21 feb 2021
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#Vanlife Vlog 755 | Nashville, Tennessee | Filmed February 18, 2021
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Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, we got married June 2013 and quickly caught the #travel bug! We started “travel hacking” & finally decided we wanted to go travel for one year. After 2 years of saving $ and over 2 million miles and points, we sold our cars and apartment and left home January 10, 2016. We started this #travelvlog to share our experiences with friends and family, then decided we really liked vlogging and traveling, and we didn’t want to stop after just one year! After achieving our new goal of 100 countries and then all 7 continents (check out our documentary here:, we had no plans to slow down, until 2020 decided to force us to ;) which is when we bought a converted Sprinter van to start exploring our own country for the first time. It was a major adjustment and so different than flying every week like we were used to, but we are incredibly thankful to be able to continue doing something we love every day. 😊🎥🌎

  • When you come to Minnesota come to chatfield

    alida flusalida flus5 minuti fa
  • I'm a bit confused why you think you can't travel internationally, when according to CNN 14hrs ago there were over 60 countries accepting travel for US passport holders 🤔

    Jess TJess T16 minuti fa
  • Your niece is so stinking adorable!!! I am excited for your new goal!

    Amy StaahsAmy Staahs33 minuti fa
  • OHIO IDEA: overnight in Mansfield reformatory. Part of where they shot Shawshank redemption

    Sarah FerkanySarah Ferkany55 minuti fa
    • Visit Ohiopyle State Park and water falls in SW PA in early October when it is in full fall color.

      alida flusalida flus4 minuti fa
  • Come visit the twin cities Minnesota! Visit the mall of America!, zoo ,trails so much to do!

    Julie TerpstraJulie TerpstraOra fa
  • Hi,im Ksenija and my grandpa owns a hotel in becici Montenegro and its calld Belmare and it has 4 stars so pls when you go to Montenegro agein visit this hotel. Ksenija

    Ksenija KavedzicKsenija KavedzicOra fa
  • When you come to visit us in Wisconsin, wait until summer and visit our Wisconsin Dells water Parks. 👍🏼

    Nikki WerginNikki WerginOra fa
  • When you visit Michigan, you should go to Mackinac Island, for a trip back in time. There are no motorized vehicles on the island, just horses and carriages, and bikes. You will become very familiar with two odors, horse manure and freshly made fudge. Enjoy!

    Kevin CordesKevin CordesOra fa
  • Some international travel is happening..... you just have to do some research, follow testing guidelines, and be respectful about local laws. OH!!!! THAT'S RIGHT!!! You won't do any of that, especially anything to do with 'Rona. You'd rather just ignore it and help it spread because you're ignorant uneducated bumpkins who don't believe in science..... or human decency.

    Marie GossMarie GossOra fa
  • OH MY GOSH YESSS!!! Please please PLEASE let me help y’all in Kentucky!!! I know all the best places ;)

    Ella MorganElla MorganOra fa
  • Starve Rock State Park in Illinois is very pretty and lots of hiking!!

    shannon webstershannon webster2 ore fa
  • Give this comment like if u like kara and nate like me

    griaffe lovergriaffe lover2 ore fa

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  • News flash- we are over you,🤮🤮 get ready to get a real job now, no more begging on you tube

    Be ThechangeBe Thechange3 ore fa

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  • Snowmun🤗😍

    Sheila AthaySheila Athay3 ore fa
  • thumbs down for ads in middle of freaking video

    marcus blackmarcus black4 ore fa
    • If your a ITworldsr then you need ads. They need money

      Morgan HillMorgan Hill2 ore fa
  • i love you kara and Nate as you make me want to travel every day

    George OliverGeorge Oliver4 ore fa
  • Visit Ohiopyle State Park and water falls in SW PA in early October when it is in full fall color.

    Mike SpikedogMike Spikedog5 ore fa
  • Hope you come to Louisiana soon ❤️

    Asia DickersonAsia Dickerson7 ore fa
  • Dinner and drinks in California with IG @doneatstheworld

    Don LeyDon Ley9 ore fa
    • Lovely, I'm coocking. Donald.... I'm coocking agin.....FFS. Sorry, kids...I cook. ANYTHING.

      Don LeyDon Ley9 ore fa
    • Im coocking.

      Don LeyDon Ley9 ore fa
    • With me, my first wife, her boyfriend and AT LEAST one Grandson.

      Don LeyDon Ley9 ore fa
    • i dig you guys intensely.

      Don LeyDon Ley9 ore fa
  • Maybe stupid question but why do you need to find a dumping station why can't you dump it outside? How is it any different than having to urinate outside or animals going out side

    Smiley's Critter CircusSmiley's Critter Circus11 ore fa
  • Wait, you guys would leave the wilderness to find someplace to put a gallon or so of urine? The wilderness where big mammals live? The wilderness they pee in?

