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14 nov 2020
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  • When light sing i feel like thats hes voice I mean light from the inquisitormaster

    Melissa BasnilloMelissa Basnillo23 minuti fa
  • Same

  • Aphroditeeee

    kathrina simonkathrina simon5 ore fa
  • I only just noticed that the boys were Zach Drake a light and I forgot the other ones name

    Samantha CameronSamantha Cameron7 ore fa
  • l actvaIIy Iike th3 third 0n3 th3 m0st

    fall3nCha0sfall3nCha0s8 ore fa
  • why do the second ones always sound like... better then the spice girls *Get rekt* *Mic drop*

    PYHOMS -Fan-PYHOMS -Fan-12 ore fa
  • The male voice is the best you can’t change my mind

    Tagz FamTagz Fam13 ore fa
  • On the second one with the boys I didn’t think he sounds that good sorry ._.

    Gloria MushigoGloria Mushigo13 ore fa
  • 1st singer:bravo 2nd singer:ScREecH

    Xxmario gamingxXXxmario gamingxX14 ore fa
  • Nice name!

    Ucci SalcedoUcci Salcedo14 ore fa
  • Suaranya terlalu lembut jadi ga bagus. Tapi bugus😂😂

    Edvi YantiEdvi Yanti17 ore fa
  • Me practicing alone: 1:45 *BUT....* When people tell me to sing be like: 1:31 XD

    Kelley GentryKelley Gentry19 ore fa
  • My fav was number 5 like if you agree

    Easton PlaysYT 2Easton PlaysYT 219 ore fa
  • The uglyist is the best

    grayce boothgrayce booth20 ore fa
  • I did not Jax sang so good omg I died 🤑

    tomas veleztomas velez23 ore fa
  • Mn tro procurando qual o nome do meme 2 a mt trmpo pode me fala pf

    Blog da IsaahBlog da IsaahGiorno fa
  • Bruh pink and blue green but YELLOW i but the volume down like BRUHHH

    Email MakaEmail MakaGiorno fa
  • She do the who is real then this wooow its cool

    Lerma MagsinoLerma MagsinoGiorno fa
  • 222222222222222222222222222222222222222

    Nyree AdkinsNyree AdkinsGiorno fa
  • *Me sings this* Me:Hm

    XxM•o•o•n•L•I•g•h•txX UwUXxM•o•o•n•L•I•g•h•txX UwUGiorno fa
  • 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Сара HaСара HaGiorno fa
  • Me encanta tu intro te deseo q llegues demasiado lejos

    Martín Sabedra romeroMartín Sabedra romeroGiorno fa
  • I love #6 o.o And #9 and #11 ^w^

    Air CommandAir CommandGiorno fa
  • I look like girl 2 singing: ') Love your channel ♡

    Maryzinha ChanMaryzinha ChanGiorno fa
  • The real name of the song is "dark horse"your welcome♡

    michelle abantemichelle abanteGiorno fa
  • Purple😘

    Wayne AshleyWayne AshleyGiorno fa
  • *likes characters*

    Kyra EatmonKyra EatmonGiorno fa
  • Number 8 is fav

    Thekirby Gamer808Thekirby Gamer808Giorno fa
  • It's hard to not sing to this

    Michelle ZamperiniMichelle ZamperiniGiorno fa
  • mas a suze fala portuques

    Policia ConcursoPolicia Concurso2 giorni fa
  • Why do people use some Japanese words in English sentences- Like this: Oh, Arigato _____! Arigato means: Thank you. Is it like a trend or something? :/

    Currently TiredCurrently Tired2 giorni fa
  • I don't know about y'all but the girl that sung third sounds amazing and she sounds strong

    Alexcia SinghAlexcia Singh2 giorni fa
  • when Jaxx isn’t in the squad anymore :’D

    willa suit_willa suit_2 giorni fa
  • i like the girl with the red bow haha shes the best UwU

