Justice League: Director’s Cut | Official Teaser Update | HBO Max

17 nov 2020
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  • At 1:41, it looks like someone (either Arthur or Diana) threw Steppenwolf at Superman. Steppenwolf isn't in an optimal position to land a punch; in fact, it looks like he didn't even try.

    Samuel ThriftSamuel Thrift17 minuti fa
  • I was thinking this was a really cool trailer but then... I saw her. Amber Heard.

    Chamath JayashankaChamath JayashankaOra fa
  • I need to watch that ❤️ i love warner #missingfriends #snydercut

    Los Crazy Squad:vLos Crazy Squad:v2 ore fa
  • i heard when zack left the movie when it was under production, his daughter died R.I.P, i knew i shouldnt watch the movie bc its was gonna suck and i was not disappointed.

    Faris RazaFaris Raza2 ore fa
  • Seriously, with this music?

    fantastic manfantastic man3 ore fa
  • I'm crying with my mascara every where!! :(

    Isabella DormanIsabella Dorman4 ore fa
  • Lo mejor que le ha pasado a este año es esto

    jefferson Uchihajefferson Uchiha4 ore fa

    josue Nunfiojosue Nunfio5 ore fa
  • When when when when

    Ali ALTINBAĞAli ALTINBAĞ5 ore fa
  • itworlds.info/round/qpFwpMqAj9mnhIg/video

    cynthia rousecynthia rouse7 ore fa
  • The truth is, Wheddon destroyed 90% of the original. I don’t know if it’s true that Endgame has many similar scenes, but I’m happy that the Snyder Cut comes out.

    The WayneThe Wayne7 ore fa
    • True. Endgame STOLE Zack Snyder's original plan for this film. -The time travel/fixing the timeline -Lois sacrifing herself

  • Ya he visto el trailer muchas veces. No puedo esperar más por el corte de Snyder.

    The WayneThe Wayne7 ore fa
  • can't wait!

    DavidDavid8 ore fa
  • Its fake trailer

    RaM rAMRaM rAM9 ore fa
    • It's real.

      JJ16 minuti fa
    • 🤦‍♂️Stupid

  • Why everyone praise Christopher nolan and zack synder hated by some people earlier because making dark movies

    krishnaveni ganapathykrishnaveni ganapathy10 ore fa
    • Because those people were following critics... Now they understand man of steel and bvs were something more than a popcorn superhero flick...

      Niranjan M DineshNiranjan M Dinesh9 ore fa
  • Me encanta Ya quiero que se estrene

    Arnold VillaGArnold VillaG10 ore fa
  • I worried because hbo max is only on usa and I don't live there :( I can't watch this

    Sore Attorney240Sore Attorney24012 ore fa
    • Hopefully

      TaferzzlolTaferzzlol10 ore fa
    • They are going international soon

      TaferzzlolTaferzzlol10 ore fa
  • Okay well I’m not watching this trailer because I literally don’t want anything new spoiled

    TheAnxoiusHero 21TheAnxoiusHero 2113 ore fa
  • Release the Kraken !!!cut

    V ZV Z13 ore fa
  • Man, this better be good

    The Red hood 3.0The Red hood 3.015 ore fa
  • 0:47 who is she?

    Mr_ SMr_ S15 ore fa
    • @AvianDuck77 - Minecraft and More Zack said that the girl asks Wonder Woman if she can be like her one day, and WW says of course. Yup.

      AnnieAnnie6 ore fa
    • Possibly Donna Troy AKA Wonder Girl

      AvianDuck77 - Minecraft and MoreAvianDuck77 - Minecraft and More15 ore fa
  • Let me guess, this movie’s gonna be 6hours?

    TheRicokillaTheRicokilla16 ore fa
    • A 4 hour movie cut into 1 hour episodes on HBO Max.

      uncanny dcmarvelousuncanny dcmarvelous7 ore fa
    • 4 hours

      soy yosoy yo15 ore fa
  • This looks so much bette than the original

    Alixon LoydAlixon Loyd16 ore fa
  • This is the best trailer I have seen on DC universe. Love it.

