Mini tutorial video. Shuffle/cuttingshapes

30 apr 2021
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  • Šikulka 👍

    Martin SMartin S3 ore fa
  • Sofia i was listening to Elvis Presley and your shuffling was in time to his music .. if you get bored one day try shuffling to Elvis for a laugh.

    Paul ReicheltPaul Reichelt10 ore fa
  • Cuantos tik toks tienes ❤️mio 💋💋y 💋a love, 💤

    Jose BarrientosJose Barrientos15 ore fa
  • 👍👍👍👍😯

    Артур КазанцевАртур Казанцев15 ore fa
  • Знаки руками Это Коза

    Михаил КомардинМихаил Комардин20 ore fa
  • Nice legs

    ShaunShaun21 ora fa
  • I watched it ten times , I must really want to learn this dance

    Dagger7mouth PVPDagger7mouth PVP22 ore fa
  • The dumbest dance ever created

    Steven AnderssonSteven Andersson22 ore fa
  • Name of Song?

    pirix78pirix7823 ore fa
  • Beautiful Women😍😍

    Andimacht DasschonAndimacht DasschonGiorno fa
  • This is actually one part of a dance that relays a secret set of encrypted messages to anyone who is watching and knows the code

    DasmusixDasmusixGiorno fa
  • Sofia ne parle pas, Sofia dance :-)

    Jean-Luc VesztergombiJean-Luc VesztergombiGiorno fa
  • Quanto sei buona!!!

    Pino DonzelliPino DonzelliGiorno fa
  • 👍👍👍👍

    LV3D OfficielLV3D OfficielGiorno fa
  • Unforgettable !!!

    Paul ServaisPaul ServaisGiorno fa
  • Очень, очень приятная девочка! Во всех отношениях.

    Александр КартошкинАлександр КартошкинGiorno fa
  • Sofia are u getting paid by ITworlds now? Please tell u r so good ,, talented, deserved to get paid for millions of views. Please tell

    Arvind LokhandeArvind LokhandeGiorno fa
  • Hello Sofia from Izmail ! Good job! 👍😉

    Andrei GarbuzAndrei GarbuzGiorno fa
  • 💯

    Dani NastaseDani NastaseGiorno fa
  • 👎🏼

    UFO PilotUFO PilotGiorno fa
  • 💪😘😘

    Petar NjegicPetar NjegicGiorno fa
  • Ooooo i tańczymy tańczymy l seed.

    Mariusz SijkaMariusz SijkaGiorno fa
  • I'm just here for the comments 🤣

    Emman AEmman AGiorno fa
  • Sofia can you make your short videos a bit longer? maybe 30 secs? 🔥🔥🔥🤩

    Victor BocharovVictor BocharovGiorno fa
  • So nice! Hope your mum goes better!

    Lorenzo CoselliLorenzo CoselliGiorno fa
  • Я залип.. 😂

    Миха М.Миха М.Giorno fa
  • Your the best shuffle dancer I have seen on the internet and it looks like you enjoy it so much you always that beautiful smile

    Mike HawkMike HawkGiorno fa
  • So cool 💃👍🥰

    Sondy DSondy DGiorno fa
  • Es una gelatina

    cristian valenzuelacristian valenzuela2 giorni fa
  • Those thighs are downright yummy

    JJ MillJJ Mill2 giorni fa
  • Hi I see you again. You are really good. I am impressed.

    Joaquin ElizaldeJoaquin Elizalde2 giorni fa
  • Eres mi diosa

    Txuck Norris23Txuck Norris232 giorni fa
  • Dislike

    Top SoundsTop Sounds2 giorni fa
  • I love this chick ❤️

    Paul EngerPaul Enger3 giorni fa
  • ♥️🔥😍

    Felix SperlingFelix Sperling3 giorni fa
  • Hello Sofia! You are a very talented and strong dancer. I've watched many of your vids over the past many months. Now, I've been a freestyle dancer most of my life..(break-dance, break-beat, techno-rave, hip-hop. My suggestion to you is, just for kicks, do a video of you in some baggy clothes...maybe try to feel the clothes and see how it can smooth out your moves...I've seen you in so many tight outfits.. bikinis, spandex, etcetera...But never in some baggy dance gear. Would you consider trying this? least do it for YOU to see how the baggy clothes can make your style come alive. No matter what you wear, you are very talented. I just used to swear by my baggy outfits when I would hit the clubs. God bless you Sofia.

