Dave Chappelle Stand-Up Monologue - SNL

7 nov 2020
11 535 214 visualizzazioni

Dave Chappelle talks about the 2020 election, COVID-19 and Donald Trump.
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  • ...and now, Netflix pulled Chappelle's show, at Dave's request.

    soiung toiuesoiung toiue21 minuto fa
  • cancelled (forever)

    proofbrealproofbrealOra fa
  • I'm sorry but this just isn't that funny

    Nick TeaNick Tea2 ore fa
  • Yes Dave, that resonates well, $750 in taxes, the working man is a sucker.

    Free SparksFree Sparks2 ore fa

    Free SparksFree Sparks3 ore fa
    • What a good friend ????

      soiung toiuesoiung toiue21 minuto fa
  • Clone

    bool chevybool chevy3 ore fa
  • Yes Biden, the man who was pro-segregation in the 60’s, will end racism he definitely didn’t just manipulate the bot population for votes.

    Hidden GabberHidden Gabber3 ore fa
  • 15 minutes of a black comedian talkin shit about white people... very original definitely the "goat". No other black comedians have ever done that

    Anthony GanciAnthony Ganci3 ore fa
  • “I’m sorry Lauren I thought it was a comedy show” legend 😂😂😂

    Acappella CoversAcappella Covers4 ore fa
  • Cheap shot at Freddie Mercy of Queen and insult against all Gay's. FU Dave.

    The ElderThe Elder4 ore fa
  • I've always admired Chappelle's work. But this is just "okay." Very Racist, Divisive and not that funny.

    The ElderThe Elder4 ore fa
  • Point out all of trumps faults but none of Biden’s lol I love Dave’s work but what’s going to be the response when trumps in the white house for 4 more years?

    kale henkekale henke4 ore fa
  • These people too Hollywood for Dave. They literally don’t seem to get his jokes.

    BabyLane DidItBabyLane DidIt4 ore fa
  • The level of cool he had as he walked out and they hadn't gotten him his mic yet....he handled it so smooth no one noticed him asking for his mix from multiple stage hands. Legend.

    Gordon Clark IIGordon Clark II4 ore fa
  • Love Trump and love Chappelle. Must be an enigma.

    BabyLane DidItBabyLane DidIt4 ore fa
  • Love this monologue so much

    Krista MoeKrista Moe4 ore fa
  • Put your mask back on and shut tfu

    Mark BaileyMark Bailey6 ore fa
  • “They didn’t deserve it”

    SweatshirtMusicSweatshirtMusic6 ore fa
  • Lolol

    #FineArtByTuckerDemps Tucker-Demps#FineArtByTuckerDemps Tucker-Demps7 ore fa
  • Your grandfather was enslaved.

    Bella ReeseBella Reese7 ore fa
  • Dave you gotta do a 1-800-Imposter commercial skit if you have any family or friends suffering from imposter syndrome please call 1-800-Imposters 😂

    David CynarDavid Cynar8 ore fa
  • Amazing as always except Smoking makes you a slave who pays for his own slavery.

    OathbreakerOathbreaker8 ore fa
  • Your validation doesn't depend on strangers. Don't be obedient for the masses, for the masses are asses.

    Fuk CensorshipFuk Censorship8 ore fa
  • Mask shaming- don't fall for it.

    Fuk CensorshipFuk Censorship8 ore fa
  • His jokes are on another level

    xavi barcaxavi barca8 ore fa
  • Dave used to be a good comic, now he jumped on a lazy bandwagon of making fun of Trump and pulling race card non stop. Not to mention that he's trying his best to be politically correct. I haven't even smiled ones. Ruined his old stuff for me too.

    VNT incVNT inc9 ore fa
  • I used to like Dave Chappelle until he started bragging about beating up black women

    Mike ThompsonMike Thompson9 ore fa
  • All life mathers

    Florian DoevenFlorian Doeven10 ore fa
  • Good people first, f the rest

    Florian DoevenFlorian Doeven10 ore fa
  • Love that fkn mic drop!