    Antru AnthonisamyAntru Anthonisamy17 ore fa
  • The changed the name to director's cut. Previously it was Zack Snyder's cut

    • No... It was zack snyders justice league

      Niranjan M DineshNiranjan M Dinesh17 ore fa
  • God I hope this one is better than the original

    Ryurozuki KasaiRyurozuki Kasai19 ore fa
    • Technically this is the original. What was released was a whole redo that only used like 10% of Snyder's footage.

      uncanny dcmarvelousuncanny dcmarvelous7 ore fa
  • “He’s never fought us.” “Yes, he has.” “...He’s never fought us twice.” 😅

    MultiverseMultiverse19 ore fa
    • @J r Z C o V e R s no problem

      ThameemThameem10 ore fa
    • @Thameem oh yeah I actually forgot about that. Srry my bad

      J r Z C o V e R sJ r Z C o V e R s10 ore fa
    • @J r Z C o V e R s That's just a reference to Infinity War. The Exchange between Thor and Rocket. He just mixed both

      ThameemThameem14 ore fa
    • Wdym he's never fought us twice??? This isn't a sequel to what we see saw in 2017. Because this is what they should've released back in 2017 instead of all the reshots and rewrites Joss Whedon and WB made.

      J r Z C o V e R sJ r Z C o V e R s18 ore fa
  • Who all got goosebumps...

    Nishit NawleNishit Nawle19 ore fa
    • @Bruce Wayne Bruce,,, I love you more than anything except Clark

      alexander soelaimanalexander soelaiman18 ore fa
    • We all do

      Bruce WayneBruce Wayne18 ore fa
    • me

      J r Z C o V e R sJ r Z C o V e R s19 ore fa
    • me

      alexander soelaimanalexander soelaiman19 ore fa
  • The book was better

    Qasim 1478Qasim 147819 ore fa
  • All I hope that, if this Movie comes out and becomes a Infinitely HUGE success, then we will be able to get other projects that were either Heavily Studio Interfered (like the Schumacher Cut of Batman Forever or, hell, even the Ayer Cut) or projects that were shot down before they even entered production, (like Tim Burton's Superman Lives or Jack Black's Green Lantern) Especially now with the idea of the Multiverse.

    KalexKhanKalexKhan20 ore fa
    • But a shame that for filming new scenes, most of the cast are old. And Schumacher's dead. Val has got throat cancer. I hope I'm wrong.

  • First Half of 2020: Hell Second Half of 2020: Maybe I don't wanna be the bad guy anymore

    SuperSquid 004SuperSquid 00420 ore fa
  • That’s the same song that was in Watchmen.

    Moose Odom 2Moose Odom 221 ora fa
  • Doubt in BVS.... If CIA was seeing everything through the radar y couldnt they see kg beast burning bodies and all They could have caught kg beast and his men then and there. They could have even seen them running away.

    Bruce WayneBruce Wayne21 ora fa
    • @J r Z C o V e R s can u find it and say Samuel otten talks abt the theatrical version tats it.

      Bruce WayneBruce Wayne15 ore fa
    • @Bruce Wayne perhaps theres a video that explains about the entire desert scene. I just don’t what video

      J r Z C o V e R sJ r Z C o V e R s15 ore fa
    • @J r Z C o V e R s even ik those stuff(a little) i just want clarifications abt that scene. Cause tats the scene which builds the whole movie

      Bruce WayneBruce Wayne17 ore fa
    • @Bruce Wayne Yeah I don't have a full explanation on that scene. But I can explain the ideas and philosophy of the characters if you wanna asks questions about them instead.

      J r Z C o V e R sJ r Z C o V e R s17 ore fa
    • @J r Z C o V e R s some of the haters might nitpick those scenes. Tats the reason im asking. There is no clear cut explanation in tat scene.

      Bruce WayneBruce Wayne17 ore fa
  • Get rid of amber heard.

    Rómulo FigueroaRómulo Figueroa21 ora fa
  • Any Indian here ?

    ToxicFrostyToxicFrosty21 ora fa
  • Green Latern? 1:53

    Eduardo de QueirozEduardo de Queiroz22 ore fa
    • no. cyborg.

      Yellow DevilYellow Devil20 ore fa
  • 260🙈

    Pradeep KumarPradeep Kumar22 ore fa
    • 1600

      alexander soelaimanalexander soelaiman19 ore fa
  • All comic book fans should be united on this one, not to fight as Marvel as DC fans.

