Taylor Swift - Live at the 2019 American Music Awards

26 nov 2019
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Taylor Swift performs at the 2019 American Music Awards (November 24th, 2019)
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  • I love Taylor Swift!!! She is a dream woman!!

    ComedyR2ComedyR232 minuti fa
  • im sobbing hysterically there aren't enough words to describe how much I love her

    Tia FayedTia Fayed44 minuti fa
  • I want this playing at my wedding

    SamayaSamaya44 minuti fa
  • Ojalá algún día venga a México 😍😎

    Ana MirandaAna Miranda2 ore fa
  • November 26th ... 26.. fearless...she’s wearing gold...love story..re recordings🤩

    KarleeKarlee2 ore fa
  • The way she had fearless on the back of that jacket and when it's taken off she starts singing love story... we are fools for not getting it sooner

    Katelyn KempkesKatelyn Kempkes2 ore fa
  • 2:56 I'm a new Swifty, name of this song?

    heghdysyhsheghdysyhs2 ore fa
    • I knew you were trouble

      Ezekiel OrtizEzekiel Ortiz2 ore fa
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    Emma FragEmma Frag5 ore fa
  • Iam Spiderman. Go brake it

    Baleed AliBaleed Ali5 ore fa
  • I wonder why she didn’t sing from reputation🤔

    Joel GomezJoel Gomez6 ore fa
  • Its FEARLESS and LOVE STORY 2020 AND WE'RE NOT FALLING DOWN 🌹🐾🐾🐾❤❤💛just💍us💛❤❤🐾🐾🌹

    Roy Mathis Taylor Swift Offical Fearless AccountRoy Mathis Taylor Swift Offical Fearless Account7 ore fa
  • who else was smiling the whole time 💗💗

    Emily ChenEmily Chen8 ore fa
  • taylor with camila is supremacy ✨

    Greta GonzalezGreta Gonzalez8 ore fa
  • So perfect song that’s girl best singer in the world 😍😍

    Muhammet OğduMuhammet Oğdu8 ore fa
  • SO deserved, she keeps producing hit after hit

    LaurenLauren8 ore fa
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    terence blackledgeterence blackledge9 ore fa
  • Taylor swift is a legend this year I’m saving up money so I can go to one of her concerts since that’s my dream

    Ashlie BAshlie B9 ore fa
  • anyone here after her badass response to ginny and georgia

    nicolenicole9 ore fa
  • Still here on 2nd march 21

    Zue RosleeZue Roslee10 ore fa
  • Can someone tell me names of all the songs in this video

    Abhinay VarmaAbhinay Varma12 ore fa
  • I’m screaming! This is so beautiful 😍. Those who don’t like Tylor swift how do you y’all sleep at night?

    abel peterabel peter12 ore fa
  • T

    Charles SmithCharles Smith14 ore fa
  • if only marjorie could see her now

    Keira HawkyardKeira Hawkyard14 ore fa
  • Everybody can sing along Taylor Swift songs

    Sangay WangchukSangay Wangchuk18 ore fa
  • You know, my mum said the other day " The only reason she's famous is because her dad owns the record company" and THE WAY I LOOKED AT HER 😐🤨. Like dear ol mother who told you this information??? 😦

    Racheal BrettRacheal Brett18 ore fa
  • One of her most iconic performances...

    taylor's daylighttaylor's daylight19 ore fa
  • Taylor's smile >>>>>>>>>>>> Kanye's whole career

    taylor's daylighttaylor's daylight19 ore fa

    XazEXazE19 ore fa
  • 59 secs = Billie Eilish

    The AnonymousThe Anonymous20 ore fa
  • Lover sounds ×10000000000 romantic

    Rhonvic CunaRhonvic Cuna21 ora fa
  • I LOVE YOU ❤️🔥💗

    JAY ZAAJAY ZAA22 ore fa
  • who is the korean guy in the back? 7:58

    suckboisuckboiGiorno fa
  • Amo essa apresentação! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷💜💜

    Mariana FreireMariana FreireGiorno fa
  • Her piano has her old album names carved into the sides....God....I love her

    kekkuriikekkuriiGiorno fa
  • I miss this taylor vibe♥️♥️

    Romily DoctoleroRomily DoctoleroGiorno fa
  • Every award show she performs at she makes her own concert. Everyone having the glow up bracelets on makes me so happy

    Emerson HolleyEmerson HolleyGiorno fa
  • No but just imagine her performing at the superbowl............

