Quicksilver Saves Everyone - Sweet Dreams - X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) Movie Clip HD

6 feb 2021
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Quicksilver Saves Everyone From Exploding X-Mansion Scene - Sweet Dreams - X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) Movie Clip HD
As Xavier's Mansion explodes, Quicksilver saves everyone inside single-handedly.
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  • Насколько же это крутая сцена в зале в это время визг стоял

    Андрей СавицкийАндрей Савицкий12 minuti fa
  • ThE WoMeN ArE ALwAYs saVIng ThE MEN here " - some dumbass feminist.

    The Wolf At Your DoorThe Wolf At Your Door26 minuti fa
  • *kids about to kiss* / quicksilver's reaction from his face: gross! Get the heck outta here!"

    Storm ShadowStorm Shadow28 minuti fa
  • Hlw Pietro,

    kaiser nilaykaiser nilay36 minuti fa
  • I think I'm not the only one to whom ITworlds is recommending this a lot

    Jhonny theDankMemerJhonny theDankMemer51 minuto fa
  • we all have to agree his is one of the best clips in all of the X-Men franshise

    YT TentedYT Tented54 minuti fa
  • "Quicksilver Saves Everyone" Next scene: Btw Havoc died

    SuperKillerMthfDudeSuperKillerMthfDude58 minuti fa
  • Quicksilver is reason why i watched xman apocalipse

    Nie mam pomysłu na nick noNie mam pomysłu na nick noOra fa
  • People are Talking about him in in wandavision in mcu but God dammit i Just want to see his solo movie

    Nie mam pomysłu na nick noNie mam pomysłu na nick noOra fa
  • Actually he did speedrun

    Nie mam pomysłu na nick noNie mam pomysłu na nick noOra fa
  • Me in Gmod be like

    H34vy _ M4gm4H34vy _ M4gm4Ora fa
  • The dog and the pizza was the best

    SottoSottoOra fa
  • who is faster, Quick silver or Eminem?

    NodistyvaNodistyvaOra fa
  • What if black panther roars? itworlds.info/round/ZX2DmJ2aiNaUZHw/video

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  • Where's the janitor 😕

    mix turemix tureOra fa
  • THE WORLD!!!!!

    getter robo :ygetter robo :yOra fa
  • una de las mejores escenas

    raul eduardo caballero saenzraul eduardo caballero saenzOra fa
  • 1:44 a mimir hour sleep

    Fatiga199 Gaitan valorFatiga199 Gaitan valorOra fa
  • He saves the fish and the dog.

    SapphirewingthefurrycriticSapphirewingthefurrycriticOra fa
  • Quicksilver stopping time like Flash? Seems legit...

    Chris TsirigotisChris TsirigotisOra fa

    yeko proyeko proOra fa
  • Another terrible movie with an incredible scene. Probably one of the best scenes in all movies based off Marvel.

    TheRealSugarShaneTheRealSugarShaneOra fa
  • The cgi scared me

    •Cokiee••Cokiee•Ora fa
  • Imagine him on crack

    Crazy_CanuckCrazy_CanuckOra fa
    • I would love that

      •Cokiee••Cokiee•Ora fa
  • Movie was worth for this part.

    KhabbasKhabbasOra fa
  • Maxim com a habilidade da kelly kkk

    Mvzinnn S2Mvzinnn S2Ora fa
  • One of the most epic movie scenes of all time 😂💯

    Derrick HeadDerrick HeadOra fa
  • He didn't protect their necks from whiplash this time, like he protected Magneto's..why not? Such an easy detail. But please Marvel, more of Evan as Quicksilver 🤩

    John NationsJohn NationsOra fa
  • His trajectory is impeccable..🍻🤝

    Jacob Desmond AryonJacob Desmond Aryon2 ore fa
  • big school ~ 50 students ~1teacher saved ~1 dog ~1 pizza ~soda can ~1 life from kiss.

