Here's Why You Can't Afford An R34 GTR Skyline

4 apr 2021
968 398 visualizzazioni

Nissan Skyline GTRs are often considered the most coveted 90s JDM cars. And with many sales well into the 6 figure range, it seems that the market agrees with that as well. Today we discuss the history of the R34 Skyline GTR and how it got to the point of selling for over $359,000 US Dollars.
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  • All of the b-roll is so nostalgic and really well done. I grew up watching Best Motoring + Hot Version, and you put together so many of these historic segments together. Awesome work and thanks for the great memories! 🏎 🏎 🏎

    Ryunosuke FuriyaRyunosuke Furiya41 minuto fa
  • Wow this video has so much information, thank you for making it🙌🏻🙌🏻

    Jordan PayneJordan PayneOra fa
  • I can't afford it because I'm broke! :D

    Shiny BuzzwoleShiny Buzzwole3 ore fa
  • American: R34 gtr is illegal in america Also american: tells u all this bullshit

    Rudy LindenRudy Linden6 ore fa
  • My friend works at bi-Lo and he has one every one always crowds around to take pictures it's midnight purple 🟣

    Braydon WilsonBraydon Wilson7 ore fa
  • "Merry band of miscreants", holy shit i can hear the disdain in those words despite not sounding like a pissed rottweiler. Y'all really hate that group of people for the Motorex Scandal.

    Izz DinIzz Din7 ore fa
  • the gozzilla is really pretty...and if u say is expensive..other ppl will get auction.

    first angelfirst angel8 ore fa
  • yo wrong in my country its 45k us that's a r34 however the r35 is 70k us lol

    AvishAvish9 ore fa
  • Talks about the nissan skyline Wheres a shirt with a supra on it

    nick z_e_enick z_e_e9 ore fa
  • Haha it depends where you look

    dark wolfdark wolf9 ore fa
  • I’m not even a car guy and I seem to binge these racing history videos . Like vinwiki and this

    TheOneTheOne10 ore fa
  • Forget ETH and Doge bitcoin, invest in GT-Rs! Great video, says all the facts! But the prices are truly insane!

    G CNTechG CNTech11 ore fa
  • i own a twin turbo nissan skyline gtr r34 i bought it for 300k and ive modified it and spent almost 500k on it

    Billy KhalafBilly Khalaf12 ore fa
  • How many GTR limited edition do you want? Nissan:. Yes

    One guyOne guy13 ore fa
  • People - ( read Americans) will never be able to separate the Skyline from the Skyline GT-R. Gotta lov a Neeeezsunn

    Peabo WesleyPeabo Wesley14 ore fa
  • Thanks to Paul Walker and the fast and furious none car guys idiot fans are the reason why GTR are so expensive. Anyways, if you can't afford R34 , you can get R33 for around 30k or less and mod it as it looks kinda similar to R34 but waaaay cheaper

    Hussain JassimHussain Jassim15 ore fa
  • because im poor that's why. . Can't wait for this to happen: "Here's why you can't afford a TOYOTA YARIS GR"

    Cyrus OraisCyrus Orais16 ore fa
  • 0:20 Someone sue those people.

    Tropical99Tropical9916 ore fa
  • 😭😭😭😭😭

    Frank CastleFrank Castle17 ore fa
  • Is it just me, or do u wish you got a skyline when they were cheap

    Luke NelsonLuke Nelson21 ora fa
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  • The wouldn't be so limited if Nissan didn't make 23 versions of each model year lmao.

    UdalixUdalix22 ore fa
  • Wow, nice the tires look camberd

    Whinnie McflurryWhinnie McflurryGiorno fa

    Optimum EnergyOptimum EnergyGiorno fa
  • Garbage look ugly shit car look all plastic car all ghetto spoiler around the car lmao and talk about the price really?

    Danny DangDanny DangGiorno fa
  • Tf u mean 4 wheel steering

    Elvis HeinrichElvis HeinrichGiorno fa
  • if you dont have time to watch whole video its over 25 years old so you can import it to us so everybody is doing it so the price goes up

    Burden82Burden82Giorno fa
  • How do you know I can't afford one.....

    ed s.ed s.Giorno fa
  • I don’t like the title...scary

    Dekisho TDekisho TGiorno fa
  • meanwhile in my country you can find them from around 15k-20k

    LoneWolf 1LoneWolf 1Giorno fa
  • i worked with a guy who had an r32 skyline. his insurance was 12k a month or something crazy like that on account of being right hand drive. in toronto

    Standing BearStanding BearGiorno fa
  • deserved to be here legendary car

    arif shaikarif shaikGiorno fa
  • 11:20 - Autocon NJ 2017 ... I really asked how much he was selling for like I could afford it.