    Emerson WhiteEmerson White13 ore fa
  • North Dakota is most definitely the Badlands.

    Mitch HalsethMitch Halseth13 ore fa
  • Urine is so good for plants. Just dump it on the ground. When you come to Wyoming don’t go to Jackson, hit the small towns!

    Susie EdwardsSusie Edwards14 ore fa
  • Finallllly!!! Yes! If you guys swing by we lmk- all kinds of wonderful hidden gems to show ya! Or tell ya 😷🤣

    Emiy FarryEmiy Farry14 ore fa
  • When you cone to Iowa I would love to meet you 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    Ashley LeNeeAshley LeNee14 ore fa
  • Love this video. When you come to ! Massachusetts come to a WooSox game with us. The Red Sox minor league ballpark opens up this spring! Great restaurants in the area too. We would be happy to show you around. Safe travels.

    Denise ForbesDenise Forbes14 ore fa
  • In Michigan, go to Frankenmuth!

    Jennifer FennJennifer Fenn14 ore fa
  • When you guys go to New York. Go to Wesley island state park. I go camping there every year and it is the best place you can go in NY. You need to rent a boat and go out on the river. So nice

    Chizzles playzChizzles playz15 ore fa
  • why the hell don't you buy a house and start a family!????????!??? 🙄

    Lauren ManteigaLauren Manteiga15 ore fa
  • Too many commercials!

    BarooBoos BasenjisBarooBoos Basenjis15 ore fa
    • gotta pay for that tank f uck up

      Lauren ManteigaLauren Manteiga15 ore fa
  • Natchitoches Louisiana is the oldest city in the Louisiana purchase

    Elizabeth Stephens-ViteElizabeth Stephens-Vite15 ore fa
  • Jesus Christ loves you and He died for you:)

    Paul CimijottiPaul Cimijotti16 ore fa
  • I am so excited for you to come to PA! You have to come to Unionville and Kennett for the country small town living!!!!

    Lily HannumLily Hannum17 ore fa
  • Drive your van up to Twin Lakes and camp. Down Mt Baker highway east of Bellingham WA. Twin lakes road takes you up to the top of a mountain where you can camp between 2 glacier fed lakes with 360 views and tons of trails! There is a gravel road that takes you all the way up to twin lakes!

    cole allaincole allain18 ore fa
  • South Dakota will not disappoint, check out the Badlands National Park and the Black Hills. They are beautiful. It was a pleasant surprise on our cross country road trip in 2019.

    Alicia HupprichAlicia Hupprich18 ore fa
  • anyone else love the kara nate eamon and bec podcast collab?!

    Lifeinrosegold & 진Lifeinrosegold & 진19 ore fa
  • Also come into kemmerer wy it’s a nice little small town with riverside rv parking and tons of stuff to do

    Aaron! DespainAaron! Despain19 ore fa
  • i love this couple

    Chris Kusinero AdventuresChris Kusinero Adventures19 ore fa
  • In idaho there are a couple of ghost towns that you would have some fun in

    McCloud 8McCloud 819 ore fa
  • Go to Key West or New Orleans and the Cajun Country.

    Rob ChenowethRob Chenoweth20 ore fa
  • Very useful for me 🥰

    Asrar MohmandAsrar Mohmand20 ore fa
  • CT has nothing fun, you should probably just drive by it i a video and call it that

    Maci MorgMaci Morg20 ore fa
  • I am so excited go to Nebraska at Omaha or Lincoln

    Brianna DubonBrianna Dubon21 ora fa
  • If you are going to New Mexico, there is the gallina canyon ranch. It is incredible, not on public land and their is great hiking and some ruins.

    m Gunterm Gunter21 ora fa
  • Gotta visit Pittsburgh in the summer!

    Roman LamagnaRoman Lamagna21 ora fa
  • Love the enthusiasm! Love your video's. Tampa: Florida: Y'bor City. I was so fortunate to have lived in the town of Brandon, Bloomingdale. Hillsborough County. Just outside of Tampa. While hubby and I were on an L1/L2 Working visa from South Africa. Bern's Steakhouse is a must try 😊

    Celeste De WetCeleste De Wet22 ore fa
  • O my gosh!!! Come to Maryland!!

    Samantha DonaldsonSamantha Donaldson22 ore fa
  • Wonderful✨😍 sharing and good work🙋 full watching from India💐 stay connected and stay safe 💕

  • You have to go to Casey Illinois!!! is their website! My family went and we had sooo much fun it's the cutest small town ever!

