Customising My New Hypercar!! | Nico Rosberg

20 nov 2020
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Insane: World’s fastest accelerating Hypercar! I’m customising my New Rimac Concept Two and I need your help: Which colour should I choose - comment below your favourite?! Subscribe to my channel, so you don’t miss me driving the Prototype in the next video:
Content Guide:
0:00 Customising My New Hypercar
0:05 Part 1: Factory Tour
0:48 Customising the Rimac Concept Two
1:45 Which colour?
2:28 Option 1
2:48 Option 2
3:18 Option 3
4:42 Tech Talk in a Prototype with Mate Rimac
10:14 Factory Tour Part 2
20:30 Driving the Prototype! Preview Part 3
Customising my new Rimac C_Two in Croatia with Mate Rimac at their Rimac Headquarters! This is part two of my video series - make sure to check out our exclusive Hypercar Factory Tour in case you’ve missed part one: I definitely need your help, so comment below which colour and interior you would choose for the Rimac Hypercar? You’ve already helped me with my previous “I’m Buying a Hypercar” video - so I count on you ;) Also let me know how you liked the Tech Talk between Mate and me 😃
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  • I’m customising my New Rimac Concept Two and I need your help: Which colour should I choose - comment below your favourite?! Subscribe to my channel, so you don’t miss me driving the Prototype in the next video:

    Nico RosbergNico Rosberg4 giorni fa
    • Green beacus rare or something like that

      Azarya GenoAzarya Geno10 ore fa
    • My first choice is option 2 and the second choice is option 3 :-)

      Kenneth Bay SmidtKenneth Bay Smidt15 ore fa
    • Black

      Riccardo BRiccardo B17 ore fa
    • British racing green

      Anubhav BhattacharyaAnubhav Bhattacharya19 ore fa
    • Emerald Green

      Alwin TulferAlwin Tulfer19 ore fa
  • Where are the bright colors?

    DaBaltimoronDaBaltimoron5 ore fa
  • option 3

    Dwajin KoppunooriDwajin Koppunoori5 ore fa
  • 120 percent British Racing green

    TTYBOTTYBO5 ore fa
  • option 2

    Bitcoin BulletinBitcoin Bulletin6 ore fa
  • hearing nico talk about the complexity of the cars and driving in f1 is unreal. this channel is sick.

    LovinPavanLovinPavan8 ore fa
  • Is it just me or does he look kinda like the guy from what’s inside

    JonathanJonathan9 ore fa
  • Nico the green looks great.

    lotus espritlotus esprit9 ore fa
  • Didn’t realize Nico Rosmery is the next Kaitlyn Jenner !????

    Rapido20Rapido209 ore fa
  • Black exterior with burgundy interior! 👌 red exterior doesn't match the vibe of this car IMO

    V GV G9 ore fa
  • Black and red are way too common, which is boring. Green is cool and unique.

    Jason EisenbergJason Eisenberg10 ore fa
  • Nico Rosberg aka Homelander

    Selçuk GüneşSelçuk Güneş10 ore fa
  • blk

    Victor BoinetVictor Boinet10 ore fa
  • option 3

    Brad WrightBrad Wright11 ore fa
  • Option 1 is sick

    TimoyoungsterTimoyoungster11 ore fa
  • British racing green with a darker cognac interior

    Travis QuartzTravis Quartz11 ore fa
  • Hey Nico......Do you want to talk about "The Global Reset"?????

    milliewraymilliewray11 ore fa
  • I like that CEO. Perfectionist, making sure the part which you can't even see look good.

    Hamza ChaudhryHamza Chaudhry12 ore fa
  • I wish I had the same problem. I don't like green in particular (love purple colors/tints) but it's the best fit imho (British Racing Green)

    Deech DuboisDeech Dubois12 ore fa
  • black

    indusrtialindusrtial12 ore fa
  • Papaerwork Guy: Please gimme 1.9 mill... ME: JUST TAKE MAH CREDIT CARD (I DONT HAVE ONE)

    Bohan YuanBohan Yuan12 ore fa
  • option 3

    TencuidadinTencuidadin13 ore fa
  • British green ! 😍

    Benedict ZachorodnyBenedict Zachorodny13 ore fa
  • As Christian Bale asked Morgan Freeman: is it also available in black?

    Jörg WesthuesJörg Westhues13 ore fa
  • I'd go for the red version. The black, you don't really see all the exquisite curves and sculpture of the car, the green is really classy, but maybe, like you say Nico, not aggressive enough? Enjoy the configuring process and the drive!

