How To Properly Check An Airbag. Neutral Drop #Shorts

19 apr 2021
3 441 999 visualizzazioni

Cameraman shows you how to check your vehicle's airbag to make sure it works. Enjoy folks! Neutral Drop
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  • What does your ex think about their new airbag holder?

    Michael BMichael B5 ore fa
  • You will not even see the tire marks of my car hell nah

    J-kwon SmithJ-kwon Smith6 ore fa

    Servando Constantino de JesusServando Constantino de Jesus7 ore fa
  • Will good luck in the future hospital

    shadow amundsenshadow amundsen7 ore fa
  • You should rather try crashing the card in one of your walls to make sure they work

    GreatGun HaterGreatGun Hater8 ore fa
  • That my friend is what you call cocaine

    Jay MoneyJay Money9 ore fa
  • Imagine the owner of the car watching this guy cutting open the dashboard

    Geo MetallGeo Metall9 ore fa
  • You are a fool

    Dev MishraDev Mishra9 ore fa
  • Lame

    JemimakittenCatJemimakittenCat10 ore fa
  • The shit people do for views

    William MckinneyWilliam Mckinney11 ore fa
  • What a bluff

    Mr TMr T14 ore fa
  • How fucking stupid are u

    jjgaming 2019jjgaming 201914 ore fa
  • Groomi-

    AmalgoMyteAmalgoMyte15 ore fa
  • It cant work now. And it's ruened

    amanda Richardsonamanda Richardson16 ore fa
  • “Safety” Ngl I love this type of humor

    Epic SauceEpic Sauce16 ore fa
  • BOOOM knife goes flying... Very smart...

    An9L1c1smAn9L1c1sm17 ore fa
  • You ain't going to make it out alive if you do that

    Marisela GuevaraMarisela Guevara17 ore fa
  • Disliked.

    Eric SchnautzEric Schnautz17 ore fa
    • @NEUTRAL DROP yo dog when you post a video to youtube, check to make sure it's not absolute garbage. One way you can check is by seeing if it has the tiktok logo lmfaooooo

      Eric SchnautzEric Schnautz17 ore fa
    • Please please take it back please please 🤣

  • The " Yo Tony" accent tires to help sell the joke but just falls flat.

    Larry OrdineLarry Ordine17 ore fa
  • Lol

    Tri AgustinTri Agustin17 ore fa
  • To check if my cars airbag is working I crash into my house then I also see if my house wall is working

    Poly 88Poly 8817 ore fa
  • pretty sure this moron started the eat a tidepod challenge

    Tomax XXXTomax XXX18 ore fa
  • I ussualy try crashing in to a car to see if it works but yeah youre way is also good

    Tr4shGam3sTr4shGam3s18 ore fa
  • This isnt real right?

    EliKleEliKle18 ore fa
  • Bawli booje

    rahul bhardwajrahul bhardwaj18 ore fa
  • We do not cara about ur tiktok shit

    mr bokoblinmr bokoblin18 ore fa
  • Come on grow up idiot....

    Temjen WapangTemjen Wapang18 ore fa
  • 🙄🙄🙄

    Tony TTony T19 ore fa
  • Driver to a wall and ull know if it's working or not

    mubarak mohammedmubarak mohammed19 ore fa
  • How do you fix the f**king airbag

    Rubiksdude7100Rubiksdude710019 ore fa
  • Safety first!!

    Just Another HoosierJust Another Hoosier19 ore fa
  • Or you could simply crash it to find if they are working

    Rejo V RegiRejo V Regi19 ore fa
  • Uhhhh just just ask a mechanic to check if an airbag is in there instead of ruining your car

    Hiro GGGHiro GGG19 ore fa
  • Mans is a visionary

    Justin HebertJustin Hebert20 ore fa
  • You should read a book by lighting it on fire next time!!! Get it? cause that's not how you read a book... so thats funny...

    Lizard KingLizard King20 ore fa
  • Omg you're soooo funny bro, cause like cutting the airbag defeats the purpose!!! And that's probably not how you're supposed to check it lol. Effing comedy genius bro you're on another lvl with the humor.

    Lizard KingLizard King20 ore fa
    • @NEUTRAL DROP np the first ones always free, next times gonna cost you.

      Lizard KingLizard King19 ore fa
    • Why Thank You

  • I get this is an old car that he probably doesn’t use so he’s destroying it for a joke, but it wasn’t even funny so he’s just an asshole with a broken airbag

    ChillChill20 ore fa
    • Yo man chill

  • If only the airbag went off in his face 😂

    phil mundophil mundo20 ore fa
  • Dislike

    Marko JovadzicMarko Jovadzic21 ora fa
  • The only reason I'm not worried about this video is because nobody will be that stupid to repeat that

    G MG M21 ora fa
  • Every time I think that I just saw the dumbest video ever , it gets topped , so I am going to say that this is the dumbest video so far.

    James GentryJames Gentry21 ora fa
  • Are You stupid???

    El RafaEl Rafa21 ora fa
  • Our car doesnt have even a single air bag what should we do? (Im not joking frl we dont have airbags in our car)

    Mohnish GMohnish G22 ore fa
  • Stupid

    Jun SevaJun Seva22 ore fa
  • Is this suppose to be funny or stuped

    Martin FloresMartin Flores22 ore fa
  • He kinda guy to throw away food to the raccoons to see if it's tasty.