    Harsh SaxenaHarsh SaxenaGiorno fa
  • One word.. hideous 😏

    atif khanatif khanGiorno fa
  • I need that.

    SlimDogSlimDogGiorno fa
  • I'm just saying wasn't green lantern (Ryan Reynolds) and Martian hunter part of the league also

    Austin SamAustin SamGiorno fa
    • ryan isnt part of the dc movies.

      Yellow DevilYellow Devil20 ore fa
    • Martian is in the movie... Green lantern will prolly be in a sequel

      Niranjan M DineshNiranjan M DineshGiorno fa
  • I hope batman will be more clever

    rolan janfetrolan janfetGiorno fa
  • i hate it so much that i wont be able to watch it on cinema big screen.

    Tenzin KunselTenzin KunselGiorno fa
  • Esse filme vai ser monstrouoso

    Marcos AndretaMarcos AndretaGiorno fa
  • So I’m confused is it a new movie ?

    Elijah KelleyElijah KelleyGiorno fa
    • @soy yo hopefully it will be better then ima marvel guy but I have dc a chance and they really didn’t deliver. So I will try again. Again, I dig the justice league they just didn’t do well live action.

      Elijah KelleyElijah Kelley6 ore fa
    • This film will have about 10% of footage you already seen so its basically is a new movie

      Jammy GamerJammy GamerGiorno fa
    • What is the snydercut? This is a 4 hour movie fully made by zack snyder, while the 2017 one was 2 hours and only 20 minutes of snyder were used, the rest of the movie was made by Whedon, and in this movie there won't be any single Whedon's scene. What are the diferences? Well martian manhunter, green lantern (rumored to be play by sam benjamin)and atom will make apperances. Uxas will appear in the history lesson which will be 20 minutes not 2 like the 2017 one (uxas will fight against ares,zeus and the real doomsday) Darkseid will appear at the end of the movie, desaad, deathstroke and joker( jared leto's joker with a new and better design)will also appear, steppenwolf will have a better design and will be a better villain. Superman will be more of a classic superman beacuse his character arc will be completed, batman won't kill and will be more of a classic batman, flash won't be a dumb and cringy kid, cyborg will be the heart of the movie, there won't be weird CGI moustache superman, no cringy one liners, no useless batman and no random russian family in this version.

      soy yosoy yoGiorno fa
    • It's the original JL movie before the reshoots which resulted the 2017 film

      hamid chakrihamid chakriGiorno fa
  • The trailer is lacking Wonder Woman a bit! That’s a shame, because she is the main reason the watch DC movies! Hope the Snyder Cut has more Wonder Woman in it or else it’s gonna be a bump!

    LercyLiciousLercyLiciousGiorno fa
    • Snyder said he uses "gods to kill gods" she has a major role in the film that you cant imagine... Infact every member has a major role unlike avengers...

      Niranjan M DineshNiranjan M DineshGiorno fa
    • Wonder woman is good, but she is not the only reason to watch DC hahaha

      soy yosoy yoGiorno fa
  • #UsUnited

    MX BravoMX BravoGiorno fa
  • Jadi ga sabar menunggu film ini diputar di bioskop.

    • Sayangnya cuman di hbo max, tapi untuk daerah asia, yg blum dapat akses hbo max, bakal ada di hbo go

      Devid ChiaDevid Chia20 ore fa
  • Oi olha eu não sem inglês mas gostei muito do trailer

    Valeria barrosValeria barrosGiorno fa
  • just imagine how low wb has lowered themselves after refuting the existence of this film multiple times and saying whedon's cut is the definitive version and now shamelessly putting their logo in front of this movie.

    ????Giorno fa
    • Technically they never said this doesn't exist

      ThameemThameem14 ore fa
  • In this BATMAN does things😂😂😂

    vaibhav patil.vaibhav patil.Giorno fa
  • This trailer, upcoming movie & the journey we gone thought to make this happen will always be one of the beautiful part of our life

    Araib SultanAraib SultanGiorno fa

    TonyTonyGiorno fa
  • 1:12 did i heard „fool ya“ right with amber? lol

    Ralvex LeeRalvex LeeGiorno fa
  • Batman: he never fought us.. not us united🔥🔥

    prasann guptaprasann guptaGiorno fa
  • 1:15 Uxas AKA Teen Darkseid ..... Idk why WB & Weedon cut this out...lost 200$ Million just by doing that...