    Jonathan FletcherJonathan Fletcher14 ore fa
  • Black with red leather and gun metal alloys

    niel thakrarniel thakrar14 ore fa
  • Orange

    0123456789abc decghijklmn0123456789abc decghijklmn14 ore fa

    0123456789abc decghijklmn0123456789abc decghijklmn14 ore fa
  • Black with red or dark gray pin stripping

    The Forever LastingThe Forever Lasting14 ore fa
  • Option 2

    Oh My Goal ArabOh My Goal Arab14 ore fa
  • Lik šupčina gleda s prezirom, poslali ga iz mercedesa ili slicno da spijunira i snimi sve usput

    veljko obradovicveljko obradovic15 ore fa
  • BRG all the way. It’s pure class.

    ICSICS15 ore fa
  • Definitely option 3! Love the British racing green

    Paul KellyPaul Kelly16 ore fa
  • Green. pronounces the shape and edges better than black and red looks to much like a Ferrari.

    BitMasterBitMaster16 ore fa
  • red!

    Ed BondEd Bond16 ore fa
  • Option 3 looks amazing!

    Cae FernandesCae Fernandes16 ore fa
  • green

    Ardis BllacaArdis Bllaca16 ore fa
  • I'd go option 3, its design at the front is too different to a ferrari to have the red (looks a little out of place) and the black doesn't feel racey/aggressive enough in my opinion - I love a different colour for the accent of the cars aero/features.

    HazzaMoreHazzaMore16 ore fa
  • Option 3 for sure. Green is gorgeous. Really shows off the lines of the car and the contrast with the interior is really badass.

    Kellin PatlerKellin Patler16 ore fa
  • What a hard choice but do have to say I really love the Green as it looks so timeless. So Option 3 I say :)

    Lord_ActurusLord_Acturus16 ore fa
  • Mate Rimac… BMW E30 M3! Good man!!!

    Ryan BaptisteRyan Baptiste17 ore fa
  • Option 3

    Marco BruinsmaMarco Bruinsma17 ore fa
  • The part for the confidential are for Bugatti 100%

    RemiXRemiX17 ore fa
  • option 3 !

    aalexis Paalexis P17 ore fa
  • Rojo!!

    Jorge MaciasJorge Macias17 ore fa
  • Option 3

    Loic RelereLoic Relere17 ore fa
  • 1 - Green, 2 - Red, 3 - Black

    Adam McVeighAdam McVeigh18 ore fa
  • Red!

    kaukaohukaukaohu18 ore fa
  • British green with RIMAC's Camouflage pattern 🙏 🤭🤭🤭

    Stjepko MamicStjepko Mamic18 ore fa
  • black is the best one..but i think the green one will be unique

    simone ipnotikasimone ipnotika18 ore fa
  • Batmobile

    Will HardingWill Harding18 ore fa
  • option #1

    Andrew GosenAndrew Gosen19 ore fa
  • Has to be the green. It looks sooooo good

    PurplePineapplePurplePineapple19 ore fa
  • Option 3

    Blue ParaBlue Para19 ore fa
  • Petronis Green was the obvious choice for me but British Racing Green is the next best thing.

    Jim WoodJim Wood19 ore fa
  • Option 1

    Niklas OettelNiklas Oettel19 ore fa
  • Option 3

    Marina HinicMarina Hinic19 ore fa
  • Option 1, but with red interior and matching red calipers

    Stefan PeterssonStefan Petersson19 ore fa
  • Customizing *

    Nurullah SavurNurullah Savur19 ore fa
  • Why you have the rear wing up for most downforce for drift? Isnt the idea to brake the traction more easy?

    opexoopexo20 ore fa
  • Please Option 3 is so clean!

    Drew ArmstrongDrew Armstrong20 ore fa
  • Green for the win, also it represents "green power"

    Sergii StepanovSergii Stepanov20 ore fa
  • Black or British racing green

    Rishabh RoyRishabh Roy20 ore fa
  • The egg made that

    Tj HoseinTj Hosein20 ore fa
  • option 3 that british racing green is stunning.