    Adam ChaseAdam ChaseGiorno fa
  • Up next: Why you can't afford a Lamborghini

    Grigoris GrigoropoulosGrigoris GrigoropoulosGiorno fa
  • Only a fool would pay 300k for a nissan lol

    umadfgt?umadfgt?Giorno fa
  • Great video! Very informative and well produce 👏🏻👏🏻

    Edwing HernandezEdwing HernandezGiorno fa
  • Ur video is too long

    Fernando NguyenFernando NguyenGiorno fa
  • Elon musk watching this probably be like am i a joke to u

    WildesJakobWildesJakobGiorno fa
  • Amazing video ! Well done !

  • Video starts at 16:04

    Bofa BoyBofa BoyGiorno fa
  • I remember wanting to buy a skyline GTR before the pandemic when they were all worth around $100k now they shot up completely holy shit

    Bofa BoyBofa BoyGiorno fa
  • “neesan” 🤣

    Michael McAuleyMichael McAuleyGiorno fa
  • Can you please do a video like this based on the s15 or the 200sx in Australia they’re become crazy valuable and increased in price eith big numbers. Please do a video

    Matthew BMatthew BGiorno fa
  • This video is showing us the purpose that ... Your mom cant afford a GTR So stop classing B_I_T_C_H_

    Iήsͥⱥnͣeͫ #insanityIήsͥⱥnͣeͫ #insanityGiorno fa
  • People should start looking at the Gtt/Gtst versions of the cars a little cheaper and less power but still fast and fun to drive but they are also going up in value everyday as a lot of them are reaching the 25 year mark now so America can get hold of them!

    Ryani0GamingRyani0GamingGiorno fa
  • Short answer: Its expensive. Long answer: Its very expensive.

    Spicy MeatballSpicy MeatballGiorno fa
  • what kinda donut media is this?

    Carlos MuñozCarlos Muñoz2 giorni fa
  • Its stupid how its illegal in the United stated but the hellcat is legal🤦‍♂️

    Salvador GarciaSalvador Garcia2 giorni fa
  • I can afford one, but I wouldn’t buy it ...have you any idea how much the insurance is?????

    Ben DoonBen Doon2 giorni fa
  • Wtf was 20k in 2008

    J TJ T2 giorni fa
  • freaking ebegging at the end there.

    R CR C2 giorni fa
  • Nobody will pay that for a glorified Altima

    142MP142MP2 giorni fa
  • Thank you this makes so much more sense + new information

    Marla WiseMarla Wise2 giorni fa
  • Great video! Had to sub

    MarvelKid87MarvelKid872 giorni fa
  • 0:21 Well thats not an GT-R but an GT-T

    Benjamin MartinussenBenjamin Martinussen2 giorni fa
  • Nee-son

    B-radB-rad2 giorni fa
  • *Eurobeat intensifies*

    AereonAereon2 giorni fa
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  • I hate these stupid ass click bait videos "heres why you cant afford a GTR" BS. Such a load of crap.

    Kenzo gKenzo g2 giorni fa
  • Thanks for reminding me that im poor.

    Bass ShakerBass Shaker2 giorni fa
  • i can afford it tho

    Ishan FernandoIshan Fernando2 giorni fa
  • What's wrong with your mic? The audio's weird.

    MartinMartin2 giorni fa
  • I just bought one for 69k!!! Now I have to import it 🤦🏽‍♂️

    moises mancinasmoises mancinas3 giorni fa
  • Peak car.

    NestoreNestore3 giorni fa
  • Awesome content ! I worked in my father's garage a while in my childhood and become a mechanical engineering ..played a lot of video game with GODzilla GTR, JDM cars are a passion. One day a I hope drive one , if you can't afford in US, imagine here in Brazil haha 1 U$D = 7 R$

    Edson JuniorEdson Junior3 giorni fa
  • i can afford one their just trash Japanese cars its nothing special i would rather a super car then that piece of crap

    Andre HannaAndre Hanna3 giorni fa
  • It’ll be awesome if they bring back from the death 💀 in 2024 again a brand new Nissan Skyline GT-R 😯 but perhaps this is just wishful thinking 💭

    Jonathan DiazJonathan Diaz3 giorni fa
  • No thanks, would take a 1988 Chevy Camaro over this any day of the week.

    Jeffrey LiebermanJeffrey Lieberman3 giorni fa
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  • you can find some pretty cheap in canada

    NotBappoNotBappo3 giorni fa
  • Nice video , and nissan history

    Emil CladoveanuEmil Cladoveanu3 giorni fa
  • How long before the Z-Tune breaks a million?

    TopCars TVTopCars TV3 giorni fa
  • so the Nissan r34 downstairs in my garage that I bought for 23k upgraded as well is just a toy car or it doesn't exist cause according to your video they cost more than 100k

    WOLFWOLF3 giorni fa
  • I've seen R32 GTR, R32 GTS, R33 GTR & GTS and an R34 GTT & GTR irl... Idk what to say... It's just... I think I'm lucky enough to see it with my own eyes looking at it speeding on the highway thinking that the fact that I can't afford to buy even a sedan R32...