    Abhishek SinghAbhishek SinghGiorno fa
  • is this gonna be the greatest movie ever? no. But is it gonna look cool as fuck and have great action. Yes, so fuck yeah i'm excited.

    EthanEthanGiorno fa
  • Даунгрейд Хранителей? Meh.

    Anton G.Anton G.Giorno fa
  • Wb :We Cannot Release 4 Hour Long Movie Zack And Fans:Who Decided That

    Escanor Lion's Sin Of PrideEscanor Lion's Sin Of PrideGiorno fa
  • *_This song Is stuck in my Head ..._*

  • Why is this re-uploaded?

    Tremor09Tremor09Giorno fa
    • Renew The Song Rights

      SheevOranges NoobworkSheevOranges NoobworkGiorno fa
  • This movie is gonna be lit

    KYLEVSv2 TKYLEVSv2 TGiorno fa
    • @soy yo wait wut? really?😂😂😂

      J r Z C o V e R sJ r Z C o V e R s22 ore fa
    • @Niranjan M Dinesh he said this movie is gonna be shit. Then he edit it hahaha what a coward

      soy yosoy yoGiorno fa
    • @soy yo guess he edited it after your replies huh?

      Niranjan M DineshNiranjan M DineshGiorno fa
    • @soy yo he is saying movie is gonna be lit... Hes supporting it... Not hating...

      Niranjan M DineshNiranjan M DineshGiorno fa
    • Nice edit

      soy yosoy yoGiorno fa
  • Pinch me if I ain't dreaming?

    #DC #Marvel#DC #MarvelGiorno fa
  • Someone: criticizes an aspect of the film entire comment section: go away marvel fanboy!! Seriously lol..

    Ajay NAjay NGiorno fa
    • It is a different from criticism and nitpicking

      Comics Book AwesomenessComics Book Awesomeness8 ore fa
    • @Annie ohh... Right... Didnt notice it first...

      Niranjan M DineshNiranjan M DineshGiorno fa
    • @Niranjan M Dinesh 'an' aspect, not 'the' aspect.

      AnnieAnnieGiorno fa
    • Can you show such reply to a guy criticising an aspect, except to those who straight up say it will be shit without justifying the reason except "it's snyder"?

      Niranjan M DineshNiranjan M DineshGiorno fa
    • Some are mcu fanboys other are just braindead haters

      soy yosoy yoGiorno fa
  • With this & Godfather Coda.

    Conrado JavierConrado JavierGiorno fa
  • Marvel's cgi is way better than dc

    Taw_ShinTaw_ShinGiorno fa
    • @Taw_Shin ye I will admit the cgi of Darkseid doesn’t look the best. He does actually look like a 3D cartoon 😂😂But they haven’t finished it yet 😂😂. When they finish the VFX of it he is gonna look so cool. I even think his design could give thanos a good look run his money.

      Slade WilsonSlade Wilson17 ore fa
    • @Slade Wilson man I know the cgi of aquaman was insane I loved it but the cgi of darkseid is like a 3d cartoon

      Taw_ShinTaw_Shin17 ore fa
    • @Taw_Shin but the CGI on Darkseid isn’t finished tho. So it give it some time lol 😂 When he is fully fleshed he is gonna look so cool. And have u not seen the CGI in the Wonder Woman or man of steel movie. It looked pretty good

      Slade WilsonSlade Wilson17 ore fa
    • @Taw_Shin ye and u could tell that the CGI wasn’t cheap at all. The CGI in Aquaman was like Avatar level. That’s probably why did so well in box office

      Slade WilsonSlade Wilson17 ore fa
    • @SheevOranges Noobwork so you can look at the cgi of avengers 2012

      Taw_ShinTaw_Shin18 ore fa
  • So what we got to see in theaters was just crust instead of the actual Pizza.

    Abhishek GangulyAbhishek GangulyGiorno fa
  • At 1:50 we see Lois Lane watching Clark from a distance during sunset with what looks like an autumn tree on the left. I don't know if it's a coincidence or not to have a autumn tree there, but Zack's daughter was also named Autumn! Anyways... touching...