    Swiftie ForeverSwiftie ForeverGiorno fa
  • Y'all hated on her for so long and for what ?? All along all she did was make incredible music . I am so proud of stanning this beautiful and talented artist .

    Swiftie ForeverSwiftie ForeverGiorno fa

    Pablo ChamorroPablo ChamorroGiorno fa
    • Its kesha

      Willmandon LyngdohWillmandon LyngdohGiorno fa
  • Wow from Bangkok

    วิทยาศาสตร์ด้านต่างๆ 1 ในหัวหอกพัฒนานวัฒนกรรม 4.0วิทยาศาสตร์ด้านต่างๆ 1 ในหัวหอกพัฒนานวัฒนกรรม 4.0Giorno fa
  • I don't think there is any person left in audience who didn't know all the songs Taylor sang in this iconic performance.

    evermore 13evermore 13Giorno fa
  • She's such a great performer. Her stage person is legit awesome 🔥

    evermore 13evermore 13Giorno fa
  • Taylor swift reminded me why i love music when blankspace came on

    Anthony JayAnthony JayGiorno fa
  • I saw Billie there and Katie perry and also Selina Gomez

    artroligist Holden Wilder Crumartroligist Holden Wilder CrumGiorno fa
    • I saw Katie in one of the front views of the crowd I’m assuming it was Katie

      artroligist Holden Wilder Crumartroligist Holden Wilder Crum14 ore fa
    • When and where did you see katy??🤔🤔

      Willmandon LyngdohWillmandon LyngdohGiorno fa
  • Kerimcan Durmaz- PEŞİMDE SINGLE "Out Now" YES STREAMMM

    Giorno fa
  • the way i only watched for this back in 2019 and i will never get over selena, andrea, and scott singing together

    Kortney A’KeileeKortney A’KeileeGiorno fa
  • The number of times I've seen this video is crazy

    Shaheera KhanShaheera KhanGiorno fa
  • Queen

    Hưởng Nguyễn VănHưởng Nguyễn VănGiorno fa
  • 💍💛🌹💛💍💛🌹💛💍I love you more than anything else..💛💛🌹 and want to come home and be happy 💛💛🌹

    Roy Mathis Taylor Swift Offical Fearless AccountRoy Mathis Taylor Swift Offical Fearless AccountGiorno fa
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Robloxgamer 2002Robloxgamer 2002Giorno fa
  • Watching Taylor Swift's performance is like ur riding a roller coaster ride omg imma stan her

    Chu ChuChu ChuGiorno fa
  • みんなアリアと。少し休むね。小名にするから見ないでね!😢😢😣😊😄😝✌️😘💚💛💜👽😄❤️💓💕💙💗💖💝💞💟💘🌇🍀

    心Cocoro心CocoroGiorno fa
  • ❤️

    Joshua loves Taylaa SwiffieeJoshua loves Taylaa SwiffieeGiorno fa
    • @Syazwi Baharuddin ❤️

      Joshua loves Taylaa SwiffieeJoshua loves Taylaa SwiffieeGiorno fa
    • yess

      Syazwi BaharuddinSyazwi BaharuddinGiorno fa
  • Her voice so amazing so beautiful in lover part that is my girl. Big fan here

    Syazwi BaharuddinSyazwi BaharuddinGiorno fa
  • The power she hold

    sonali malgesonali malgeGiorno fa
  • i still get goosbumps everytime i watch this SHE'S SO POWERFUL

    arissaarissaGiorno fa
    • yes omg

      Syazwi BaharuddinSyazwi BaharuddinGiorno fa
  • A thousands percent Great Performance

    John Daniel C. RosasJohn Daniel C. RosasGiorno fa
  • 2:46 gomez show her support to taylor

    Dich vu Mua hang myDich vu Mua hang myGiorno fa
  • I love you Taylor...

    samson umudesamson umudeGiorno fa
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    logan Farringtonlogan FarringtonGiorno fa
  • as much as I love everyone who raised me with their songs I cant imagine a single other female pop star winning this. I just realized I know every one of her songs and seeing was just amazing.

    Lucy JarvelaLucy JarvelaGiorno fa
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    logan Farringtonlogan Farrington2 giorni fa
  • The two people dancing at the end... that just blew my mind. I had to rewatch it a few times. Just so beautiful!

