From racetrack to road: the new Lamborghini Huracán STO

18 nov 2020
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We introduce the new Lamborghini Huracán STO (Super Trofeo Omologata). A road homologated Super Sports Car, inspired by Lamborghini Squadra Corse Huracán Super Trofeo EVO and Huracán GT3 EVO, three-time winner of 24 Hours of Daytona and two-time winner of 12 Hours of Sebring. A marvel that gives the most authentic driving pleasure, with its lightweight solution, superior aerodynamics and race car engineering.
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    LamborghiniLamborghini10 giorni fa
    • It needs Lamborghini's custom design "Guerney bubbles" on the roof for better down force distribution when gushing air flows over the car. To make the "Guerney bubbles" more light weight, small strong durable material of feather weight curved-bubble glass is used for the "Guerney bubbles", tinted colour to evenly match the exterior body of the Lambo and no need for photo chromatic elements used. Call it a "matching colour sun roof" instead.

      GerardPedricoGerardPedricoGiorno fa
    • How to beat the "Tesla Model S Performance's Cheetah stance"... is well by use of a smartly guided directional braking oil pressure, meaning that you'd need to redesign the wheel discs and braking calipers setup in a way such as simulated braking oil flow is pumped into the front wheel support columns without triggering the calipers to clasp the wheel discs. The downward pressure of the braking oil that flows into the front wheel support columns causes the front part of the car to add a bit more weight. Therefore when pre-sprinting, the front wheels remain planted on the road during launch control. Kind of sounds stupid... ehmm maybe tweaking the overall active-dynamic hydraulic suspension system lift-drop mechanism makes more sense... better English in choice when explaining. Sigh...

      GerardPedricoGerardPedricoGiorno fa
    • What if... the Performante were to be added a pronounced reinforced fender strip in a form of a lace or straight line rim on the back end part of the front wheel well, of which one lace or straight line rim is on the left... and one lace or straight line rim on the right... supposedly to add simulated down force a bit more for better stability during race mode launch control on a straight line drag race track? Fender strips?

      GerardPedricoGerardPedrico3 giorni fa
    • Lamborghini Performante beats the Tesla Model S Performance...

      GerardPedricoGerardPedrico3 giorni fa
    • Still disappointing... 1. It needs a redesign of the side door rear view mirrors in order to reduce drag: dual vented column mount supports for the side door rear view mirrors and the mirrors themselves must be enveloped in casings that mimic the design of the dual vented rear air wing spoiler a bit... somewhat. 2. It needs to reach a top speed of 201 miles per hour in a straight line. 3. From 0 mile per hour to 62 miles per hour in 3.1 seconds, not 3.3 seconds. 4. What if you paste "protuding" reinforced rubber lace rims, one on either front side of the car as "extended fender lip behind each of the front wheel wells (rear part of the front wheel wells)" because aerodynamic wise those fender lace lips help to produce a slightly even distributed down force in a sense theoretically (they help split incoming air from the front somewhat... I guess)? A set of rubber lace rims help split the air from the front. Besides as a cosmetic touch on the exterior?

      GerardPedricoGerardPedrico3 giorni fa
  • Respect from Russia!

    777drum777777drum7772 ore fa
  • I’ve been a fan of the Huracán since it came out because one it is small fast and I think it’s the most Beautiful car I ever Scene.

    Brandon RamirezBrandon Ramirez6 ore fa
  • Wait Lamborghini has a racing team?

    MBM0J0MBM0J0Giorno fa
  • Merc:were better cause we got a nurburgring record Lambo:ur better? K

    wthchaseewthchaseeGiorno fa
  • There goes 'No Nut November' 🤷

    HelloFishyHelloFishyGiorno fa
  • Lamborghini пожалуйста подарите мне одну такую)))))

    DosyanDosyanGiorno fa
  • Um y’all caint go right at daytona

    James BowmanJames BowmanGiorno fa
  • And please love my comment

    Ratry RanaRatry Rana2 giorni fa
  • This is like the best Lamborghini in the world im liking and subscribing

    Ratry RanaRatry Rana2 giorni fa

    MASTER GAMING 2.1and vlogMASTER GAMING 2.1and vlog2 giorni fa
  • It will still get dusted by a 765lt..

    DEV structionDEV struction2 giorni fa
  • cant wait for DDE and SHMEE150 to have it - based on a true story YSOB

    killerBEE0777killerBEE07772 giorni fa
  • WRONG WAY AROUND THE TRACK!!! Why is the early on-board footage going to the wrong way around the track???

    David FlemingDavid Fleming2 giorni fa
  • Daily driven Exotics be like Cawbin Fibe

    Prince 7PPrince 7P2 giorni fa
  • I love Lamborghini so much 🔥🔥

    Akhil BhugwandinAkhil Bhugwandin3 giorni fa
  • Just make a new car already!!!

