aespa 에스파 'Black Mamba' MV

17 nov 2020
55 238 597 visualizzazioni

aespa's debut single "Black Mamba" is Out!
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aespa 에스파 'Black Mamba' MV ℗ SM Entertainment

  • wow they are so awsome and i loved them soooooo mmmuucchhh

    Ayari MohamedAyari Mohamed5 minuti fa
  • Me encanta esta canción

    Yesy LclyYesy Lcly5 minuti fa
  • Fighting

    King Lee jong sukKing Lee jong suk7 minuti fa
  • Well it's just 1000% copycat of blackpink I miss the times when k pop was different

    плюшевыйплюшевый7 minuti fa
    • Hard to take these blonks seriously, common let’s not play this game.... cuz then i will bring up 2NE1.... following your logic BP literally copied 2NE1 almost exactly.

      h hh h3 minuti fa
    • Not even the same And if you just came to hate then you can leave This mv is definitely not the same

      King Lee jong sukKing Lee jong suk6 minuti fa

    KK UWUKK UWU9 minuti fa
    • toxic much?

      h hh h8 minuti fa
  • i just realize that, the last part was totally kai

    Yuri YulkYuri Yulk10 minuti fa
  • I love Aespaa

    فلسطينيهـ واأحـبكمفلسطينيهـ واأحـبكم12 minuti fa
  • Malditos haters

    Jimena DavilaJimena Davila15 minuti fa
  • MYs are u still str3m?

    فلسطينيهـ واأحـبكمفلسطينيهـ واأحـبكم15 minuti fa
    • Yeah

      King Lee jong sukKing Lee jong suk8 minuti fa
  • 😍😘😇😻😽💪👌👏❤💗💖💞

    درر الزبيديدرر الزبيدي18 minuti fa
  • Still waiting for Giselle’s rap

    h hh h19 minuti fa
  • Ma ma ma mamba!:)

    Canal da LauhCanal da Lauh19 minuti fa
  • 60juta bisaa yukkk

    Husna HarahapHusna Harahap19 minuti fa
  • 다 영어야 ㄷ

    고민영고민영20 minuti fa
  • Very nice

    selvi selviselvi selvi21 minuto fa
  • Amazing

    mnosh.7 Renmnosh.7 Ren25 minuti fa
  • Let's go we can do this day 56M

    mnosh.7 Renmnosh.7 Ren26 minuti fa
    • Fighting

      King Lee jong sukKing Lee jong suk9 minuti fa
  • Tadi tr3nd 9 lhoo, naik lagi ke 8..semongko MY!

    Filio AngkurFilio Angkur30 minuti fa
  • Nice 🙂

    KIᗰ ᖇᗩᘔᗩᑎKIᗰ ᖇᗩᘔᗩᑎ31 minuto fa
  • Cute 🎀🌱🥺

    KIᗰ ᖇᗩᘔᗩᑎKIᗰ ᖇᗩᘔᗩᑎ31 minuto fa
  • Cute 🎀🌱🥺

    KIᗰ ᖇᗩᘔᗩᑎKIᗰ ᖇᗩᘔᗩᑎ31 minuto fa
  • Cute 🎀🌱🥺

    KIᗰ ᖇᗩᘔᗩᑎKIᗰ ᖇᗩᘔᗩᑎ32 minuti fa
  • Aespa

    Valiya KhaleghiValiya Khaleghi32 minuti fa
  • Keren

    Gracia SpaGracia Spa32 minuti fa
  • Wow

    army btsarmy bts33 minuti fa
  • Nice

    army btsarmy bts33 minuti fa
  • حلوة

    army btsarmy bts33 minuti fa
    • انتي احلى

      mnosh.7 Renmnosh.7 Ren26 minuti fa

    ndyaandyaa37 minuti fa
  • The girl are all visual.

    Pelin EkerPelin Eker40 minuti fa
  • aespa ^^

    Cavlin YupCavlin Yup42 minuti fa
  • Turkish MY Winter is so beautiful. Karina has a different vibe. I hope, Giselle have a rap in the next song. Ningning is so talented. She can song better. I am sure, Ningning 's future vocal will better than Ningning' s this vocal. I love AESPA. So much. Be happy girls.

    Pelin EkerPelin Eker43 minuti fa
  • Eita pohakkkkkkkkkk amei divas😔👌

    blink noobblink noob43 minuti fa
  • They are gonna be a big hit I swear!

