJonathan Hill22 ore fa
  • Epic. Epic. Epic...

    VelaskyVelasky22 ore fa
  • So the second robber was her room mate’s boyfriend who stays with them without paying for shit 😂😂😂😂😂 NF ❤️

    Kenneth Owusu ManuKenneth Owusu Manu22 ore fa
  • Damm thats deep

    Jac Da SavageJac Da Savage23 ore fa
  • Remember to leave a like ^^

    ShinaharaShinahara23 ore fa
  • So dope

    J ChakzJ Chakz23 ore fa
  • Goosebumps.

    Steezy TracksSteezy TracksGiorno fa
  • Anyone from India?

    Zäyñ MZäyñ MGiorno fa
  • I can't believe there aren't any balloons in this video

    NyctophiliaNyctophiliaGiorno fa
  • me: watch and read lyrics until "HEY OPEN UP THE DRAWER!!!" I feel like I got a heart attack

    bretta ttrabretta ttraGiorno fa
  • My man went full joyner with the story telling!!!

    Bmont52Bmont52Giorno fa
  • This is probably one of Nate finest work... I can't believe he literally told a story with his music😬🔥🔥

    Jasper FrvrJasper FrvrGiorno fa
  • Nf is the best singer

    Jacob StuderJacob StuderGiorno fa
  • SO SO SO Good!

    Tim ShawTim ShawGiorno fa
  • this lowkey scared me.

    kianaroxy noriakianaroxy noriaGiorno fa
  • Felt like a watch a 90 minutes movie. This is deep, captivating, emotional, engaging. The story telling draws you in and holds your attention to the end. Loved it and I felt satisfied. Great action, excellent camera work, sensational lyrics

    Adrian MessiAdrian MessiGiorno fa
  • Nathan idk how you do it man. THE GOAT

    TDSTDSGiorno fa
  • I get fucking chills listening to this

    Will CroceWill CroceGiorno fa
  • Just reacted live with TOOLITMAFIA! FIRE AS FUK!!!

    BriBriar WhiteyBriBriar WhiteyGiorno fa
  • Damn that was intense

    kaylynne brkaylynne brGiorno fa
  • I just feel like screaming so here go: NFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! Maaaan.

    Ndalama Cassius MalulekeNdalama Cassius MalulekeGiorno fa
  • What a unique m&m type rapper. Fire!!

    LuckeyLuckeyGiorno fa
  • Damn, that was VERY intense! I'm speechless, too good

    Keila GoulartKeila GoulartGiorno fa
  • Oh wow 👏 this is intense but I think its awesome

    AnnaAnnaGiorno fa

    Steven TaylorSteven TaylorGiorno fa
  • This is Soo good

    Kim EunjiKim EunjiGiorno fa
  • I don’t agree with attacking, money isn’t worth your life

    Tim StilwellTim StilwellGiorno fa
  • Dude....I suck for being so late to finding you NF, but man either this happened to someone close to you, or you are one HELLUVA story teller, I evened watched it 3 times in a row to make sure I understood EVERY word and correlated it to the video....I got goosebumps, teary eyed, and also felt connected to this song and video. Beautiful combination. Lots of respect man, well done.

    Korey HaydenKorey HaydenGiorno fa
  • Amazingly well done

    uradonkey003uradonkey003Giorno fa
  • I genuinely can’t express the admiration I have for this video. Some one please teach me how to like multiple times.

    DigidartDigidartGiorno fa
  • The girl is gorgeous

    Russ ThompsonRuss ThompsonGiorno fa
  • Nf just knows how to tell a beautiful tragedy

    Jesus GrajedaJesus GrajedaGiorno fa
  • Different level this! Awesome ❤

    Andrew DickinsonAndrew DickinsonGiorno fa
  • times

    jahirplaysjahirplaysGiorno fa
  • Love it

    seth blantonseth blantonGiorno fa
  • Girl: *Nose breaks* Robber: BRUH, she obviously faking. It’s like super easy to tell Cashier: Yeah. I think she just squirted ketchup in her nose Girl: Did you forget we’re doing a music video?

    TraxxasHulkTraxxasHulkGiorno fa

    PrudencePrudenceGiorno fa
  • Great song, I’m just wondering what happened between the main character and the roommate.

    EliteBlackDragon GamingEliteBlackDragon GamingGiorno fa
  • Bruh I was listening to this and It got so intense I stopped what I was doing and started watching the video

    Corey SaulsCorey SaulsGiorno fa
  • How isn't this man known by the whole world yet?😤🖤

    Ciara StevensCiara StevensGiorno fa
  • This was amazing

    Rui ArmstrongRui ArmstrongGiorno fa
  • I was really into this rap it dope .

    sweet piesweet pieGiorno fa