Butane Rockets 🚀 (ig: coolchemistryguy)

18 apr 2021
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  • What a sissy

    Josh YourtzJosh Yourtz39 secondi fa
  • What a waste of butane

    Austin RichardAustin Richard34 minuti fa
  • That bottle flyed to mars

    YoshiakytosYoshiakytos59 minuti fa
  • How do you do you do that with water and with the Rocket borrow her to do that

    Juan MateoJuan MateoOra fa
  • Cute legs..

    Adekunle OwolabiAdekunle OwolabiOra fa
  • Nossa

    josemar lopesjosemar lopes2 ore fa
  • This is what North Korea does with their rockets 🚀

    RepuBlic Of CHADRepuBlic Of CHAD2 ore fa
  • Don't do this....please

    Solomon HeppnerSolomon Heppner3 ore fa
  • Se le salio un gesto gay al final

    Luis PaucarLuis Paucar3 ore fa
  • Get a big hoof of that chooch for optimal performance

    JakeJake3 ore fa
  • That's dope

    Brandon DixonBrandon Dixon3 ore fa
  • Naah ! I'm good ain't gonna try it, why would I 😂, for everyone who wants to try something cooler than this , ... be an astronaut ! YES YOU CAN !

    Nasser HanNasser Han4 ore fa
  • u can hurt yourself doing this kids so be careful

    sylvio Dantesylvio Dante4 ore fa
  • Netflix adaptation of bad piggies looking good I see.

    Wings-Of-Gaming 9Wings-Of-Gaming 94 ore fa
  • Dont forget to pick up the bottle

    MrRoss618MrRoss6185 ore fa
  • Weird Champ

    NSANSA5 ore fa
  • Lo vi en UPDT

    ̔̏̊MrXLasX̔̏̊MrXLasX6 ore fa
  • Держал бы ё покрепче!😆

    Роман ЕлхинРоман Елхин6 ore fa
  • Me: *Sees video* Cashier: "Wow 10 cases of water bottles? You must be really thirsty. And those are also a lot of lighter you got there"

    Allashuwa BeatzAllashuwa Beatz6 ore fa
  • what gas is that?

    Willie AlmeidaWillie Almeida6 ore fa
  • When ain’t shit else to do

    Eveistrong SaintEveistrong Saint7 ore fa
  • I’m doing it

    Fuck Youtube2.0Fuck Youtube2.07 ore fa
  • Что он туда положил??

    Pattern_kzPattern_kz7 ore fa
  • time to do some war crimes

    Lucien ElewenLucien Elewen7 ore fa
  • This guy looks so gay doing it

    LooopingLouisLooopingLouis8 ore fa
  • yes mantap ❤️

    DologamaDologama8 ore fa
  • elon mask Cry watching this

    ierfan afifiierfan afifi8 ore fa
  • Ya forgot to put don't try this at home

    8ofoeEazy Way8ofoeEazy Way8 ore fa
  • 시지프스?

    으른으른9 ore fa
  • Stupidity is alive and well.

    Dusty GloverDusty Glover9 ore fa
  • Securrrrity

    Don’t Touch It!Don’t Touch It!9 ore fa
  • What if... We lit it🔥🔥

    Nilesh BeheraNilesh Behera9 ore fa
  • "техника безопасности"? - не, не слышал!

    Gene SimonGene Simon9 ore fa
  • I got to try this

    Henri Tervonen 04Henri Tervonen 0410 ore fa
  • Just love how we are teaching kids to literally make weapons! Ahhhhh the Internet.

    Custo De SousaCusto De Sousa10 ore fa
  • Butane is a greenhouse gas, please don't do this.

    Benjamin FBenjamin F10 ore fa
  • Oh yeah I definitely have lying around the house

    I like WARZONE Grau still metaI like WARZONE Grau still meta11 ore fa
  • This is why you shouldn't do this at home!

    o ekino ekin11 ore fa
  • Fireback alert⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️

    Jarylle VallarJarylle Vallar11 ore fa
  • What if you didnt let it go? Would probably slip out of hand anyway but do you think it has the power to make sou fly?

    NøkkNøkk11 ore fa
  • Me: why is he using pliers to spray the butane into the bottle??

    Solomon's PorticoSolomon's Portico11 ore fa
  • Ka get gua goblogg

    M Dika HM Dika H12 ore fa
  • Nice

    Itz DrsumItz Drsum12 ore fa
  • Oh yh real smart until some kid has he's face taken off

    Emma NEmma N12 ore fa
  • Me when we go to McDonald's

    Sem VerheijenSem Verheijen13 ore fa
  • Instructions Unclear, I Somehow Managed To Blow My Whole Hand Off And I Am Now Currently In The Hospital 😒

    Retro.Sky_XRetro.Sky_X14 ore fa
  • What is that chemical?

    Eranda DarmarathnaEranda Darmarathna17 ore fa
  • We need bigger bottles

    Luqman 1221Luqman 122118 ore fa
  • Does rocket use this method??

    Abhishek H SAbhishek H S18 ore fa
  • The way his body moves when he already releases the bottle HAHAHAHAHAHHAA

    haysly sEcalAhaysly sEcalA19 ore fa
  • Que es eso mucha.?😅

  • 🔥🌊💦🔥🌊💦🔥🌊💦🔥🌊💦🔥🌊💦

    Don Hollywood Mack Don Hollywood MackDon Hollywood Mack Don Hollywood Mack21 ora fa
  • This should be on jack ass

    Jaden Hefington_CuhzJaden Hefington_Cuhz21 ora fa
  • Really cool

    738 0309738 030922 ore fa
  • Fake

    Lighting GuyLighting Guy22 ore fa
  • Wait... is this time travel?

