Rescue Puppy Was Set On Fire And Cut Ears Off | Amazing Transformation

10 feb 2021
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Rescue Puppy Was Set On Fire And Cut Ears Off | Amazing Transformation
I realize that these pictures are hard to look at, but Kringle’s story deserves to be told and the best way that I can do that is through his pictures.
Kringle is no more than 6 weeks old. In his short life he has been to hell and back. Kringle has been severely burned and his ears have been nearly cut off. Kringle had fly larvae in his ears, which indicates this atrocity didn’t just happen. Kringle is so dehydrated that the vet couldn’t find a vein to start an iv, rather he is receiving warm SubQ fluids via catheter. He has severe septicemia (blood poisoning) and is extremely weak. Kringle is extremely critical and needs a miracle.
6 weeks old. How and why does this shit keep happening? What kind of monsters do we share this Earth and our breath with?
I don’t even know who did this to Kringle, so there won’t even be a day of reckoning. I’m having trouble forming a sentence as my mind is an emotional wasteland. I want to scream. I want to be sick. I want to hold this baby like he’s made of gold. I want to whisper to him that I love him more than life itself, even without ever having met him.
Credit to: Saving Huey Foundation with below donation infor:
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•Vet Direct - not available until I can get Kringle in the U.S.
Check our Handmade Animal Rescue Wooden:
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  • Check our Handmade Animal Rescue Wooden: Kringle is no more than 6 weeks old. In his short life he has been to hell and back. Kringle has been severely burned and his ears have been nearly cut off. Kringle had fly larvae in his ears, which indicates this atrocity didn’t just happen. Kringle is so dehydrated that the vet couldn’t find a vein to start an iv, rather he is receiving warm SubQ fluids via catheter. He has severe septicemia (blood poisoning) and is extremely weak. Kringle is extremely critical and needs a miracle

    Animal RescueAnimal Rescue15 giorni fa
    • The Saving Huey Foundation has brought this baby a new life...

      Sara CarmackSara Carmack7 ore fa
    • My highest respect to you all for helping this precious pup! My heart breaks for all that he has suffered because evil people. I would love to take this cutie! Why can't all people be like these Rescue groups? God bless you!

      DanaDana8 ore fa
    • How is he know?

      Alyona VAlyona V2 giorni fa
    • Mr. Kringle is so cute up on your shoulder and that adorable bark.🐶😍I hope the very best life for him full of love, peace and happiness. Those who hurt him are very disturbed and have no place among civilized people. The sooner they are caught and put away, the better.

      denise surberdenise surber6 giorni fa
    • Merci🙏🙏🙏🙏😔😔😔😘😘😘

      Farida ParisFarida Paris6 giorni fa
  • horror of people

  • Coitadinho 😢😢🙏😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🇧🇷

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    Χρυσαυγή Παπαδόπουλού ΜαυροειδήΧρυσαυγή Παπαδόπουλού Μαυροειδή5 ore fa
  • There is nothing I can think of bad enough to do to the person or people who did this. I pray for Kringle gets better

    SnowbirdSnowbird6 ore fa
  • Coitadinhodoguinhotaopequenojadofrendodeusdemuitadaudeseleavocedparcuidaro rigadajufa🙏🐕🙏😘👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏😥😥

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    Paloma BlancaPaloma Blanca7 ore fa
  • I want to ask again, does anyone know who did committed this travesty?

    Milton WashngtonMilton Washngton8 ore fa
  • My highest respect to you Heros that do this Awesome work to save animals from a horrible life of suffering. God will take his vengeance on these monsters that do this horrific act of Evil! They will know what suffering is all about like they put Kringle through. God bless you all who helped this cutie! Your Awesome people 🙏❤️🇺🇲

    DanaDana8 ore fa
  • I hope they find who did this and lock them up for a long time! Whoever did this is a danger to society!

    HeatherHeather11 ore fa
  • 😭😭😭❤❤❤Les Animaux😭❤

    Garance ViseGarance Vise15 ore fa
  • 💗💗💗

    Mary Anne SalvaMary Anne Salva19 ore fa
  • Finns allt för många dårar och den sista är inte född. 😡😡😡😡

    Marie CarlssonMarie Carlsson21 ora fa
  • Satanists, they are everywhere

    Carolyn MurphyCarolyn MurphyGiorno fa
  • Thank you good people!

    David ValdezDavid ValdezGiorno fa
  • A special thank you to everyone who has helped this poor little angel during his recovery. I pray that he continues to heal properly and has the love and attention he deserves. No animal should ever be abused!!

