Glass Playstation 4!! Custom Hand Built!

5 feb 2021
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We hand built a CUSTOM see-through Playstation 4 console!
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  • That's pretty much plastic. Not real glass but still sick

    james bhrixtjames bhrixtOra fa
  • Nice ps4 but it will be hard to do maintenance to that

    Gonzalo MedinaGonzalo MedinaOra fa
  • Wow! I planted a rose, did the bell, and I like and comment. Good luck everyone 🎆🌹 I hope you get it

    Mohamad SyMohamad Sy2 ore fa
  • циркуляция воздуха, просто до свидания...

    Санёк ЧулковСанёк Чулков2 ore fa
  • i want this so bad really hw much???

    Jr GuerreroJr Guerrero3 ore fa
  • how much would you charge to do one????

    Jr GuerreroJr Guerrero3 ore fa
  • Me pregunto yo como hará la ventilación la ps4 como cambiara la pasta térmica como cambiara el disco duro como la limpiará interna mente y como hará que no se caliente?

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 "glass"☠☠☠

    Jeremy OchoaJeremy Ochoa3 ore fa
  • How much would you charge if I wanted you to make me one if I sent you the PS4

    Alexander HorobiowskiAlexander Horobiowski3 ore fa
  • Why are your hands so pale? Multiple times in the video I had to do a double take because it looks like you're wearing gloves

    Last_SurpriseLast_Surprise3 ore fa
  • Brabo

    DravenDraven4 ore fa
  • Si tuviera riales te lo compro, es increíble

    javier talaverajavier talavera4 ore fa
  • The adaptation of the case looks great but there is one thing that is not noticeable that it was made, it does not have vents or air outlets for the ps4 cooler or cooler and it does not have the press that is placed on the lower part of the processor. It goes with the plate and 2 screws but the acrylic is great

    Miguel ChaconMiguel Chacon4 ore fa
  • This is cool but were the air vents at the gose on the side

    Dustin SiedlikDustin Siedlik4 ore fa
  • Такого рукожопства я еще не видел, приклеивать к плате на клей...

    Олег ТопоровОлег Топоров5 ore fa
  • This looks cool until the glass starts turning yellow

    KDK KingKDK King5 ore fa
  • make on ps5 if you can,,:-|:-P^_^(^^)o:-)B-)8-):^):,-):-*:-((+_+)(TT)O_o(*_*)O_o:0:0=-O=-O

    DUIK SilverDUIK Silver5 ore fa
  • No cabe duda de que es un genio xd

    TuleloTulelo5 ore fa
  • Imagine his dropped it trying to show it off

    NamelesShadeNamelesShade6 ore fa
  • Porque no hizo la play 5

    Seba RíosSeba Ríos6 ore fa
  • Alerta de erro, saída de ar não foi feita...

    Caique WesleyCaique Wesley6 ore fa
  • The disc tho😫😫😫😫

    lI N1NJA IllI N1NJA Il6 ore fa
  • That's so cool!

    レム派レム派7 ore fa
  • Muy buena la creación, pero le falto considerar las entradas y salidas de ventilación

    JP TJP T7 ore fa
  • Is no one going to realize that it isn’t glass, it’s acrylic.

    Z5Z57 ore fa
  • Haha ps4 go crcrcrshschshyccrcr when dropped

  • Imagine someone switch ps5 and ps4 system

    Kenji LeeKenji Lee7 ore fa
  • Where are u gonna plug your charger in

    Christian TaylorChristian Taylor7 ore fa
  • How to fuck a ps4 in 3 easy steps: Step 1: add no new thermal paste Step 2: glue the heatsink loosely Step 3: add no vents for ventilation

    MIMIH22AMIMIH22A7 ore fa
  • U should have called it: "Transparent Ps4 ASMR build"

    Moritz MödlinMoritz Mödlin8 ore fa
  • This is what you called impressive

    Code name B-127Code name B-1279 ore fa
  • Le ha quedado más clean que el baño de las mujeres

    Guillermo MartínezGuillermo Martínez9 ore fa
  • 👏👏👏

    Tom PitarchTom Pitarch10 ore fa
  • h

    MikajaneMikajane10 ore fa
  • Now we wait for the PS5

    GlockKayGlockKay10 ore fa
  • throw some LEDs in it and it would be 100x better but it’s still an awesome build great job bruh

    Elias WilsonElias Wilson11 ore fa
  • Great job. Now rebuild the PS5. Everyone say I lol.