    Dru G.Dru G.10 ore fa
  • youtube is showing me a commercial for Sam Adams beer before this - and I immediately think "f*** yeah, it's a new Samuel L. Jackson beer skit".

    terri sternidayterri sterniday13 ore fa
  • who is felling more white guilt?! but then who is saying F@_K THAT!!!!

    Ed DrummerhandsEd Drummerhands13 ore fa
  • Dave, you are the most racist person I have actually ever heard talk.....still funny, but racist Glad you got your life back together again though. Maybe try spending time with actual white people for some better material. Love, your white fan who thinks your white jokes aren't even that funny actually (your racial stereotypes are weak sauce at best)

    sbrown99051sbrown9905113 ore fa
  • He tells the truth while being funny!

    AmarieAmarie13 ore fa
  • Man...remember when wearing sneakers with suits was a major fashion faux pas!? How times have changed!

    T ThomasT Thomas13 ore fa
  • Thank god for Biden I guess. I guarantee you after 4 years of Biden, the only black people who will be better off are the ones profiting from Chinese trade.

    sc0ttr0sc0ttr014 ore fa
    • cope

      Massively EffectedMassively Effected8 ore fa
  • White people don’t want to wears masks because they have an individualistic and rebellious spirit. That’s why American exists, and you’re still bitching about slavery.

    Jax TJax T14 ore fa
  • "Oh boy, the secret service is gonna have to childproof the White House, he trying to drink the bleach!"

    TemphlosionTemphlosion16 ore fa
  • It was the whole show! Most meaningful monologue in 40+ seasons of SNL!

    Michael LoweMichael Lowe16 ore fa
    • What the? Lol. Not even. You're easily impressed.

      The ElderThe Elder4 ore fa
  • Cocaine cocaine , it’s in my brain, watch a man dying on stage, RIP Dave Chappell .

    Mr Wu TangMr Wu Tang17 ore fa
  • This is what separates Dave from the kevin harts of the worlds comedy that’s fine from time to time this is important and needed always

    TwArDxLTwArDxL18 ore fa
  • i c a career that is in a slow mo crash and burn i see george carlin and robin williams in chappelles eyes i c a man pulverized between a rock and a hard place bcuz the crowd won't let him b truly funny. he's allowed applause only as long as he doesn't trespass their bias. And this audience attitude is killing him. He's not a happy man. He has an audience of trained Pavlov dogs, he signals and they respond on cue. He's made it to the mountain top, and finds there isn't anything there, not even breathable air. i c thru the posing posturing and portraying. He's very depressed, frustrated and angry. it is as if he landed on saseme street, he can see both the muppets and the people who work the muppets. Yet, the audience is so clueless. Y not, they are mostly liberal socialists.

    MrPanetelaMrPanetela20 ore fa
  • I have always been a Dave Chappelle fan since seeing the original CC stand-ups Killing Them Softly & the other one he did on there. I bought tickets to see him a few years ago locally when he was just making his re-entry into entertainment again. It was a lackluster performance, to say the least. I can say he has gotten better but, he is sharing some information here starting with the fact that white people are making more via stimulus & don't wanna work & comparing that to a Reagan era notion that "black people want to sit back & collect government assistance". It's not white people who want to sit back & collect stimulus checks it is Democrats who want to sit back & collect the stimulus money & not go back to work. Us white Conservatives would love NOTHING MORE than for the economy to reopen & get back to business as usual. 🤨

    Her MajestyHer Majesty21 ora fa
  • They didn’t get the part about about him not being paid but okay 🤦🏾‍♀️😂

    the_real_jadedthe_real_jaded23 ore fa
  • Nothing funny about not paying a man his $$$.

    Airam EnnylAiram Ennyl23 ore fa
  • Notice how he really could only tell jokes about Trump without people getting triggered

    JP SillickJP SillickGiorno fa
  • I've seen some black guys nodding with heroin 🤔

    Denay HowardDenay HowardGiorno fa
  • What? All white people were not bad to black folks.

    Denay HowardDenay HowardGiorno fa
  • Not so fast Trump won 2020 watch

    Denay HowardDenay HowardGiorno fa
  • Unfortunately the mass shootings are false flag operations committed my people under trauma based mind control and have no idea what they are doing, all so they can take our guns and FEMA camps here we come shackled into cattle cars. What, you don't already know, wake the hell up.