    Michelle ColleyMichelle ColleyGiorno fa
  • Hoping God knows who these POS's are and they will be judged. Or hoping they die a slow, painful, horrible death..whichever comes first 🙏🙏

    Pam SchryverPam SchryverGiorno fa
  • I sure as hell hope punishment was 10 fold because if not them little basterds or child molester that did this will do it again and again

    Richard StechRichard StechGiorno fa
  • Whoever does this to a defenseless animal will do it to a child eventually, so whoever did that should have their head bashed in 😠

    Moonshine MaryMoonshine MaryGiorno fa
  • Poor baby.. tears for this love puppy.

    Elizabeth M.C.Elizabeth M.C.Giorno fa
  • I can't stop crying😭. I pray to God the people did will be punished 🤬

    gemma uptongemma uptonGiorno fa

    Sandra HerradonSandra HerradonGiorno fa
  • Can xerofoam be used for skin growth back? I know it works really well for humans .

    MMS DCBMMS DCB2 giorni fa
  • Did this crime happen in the U.S.? Were the perpetrators caught

    Kathy KronKathy Kron2 giorni fa
  • I’m so happy to hear he’s getting better and is in no pain. Thank god there are people to help with these poor animals.

    Renee NavickasRenee Navickas2 giorni fa
  • God bless you

    Manju kaushikManju kaushik2 giorni fa
  • 가엾어라 살려주셔서감사합니다 아가야 행복하게살아라

    김명희김명희2 giorni fa
  • 💖

    Ewa GłombigEwa Głombig2 giorni fa
  • Whoever did this is more evil that satan himself.

    Maureen InglestonMaureen Ingleston2 giorni fa
  • Its so sad what the human race can do to our beautiful animals and i cant believe what this person has done to little kringle he is a beautiful little puppy and i would love to give him a excellent and loving home can you please put him on a plane and send him over to me please i will pay for everything. Anyway thanks again for what you have done for little kringle kind regards Gregory Lee from Melbourne Victoria Australia. 😁❤❤❤❤🖐.

    Greg LeeGreg Lee2 giorni fa
  • Vcs são anjos salvando anjos de 4.patas 🐾🐾🐶💖

    Juliana GomesJuliana Gomes2 giorni fa
  • can you do an update now on Kringle? Would really like to follow up on how he is doing!!!!!

    suzy jaffraysuzy jaffray2 giorni fa
  • It is totally true that there are monsters in this world. But then there are angels as well!! I look at you and i see the most wonderful angel!! Try to scream you pain out into your arm and get it out!! FYI... I have prayed that these monsters will fall into the graves they have dug for others!!!!

    suzy jaffraysuzy jaffray2 giorni fa
  • it is totally true that there are monsters in this

    suzy jaffraysuzy jaffray2 giorni fa

    Patricia PowersPatricia Powers2 giorni fa
  • That’s horrible 😢😢!! How can some one treat a live being that way . They have feelings.

    Nivida MurphyNivida Murphy2 giorni fa
  • Thank you for rescueing this puppy. Omg why cut off his ears? Oh my!!!!

    Josephine ChangJosephine Chang2 giorni fa
  • This Earth is Filled with Monsters from do Such a Evil 👹 and Horrible Act is Way Beyond Comprehension ... There's a Special Place for human Monsters like this 👹😡

    lori Sapiellori Sapiel3 giorni fa
  • Esse caso é de cortar o coração 💔 obrigada 🙏 por tudo oque fizeram por ele

    Maria Olivia Dupas VasquesMaria Olivia Dupas Vasques3 giorni fa
  • Thank you for saving him. Thank you for being kind. There will be a day of reckoning for the bastard abuser.

    Kris SisuKris Sisu3 giorni fa
  • The only thing i can say is there are Demons walking the earth disguised as humans.

    MaryAliceMaryAlice3 giorni fa
    • @laura mackey Amen !

      MaryAliceMaryAlice3 giorni fa
    • And they walk among us each and every day but our love out numbers them. Every person who helped and love Kringle are warriors for what is right and good in this world. Remember, always "fight the good fight" against evil with love and conviction in your heart, words and deeds.

      laura mackeylaura mackey3 giorni fa
  • 0bigrigad, Deus por essas pessoas Exist, enquanto uns joga fora, ainda Bem que ele foi socorrido, 0Ser humano faz muita crueldade com anjo desse, mais tenho que agradecer por tudo q vcs fazem pelos bichinhos abandonados e maltr 0bigrigad Dr por tudo Deus abençoe vcs sempre!! 🙏🐶🐶🐱🐱👍🤝🌹🌹🌹🌹

    Marlene SantosMarlene Santos3 giorni fa
  • I can not imagine who could hurt a sweet puppy this horribly. They have no heart or soul.

    Jodi YoungJodi Young3 giorni fa
  • i would truly like to murder the one responsible for that. .straight up cold blooded murder.