    PUPPENPUPPEN48 minuti fa
  • Does anyone think that the person at the end is Kai? Just in time for his new debut?

    pampam50 minuti fa
    • It's Kai then BoA who has a comeback after Kai. Wouldn't be surprised is there's a BoA teaser at the end of Kai's video

      Joe MJoe M33 minuti fa
  • 1:58 Parsel? 😂

    gave all my b,s&t to Zukogave all my b,s&t to Zuko52 minuti fa
  • ive been replaying this since release 😫❤

    Sarrah XOXOSarrah XOXO53 minuti fa
  • I think ; The butterfly scene that comes out when the song is over is a spoi for their next song. Turkish MY.

    Pelin EkerPelin Eker53 minuti fa
    • the ending is of boa she gonna release album soon

      Sabia AktharSabia Akthar36 minuti fa
  • Just keep streamming

    Monster DaebakMonster Daebak53 minuti fa
  • This is a week old MV and it's still trending in ph. The power of the Global Rookie Monsters ✊🏼

    N CiTy is in EXO planetN CiTy is in EXO planet54 minuti fa
  • Their dance tho

    army foreverarmy forever56 minuti fa
  • I loved everything about the MV

    army foreverarmy forever56 minuti fa
  • Monochrome to colours This is evo, evolution

    Filio AngkurFilio Angkur56 minuti fa
  • Giselle and Winter same look like.

    Pelin EkerPelin Eker56 minuti fa
  • karina: the voice, leader, popular ningning: powerful voice, looks like Jennie winter: looks like iz*one eunbi+taeyeon snsd giselle: “That’s hot”, only 11 months training, is her own kind

    Kevin TranKevin Tran56 minuti fa
  • Black Mamba is very nice...

    Gulay TuncGulay Tunc57 minuti fa
  • Give credits to the camera, it broke it's neck by following the dance movements.

    SF9 CIX P1H Oneus MCNDSF9 CIX P1H Oneus MCND57 minuti fa
  • About to get 2 million lik3s :)

    LYRICSLYRICS58 minuti fa
  • Wow already 55 million vi3ws\^o^/

    LYRICSLYRICS59 minuti fa
  • SM👎👎👎👎👎 no apoyo a red velvet pense que sm se iva lucir con el nuevo grupo pero es el peor debut que vi

    Naomi MamaniNaomi Mamani59 minuti fa
    • @Andrea Maribel por dónde la ves BP? Porque no hay nada

      Vale YarisanVale Yarisan29 minuti fa
    • No me gusta ese grupo queriendo ser blackpink

      Andrea MaribelAndrea Maribel57 minuti fa
  • 60M!!!

    N CiTy is in EXO planetN CiTy is in EXO planetOra fa
  • Çok güzel şarkı bence. Dinledikçe de kulağa hoş geliyor.

    Pelin EkerPelin EkerOra fa
  • Aespa Karina Winter Giselle Ningning Turkey

    Pelin EkerPelin EkerOra fa
  • Tiap hari gua nntn ininga pernh bosenn

    mhrani jasminemhrani jasmineOra fa
  • omg, hablan parce aka serpiente :O

    ゼリー !!マグダゼリー !!マグダOra fa
  • Fazla rap yokki

  • Mys fighting

  • Omgg

    Serrano데이 샤Serrano데이 샤Ora fa
  • ROTY

    mong mongmong mongOra fa
  • me sorprendió su record y eso que nada mas es un debut

    lucila vargas gutierrezlucila vargas gutierrezOra fa
  • Karina beautiful and talented

    mnosh.7 Renmnosh.7 RenOra fa
  • Let's go 60M

    mnosh.7 Renmnosh.7 RenOra fa
  • 첨듣고 당황스러웠지만 지금은 맨날 듣는다 맘바바밤바~

    art Ofart OfOra fa
  • I can already tell they are gonna be successful

    Oneus Ot6Oneus Ot6Ora fa
  • I am legitimately stunned by how pretty Ningning is, every time. I hope she goes far!

    Meduh MelsMeduh MelsOra fa
  • Este grupo es malo sm fallo

    Andrea MaribelAndrea MaribelOra fa
    • Awenomaster

      Majo SanchezMajo SanchezOra fa
  • So Red velvet will dissapear and this its the next negeration aganist Black Pink and Twice.