    Ron RathboneRon Rathbone3 giorni fa
  • Brava Sofia

    Lorenzo RicciLorenzo Ricci3 giorni fa
  • What is the purpose of this bouncing?

    Steve MorrisSteve Morris3 giorni fa
  • Keep it on girl

    Daniel ChiarelliDaniel Chiarelli3 giorni fa
  • Christ alive lady pick a different song

    Inessential TitleInessential Title3 giorni fa
  • Hair pulled back enlightened ssss your SMILE 😊 n shows in your shuffling. GB n WVYOURORRA

    Bruce RubinBruce Rubin3 giorni fa

    James BeamerJames Beamer3 giorni fa
  • 👍👍👍

    Вова ЛиходедВова Лиходед3 giorni fa
  • The hair. Bouncing. Love it

    Bill SmithBill Smith4 giorni fa
  • Wouldn't you think as much as she dances her legs would be really toned and firm. I see alot of flab

    Brent LearyBrent Leary4 giorni fa
  • ThX Sophia

  • 😂😂😂

    из народаиз народа4 giorni fa
  • Bof

    Camel DridiCamel Dridi4 giorni fa
  • ❤️ I bet your s blast at a Rave...

    Deadpool SnipesDeadpool Snipes4 giorni fa
  • You are one nimble legged kooky chick having fun during these trying times. Good on you girl.

    Eyes-OnEyes-On4 giorni fa
  • I love you Sofia 💘

    donnie atkinsondonnie atkinson4 giorni fa
  • So superfluos

    Hugo KubarthHugo Kubarth4 giorni fa
  • Please more singing Videos 💫 🙏💫 You dance more as well and you're very beautyful, but your voice is just like a rainbow in the dark 🥰

    Christopher TopelChristopher Topel4 giorni fa
  • Why you fake smiling?

    shortycr89shortycr894 giorni fa
  • Every morning I look at your amazing movements and wow it’s a tonic of happiness and joy that sets me up for the day thankyou

    andrew couperandrew couper4 giorni fa
  • Just beautiful,😃 every time nice outfit too ,you smash it every time 👌🏼👏🏻👏🏻❤️🇬🇧

    Stephen KilbyStephen Kilby4 giorni fa
  • And the answer is, “Sofia’s husband.” “Who is the luckiest man alive?!?”

    Todd SewardTodd Seward4 giorni fa
  • Płaski tyłeczek więcej pączków polecam

    Pawel KochanowskiPawel Kochanowski4 giorni fa
  • Toujours avec son gros caleçon !

    Amass frankAmass frank5 giorni fa
  • Сраное т9👎👎👎Здоровья Вашей семье и благ дому!!! Сеешь позитивчик👍👍👍Успехов. У меня дети смотрят тебя и танцуют, вместе с Вами👌👌👌

    Максим ЗахаровМаксим Захаров5 giorni fa
  • Красиво танцуешь👍👍👍Просто смотреть приятно👌👌👌Здоровья Вам и Вошей семье. Красава💪💪💪

    Максим ЗахаровМаксим Захаров5 giorni fa
  • Your beautiful

    chris maccandlesschris maccandless5 giorni fa
  • Good👌👌🤙🤙👍

    Tera QazerTera Qazer5 giorni fa
  • So Where are you in this world?

    TL MTL M5 giorni fa
  • Linda demais.

  • There's something about this woman She's awesome

    Rocky McGrathRocky McGrath5 giorni fa
    • You're absolutely right, but I can't figure out what it is. I couldn't care less about dancing, yet she mesmerizes me.