    Marcos GomezMarcos Gomez2 giorni fa
  • 😇😇😇😇

    Chelsea ParksChelsea Parks2 giorni fa
  • Good

    Ronaclesio SilvaRonaclesio Silva2 giorni fa
  • jajajaja. NoNONO

    sandra penichesandra peniche2 giorni fa
    • Gxhg

      sandra penichesandra peniche2 giorni fa
  • i love the intro dong

    nay ayenay aye2 giorni fa
  • Love!!*

    Татьяна ИвановнаТатьяна Ивановна2 giorni fa
  • The guys were amazing

    Riana SinghRiana Singh2 giorni fa
  • Pink😘

    Wayne AshleyWayne Ashley2 giorni fa
  • It sounds like “make me a waffle daddy”

    Yeshua SalcedoYeshua Salcedo2 giorni fa
  • We all know Jax doesn’t have that voice-

    【мιиту_мσσи】 【g卂ςħα】【мιиту_мσσи】 【g卂ςħα】2 giorni fa
  • The bully gets jealous of the girl that sings pretty than them

    Peace of MinePeace of Mine2 giorni fa
  • I like the squad,I've watch them for years

    fayna nickyrenildafayna nickyrenilda2 giorni fa
  • Omg light actually sounded like light

    Asma AdenAsma Aden2 giorni fa
  • looks like some people forgot how to sing lol😂😂😂

    Paiyten HendersonPaiyten Henderson2 giorni fa
  • Cool

    rodriguezkarirodriguezkari2 giorni fa
  • Omg lila tho

    Yarelli DiazYarelli Diaz3 giorni fa
  • Light Yes

    Sr:W0lf,Gacha 88 :3Sr:W0lf,Gacha 88 :33 giorni fa
  • Can someone PLEASE link the original video of the bad singing one in my comments. I really wanna watch it

    Panda_AssassinPanda_Assassin3 giorni fa
  • ;-;

    Dorrit RussellDorrit Russell3 giorni fa
  • Lol for all the second ones

    Kayla PriceKayla Price3 giorni fa
  • The male one’s singing audios are weird but this was entertaining lol

    Sahana_Ooh Na NaSahana_Ooh Na Na3 giorni fa
  • i ship alex and jax dont hate me pls :/ i still love zalex tho

    Itzdasiyandcoco XoItzdasiyandcoco Xo3 giorni fa
  • Alguém do brasil

    rafhinharafhinha3 giorni fa
  • I love the intro YASSSSS GIRLLLL

    Hana ElwakilHana Elwakil3 giorni fa

    Selena RudinSelena Rudin3 giorni fa
  • i'm rocking out to your intro

    • Mondsee_ LightYT •• Mondsee_ LightYT •3 giorni fa
  • Merry Christmas to all

    Malika DyerchronicleMalika Dyerchronicle3 giorni fa
  • Love the intro

    •॰Amazing Iva•॰•॰Amazing Iva•॰3 giorni fa
  • Me in the shower: 1:31 Me in a solo: 1:45

    Kendall HolderKendall Holder3 giorni fa
  • the 3 one sound like me sing OMG mah sing is bootiful for real

    Orissa BaharumOrissa Baharum3 giorni fa
  • wait clara dose not like teal uhm weird LIKE NOW OR YOU GET BAN

    Orissa BaharumOrissa Baharum3 giorni fa
  • 2:56 oH tHe DeMoN aLPHA IS SOo cOOl sHE iS Not LIKe oThEr GiRlS no hate 🤞✌

    Hana ElboulakiHana Elboulaki3 giorni fa
  • Red😘

    Wayne AshleyWayne Ashley3 giorni fa

    Gideon SatyahadiGideon Satyahadi3 giorni fa
  • Why does the edgy/depressed the bootiful voice i know not all edgy ones get the bootiful part {Not Hating}