    Shawn P.Shawn P.22 ore fa
  • I thought there was a warning

    Floriza Maria SevandalFloriza Maria Sevandal22 ore fa
  • 🌠⭐🌠⭐🌠⭐🌠⭐🌠

    Willie NikoWillie NikoGiorno fa
  • Imagine this hitting your head off at full speed 💀

    Just meJust meGiorno fa
  • Liar. First one has smoke.

    Jason BrodyJason BrodyGiorno fa

    Foolie Wayne the 3rdFoolie Wayne the 3rdGiorno fa
  • Easily weaponized! Death by Desani 🤘🏻🤘🏻

    S.E. SanderS.E. SanderGiorno fa
  • What’s the gas called

    Reyes K1ngReyes K1ngGiorno fa
  • Don't listen with earphones 😂🤣

    Seb ForYouSeb ForYouGiorno fa
  • Hay riesgo para los adolecentes y no husan ninguna proteccion esta impresionante pero se esta arriesgando los ojos

    Miguel PerezMiguel PerezGiorno fa
  • And everyone has a bottle of butane lying around

    Shiny PokeShiny PokeGiorno fa
  • Bro I jumped

    Topoff3800Topoff3800Giorno fa
  • Hope no young kids are watching this

    Charlie CattonCharlie CattonGiorno fa
  • I have butane in my house as well

    Cam AlexCam AlexGiorno fa
  • Cooooool

    Cam AlexCam AlexGiorno fa
  • This is how spaceX works kids.

    Nate StephensNate StephensGiorno fa
  • dude flinched like a little girl 😂

    OffThaRadarr lowkeyOffThaRadarr lowkeyGiorno fa
  • See me turn all bitch like when i let the bottle go

    chris chrischris chrisGiorno fa
  • Not me using this as an attack against the kids across the street

    P1nkFlP1nkFlGiorno fa
  • The dude changed outfits 3 times

    HardAnall Jr.HardAnall Jr.Giorno fa
  • All I heard was: “Missile inbound”

    Roblox Sasuke UchihaRoblox Sasuke UchihaGiorno fa
  • I feel like I’d tilt it in the wrong direction and get that bottle in the face

    Handle On The FridgeHandle On The FridgeGiorno fa
  • 이런짓 좀 하지 말라고 시부레 새키들아. 니들이 그 병 다시 줏으러 갈꺼야?

    Charlie W.Charlie W.Giorno fa
  • The leg kick is funny af

    08HR350z08HR350zGiorno fa
  • Excuse me sir I don’t normally have carry lighter guild with me

    Aronn AlmeidaAronn AlmeidaGiorno fa
  • I cum

    Лайк труЛайк труGiorno fa
  • Nice

    Hardcore WeebHardcore WeebGiorno fa
  • How to make a bomb (this is real tutorial don't do this at home) just use hidrogen in massive amount ànd a fire it will make a bomb atom

    FBIFBIGiorno fa
  • Imagine attaching a Gopro on that.

    Gab 1001Gab 1001Giorno fa
  • No wonder why females have longer average lifespan than males.

    feifeishuishuifeifeishuishuiGiorno fa
  • 👏👏👏

    Travel with ImranTravel with ImranGiorno fa
  • Already know 😎

    Sahil ranaSahil ranaGiorno fa
  • I've got better things to do than make homemade bombs.

    Red RebelRed RebelGiorno fa
  • Kickflip

    Ozzy CansecoOzzy CansecoGiorno fa
  • Dont forget to Wear protective eye gear

    Tam TamTam TamGiorno fa
  • He is unknowingly protecting his vital organs ..Ask the behavior panel..they'll explain..but I watched the "leg kick like 10 times anyway.😅

    TonyTonyGiorno fa
  • This is just dumb. Go buy a bottle rocket. If you can afford a lighter refill you can afford some cheap fireworks.

    William DawsonWilliam DawsonGiorno fa
  • cuZZ BWOYII u want the kidz dem try it at home😭😂😂😂😂😂

    Nicholas musiqNicholas musiqGiorno fa
  • 환경오염...

    양몰이고양몰이고Giorno fa
  • Вот почему тебе критину в башку не перелетело от души,вот тогда посмеялись бы!!!

    Валерий КолесниковВалерий КолесниковGiorno fa
  • Waste of energy

    Kedz MerinaKedz MerinaGiorno fa
  • Ima use this as a trick on my friends to see who's secretly in the closet. Who ever puts their legs up like him wins.

    Sc rowSc rowGiorno fa
    • Bruh i just noticed how fkn gay this duds mannerism is

      FlysaacFlysaac4 ore fa
    • Lmfao you dirty for that one l

      SpootermanSpooterman7 ore fa
    • Lmfao zesty as hell

      swisher sweetsswisher sweets8 ore fa
    • You're out of pocket 😂😂😂

      Reabetsoe MotjolopaneReabetsoe Motjolopane9 ore fa
    • He is really sassy

      Victor JosephVictor Joseph15 ore fa
  • Don't do this kids

    Elvings92Elvings92Giorno fa