    AltairAltair2 ore fa
  • Крутой🔥

    Liya JkLiya Jk2 ore fa
  • Me encanta el hecho de que esta sea una de mis escenas favoritas de las peliculas de marvel y que ni siquiera forme parte del MCU

    juan bolojuan bolo2 ore fa
  • He did all this in seconds, either moved the students outside himself or set up safe landings ... but what makes him the most heroic X-Person to me? That he saved the dog and the goldfish 😍😍😍

    Lady LeomonLady Leomon2 ore fa
  • Elendigt!

    Miki WesthMiki Westh2 ore fa
  • Fun fact: one of the founders of ITworlds went to my high school

    Dev Patel GamingDev Patel Gaming2 ore fa
  • MCU's Quicksilver is dogshit compared to this

    LeorioLeorio2 ore fa
  • Anyone here?. Who used to hear this song daily??.

    Vijay SinghVijay Singh2 ore fa
  • This version of Quicksilver virtually brings time to a standstill. Singer just never understood the X-Men did he?

    akus1985akus19852 ore fa
  • That moonwalk was smooth after saving that dude. 01:46 Michael Jackson: lawwd jesus You was smooth boy Quick Silver: I know Camera man: sorry kid, moonwalk or not, I am still faster than you. So just beat it

    1776 2A1776 2A3 ore fa
  • Imagine the amount of time he would’ve taken if he could stop time completely. 😂

    Manhole EastendersManhole Eastenders3 ore fa
  • Quicksilver in X-Men: *Fast Enough to save everyone in a blink of an eye without breaking a sweat* Quicksilver in Avengers: *oH sHeET! bUlLEtS gOT mE*

    RDX AnimeRDX Anime3 ore fa
    • Lol

      Tacenda CODMTacenda CODM3 ore fa

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  • Quicksilver has the coolest scenes around but way too little screen time

    Sayf SkillzSayf Skillz3 ore fa
  • Wow Maxim

    jurmoly baruahjurmoly baruah3 ore fa
  • Quick silver vs Flash would be pretty epic!

    Naveen KumarNaveen Kumar3 ore fa
    • @SAFIS what you know??

      Barath KumarBarath Kumar3 ore fa
    • Ikr

      SAFISSAFIS3 ore fa
    • Flash only flash is speeder than quicksilver.he got speed force to protect him 💋

      Barath KumarBarath Kumar3 ore fa
  • The uninterested music lamentably twist because gold chronically colour within a defiant robin. rampant, automatic roof

    Luke FigliaLuke Figlia3 ore fa
  • 5 years later, and nobody but wolverine thanked him

    Logan LockwoodLogan Lockwood4 ore fa
  • damn uncl p really to the rescue

    Hr_BahlHr_Bahl4 ore fa
  • Imagine if he decided to use the bathroom before coming over.

    AvgustAvgust4 ore fa
  • Thanks for the *ahem* moments again..-

    Peter MaximoffPeter Maximoff4 ore fa
  • well illustrated SURYA

    Gregory SunnyGregory Sunny4 ore fa
  • My favorite part about Quicksilver is how he apathetically pushes aside bullets or debris

    HillefoozyHillefoozy4 ore fa
  • Algun comentario en español por aqui

    Gabriel AspajoGabriel Aspajo4 ore fa
  • Don’t sweat it sis! It’s not like your dead husband can die twice?

    Creative AadityaCreative Aaditya4 ore fa
  • itworlds.info/round/hJ9rlbhxbcZ5gJo/video

    José Manuel IncháurreguiJosé Manuel Incháurregui4 ore fa
  • Everyone talks about the Quicksilver speed but nobody talks about the Coca Cola's phisics speed

    Manaos KingManaos King4 ore fa
    • I would never have thought of that lmao

      Noreen MehmoodNoreen Mehmood4 ore fa
  • well, "everyone"

    Rexy AxyRexy Axy4 ore fa
  • What he don't save the cyclope First? Kkk

    Isaac Neper OficialIsaac Neper Oficial4 ore fa
  • Good unlike salt

    Jackson WestJackson West4 ore fa
  • Plzz god there must be a sweet dreams scene in wandavision like him saving all the people from westview😭

    Varad ChariVarad Chari4 ore fa
  • Only this Scene earns an Oscar!