    Denay HowardDenay HowardGiorno fa
  • He is hilarious

    Janice Mercier MercierJanice Mercier MercierGiorno fa
  • GOAT. Forever...

    Paul Panamarenko Jr.Paul Panamarenko Jr.Giorno fa
  • Wait!! I thought we couldn't do racist comedy anymore! You were their puppet Dave! They got what they wanted from you! To divide the country more!

    Dave MartinDave MartinGiorno fa
  • We didn’t do shit to black people. Period. Get over yourselves. Get a job.

    Nineteen81Nineteen81Giorno fa
  • Dave gittin' a lil puffy....looks like my friend from Uganda now.....P.S. GIANT White sneakers DON'T go wit dat suit. Erbody knows you wear da Good Shoes......

    NYMArtsNYMArtsGiorno fa
  • Reckon this is the beauty of 2020 and at least one more thing to be Thankful for. This Pyrrhic administration will be a lesson in hindsight that affirms the notion that when you change the way you look at things the things you look at change. With more information, feelings are more fully informed. This particular monologue takes on a new meaning with the current information. I hope fairness and/or a punchline follows soon. This man uses himself and platform as a canvas primed with the truth before any color is applied.

    Roma ErbRoma ErbGiorno fa
  • Didn't racism die out about 70 years ago?! Let it go Dave! Let it go Obama! Get rich off of some other story !

    Dave MartinDave MartinGiorno fa
    • Actually it did for the most part. In the late 1960's and early 70's. Thus the massive popularity of blacks on TV, in Film, in Music and in Sports. It was rebooted as people were miserable and bored. And needed something to else to complain about.

      The ElderThe Elder4 ore fa
    • You must be blind, uneducated to say something like this!!!!

      jfgsr901jfgsr901Giorno fa
  • “You Racist hilarious SOB” 😂....good☝️ Dave

    Workout N ReadWorkout N ReadGiorno fa
  • Being a police officer isn't very dangerous. Also (and I realize that it's a joke), Covid-19 has killed vastly more people than mass shootings have.

    Scott CharneyScott CharneyGiorno fa
  • Crowd is soft as hell

    ThePhgamesThePhgamesGiorno fa
  • "these white niggas keep holding us back" Dave Chapelle 2020 ...is the bumper stickers im now placing an order for. its sad how the crowd is afraid to laugh at a comedy show in 2020 because that was some of dave's best shit and its just honest.

    JustAnotherJoshJustAnotherJoshGiorno fa
  • Come get these nigga lessons white people fr we never hated anyone but we know many hate us because if your children make friends with us they will want to give us our homes back and heal the world... ijs Asian folks too the og asian was dark complexion

  • people laughing about him not getting paid ......Not understanding the joke

    Matthew SavoyMatthew SavoyGiorno fa
    • Netflix pulled Chappelle's show cause he doesnt get paid for it.

      Dario HallDario Hall11 ore fa
    • Right!

      AmarieAmarie13 ore fa
  • Legend.

    Azula ChloAzula ChloGiorno fa
  • He was the perfect person to host right after the election.

    MichaelTheTerribleMichaelTheTerribleGiorno fa
  • Well... when he said he wasn't being paid for the "Chappelle Show" we all thought: nahhh, this nigga is getting some paper fo'sure.... Apparently we were fataly wrong. #CANCELTHECHAPPELLESHOW

    Pedro FreitasPedro FreitasGiorno fa
  • Most of this wasn't even funny imo, but a lot of what he said does have a level a realness that you have to somewhat appreciate.

    Craig JustinCraig JustinGiorno fa
  • itworlds.info/round/lGqlcch-qMedoJ4/video

  • Whew profound

    christopher griffinchristopher griffinGiorno fa
  • Hey dummy do you remember Carter.. Reagan had to dig us out of hole.. Reagan economics.. blacks and whites had jobs. You need to educate yourself before you educate your audience. Fyi whites are paying your bills. Not me. Your just a guy that I would talk to for 5min and realize that you're wasting my time.

    jim smithjim smithGiorno fa
  • Pure Genius

    ReneeReneeGiorno fa
  • When Dave Chappelle has to educate left wing New Yorkers you know the world is both a better place, and a worse one. You nailed it Dave, long live the King.