    B StewB Stew11 ore fa
  • It's all fun and games till your glass ps4 cracks

    Team DecadeTeam Decade11 ore fa
  • Trying to sell it ? How much

    SKY HIGHSKY HIGH11 ore fa
  • Wow Amazing bro well done 😍😍👌👌

    Harpreet ShireHarpreet Shire12 ore fa
  • someone tell him it's not glass

    mr Smithmr Smith12 ore fa
  • Nice.

    VARUN YOVARUN YO12 ore fa

    M3LOM3LO12 ore fa
  • Imagine calling plastic glass🤡😅

    Caleb FondrenCaleb Fondren12 ore fa
  • Anyone thought about the airflow 😅

    ReCxN DonReCxN Don12 ore fa
  • Yo nunca desarmaré mi consola

    Black pro 323Black pro 32313 ore fa
  • What kind of glue is this guy using? I'm curious about a lot of it, but that's what is bugging me most, past superglue I don't know much that dries that fast

    grimm reapergrimm reaper13 ore fa
  • wow

    Marián tvMarián tv13 ore fa
  • И как её теперь разбирать, чтобы менять термо пасту? И чистить?

    Григорий ТерешонковГригорий Терешонков13 ore fa
  • Quedó de 100 puntos, perooooo, te hizo falta la entrada de aire para el ventilador 🙁

    lucas bagnalucas bagna14 ore fa
  • 🔥🔥

    lavell Savagelavell Savage14 ore fa
  • I just spray painted mine clear

    Fallen Legend!Fallen Legend!14 ore fa
  • this man had a vision and realized it with his own hands I wish I could do that lol

    shyshy14 ore fa
  • PS5

    Gelber Knopf143Gelber Knopf14314 ore fa
  • Plot twist: He throws it at the ground after going outside

    OdysseyOdyssey14 ore fa
  • You could've at least changed the thermal paste, man.

    Atut TamrakarAtut Tamrakar15 ore fa
  • the most hot ps4 ever

    AlphaQAlphaQ15 ore fa
  • Que pajú perdió la garantía

    Ruben HernándezRuben Hernández16 ore fa
  • Yeah smart idea only thing. What if ur harddrive fails? You totally fucked since the thing is glued all together so u gotta break the hole thing to get ur hdd switched or u buy a new one

    Sow YeuleuSow Yeuleu16 ore fa
  • The mod, this good, the problem comes when I have to change the Hard Disk. It is also that you did not leave openings for the ventilation of the fan to take in fresh air

    Joako22Joako2217 ore fa
  • son I need your ps4 for just a second

    Andrzej LemantowiczAndrzej Lemantowicz17 ore fa
  • Plastik ok aber Glas? Nein

    CR3LT1XCR3LT1X17 ore fa
  • It's so cool how he just puts the ps4 together like legos

    Charli has no talentCharli has no talent17 ore fa
  • No ventilation system? You surely made your self a cute dvd player, that thing is going to fry in the first 30 mins of gaming

    Quinn BrebnerQuinn Brebner17 ore fa
  • pov: you are a literal god at building stuff

    get funnyiedget funnyied18 ore fa
  • I dont See glass! Just replaced black Plastik with white. But the work is good.