    AAliyah MyaAAliyah Mya23 ore fa
  • You need to do the bourbon trail in kentucky. Beautiful countryside!

    Sandra HarperSandra Harper23 ore fa
  • I love how one year ago you had completed the huge goal of 100 countries. . . And 1 million subs. Now you’re at home for a year and you blow way past the 2 million subs 😳 Keep that momentum going!

    Kip KlineKip Kline23 ore fa
  • 1. There are lots of international places you can go to still. 2. Don’t come to Wyoming already have to many “ influencers” have already started to ruin this peaceful state.

    Ben StanleyBen Stanley23 ore fa
    • If you two stop through Ohio, can you swing by and pick me up?

      doliio volaydoliio volay22 ore fa
  • If y'all don't go to the Indy 500...

    sailorstatrlightsailorstatrlightGiorno fa
    • of Engineers R&D Center's "Waterways Experiment Station" -- aka ERDC.

      doliio volaydoliio volay22 ore fa
  • This is awesome!! Sry I’m late..

    Lune et étoilesLune et étoilesGiorno fa
  • Pleeeeeaase come to Okoboji, Iowa!!

    mamadekk 3mamadekk 3Giorno fa
  • What brand mattress is that again??

    Stephanie WebbStephanie WebbGiorno fa
  • This is so exciting! Really looking forward to these new videos.

    ManonManonGiorno fa
  • Ohhh, spotted a YJ [ ] |||| [ ]

    Charlie_XCharlie_XGiorno fa
  • Hate to say it like this but everyone who's not rich elite nwo should move out of their homes and make property owners have to sell their properties. The level of greed from landlord and property owners is insane and they need to default and lose their properties and go into bankruptcy. Landlords are by far the laziest most worthless class of people and they should all lose their properties.

    Fredfred BurgerFredfred BurgerGiorno fa
  • Tell me when you are heading to Wisconsin!

    Sisters LuckSisters LuckGiorno fa
  • OMG When you go to Louisiana can you go to Lake Charles

    Halle CalvertHalle CalvertGiorno fa
  • 😭😭 she didn’t like what he was doing to the bed at alll

    That Cape Town KidThat Cape Town KidGiorno fa
  • 😆

    That Cape Town KidThat Cape Town KidGiorno fa
  • I recommend nepal 🇳🇵 to visit 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

    Sumitra Shrestha karmacharyaSumitra Shrestha karmacharyaGiorno fa
  • Montana! ❤️

    Ty BurhamTy BurhamGiorno fa
  • When did they come to New York?

    SomeoneSomeoneGiorno fa
  • When you visit Mississippi I highly recommend you stop in Vicksburg, MS. Historic town with a historic Civil War battlefield, Lower Mississippi River Museum, and the Mississippi river in general. I would be happy to connect with the Mayor (George Flaggs) and the visitor center folks. If you are interested I can attempt to arrange a tour of the US Army Corps of Engineers R&D Center's "Waterways Experiment Station" -- aka ERDC.

    Lon PribbleLon PribbleGiorno fa
  • If you two stop through Ohio, can you swing by and pick me up?

    packleader87packleader87Giorno fa
  • My wife and I are excited you are going to visit our great State of Oklahoma! Don’t really is awesome in OK. Many great things to see but we do have a few unique attractions. Tulsa is the former “Oil Capital of the World” and ground zero for the oil boom that helped form Oklahoma in the early 1900’s. Tulsa and the Golden Driller would be an excellent stop for you two...and a great video segment. Let us know when you visit!!!!

    John HarkinsJohn HarkinsGiorno fa
  • How about a list of the States you'll be coming to? Also, will you be taking any side trips into States with sites that happen to be along the way? (edit) Oh! Did you get your drone license while in the peak Covid panic lock down?

    riftaloperiftalopeGiorno fa
  • Yeah. No. That 💩 ain't leaving anytime soon. So give us USA scenery!! We need something new. Gimme!

    Angela LAngela LGiorno fa
  • As a Belgian who loves the States, I loved this video!!!! Every year (pre-covid) I travelled a month through the States... I've been in 46 out of 50. (Yes, I'm very proud of this!) It all started with my dead who was obsessed, the first time we did the west coast, the next time the Route 66. We fell in love. And we made it a tradition. Every 8 years we do the Route 66 all over again. (from Chicago to La). Did it 2,5 times already. Some states we double or triple, just because we can. And I think it's AWESOME. Every state has something unique. The only 4 states left on our list before we hit the big 50 are: Alaska, Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota. So if the pandemic ever stops, I hope to end my list. (; And maybe I'll start over... :p I'm looking forward to these video's!!!!!! With a lot of love, straight from Belgium Anne