    Ryan LaRyan LaGiorno fa
  • Thank god they let Zack Snyder finish his vision for this movie and being able to show us the TRUE Justice League movie.

    Adam FaisalramzaAdam FaisalramzaGiorno fa
  • The tone is so much different

    Money BoysMoney BoysGiorno fa
  • The tone is so much different

    Money BoysMoney BoysGiorno fa
  • This song to be honest I have heard before in a snyders film. Probably in The Watchmen.

    Captain IndiaCaptain IndiaGiorno fa
    • yep

      alexander soelaimanalexander soelaimanGiorno fa
  • Where was that batman dude. Damn. Anyway HALLELUJAH

    Pual WilliamPual WilliamGiorno fa
    • 1:04

      alexander soelaimanalexander soelaimanGiorno fa
  • Am I am the only one that hates the way that Barry runs?

    Antaeus RexxAntaeus RexxGiorno fa
  • finally 🙌

    【 「 BIG BRAIN 」 】【 「 BIG BRAIN 」 】Giorno fa
  • This reminds me of that one scene from Watchmen

    Jeremy DiazJeremy DiazGiorno fa
  • too bad that this movie is not gonna be canon in recent Dceu contuinity....

    Arya RizkyArya RizkyGiorno fa
    • @Taferzzlol and I hope DAVID AYER and ZACK SNYDER Can do Jared Leto Justice and A Smile on his face

      alexander soelaimanalexander soelaimanGiorno fa
    • @alexander soelaiman almost forgot David Ayers suicide squad that will be coming very soon 😉

      TaferzzlolTaferzzlolGiorno fa
    • @Taferzzlol and that's the true REAL dceu in my opinion

      alexander soelaimanalexander soelaimanGiorno fa
    • I mean it goes Man of steel Batman vs superman David Ayers suicide squad Wonder Woman Zack snyders justice league Aquaman

      TaferzzlolTaferzzlolGiorno fa
    • @alexander soelaiman Well, creative freedom baby! DCEU has now been buried by these recent flicks that ignore the continuity of the first Man of Steel movie. Back then in 2012:- The man playing with his puppy, doing wetwork and flying as the Legend. 2013:- The man doing the entire same, staying positive, even though the military is after him as promised by the teaser. 2015:- A brutal man above the law confronts the most powerful in this teaser. 2016:- The aftermath of this man's discovery, the aftermath of a destroyed city. Even though it's a bit over the top, it introduces a man in black, a brutal guardian feared by the law who tries to hunt down this man and a madman who uses his philosophical knowledge to control that powerful man, and kills him with a fist of abomination. Even though it was misunderstood and hated. August 2016:- A stupid corny movie, that is way over the top and tonally inconsistent with the Joker as crappy as ever. THIS IS WHEN THINGS GO OUT OF CONTROL. Another film ruined due to interference. 2017:- This universe repairs itself with a woman who explores her past memories:- A princess who is alerted by an outsider, That outsider, an agent of Allies in WW1, he takes him to a journey. And during the journey, she learns something deep, and uses her powers to fix everything. But then her beloved outsider sacrifices himself, and the century of horrors. November 2017:- Comedy!!!! A film with potential ruined by interference. Again inconsistent, it buried this universe. 2018:- It took the last film's route, but still managed to get billions. About a man who has to inherit the throne of Atlantis. 2019:- Again, it stripped away from it's roots, but was enjoyable. About a kid who gains powers, it was always destined to be here. 2020:- Well, this has been the second time, obtaining a R Rating, it still was comedic for no reason. Now DCEU has been buried in comedy. BUT ALL HOPE, IS NOT LOST... SINCE THE BIG GUNS ARE ALL OUT.. Back then in 2012:- The man playing with his puppy, doing wetwork and flying as the Legend. 2013:- The man doing the entire same, staying positive, even though the military is after him as promised by the teaser. 2015:- A brutal man above the law confronts the most powerful in this teaser. 2016:- The aftermath of this man's discovery, the aftermath of a destroyed city. Even though it's a bit over the top, it introduces a man in black, a brutal guardian feared by the law who tries to hunt down this man and a madman who uses his philosophical knowledge to control that powerful man, and kills him with a fist of abomination. Even though it was misunderstood and hated. 2017:- This universe repairs itself with a woman who explores her past memories:- A princess who is alerted by an outsider, That outsider, an agent of Allies in WW1, he takes him to a journey. And during the journey, she learns something deep, and uses her powers to fix everything. But then her beloved outsider sacrifices himself, and the century of horrors. 2021:- The real film we were meant to see. Even though there will be joy, it was intended for this. LET ZACK COMPLETE THE ARC

  • So is superman going to come again ?