    Black Cat MajikBlack Cat Majik3 giorni fa
  • what kind of humans?whose done this to him?😡😡😡insane! shame on you!!! hope you can find who is that monster that responsible to this worst cruelty to the poor animal🙏🙏🙏🥺🥺🥺🐕❤️

    樫尾エミ樫尾エミ3 giorni fa
  • Absolutely heartbreaking!! I cannot even comprehend how a person could do this to a defenceless, innocent puppy. I just hope the worse of all Karma finds the evil monsters who did this. I know it will come for you!! No animal deserves to be abused, tortured, neglected and killed. Have some compassion and conscience!!

    Raine ConsulRaine Consul3 giorni fa
  • Кого кто это зделал к бешеным собакам кинуть

    Oxana ScheffnerOxana Scheffner3 giorni fa
  • Please god give me fifteen minutes with the savages that did this to that poor defenseless puppy. Someone needs to do to them what they did to this tines baby. Seeing this story broke my heart. 🙏🤗❤️ for you guys carrying for him.

    Lorraine DubzakLorraine Dubzak4 giorni fa
  • How can people be so cruel to a dog thank you for helping this sweet Soul may god bless you all your life

    Siobhan wardSiobhan ward4 giorni fa
  • Спасибо

    людмила клюдмила к4 giorni fa
  • Thank you got saving him!! People are monsters.

    Phoenix DaVidaPhoenix DaVida4 giorni fa
  • Karma will get them.

    Ann HarlondAnn Harlond4 giorni fa
  • Whoever the hell did this needs to have the same done to them. Total pieces of shit.

    Kimberly LazarovKimberly Lazarov4 giorni fa
  • So sad poor puppy, Thank You for saving life😘👏💓❤💘

    nancy wakilinancy wakili4 giorni fa
  • How can we helped with donations?? Do u have the link??

    Rowena LauRowena Lau4 giorni fa
  • Who did this is a monster who could set fire on this beautiful puppy. I wished I could adopted him. Thanks for those Angels rescuers

    Rowena LauRowena Lau4 giorni fa
  • Have a happy life sweet Kringle 💐❤️🐕

    Amelia SchassburgerAmelia Schassburger4 giorni fa
  • Masya Allah... good bless for you all...😇❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

    Te TyTe Ty4 giorni fa
  • I hope they catch whoever did this!!!!

    Jan GiffinJan Giffin4 giorni fa
  • Thank you all for what you are doing for Kringle, he is so handsome and precious.....I I am not usually a violent person, but I do have a raging temper I blame my heritage I have it under control....but when I see this I just want to get a hold of the subhuman or sub-human's that did this to Kringle and let it go with a Baseball bat....and let the sadistic POS that did this to him know what real pain feel like.....

    Hell Hound45Hell Hound454 giorni fa
  • Point out the person who did this to you baby.

    Judith BoltzJudith Boltz4 giorni fa
  • How evil to do that to a puppy; or any dog. I am so glad Kringle is slowly getting better.

    Penny BrannonPenny Brannon4 giorni fa
  • ❤️🐶❤️😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘❤️🐶❤️

    Arlu ArgiArlu Argi4 giorni fa
  • Heartless People will suffer for the rest of their life 🤬

    Ma. Reyn TriñoMa. Reyn Triño4 giorni fa
  • I’m so sorry someone did this to you sweet brave beautiful angel and sending love and continued healing and praying for your long happy life sweetheart xxx you are loved ❤️

    annie hallannie hall4 giorni fa
  • Thank you my Lord for the angels you place in these beautiful animals lives to save them. The people that do these things are the real animals in the world.

    RozN4 GomezRozN4 Gomez4 giorni fa
  • How can people do this to these animals.

    Bonnie HuffBonnie Huff4 giorni fa
  • Thank for you saving Dog!🐶🐶🐕🐕🐕❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Anna Carla Silva AloisioAnna Carla Silva Aloisio4 giorni fa
  • GOD BLESS you all for having such loving hearts

    Robert VasquezRobert Vasquez4 giorni fa
  • This literally broke my heart. People are so evil sometimes. Thank God for those with good hearts 🙏

    Mae AllenMae Allen4 giorni fa
  • This infuriates me do the same thing to them

    Connie HastyConnie Hasty5 giorni fa
  • Bless this sweet boy. My heart breaks a little more with every video I see. This world is cruel. We need to love these beloved animals as they love us unconditionally x

    Robyn DobellRobyn Dobell5 giorni fa
  • Hang in there little buddy ! Kringle you are in good hands with animal rescue and god has you as well ! The monster that did this cruel and inhuman act will get his ! Prayers for this little fur baby 💕💕💕

    Tina ButkusTina Butkus5 giorni fa
  • The person who did this should be castrated and put in a mental hospital.