    BeamerrexBeamerrex3 giorni fa
  • Top car in my wishlist to own oneday!

    Dutchman Seb Motoring MediaDutchman Seb Motoring Media3 giorni fa
  • Amazing video about Skyline *has a Supra T-shirt*

    Maroun MoufarrejMaroun Moufarrej3 giorni fa
  • Your voice pitch is funny... did you speed up footage?

    esproespro3 giorni fa
  • Could you make a video of a 1997 toyota celica

  • Brilliant car, shame Nissan's incl features and interiors are extremely below the quality they should be at for the price point they ask

    Chris CrossChris Cross3 giorni fa
  • Seriously dude....R34 a second hand bothers me why humans are committed to such an uncommitted company. Get a Honda bud they're way better, simple! This is crap video to be fair.

    Damien SheehanDamien Sheehan3 giorni fa
  • I have 1 in philippines. And its cheap.

    Michael Aaron De jesusMichael Aaron De jesus3 giorni fa
  • You should have fixed your voice audio properly, it has this annoying delay man

    Midland_2600Midland_26003 giorni fa
  • Because you can buy a Tesla model 3 that’s faster and cooler than this old piece of garbage

    P wP w3 giorni fa
  • No freaking duh I can’t afford it

    Andrew KurtzAndrew Kurtz3 giorni fa
  • We have no one to blame but ourselves.

    ChristianChristian4 giorni fa
  • I'm 16 years old and my I bought my first r34 gtr rb26 with my own money and imma tell you, you can also afford it. or maybe its cheaper in where I live in the Philippines idk

    ramram4 giorni fa
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  • So this guy is making the assumption that anybody watching this video is broke That no one can afford that stupid piece of Nissan shit

    Uriel TinajeroUriel Tinajero4 giorni fa

    Tomas JRTomas JR4 giorni fa
  • they are hideously horrible to drive compared to modern stuff anyways.

    mr lewizzmr lewizz4 giorni fa
  • Why was there a lot of hate on the r33 vs 32

    tommy hotommy ho4 giorni fa
  • No wonder I want to drive my g35 to the ground

    Steven AlvizoSteven Alvizo4 giorni fa
  • because im broke

    Matheus KleinMatheus Klein4 giorni fa
  • Because it’s overpriced and overrated piece of junk.

    Mr. joe StMr. joe St4 giorni fa
  • Just buy the's better in every measurable way...and a third of the price. The R34 is just is so expensive because of the 90's and early 2000s car culture and because americans just love throwing money, and also because most of them ended up getting's just not worth the hype in my opinion...waaaaay better cars for 100-300k. I can say the same thing about the e46 M3, e39 M5 and the mk4 Supra...hype, hype, hype...they might be a little special...but there's no way they are super car levels of special. 300k for a 20+ year old I'll just have a brand new Ferrari...less headaches and a lot more reliable.

    FrancescoFrancesco4 giorni fa
  • Fun fact, not impressed by typically only making 2 of something so the price and availability is unattainable while looking to most like a ford Fairmont lowered with a wide body kit. Definately not unattainable speeds by no means as to you can buy off lot CARS here in UNITED STATES that makes skyline look SILLLLLLLY but thank you Japan for Sushi 👙

    Definitely Uh RerunDefinitely Uh Rerun4 giorni fa
  • Now we know why that kid Said. MY DAD HAS A GTR

    Faran AhmadFaran Ahmad4 giorni fa
  • Say something I don’t know....

    TMG FITTMG FIT4 giorni fa
  • Contrary to what he said the Nissan gtr was available in Australia , last time I looked Australia is a western country , half of the racing videos shown were from the Bathurst 1000 endurance race in the 90s in Australia where it dominated , thats were it got its Godzilla nickname , here in Australia , as it was the monster that came to Australia and destroyed all the competition , winning by a long way the Bathurst 1000 in 1991 and 1992 and many shorter races here Mark Skaife and Jim Richards developed the car even more ,they cracked the first engine blocks getting more power out of it and Mismo had to make new alluminium blocks , they had to make the car more reliable for the 1000 endurance race , Mismo were charging ridiculous money for their parts so many parts were manufactured and modified here from local nissan dealers Sales to other private racing teams were a poor because the car was just to expensive to race without factory sponsorship Eventually the rules were changed and the Skyline and the Mazda RX 7 could not race at Bathurst because they were classed as sports cars and the race was for sedans only

    ron gtron gt4 giorni fa
  • This is the most cap shit, you can legit buy a second hand one imported from japan to Canada for 40k and it’s not modded of anything but you can do that yourself, I’m saying this because my friend bought one from an online dealer that imports it to Canada and even if you put 100k on top it’s still better than 350k, if you pay that ur a either a sucker, or u don’t know shit about cars

    • you can import a 25+ year old skyline to the u.s. as it's exempt from federal standards but needs to comply with whatever the state your in says it needs, any newer than that and it needs to comply with federal standards.

      Harmful MelodyHarmful Melody3 giorni fa