    Veeranna MosesVeeranna MosesGiorno fa
  • Awesome ........It Feel Crazy.....Come on DC Rock

  • WHO IS 1:53??

    VentiVenti2 giorni fa
    • King Atlan

      alexander soelaimanalexander soelaimanGiorno fa
    • Cyborg

      1400 AK1400 AKGiorno fa
  • Find your happy day here ▶ tinyurl.com/hotgirlteen1 Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.

    Agnes 1234Agnes 12342 giorni fa
  • Who wouldn't want to see Darksied? Man, wb execs are stupid🤦‍♂️

    RedAssassinYTRedAssassinYT2 giorni fa
    • @RedAssassinYT Darkseid will barely be in the Snyder cut. Darkseid is way good of a villain to be in one film

      Slade WilsonSlade WilsonGiorno fa
    • @RedAssassinYT sadly, WB thinks darkseid is too scary and not humorless

      alexander soelaimanalexander soelaimanGiorno fa
    • @J r Z C o V e R s Zack said that the JL wouldn't fight Darksied yet, he would appear a few seconds after they beat Steppenwolf and break his skull and say "I'm coming soon" or something like that.

      RedAssassinYTRedAssassinYTGiorno fa
    • Ikr? Can’t wait for Darkseid at full power at the end of the movie. Oh and btw, I heard rumors of OG Doomsday will fight Uxas and Steppenwolf in either a flashback or the aftermath of history lesson.

      J r Z C o V e R sJ r Z C o V e R s2 giorni fa
  • "The minor fall, the major lift" as it shows Superman- the minor fall (he died is BvS) then to Batman- the major lift (Superman inspiring Batman to Unite the League). With Snyder it's always on purpose

    Anthony CruzAnthony Cruz2 giorni fa
  • So we'll finally get to know who won the race between Flash and Superman!

    iqram ansariiqram ansari2 giorni fa
    • @El LAUTA would’ve been cool tho lol. Imagine Superman and Flash race directed by Zack Snyder

      J r Z C o V e R sJ r Z C o V e R s2 giorni fa
    • That race doesn't exist... there was never a race.

      El LAUTAEl LAUTA2 giorni fa
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 i don't think so, sorry

      soy yosoy yo2 giorni fa
  • Why Robert Pattinson is not playing batman in justice league 😞😞😞

    parsaa malikparsaa malik2 giorni fa
    • @Bruce Wayne i will do it from now on.

      parsaa malikparsaa malikGiorno fa
    • welp you should follow the updates

      Bruce WayneBruce WayneGiorno fa
    • @Bruce Wayne it seems like dc fandom in the multiverse.

      parsaa malikparsaa malikGiorno fa
    • @Bruce Wayne All this scenario is really confusing for me, it seems there is a completely different dc fandom here.

      parsaa malikparsaa malikGiorno fa
    • @parsaa malik this movie will be way more different from the dumpster fire we have back in 2017

      Bruce WayneBruce WayneGiorno fa
  • I showed my Mom all DCEU movies and skipped JL, Itold JL will release in 2021 🔥❤️⚡ Hallelujah ! ❤️🔥⚡

    Bruce WayneBruce Wayne2 giorni fa
    • Well done Batman!! 👏👍🦇🦇

      Manehrii MaoManehrii Mao14 ore fa
  • 259

    Pradeep KumarPradeep Kumar2 giorni fa
  • What happens if you don't blink for, 30 days www.funtimef.site/2020/11/what-happens-if-you-dont-blink-for-30.html?m=1

    Frank JordanFrank Jordan2 giorni fa
  • Please release in theatre also..🤗

    michael kujurmichael kujur2 giorni fa
    • @DK66 they r releasing on HBO Max that's enough ❤️❤️

      michael kujurmichael kujurGiorno fa
    • @DK66 they probably will, like a limited event like those Dark Knight Trilogy Marathons or when True Detective was in theaters