    Ladie_MagpieLadie_MagpieGiorno fa
  • I think you guys should amend the goal to be all inhabited us territories and states! Everyone forgets about the territories! Every one of them has a unique culture that's almost international feeling and we can still travel there :) ALSO since no one remembers we have territories you guys can literally be the first ITworlds travel channel to acknowledge their beauty (at the beach like the old days lol)

    joshuajoshuaGiorno fa
  • When you come to Washington come to Kennewick

    Cooper BeasonCooper BeasonGiorno fa
  • When you get to Alaska let me know! I know all the best "hidden" places. hah

    Jimmy OpinskyJimmy OpinskyGiorno fa
  • You should visit Portland in Oregon and camas in Washington!

    Kali BeaulieuKali BeaulieuGiorno fa
  • You’re niece is adorable 🥰 ! Come to CT and see the biggest casino in the country “Foxwoods Resort and Casino”.

    Wanda RodriguezWanda RodriguezGiorno fa
  • Pennsylvania -- Gettysburg. Philadelphia. Pocono mountains.

    Margonfly MariettaMargonfly MariettaGiorno fa
  • Let me know when y’all are in Alaska :) I’ll show you all they awesome places to visit!!!

    AK 907AK 907Giorno fa
  • Kara and Nate = Kate Middleton and Ronaldo

    Poorva KharePoorva KhareGiorno fa
  • If you go to NC you should visit Mount Olive I think they have this place called Grady's

    Amiyah FordAmiyah FordGiorno fa
  • I’m glad your working on the upgrades. The other van was nice but your van is more of a homey personalized feel to it.

    klutzycutieklutzycutieGiorno fa
  • From Wyoming trying to find a good idea for you guys but not working out. Also right now a lot of people in Wyoming are not wearing masks so would wait later for wyoming. I love your videos and they make my day

    michaela bellmichaela bellGiorno fa
  • I’m sorry, but is either I’m getting blind or getting old! I thought you mentioned you guys traveled 20 states already, but if not mistaken I counted 21 states highlighted. I’m in NJ and I have no clue of my own states, maybe I’ll stay tuned and learn something from you guys of my state. All I can tell you of Utah, Washington, Maine, Wyoming, Arizona ,Vermont, New Hampshire and Alaska that I love the most. I’m a nature lover as you can see by the choice of states. Myself has been to 26 states so far and drove through 3 states. I look forward to your new discovery for my next adventure.

    Jedi StarJedi StarGiorno fa
  • Mackinac Island in Michigan is so cool and unique. You guys will love it. Love your channel!

    Sophie TitusSophie TitusGiorno fa
  • Come to Huntsville, Alabama!! I want to meet y’all!!!

    Hannah StephensHannah StephensGiorno fa
  • I can help you with New Hampshire!! I will gladly show you around!

    elena marcotteelena marcotteGiorno fa
  • Columbus, Indiana is known worldwide for its spectacular mid-century modern architecture and art. It’s also the setting for the recent award winning film, “Columbus,” which highlighted the art and architecture. It would definitely be doable during COVID, since there are plenty of self guided walking tours where you can see the art and architecture.

    Doreen WDoreen WGiorno fa
  • I know you’ve already been to Maine, buuuuuut: New Hampshire has one as well:

    Jocelyn L'ItalienJocelyn L'ItalienGiorno fa
  • Which mattress topper is that?

    Gossip GalGossip GalGiorno fa
  • When you go to Connecticut, go to New Haven and get pizza. You can see Yale campus while in the city too.

    Janae OwenJanae OwenGiorno fa
  • Help

    Hari HariHari HariGiorno fa
  • Hopefully, the Delaware Beaches,.

    maxine olivermaxine oliverGiorno fa
  • Ooops-My State is Delaware(Wilmington).😁

    maxine olivermaxine oliverGiorno fa
  • Around I-287 - the back of (and vicinities of)New Jersey ,some of New York, and Connecticut; The Delaware beaches; Vicinities around Bemidji, Minnesota ;Havre De Grace, Md.-coastal; The creeks, rivers, and winding roads to farmhouses and small(or large)towns between Maryland and Pennsylvania; and cover as much as you can of Montana. I've been to and have lived in some of these States. I hope that this little bit of info. helped.😊

    maxine olivermaxine oliverGiorno fa
  • Living in Tennessee (close to Nashville) but being from Louisiana, I can't wait to see where you choose to visit!

    Patricia HinerPatricia HinerGiorno fa

    Viola PettitViola PettitGiorno fa
  • The keewenaw Peninsula in Michigan. You can find the start of highway 41.

    Berfy2 MichiganBerfy2 MichiganGiorno fa