    Tegerra 47Tegerra 473 giorni fa
  • Lamborghini Join To Formula 1 ? 🏎

    Burak CaliskanmanBurak Caliskanman3 giorni fa
  • can LAMBORGHINI make an official mobile app driving simulator of all lamborghini cars?

    Dito AlfridoDito Alfrido3 giorni fa
  • I love it.

    Shadow MagnumShadow Magnum3 giorni fa
  • WOAH we have Adamantium, Vibranium, and now Lightweight Carbonium?!

    Leszek PrzywaraLeszek Przywara3 giorni fa
  • Plzz pin my comment . It will be a good of you plzzz.

  • Hi lamborghini maker how much lamborghini huraćan sto you make

    Jordan CharletstonJordan Charletston3 giorni fa
  • Thought it was Huracan STD for a moment

    R3EndR3End3 giorni fa
  • Beautiful Audi R8!

    Michael CarmackMichael Carmack3 giorni fa
  • I want a movie with the sound and looks of this trailer.

    JusticeJustice3 giorni fa
  • Lamborghini never reply on any comment of drem cars qiestion ,can you gift me this car ??I am the real lover of lamborghini . If you reply Thanks a lot ....

    Pranshu MishraPranshu Mishra3 giorni fa
  • Lamborghini is the iPhone version of cars barley change anything change the name a little and sell it for 100s of thousands of dollars🤐

    Carlos GachuzoCarlos Gachuzo3 giorni fa
  • Adding to collection

    JakeIsForRealJakeIsForReal3 giorni fa
  • Wow😍😍😍

    Shafin BhauynShafin Bhauyn4 giorni fa
  • Y’all should of put an optional racing wheel down for a configuration

    Sebastiono 23Sebastiono 234 giorni fa
  • Honestly should have better camera quality your lamborghini you can afford good cameras yet its still just 1080p

    PikkensPikkens4 giorni fa
  • there are way too many huracans

    GabeGabe4 giorni fa
  • Look so cool

    Leo NoriegaLeo Noriega4 giorni fa
  • E intanto... Il superbollo è ancora lì. 😤🤬😠

    LucaLuca4 giorni fa
  • *Audi Sto*

    mishamisha4 giorni fa
  • ❤️

    Sick GiussSick Giuss4 giorni fa
  • Huracan is the best looking LAMBO ❤️

    Saubhagya SrivastavaSaubhagya Srivastava4 giorni fa
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    pasindu kamalpasindu kamal4 giorni fa
  • DDE next new car

    KwadKenKwadKen4 giorni fa
  • I drove one exactly like this one..then i woke up- based on a true story

    musikman337musikman3374 giorni fa

    Meganthropus ErectusMeganthropus Erectus4 giorni fa
  • Is it going to be the fastest road car in Nordschleife?

    Detective DoraemonDetective Doraemon4 giorni fa
  • I think a senna is still better

  • I can’t even afford to watch this video on 1080p -based on a true story-

    Wihanga SathsaraWihanga Sathsara4 giorni fa

    AlixerAlixer4 giorni fa
  • SO what are the chances Stradman is gonna try to get his hands on this car?

    FireWolfGamingFireWolfGaming4 giorni fa
  • Wtf is "carbonium"?

    Noblesse Oblige ZERONoblesse Oblige ZERO4 giorni fa
  • Sighs opens up phub

    Arabic HarpoonArabic Harpoon4 giorni fa
  • Such a beautiful thing. The best Lamborghini ever created. Periodt.

    TheBoyJeniusTheBoyJenius4 giorni fa
  • It’s the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento but in huracan form

    Yum DustYum Dust5 giorni fa
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    Alexandre ChahinAlexandre Chahin5 giorni fa
  • Think about this the performante beat the 918 spyder by 4.99 seconds and the performante has 640 hp and the 918 has 887 Lamborghini has beaten unbeatable competition before and it is naturally aspirated the 918 had hybrid technology and the perfomante still accelerates faster. The STO should have no problem beating the Amg bois even if it is 80 hp Down GO LAMBORGHINI!!!!!!!

    Lamborghini Huracán PerformanteLamborghini Huracán Performante5 giorni fa
  • where is epica gallardo one of the most stable in the fast car circuit in the world;low on sale, it’s not lambo susceptible that I know!?

    Douglas Oliveira ValentinDouglas Oliveira Valentin5 giorni fa
  • Good video, but why he playing with camera shake?