    Leena MLeena M2 giorni fa
  • forever a swiftie..she is a total package..

    charlyn garciacharlyn garcia2 giorni fa
    • yes of course

      Syazwi BaharuddinSyazwi BaharuddinGiorno fa
  • Where do we stand Taylor??

    Roy Mathis Taylor Swift Offical Fearless AccountRoy Mathis Taylor Swift Offical Fearless Account2 giorni fa
  • I love you 13 billion times!

    Cena Grace DelgadoCena Grace Delgado2 giorni fa
  • I can’t believe I’m barley seeing this

    hall hillahall hilla2 giorni fa
  • This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen

    hall hillahall hilla2 giorni fa
  • comfort video

    omotittyomotitty2 giorni fa
  • Still my favorite 😍

    Edward StadnickiEdward Stadnicki2 giorni fa
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    Brown BrandiBrown Brandi2 giorni fa
  • i love Taylor swift

    Brooke ThorntonBrooke Thornton2 giorni fa
  • It's my dream to attend a live concert of Taylor Swift but I don't know if it's ever gonna come true.

    Armaan HossainArmaan Hossain2 giorni fa
  • Congratulations Taylor Swift - Live at the 2019 - American Music Awards JWB BRAZIL DIVULGATIONS.

    Jose BrandaoJose Brandao2 giorni fa
  • Which song is it start 2:04

    • @chiara thank you

    • i knew you were trouble

      chiarachiaraGiorno fa
  • She's looking healthier. Look at those thighs!!! 😍😍

    CC ACC A2 giorni fa
  • I love you so much

    你在想屁吃丶你在想屁吃丶2 giorni fa
  • Sings she this live ¿

    thaddlthaddl2 giorni fa
    • yess

      chiarachiaraGiorno fa
  • ❤️

    misha mishinmisha mishin2 giorni fa
  • seriously?? the father knows “i knew you were trouble”?

    JC HouseJC House2 giorni fa
  • Did you guys ever notice that Billie Elish was there

    May WMay W2 giorni fa
    • I think Billie is one of her friends

      May WMay W2 giorni fa
  • SUPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER !!!👌😋😊💝🤗🦄🙌👏🎊🎉🤩🙃

    soulaiman aderdoursoulaiman aderdour2 giorni fa
  • Aşk kadın ya

    Dr. Spencer ReidDr. Spencer Reid2 giorni fa
  • I know all the songs!!!!!

    Dane HoskinsDane Hoskins2 giorni fa
  • "gotta long list of ex hits that will tell u she is legend coz we know we lover her so much and we love her songs "😅

    Ava JainAva Jain2 giorni fa
  • 2021 y'all?? 😃😍

    Jay-R VillanuevaJay-R Villanueva2 giorni fa
  • New subscribers here

    Brighton Lee CapirigBrighton Lee Capirig2 giorni fa
  • I've just realized that the piano has the name of her albums. 🥺❤️

    Aye SilveraAye Silvera2 giorni fa
  • Is that Bianca Belair??? 8:06

    Lara GandaLara Ganda2 giorni fa
  • 0:58 Billie was there❤️

    SanikaSanika2 giorni fa
  • TAYLOR SWIFT in Superbowl! Who's with me?? 😍❤❤❤

    Sarah Milarpis OfficialSarah Milarpis Official2 giorni fa
  • Half of theses views are mine"-"

    P BP B2 giorni fa

    Saurosabani SabaniSaurosabani Sabani2 giorni fa
  • Those moves tho. Taylor had those hips going. 🤣😜

    Jared RedmondJared Redmond2 giorni fa
  • Awesome performance

    Google UserGoogle User2 giorni fa
  • 😭

    Joshua loves Taylaa SwiffieeJoshua loves Taylaa Swiffiee3 giorni fa
  • ❤️

    Joshua loves Taylaa SwiffieeJoshua loves Taylaa Swiffiee3 giorni fa
  • Mereceu ser homenageada como cantora da década e muito mais

    Gabriel SuanGabriel Suan3 giorni fa
  • Sue Billie Lourd then

    Emma デロリ TerleckyEmma デロリ Terlecky3 giorni fa

    Mehmet ZenginMehmet Zengin3 giorni fa