    Young-Ahn KimYoung-Ahn KimOra fa
    • Worry about your own group

      h hh h20 minuti fa
    • RV is coming back sooner than you expected with a deep mature look. So you better stop assuming things

      Yixing's Lost BroYixing's Lost BroOra fa
    • red velvet wont disappear.

      Ruth DomaRuth DomaOra fa
  • One the girl reminds me of Minnie from g-idle

    TaechaTaechaOra fa
  • 1M🔐 5M🔐 10M🔐 20M🔐 30M🔐 40M🔐 50M🔐 55M🔐 60M🔒 70M🔒 80M🔒 90M🔒 100M🔒 *Yes MY when we get these views pls write a comment then I will open the locks 😉*


  • *All Kpop fans know that SM’s camera did better than on live*

  • OMG 55M!!! 🥳🥳

    noor alqaisinoor alqaisiOra fa

  • RATS

    Loona is the bestLoona is the bestOra fa
    • Babi lu

      Doni BrascoDoni BrascoOra fa

  • STAN

    Elyse BarkerElyse BarkerOra fa
  • Please streaming, our total views for today just hit 1.7M. We have to get at least 3M per day, so we can hit 100M before one month. Please MYs around the world, keep streaming

    panda beepanda beeOra fa

    KK UWUKK UWUOra fa
    • Ha?

      CsyKyu EkaCsyKyu Eka38 minuti fa
    • 🤡

      Majo SanchezMajo SanchezOra fa
    • @Im jeydee26 no 🤪

      KK UWUKK UWUOra fa
    • Shut up Æshole

      Im jeydee26Im jeydee26Ora fa

    KK UWUKK UWUOra fa
    • STFU

      Hamza MahfoudhiHamza Mahfoudhi19 minuti fa

    Nerea's proyectNerea's proyectOra fa
  • Join pinterest and instagram Let talk to me ❣️❣️ I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli Free Download

    Nathalia BilssNathalia BilssOra fa
  • This is only their debut... 💪

    h hh hOra fa
  • Waww

    sagita tsagita tOra fa
  • I think Karina like this video.. Bc the cameraman fell in love with her. Hahaha

    satria ivandasatria ivandaOra fa
  • Coño maryk4 la dieron, les doy 100

    Hey De Todo TVHey De Todo TVOra fa
  • SM is everything okay? It looks like you're obsessed with clones.

    Wife of the tenth princeWife of the tenth princeOra fa
  • Deseo que las chicas tengan demasiado éxito

    Alexis CAlexis COra fa
  • 🇧🇷❤️🇰🇷

    toddynho sem agitar ;-;toddynho sem agitar ;-;Ora fa
  • 이 노래를 좋아한다!

    toddynho sem agitar ;-;toddynho sem agitar ;-;Ora fa
  • I love this song

    mnosh.7 Renmnosh.7 RenOra fa
  • Amo está música!

    toddynho sem agitar ;-;toddynho sem agitar ;-;Ora fa
  • Streaming MY’s?

    æspaciallyæspaciallyOra fa
    • Absolutely

      mnosh.7 Renmnosh.7 RenOra fa
  • I love this song!

    toddynho sem agitar ;-;toddynho sem agitar ;-;Ora fa
  • Αγαπώ αυτό το τραγούδι!

    toddynho sem agitar ;-;toddynho sem agitar ;-;Ora fa

    Melodies_Memory of exyMelodies_Memory of exyOra fa
  • Ich liebe dieses Lied

    toddynho sem agitar ;-;toddynho sem agitar ;-;Ora fa
  • Feliz natal ! 🎄☃️🎅🤶

    toddynho sem agitar ;-;toddynho sem agitar ;-;Ora fa
  • I'm addicted. ㅑ'ㅡ ㅁㅇ얓ㅅㄷㅇ 새 소ㅑㄴ.

    Kes SwanKes SwanOra fa
  • Merry Christmas! 🎄☃️🎅🤶

    toddynho sem agitar ;-;toddynho sem agitar ;-;Ora fa
  • Ya ampun mereka keren abizzz aya ya ya ya ya ya

    Didi AhmadiDidi AhmadiOra fa
  • Vrolijk kerstfeest! 🎄☃️🎅🤶

    toddynho sem agitar ;-;toddynho sem agitar ;-;Ora fa