    Dawn KirkeDawn Kirke5 giorni fa
  • Essas pessoas são anjos! Deus os abençoe pela generosidade e salvamento dessas vidas lidas!!!

    Dra Carla Cristina LopesDra Carla Cristina Lopes5 giorni fa
  • I'd rather hear about this happening to a person than a poor defenceless pup, that's just broke ma heart, I hope karma catches up and pays back double!, much love to the rescuers💚🙏🏽

    ZeeGee The legendary super Saiyan!ZeeGee The legendary super Saiyan!5 giorni fa
  • Theres so many evil people cant even think whst they would do to a human

    Rita MerrillRita Merrill5 giorni fa
  • There are some very bad people in this world, and I use the term **people** loosely.

    John HancockJohn Hancock5 giorni fa
  • Please all I want is 2 minutes with the son of a bitch that did this to such a sweet baby. Thankyou for being its guardian angel. God bless you and the others that r making a new compassionate life for him.

    Claudia PharaohClaudia Pharaoh5 giorni fa
  • Cómo puede alguien lastimar a un ser tan inocente

    Erii SaffireErii Saffire5 giorni fa
  • Natural oil with vitamins is great ! You are amazing people ! Thank You ! 😘♥️♥️♥️❣️❣️❣️💓💓💓

    Cendrillon DanielaCendrillon Daniela5 giorni fa
  • Wtf, society doesn't need humans who'd do such a thing to a helpless creature. I applaud you for what you are doing to help this little ray of sunshine recover x

    Joanna BarnesJoanna Barnes5 giorni fa
  • Thank you for saving Kringle! I wish I had the resources to help animals like this. I hope whom ever did this is in jail or worse. People like that don’t deserve to even breathe. It don’t make no sense.

    Vicki MowbrayVicki Mowbray5 giorni fa
  • I know what I’d like to see happen to the monsters that did this,but it’ too gruesome to say out loud.Hope they have an excruciating death.The angels who are doing everything for Kringle,deserve all the best the world can offer.Bless you all.

    Cathy SerafinowiczCathy Serafinowicz5 giorni fa
  • Господи, накажи этих нелюдей

    Катерина ПерепелкинаКатерина Перепелкина5 giorni fa
  • Poor baby, how can anyone be so cruel, pure evil, karmas has its way of revenge and it will come get you whoever did this, what kind of evil monsters are you, if you are capable of doing this to animals your capable of doing that to humans, hope you never have children, you know who you are, and you will pay with your life no one gets away with crime and your time is on a count down. You will make a mistake you evil peace of shit. Thank God for all the rescue personnel and vets that are working to give him/her a second chance at life bless you 🙏❤all thank you, So heartbreaking to watch

    Margaret CourtoreilleMargaret Courtoreille6 giorni fa
  • I’m sorry, I just can’t understand the anger or frustration or the emptiness or the self-loathing one must have to visit this type of harm to a defenceless, innocent,harmless living thing. Personally, I think whoever is responsible should be eliminated and forgotten about, kind of like an old hurt you once had, but no longer think about. The will to survive is great, and this little fella has more heart than 10 of the people that hurt him. He will survive.

    Phil MayPhil May6 giorni fa
  • This breaks my heart 😭

  • Looking foward to see his full recovery! God bless you all.

    Lizzy Bobadilla RocaLizzy Bobadilla Roca6 giorni fa
  • Anybody who does this an animal should be cruelly punished as to the magnitude that they harmed this innocent puppy you what Gods judgement comes to the person who did this, I hope he shows them no mercy for this. That was beyond cruel

    Star childStar child6 giorni fa
  • Es solo un Bebé 🍼 por q , dejan a todos los q hacen daño, sin castigo, lo justo como se merecen ; gracias Héroes humanos

    carolina cruzcarolina cruz6 giorni fa
  • 😘😘😘

    Warda BenzaamaWarda Benzaama6 giorni fa
  • I don't understand why .......

    geri ninogeri nino6 giorni fa
  • Какие муки принимает эта деточка маленькая, Господи! Вернись бумерангом!

    Надежда ОльховскаяНадежда Ольховская6 giorni fa

    Надежда ОльховскаяНадежда Ольховская6 giorni fa
  • his eye looks like it hurts :(

    Destry SringfieldDestry Sringfield6 giorni fa
  • I really hate human so bad pray for poor fur baby get better and loving home Amen i wish i can have you my darling 😘😢😢😢😢😢

    Lavie Suriya QuangLavie Suriya Quang6 giorni fa
  • Many people have convinced themselves there are no gates of hell.

    Sandra OlearySandra Oleary6 giorni fa

    RepentUK LondonWatchman137RepentUK LondonWatchman1376 giorni fa
  • 🙌🏻😊

    Elisabeth GonzalezElisabeth Gonzalez6 giorni fa