I mount a MACHINE GUN on my car.

11 mar 2021
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In this video i will show you how can you make an exclusive look for your car. Of course you can only use it on closed private roads or car tuning shows.
I hope you enjoy it. :) This video cost me around 200€
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Love you guys :)

  • Hasta la vista Baby. Follow me on instagram for behind the scenes moments: instagram.com/david_mokso/ love you guys :)

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  • That is not a machine gun that is a mini gun LOL

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  • what the heck cool this car is amazing

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  • What are the songs you used in this video?

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  • I just wanted to know what country you were from or live in

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    • Sorry “live”

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    • I love in Slovakia but I am Hungarian :-)

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    • @Mokso ah

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    • I am from Hungary 🇭🇺

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  • What mustang you use

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    • 2020 GT55, 5L, 440hp💪💪

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  • Azért kíváncsi lennék mit szólnának amikor forgalomira viszed 🤣

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    • @Mokso Várom már az oroszokat hogy mikor szerelik fel a ladákat egy ilyennel (plusz egy kamerával) az elavult kézi konfliktus kezelő eszközök helyet.

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  • Can you actually shoot bullets out

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    • No :-) it is fake

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  • can you make 2 for my nissan...to scare slow people on the road

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    • @Sushanth Kancharla nope but i love to make noise😁😁😁😁

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    • Pretty sure you're an American too.

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  • this man really showed us how he shifts from park to drive, how exciting

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