    Bekir ÖzdemirBekir Özdemir18 ore fa
  • Amazing! Congratulation man i want the same 😁

    Hardline JokeHardline Joke18 ore fa
  • i want one

    Eran MarshallEran Marshall18 ore fa
  • nice project but the sounds are horrible

    Max KMax K18 ore fa
  • Il manque les aérations ?

    ahamon 35ahamon 3518 ore fa
  • I think it is plastic 🤨😒

    Sepp Van der kloosSepp Van der kloos19 ore fa
  • All this just for it to be parked up /: Shit finna explode upon usage

    Puppet3902Puppet390219 ore fa
  • i never seen a glass ps4 my bro has a regular ps4

    Saydur RahmanSaydur Rahman19 ore fa
  • *Glass is glass and glass break's*

    Fikri BahriFikri Bahri20 ore fa
  • Dude what are you doing? It’s a PS4

    The Melting CubeThe Melting Cube20 ore fa
  • Great video! Great work! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    ᛁᛟᚢ ᚨᚱᛖ ᚷᚨᛁᛁᛟᚢ ᚨᚱᛖ ᚷᚨᛁ20 ore fa
  • Mdrrr déjà que la mienne est pleine de poussière et j ose même pas démonter le ventilo, lui il en a rien à faire 😂😂

    BarnaboukBarnabouk21 ora fa
  • Ps5 glass edition !!

    5aled_5awaled5aled_5awaled21 ora fa
  • Ну и хуита

    Vadim StepanovVadim Stepanov21 ora fa
  • Has lo con una pantalla sería genial ver una pantalla así 🤔🇨🇷

  • Wait...when did deadcells have a solid copy form?

    Ty DoanTy Doan22 ore fa
  • I liked the Aldie lighting part when it was in the dark from the Play station

    Marissa RiebesehlMarissa Riebesehl22 ore fa
  • so much effort and money to swap into a glass chassis. why not a PS4 PRO instead?

    Brian WongBrian Wong22 ore fa
  • This is dope but if he needs to repair it he’d have to break it. He glued everything together. No screws or claps. It’s all glued. But it’s dope either way.

    Dre L.Dre L.22 ore fa
  • *DAD* :son here's a ps5 now give me your PS4. #A few moments later... *SON* : Dad can we swap please!!? *DAD* : sure son. Dad gets PS5 and does the same old trick until the PS6.

    SkeletonSkeleton23 ore fa
  • Нахуя а главное зачем?

    Alex171Alex17123 ore fa
  • Plexiglass is NOT glass. And isn't this a reupload? I feel like I've seen this before.

    mattigimattigi23 ore fa
    • It’s just acrylic

      Z5Z57 ore fa
  • stupid thing eveeer

    YounessYounessGiorno fa
  • Mom :why is there glass every where Kid : I raged and broke my PS4

    Gage WellsGage WellsGiorno fa
  • @ps4

    Kaleb OlsenKaleb OlsenGiorno fa
  • When you find out your ps4 is prebuilt🤢

    TITO 101TITO 101Giorno fa
  • Sony need to add their best worker

    YTRajaThegoatYTRajaThegoatGiorno fa
  • Idk but it seems like he bought a whole new PS4 just to make this video. If u did respect

    NIC3 C4K3NIC3 C4K3Giorno fa
    • Probably just had it layin around but either way its cool

      Chris WellsChris Wells15 ore fa
  • Do a glass ps3 slim so we can see the disc

    Prime GamingPrime GamingGiorno fa
  • Make a PS5

    André RedfieldAndré RedfieldGiorno fa
  • Hermosaaa!

    efe G feefe G feGiorno fa
  • the following video: gold ps4 !!!

    creemaincreemainGiorno fa
  • So if i send mines over for you to do this how much would u charge ?

    Brian WilliamsBrian WilliamsGiorno fa
  • work of art

    jennifer iansonjennifer iansonGiorno fa
  • How about this ps4 after a month? Is it still function?

    Alif AlimiAlif AlimiGiorno fa