    Murat CakirMurat Cakir4 ore fa
  • Thank God nobody was taking a sh*t

    Brian RhenalsBrian Rhenals4 ore fa
  • Back then Kevin Feige said that they had no more future plans for Quicksilver in the MCU. That was THE Quicksilver in the MCU. Perhaps pulling Evan Peters from the X-Universe is their plan B. So yeah, that's what I'm thinking.

    julieux mani11julieux mani114 ore fa
  • 2:05 多分飲めてないと思う🤣

    beranmeljeberanmelje5 ore fa
  • best quicksilver scene

    Dimas DaffaDimas Daffa5 ore fa
  • Always in love with x men❤️

  • And yet he gets killed by a single bullet in the avengers, pretty safe to say this quicksilver is better

    Jayden Heaven-MeikleJayden Heaven-Meikle5 ore fa
    • @Morningstar ohhh that makes sense

      Jayden Heaven-MeikleJayden Heaven-MeikleOra fa
    • @Jayden Heaven-Meikle this quicksilver is uncle pietro

      MorningstarMorningstarOra fa
    • @Morningstar?

      Jayden Heaven-MeikleJayden Heaven-MeikleOra fa
    • cool uncle pietro

      MorningstarMorningstarOra fa
  • X-man apokalypse

    san sani san sanisan sani san sani5 ore fa
  • ,😁😁😁😁👍👍👍

    Tainã Ferreira FerreiraTainã Ferreira Ferreira5 ore fa
  • Who's here again just because of the song?

    TGTTGT5 ore fa
  • Truly one of the most stylish scenes in modern cinema. Great! )

    Евгений ДЕвгений Д5 ore fa
  • I hope MCU make a solo movie for him after WandaVision...

    Shreyash BagekarShreyash Bagekar5 ore fa
  • Best scene ever 🔥🔥

    artronic 2003artronic 20035 ore fa
  • I always watch this before studying or while studying.

    VMB BBXVMB BBX5 ore fa
  • notice how he moves fast, EVEN IN SLOW MO! its like how Savitar beats the flash in slow mo lmao

    LarrybyrdLarrybyrd6 ore fa
    • He can move in slowmotion while in slowmotion!

      lucky LEOlucky LEO5 ore fa
  • Amei

    Juliana BritoJuliana Brito6 ore fa
  • The first 16 seconds it think that is rick

    Kevin GamingKevin Gaming6 ore fa
  • Can we just be thankful that he saved those fish?

    CullenArtworkCullenArtwork6 ore fa
  • this quicksilver is so swagger...he just has that about him, moonwalking in the hallway and throwing the dart at the exploding wall...brilliant music choices in all the films too

    ben the dudeben the dude6 ore fa
  • & I saw it in theatre

    kirakira6 ore fa
  • solo movie of him please, disney

    Nursyahin IbrahimNursyahin Ibrahim6 ore fa
  • He always shows up at the right time sometimes a few seconds late but none the less and the music every time I hear this song I think of quicksilver

  • Sweet dreams are made of this

    SomeoneSomeone6 ore fa

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  • If they ever remake 9/11 they should totally hire this guy.

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  • He deserves a movie his own

    Indunil Priyanke RanawakeIndunil Priyanke Ranawake7 ore fa
  • Everyone ?

    Merah KasturiMerah Kasturi7 ore fa
  • how does sound work for him since he is faster then sound that means that he cant here sound when he is in fast mode he also used ear phones to listen to time in a bottle in x men days of the future past kitchen sence

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  • hello

    sara marlasara marla7 ore fa

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  • I didn’t get recommended this I searched it did you?

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  • أدخل قوائم الشتغيل أفلام رائعه جدا 💜💜

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    Gunza28 กันย์ซ่าGunza28 กันย์ซ่า8 ore fa
  • กกกกกกแกกแกกแแกกแกกภกแก

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  • The superb amazement i felt when i first watched this scene

  • He's my favourite X-Men character, what hurts is that no one even said a single thank you to Quiksilver when he saved them, the only person in the whole movie who did was Wolverine.

    idrees omariidrees omari8 ore fa
  • Pietrov

  • Fast is kinda Fun

    V JV J8 ore fa
  • Did the Twinkie make it😟😟😟

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