    Ue MackayUe MackayGiorno fa
  • itworlds.info/round/loiRfc2ff8eMbWc/video

    VooMdaddy mojoVooMdaddy mojoGiorno fa
    • George Carlin clip above originally “aired” in 1996.

      VooMdaddy mojoVooMdaddy mojoGiorno fa
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    Joao SantiagoJoao SantiagoGiorno fa
  • Dave be dropn hidden gems and ppl just hear th jokes

    Jamaal lamar beyJamaal lamar beyGiorno fa
  • Except for the 'Take me back' sketch I LOOOVED THE SHOW!👏👏👏👏

    andy greyandy greyGiorno fa
  • If you can’t handle this I feel sorry for ya

    F1productionzF1productionzGiorno fa
  • This is racist.

    J MJ MGiorno fa
  • Goat 🐐

    nate lucasnate lucasGiorno fa
  • "When Keeping It Real goes too far" vernon the gas pumper. That was a good one.

    dee dohdee dohGiorno fa
  • Snl is worst crowd in history

    Ruckus RadioRuckus RadioGiorno fa
    • Gotta think about what kind of ppl watch SNL... So it is what it is... They came to watch SNL & Dave just so happened to be there.

      duckyzzzduckyzzzGiorno fa
  • Wow I've never seen anybody be so anti-racist and racist at the same time

    Daniel oDaniel oGiorno fa
  • Did he take his butt out of the ash tray and stick it in his pocket? Is he worried someone is going to steal his DNA and make a clone or use the butt to set him up for a crime?

    Robert MRobert MGiorno fa
  • What a guy, honestly one of the greatest if not best comedian out there

    Mark StacyMark StacyGiorno fa

    HTX-PoleStarHTX-PoleStarGiorno fa
  • Remember this? “Reagan is no friend of mine, ‘cause he raised he price of wine. From a nickel to a dime. He can kiss where the sun don’t shine.”

    Madeleine GosdinMadeleine GosdinGiorno fa
  • I like wearing a mask and sunglasses complete anonymity it's awesome

    chet karwatchet karwatGiorno fa
  • Nigga Lesson Class 100 enrollment for Spring semester 2021 coming soon..

    Naijshua ThomasNaijshua Thomas2 giorni fa
  • GOAT

    Sankofa Tafari NYCSankofa Tafari NYC2 giorni fa
  • So anti white bigotry is funny now?

  • I love this man. Loved his stand up and his show, and he just keeps getting better.

    Ronnie RamoneRonnie Ramone2 giorni fa
  • “Whatever it is, it’s too much” 😂😂😂 Funny af and I’m a female

    Charly BryantCharly Bryant2 giorni fa
  • I cannot stop watching this is best opening of yet 🎤💯💖

    elizabeth matthewselizabeth matthews2 giorni fa
  • "Honey,come here... the guy from the grocery store is on television. No you dummy, the guy from television is at the grocery store".

    beastmode1980434beastmode19804342 giorni fa
    • Felt bad after I did a double take on that one lmao

      CY ExCY Ex11 ore fa
  • This has been up for a few weeks now, and I avoided watching it cause I KNEW it'd make me feel uncomfortable. I'm a 40 year old black male living in Oregon, and I physically shirked at each joke, and gotdemm I could not get enough.

    Govey JonesGovey Jones2 giorni fa
  • 😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣 1970s penis, Raw Doggin the Earth🤣 I'm dead af

    Rayj RossRayj Ross2 giorni fa
  • He tells it like it is... itworlds.info/round/Zohnkq6IqZloa5Y/video

    S CBS CB2 giorni fa
  • Just as I've gone the whole of 2020 without eating chocolate, next year I'm giving up alcohol. But there's one problem: on December 31, I'm normally holding a glass of champagne when the clock strikes midnight. What should I do?

    oscar salazaroscar salazar2 giorni fa
  • A shadow of artist formally known as DS!

    Rick SanchezRick Sanchez2 giorni fa
  • 💯♟

    A MWA MW2 giorni fa