      __2 giorni fa
    • They aren’t

      DK66DK662 giorni fa
  • Thank You HBO Max

    maydhavi thakurmaydhavi thakur2 giorni fa
  • itworlds.info/round/qpFwpMqAj9mnhIg/video

    cynthia rousecynthia rouse2 giorni fa
  • I wonder if Cyborg hears the buzzing😔

    Cloud StrifeCloud Strife2 giorni fa
  • A L E L U Y A For Snyder Cut

    Adiel LoayzaAdiel Loayza2 giorni fa
  • Doesn’t matter which cut it is the design of the characters still look horrible Darkseid doesn’t look menacing at all Stepponwolf looks bigger than Darkseid, Flash design & the way he runs is atrocious. If anything Stepponwolf shouldn’t have been the one tryna fight the Justice League by himself at least add in Kalibak, Desaad, or Granny Goodness & her Furies . Stepponwolf is a God & the fact that it was so easy for Superman to beat him while the Justice League struggled with him is disrespectful especially since Wonder Wonder is at least a DemiGod .

    Trei TaylorTrei Taylor2 giorni fa
    • @soy yo what are talkin about Flash is running the exact same in the trailer Stepponwolf looked like a threat last time until Superman came along

      Trei TaylorTrei Taylor10 ore fa
    • @soy yo You see, the guy above is another one of the braindead people who don't reply after learning something positive about the cut.

      AnnieAnnie2 giorni fa
    • 1. That is uxas ( a young and less powerful darkseid) during the history lesson, Darkseid will appear at the end of the movie, have you seen the darkseid t-shirt? 2. Steppenwolf finally looks like a threat and he will be powerful enough to beat the league including superman 3 the flash won't act like a dumb kid, that was all Whedon 4 how will they defeat steppenwolf? SPOILERS Aquaman stabs steppenwolf then throw it at superman who punches hin 1:42 and then wonder woman cut his head, darkseid crush his head with his foot and see the league in the boomtube.

      soy yosoy yo2 giorni fa
  • I lost count how many times I've seen this. They could've atleast given us a release date. Just saying 2021 isn't enough.... 😢 😢 😢

    jester bobjester bob2 giorni fa
    • @CARPAINTANNY man that's too long

      jester bobjester bobGiorno fa
    • @J r Z C o V e R s A shame it will be on 5th September.

    • @J r Z C o V e R s nope September.

      jace welshjace welshGiorno fa
    • 75% March , probably 1st or 4th of March

      Bruce WayneBruce WayneGiorno fa
    • It was confirmed that they are aiming for either March, April, or May

      J r Z C o V e R sJ r Z C o V e R s2 giorni fa

    kirlm Bosskirlm Boss2 giorni fa
  • Smile and let everyone know that today, you’re a lot stronger than you were.☺️🥰 itworlds.info/round/paN5hKuDa6qNiXg/video

    Ambica LamaAmbica Lama2 giorni fa
  • @waterfork реально заслуживает внимания. Его повествование и ответы ощущаются честными и откровенными. Так что однозначно @waterfork молодец !

    Danil IvanovDanil Ivanov2 giorni fa
  • Omg yes please We haven't even seen the whole movie yet... and I already want to see a sequel to it...

    SixOneSixZEROSixOneSixZERO2 giorni fa
  • "But youd dont really care for music, do ya?" *And then WB logo pops up* Hideo Kojima vs Konami vibe :D

    Punjena PaprikaPunjena Paprika2 giorni fa
    • @G2. A Nah, they have visions of they own, this two must be on different "planets" They are too strong charachters to colaborate

      Punjena PaprikaPunjena PaprikaGiorno fa
    • @Niranjan M Dinesh I want a mod for cut content. That would be good since I do like open ended design, like take the new COD. It's so replayable.

    • @G2. A i would love to see the whole story as a series... With the same linearity...

      Niranjan M DineshNiranjan M DineshGiorno fa
    • @Niranjan M Dinesh Konami should turn Phantom Pain Chapter 3 as a movie. I want to see the end as intended lol

      G2. AG2. AGiorno fa
    • @G2. A MGS movie was always my dream...🥺🥺🥺

      Niranjan M DineshNiranjan M DineshGiorno fa