      Tony DanisTony Danis2 giorni fa
  • That's 2 hours of my life I won't get back again. That's 2 hours of my life well spent!

    mark gmark g5 giorni fa
  • 🤩

    Anand KissoonAnand Kissoon5 giorni fa
  • Hello my dear lovely beautyfull dance are just Amazing wonderfull and so sweet...stay safe and kiss from France Lady 😉😘😇

    d capeusd capeus5 giorni fa
  • Yes

    Pascal VaastPascal Vaast6 giorni fa
  • Ты моя ты моя

    Оксана МузыченкоОксана Музыченко6 giorni fa
  • 👍👍👍👍👍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Оксана МузыченкоОксана Музыченко6 giorni fa
  • Aaaaaa..y aparte de este lío sabes freír una corbata o planchar un huevo mi arma? Creo que no jeje.🤯

    ninoricardo1ninoricardo16 giorni fa
  • Klasse süße Figur 💖💐☕

    RockabilliRockabilli6 giorni fa
  • Beautiful 😍

    Leland LindseyLeland Lindsey6 giorni fa
  • You are so beautiful

    Fabien PellonFabien Pellon6 giorni fa
  • Gatinhaaa😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    djmoneyeurodancedjmoneyeurodance6 giorni fa
  • Your moves are a smooth mechanic. It's just shuffling. Dance style with your very own smooth mechanic style. I'm always amazed by your style. The body take its vital and esthetical beauty being grateful to the moves it can do. Its beauty plus plus of the move.

    pierre kjhpierre kjh6 giorni fa
    • What?

      Chris HaneyChris Haney4 giorni fa
  • 🌹🥳🌹

    Roman JastrzebskiRoman Jastrzebski6 giorni fa
  • Such a beautiful smile! Thx girl

    Megz PittleMegz Pittle6 giorni fa
  • Stylé

    AntoineAntoine6 giorni fa
  • ❤️

    DJ DDJ D6 giorni fa
  • Hmmm, does ITworlds want me to like the girl? Or to learn this Dance? I can not tell

    M.C.MartinM.C.Martin6 giorni fa
  • Stunning dancer

    Shaun WhittleShaun Whittle6 giorni fa
  • Sofia, meu Amor! Você está cada dia mais encantadora! A sua dança é cada vêz mais incrivel, mais envolvente. Eu adoro vê-la nessa evolução crescente e sempre com mais explendor. Nunca pare de dançar, viu? Tenha um ótimo final de semana. Beijo bebê. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    José ViscardiJosé Viscardi6 giorni fa
  • Top10 forsure godbless 🙏

    Michael FahandezMichael Fahandez6 giorni fa
  • 🥰👍👍

    abcun17abcun176 giorni fa
  • So beautiful

    Alex RoqueAlex Roque6 giorni fa
  • Sofia....hoping personal things have turned around for you since a few weeks ago. Have they? Thanks again for the awesome vids. Always look forward to them and they always make me smile.

    Roll TideRoll Tide6 giorni fa
  • Well love you have my vote would love to see move to the US but with you mother and all I’d understand N I wish you and your family the best of luck sweetie! God bless!!!

    Mike WhiteMike White6 giorni fa
  • Too

    Zoran DusanicZoran Dusanic6 giorni fa
  • 🥰

    federico bertonfederico berton6 giorni fa
  • 🔝🔝🔝😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰😘😘

    Rossano BertoliRossano Bertoli6 giorni fa
  • Beautiful smile

    Du KaDu Ka6 giorni fa
  • Can this be in high heels? Iv never worn any but i would imagine its probable?

    Hector LoohanHector Loohan6 giorni fa
  • And again I have to react, as always to see you dance makes my day Sophia.... every day I take a moment fore it.... (dutch) je bent een spring in het veld 👍😘

    Roland JansenRoland Jansen6 giorni fa
  • ❤️❤️❤️


    Jaime GJaime G6 giorni fa
  • What is the name of that song

    Jaroslav SimonJaroslav Simon6 giorni fa