    Lhianna Darrene NolascoLhianna Darrene Nolasco3 giorni fa
  • I love this meme

    galaxy Wolfgalaxy Wolf3 giorni fa
    • 😹😹😹

      galaxy Wolfgalaxy Wolf3 giorni fa
  • Bootiful😘😘

    Wayne AshleyWayne Ashley3 giorni fa
  • When is has to be the squad it's do amazing

    Blesil ManzanoBlesil Manzano3 giorni fa
  • 8:00 No one: Not a single soul: Me: POWER PUFF GIRLSSSS

    Easy-going CocoEasy-going Coco3 giorni fa
  • Me: trys to sing it.......... Me again: idndjs fjsncenicnsn My sis: wHaT ThE hElL iS tHaT

    Fatema HamzaFatema Hamza3 giorni fa
  • We all think we sound good but we sound like the bad one 😒

    Lopez KidsLopez Kids3 giorni fa
  • dog fried woah and coal pooped free sale for takis

    Quirky ChloeQuirky Chloe3 giorni fa
  • 3:58 so true

    Tori GamingTori Gaming3 giorni fa
  • 1:25 don’t worry people that don’t watch inquisitor master BUT THATS SO TRUEE XDDDDD and 1:54 toooo THIS IS DA BEST YEAR EVER YESHHHHH!!

    Tori GamingTori Gaming3 giorni fa

    alexa loyaalexa loya3 giorni fa
  • I’m disappointed 😔

    Casla’s GaChACasla’s GaChA3 giorni fa
    • U NO AdD MiNe

      Casla’s GaChACasla’s GaChA3 giorni fa
  • Só eu br? Que reconheceu a suze e a dark?

    Vi Gamer amderlaineVi Gamer amderlaine3 giorni fa
  • Thank you for making this video

    Mia RobloxMia Roblox4 giorni fa
  • 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Kenny Joel Vega RiojaKenny Joel Vega Rioja4 giorni fa
  • I love your intro

    Jazlyn GomezJazlyn Gomez4 giorni fa
  • Lets just have a moment of silence who never knew this

    PoptartPusheenPoptartPusheen4 giorni fa
  • Not even CHLOE likes Lila

    Shadow DarkShadow Dark4 giorni fa
  • I Heard If You Say A ITworldsrs Name 3 Times You Get Pinned Soo.... SakuraLightYT SakuraLightYT SakuraLIghtYT

    bloominqflxwerbloominqflxwer4 giorni fa
  • I really really liked it was so good there voices 😍😭😍😍😍

    Lionayah WhiteLionayah White4 giorni fa
  • At that other one you skipped green and went to pink it was supposed to be pink that got the beautiful voice 🤔😐

    Dudu MananaDudu Manana4 giorni fa
  • I love your singing everyone is good at singing because it's you singing your heart❤

    star lightstar light4 giorni fa
  • wait do some people actually normally use "chan" and "arigato"? Im Japanese and I did not know that

    AnnaBananaAnnaBanana4 giorni fa
  • How

    sara anthonysara anthony4 giorni fa
  • IM here just because inquistor master here

    7h Dhimas Daffa Waluyo7h Dhimas Daffa Waluyo4 giorni fa
  • Everyone makes spoiled brat sing like a trash. And the lastest is very fabulous

    Mohd Rizal JaafarMohd Rizal Jaafar4 giorni fa
  • I'm with u person 11! It's the same for meh lol

    diana serbanoiudiana serbanoiu4 giorni fa
  • .,.

    FlufferScotch:DFlufferScotch:D4 giorni fa
  • What

    Vaneesa naomi Rosales floresVaneesa naomi Rosales flores4 giorni fa
  • Is it me or were most of the boys better then the girls.

    Sonya SantiagoSonya Santiago4 giorni fa
  • The face of Zach when Jax was singing was so cuttteeee

    Regina GamutanRegina Gamutan4 giorni fa
  • Did they just blow up o~O

    Bentli DingessBentli Dingess4 giorni fa
  • I don't like the last person who barely has any riffs :^

    MythixalMythixal5 giorni fa