    Gem StyGem Sty20 ore fa
  • Green

    vincent bollenvincent bollen20 ore fa
  • i've had several black cars, they are amazing, but for this car do not choose black. You can't "see" the car in black. This car really deserves to be seen! Please choose something that pops. Red is great but indeed you will occasionally get it mistaken for Ferrari and this is something that must be avoided. Something like light grey, metallic grey or gunmetal grey, for sure not dark grey, or something in king purple tone, or magenta. Not white, not red, not black, not blue, maybe green, not yellow. Maybe cyan, actually the only one color that i'd choose from one really fast car to another is absolutely the same color like Aston Martin Vanquish from Top Gear: Series 19, Episode 2 USA road trip from Las Vegas to Los Angeles and then on to Palm Springs

    opexoopexo20 ore fa

    Kalle LumpusKalle Lumpus20 ore fa
  • Red

    Adem GamperAdem Gamper20 ore fa
  • Colour: A combination of 3rd from right and 4th from right... That would be sick!

    Bharat LagaliBharat Lagali20 ore fa
  • Hey man, Why did you take the legends? put it back, please

    Marcos PurificaçãoMarcos Purificação21 ora fa
  • Silver, Blue or Green. No reason for black. Black is for company cars.

    PenkillerDIYPenkillerDIY21 ora fa
  • Intro “CHILL’s” 🥶

    INTOKU-LordKenjiSama :7主𝕛𝕒𝕡𝕒𝕟⦿INTOKU-LordKenjiSama :7主𝕛𝕒𝕡𝕒𝕟⦿21 ora fa
  • where's the Merc?

    gst69mangst69man21 ora fa
  • option 1

    KnallFroschTVKnallFroschTV21 ora fa
  • Black

    Pe TerPe Ter21 ora fa
  • Option 2 looks bad ass.

    BrotherBrother21 ora fa
  • Blackkkkkkk!!!!!

    Janani KesamneniJanani Kesamneni21 ora fa
  • That part belongs to the Pininfarina Battista

    Hathim shaazHathim shaaz21 ora fa
  • Ofcourse without a second thought a go ahead for classic green ... it will also be an expression of ur passion for environment and green future ... it will be a reflection of ur thinking ... that’s my thought 💭 and reason to it .. hope it helps . Danke Nico

    Arsh PervezArsh Pervez21 ora fa
  • Option 3! Definitely the best.

    TeemetoTeemeto21 ora fa
  • OPTION 3 !!!!!! OPTION 3 !!!!!! OPTION 3 !!!!!! OPTION 3 !!!!!! OPTION 3 !!!!!! OPTION 3 !!!!!! OPTION 3 !!!!!! OPTION 3 !!!!!! OPTION 3 !!!!!! OPTION 3 !!!!!! OPTION 3 !!!!!! OPTION 3 !!!!!!

    cowboydomcowboydom21 ora fa
  • RIMAC's Camouflage pattern is my absolute favourite - really!

    doliio volaydoliio volay21 ora fa
  • This kind of running a company would be impressive even in USA. The fact that someone is doing it in this part of the world is nothing short of miracle. Full on admiration and respect from Serbia.

    ProtecThorProtecThor21 ora fa
  • Ferrari red

    Tushar BansodTushar Bansod22 ore fa
  • Option 1+2 i think black with red accents

    legojasper13legojasper1322 ore fa
  • Clear coat pure carbon - kind of black👍 😄

    Fredrik BarréFredrik Barré22 ore fa
  • Engine sound is...awful :(

    Rex na JutubieRex na Jutubie22 ore fa
  • Rosberg = DEEP STATE ...

    gilloux95gilloux9522 ore fa
  • The red does look amazing , black is also a great looking colour

    SteveSteve22 ore fa
  • Schwarz ist ein richtiger Bomber 💪🏼 grün ist auch heftig aber persönlich bin ich kein Fan von der innenraumfarbe

    RadiumRadium22 ore fa
  • Option 1

    amer tintamer tint22 ore fa
  • option 3

    John JJohn J22 ore fa
  • Man this car pulls every color off, but the red imo is just next level, and thats coming from someone that loves black everything, besides, everyone goes black so why not stand out a bit 🤷

    Nyx HypnosNyx Hypnos22 ore fa
  • Red in the front but it fades to black in the back

    Muhd AkmalMuhd Akmal22 ore fa
  • Option 3

    Giorgio BilliGiorgio Billi23 ore fa
  • Red for sure!

    J AbelzJ Abelz23 ore fa
  • Red

    Franjo BFranjo B23 ore fa
  • Option 2 is the best

    Ignacy RadziszewskiIgnacy Radziszewski23 ore fa
  • Option 3! Special Car need special optic go for it

    SpaceErgonautSpaceErgonaut23 ore fa