    DunnoDunno5 giorni fa
  • When I grow up I want this car

    Bubby JacksonBubby Jackson5 giorni fa
  • Please support me lamborghini lovers. It's my humble request 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    AA CreationAA Creation5 giorni fa
  • Soon this is the car DDE is getting in their channel they already booked hope to see this car in theri channel 🤙

    rupesh gautamrupesh gautam5 giorni fa
  • Shut up and take my money

    Венцеслав ШтольцВенцеслав Штольц5 giorni fa
    • Русские везде

      Венцеслав ШтольцВенцеслав Штольц5 giorni fa
    • Sorry, you have no money

      Венцеслав ШтольцВенцеслав Штольц5 giorni fa
  • I just got this in GTA 5 😶😶

    S.R ComplexS.R Complex5 giorni fa
  • It looks like a factory made liberty walk huracan and i love it

    Kareem BenjaminKareem Benjamin5 giorni fa
  • I wish i could buy one

    Yujal MagarYujal Magar5 giorni fa
  • Looks like roblox with reshade

    Psycho PotatoPsycho Potato5 giorni fa
  • That was cute.

    FerrariFerrari5 giorni fa
  • I love Lamborghini

    Tam BuiTam Bui5 giorni fa
  • Finally something worth grinding for ❤ One day it'll be mine

    Bri MonBri Mon5 giorni fa
  • The lambo was going the wrong way?

    That WasThat Was5 giorni fa
  • is it only me that was annoyed by 1080p from a 2020 lambo vid

    warith pratwarith prat5 giorni fa
  • Lamborghini do you even race?

    andybd11aandybd11a5 giorni fa
  • Looks like I am watching a F&F movie😅

    Patrick BremerPatrick Bremer5 giorni fa
  • what cars was the STO racing

    J C AJ C A5 giorni fa
  • The next Lamborghini huracan is the huracan gto

    gta gamergta gamer5 giorni fa
  • Woahhh It's so cool🤩 That's why Lamborghini is the best for me making a true story from the beginning of it's history. Still my dream car to have a Lamborghini super car

    Jeffrey NismalJeffrey Nismal5 giorni fa
  • Omg you people are extra with yeah advertisement.

    Stanley CiusStanley Cius5 giorni fa
  • Sadly this car will also end up in Kylie jenner's hands

    Saheb BansalSaheb Bansal5 giorni fa
  • Love your Huracan platform!

    David NakkilaDavid Nakkila5 giorni fa
  • Sold! I'll take 3..

    shinji112shinji1125 giorni fa
  • Bet I’ll buy one in Forza

    The other "No" dudeThe other "No" dude5 giorni fa
  • so you still have sponsor pertamina and fastron

    Klevery_Levery_CeleryKlevery_Levery_Celery5 giorni fa
  • yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Lambro more power

    Pauly siguenzaPauly siguenza5 giorni fa
  • You should be forced to actually drive this car if you own it, otherwise they come kick you in the balls and sell it to someone who will.

    J GreenseedJ Greenseed5 giorni fa
  • Did ... did he say Carbonium?

    TripleZ89TripleZ895 giorni fa
  • That looks like a car you would see on the side of the road on fire..

    Icrem IborIcrem Ibor5 giorni fa
  • I can afford a rc car - based on a true story

    Joseph SisunenkoJoseph Sisunenko5 giorni fa
  • The title rhymed perfectly.

    NxHartNxHart5 giorni fa
  • *insert generic I'm too poor joke* Yeah I get it, you can't afford it, a lot of ppl can't, big deal.

    Krish PanzadeKrish Panzade5 giorni fa
  • Couldn't get the guy to pronounce it right..

    Hamza AHamza A5 giorni fa
  • I would honestly love to drive this thing forza hopefully we see it soon in the future

    J MightyJ Mighty5 giorni fa
  • Oh My God 😍❤

    SamuSamu5 giorni fa
  • I wanna see this in gta

    Yonathan TalaveraYonathan Talavera6 giorni fa
  • great cinematography work!

    Aggy8888Aggy88886 giorni fa
  • Very nice. I like how Lamborghini as a brand is always looking for ways to evolve itself. They are never satisfied and are always amplifying their vehicles. This puts a "(:" on my face every time.

    ricky vricky v6 giorni fa
  • At some point it'll just make more sense to put a jet on the road

    Duco DarlingDuco Darling6 giorni fa
  • Fun fact :- Those who are going to buy this Car Aren't Watching this Ad and those who Can't buy are commenting.

    Omen ReckonOmen Reckon6 giorni fa
  • i only have 20$ in my back account - based on a true story

    filthyvqfilthyvq6 giorni fa
  • Based on the fact your going the wrong way on the Daytona speedway...

    Philip ChampagnePhilip Champagne6 giorni fa
  • El más Duro en la calle 💯❤

    Luís Fernando LozanoLuís Fernando Lozano6 giorni fa
  • I love the American accent !

    BelowAverageLukeBelowAverageLuke6 giorni fa
  • 1000th comment 🤗 Btw that car is my dream come true but I just can't buy it I'm 14

    Krishna PrasadKrishna Prasad6 giorni fa
  • U love Lamborghini 🤗🤗

    piano legend althameezpiano legend althameez6 giorni fa