    MrSamthefanMrSamthefan22 ore fa
  • Perfect setup for Final Destination "fucked".

    krishna Awasthikrishna Awasthi22 ore fa
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💯

    Carlitos WeyCarlitos Wey23 ore fa
  • Imagine your kids watching tiktok everyday. One day. They will become an idiot

    kawai lawkawai law23 ore fa
  • Let's see how you check the coils! ⚡

    63Imp 283 2dr63Imp 283 2dr23 ore fa
  • He'll do the same thing to a bomb

    mklik4mklik423 ore fa
  • Why would you do this

    TARGET101TARGET101Giorno fa
  • Dk head ....idk why ppl post such ideot videos

    mukesh yevalemukesh yevaleGiorno fa
  • His channel should be named @NaturalSelection

    Juan Pablo VelásquezJuan Pablo VelásquezGiorno fa
  • I just lost some more brain cells

    Andrew CappinAndrew CappinGiorno fa
  • You must've had a family member die to an airbag or something bruh

    Smoke oneSmoke oneGiorno fa
  • What was the point of that , nothing , no point @ all. .

    Charles DavisCharles DavisGiorno fa
  • Your dumb af

    claPZ_ YTclaPZ_ YTGiorno fa
  • I swear , some people would do anything for attention 🤦‍♂️

    Charles CaballeroCharles CaballeroGiorno fa
    • My teachers always put that on my report card

  • I fill mine with nails to help keep me awake or die faster. Either one is fine.

    Lamon ZegelsLamon ZegelsGiorno fa
    • Ahh a thinker

  • Somebody owes someone money

    skeet shooterskeet shooterGiorno fa
  • I thought everyone did this? Remember, safety first!

    everyday adventureseveryday adventuresGiorno fa
  • You should try english classes. Mabe speech therapy

    that one guythat one guyGiorno fa
    • Your that one guy aren't you

  • Bruh if that airbag will pop up, the knife will hit you lol 😂😂😂

    Explorer TykeExplorer TykeGiorno fa
  • Its not funny 🤬🤩

    MucizemMucizemGiorno fa
  • I can't believe this one went viral

    Samuel WhiteSamuel WhiteGiorno fa
    • Same🤯


    Raffle DudasRaffle DudasGiorno fa
  • Whats the point to this video?

    Dave IDave IGiorno fa
  • He is one of the people who buys firework after testing it.

    Hardik ManvarHardik ManvarGiorno fa
  • Plot twist : *he actually does that* 😂

    Ritik RanaRitik RanaGiorno fa
  • You should have left the knife in it to protect itself against dangers and place it blade side up

    William JuniourWilliam JuniourGiorno fa
  • I guess I should just keep reading my Bible, than watching some young guy thinking how to ruin his car

    Eseoghene AsoreEseoghene AsoreGiorno fa
  • I guess I should just keep reading my Bible, than watching some young guy thinking how to ruin his car

    Eseoghene AsoreEseoghene AsoreGiorno fa
    • If you like reading fiction, Harry potter is a good read 😉

      Steven HopkinsSteven Hopkins20 ore fa
  • Cars at a junk yard lmao

    Koops WRLDKoops WRLDGiorno fa
  • Yeah, cut the only air bag and be safe... Genius level 1101

    Prites BasPrites BasGiorno fa
  • I thought its how to hide drugs 🙂😂😂😂😂😂💔💔

    Arwa AshrafArwa AshrafGiorno fa
  • Stupidity! If you cut the bag with knife, how it is going to pop up?

    Gunja RajasekharGunja RajasekharGiorno fa
  • Genius 🤯

    JOTATOES broJOTATOES broGiorno fa
  • Local mafioso:

    Johnny?Johnny?Giorno fa
  • Noice

    OidocropOidocropGiorno fa
  • That is a smart idea. Safety first!

    Brandon NelsonBrandon NelsonGiorno fa
  • Jajajajajajajajaja

    Enrique Parada SanabriaEnrique Parada SanabriaGiorno fa
  • Stupid cowboy kid

    Arek KarpArek KarpGiorno fa
  • Ah yes, I do also destroy stuff to make sure it’s real

    CayseniskitsunegamerCayseniskitsunegamerGiorno fa
  • No

    RedStoneWORLDRedStoneWORLDGiorno fa
  • I’m wondering how he gon put that peice back he said he do it every time he get inda car😭

    Sun SonSun SonGiorno fa
  • Replace that with a key of coke .. wouldn’t know the difference 😂

    Ken-JeeperKen-JeeperGiorno fa
  • I'm gonna cut the air bag to make sure it's real and I'm safe. Your passenger isn't safe now that you put holes in their airbag you're gonna get in a accident and they might not survive.

    Ghostly03Ghostly03Giorno fa
  • I need a car and a duce bag like him can cut cars up

    Jc KirbyJc KirbyGiorno fa
  • And theyn have to wastenmore money cuz You we're insecure if they airbag that u broker lmao

  • I was hoping the airbag would deploy

    shamika gomezshamika gomezGiorno fa
  • Fucken moron...

    Al BalticAl BalticGiorno fa
    • @NEUTRAL DROP oh yeah? Since when? Fucken is considered done. Fuckin is still in progress of being fucked. Get it? At least in this sentence.

      Al BalticAl BalticGiorno fa
    • You spelled fuckin wrong...if your not spelling fuckin right...

  • Huge mistake those are not cheap

    Baby BruceBaby BruceGiorno fa
    • Now you tell me

  • Make sure the engine oil is still fresh: take a bolt out from under the car and let oil leak fill about a cup up then drink then

    free cleetsfree cleetsGiorno fa
    • Then what then what😲


    Jay WabbitJay WabbitGiorno fa
  • Best part of you was left on the sheet...

    Deplorable 1Deplorable 1Giorno fa
  • And then if you get into a crash you are 80% more Likely to die :/

    Requiem A.JRequiem A.JGiorno fa
  • How u put it back in

    GavinGavinGiorno fa
  • Wtf

    Sleepr_siSleepr_siGiorno fa