Try Not To Laugh Challenge #59

8 dic 2020
1 273 882 visualizzazioni

The try not to laugh challenge returns with Ify Nwadiwe!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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Courtney Miller:
Shayne Topp:
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Jacklyn Uweh:
Ify Nwadiwe:
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Executive Producer/Director: Sarah Whittle
Editor: Rock Coleman
Producer/Cam Op: Kevin Rygg
Production Manager: Garrett Palm
Production Coordinator: Nancy Azcona
Art Director: Cassie Vance
Art Coordinator: Yasmeen Mughal
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  • which bit made you laugh the hardest?! 👇

    Smosh PitSmosh Pit2 mesi fa
    • Ify 1000%

      Leviathan LamotheLeviathan Lamothe13 ore fa
    • Definitely Courtney's Cat Lady

      EveondeceEveondece21 ora fa
    • Sleep paralysis demon

      Kief MacawKief Macaw2 giorni fa
    • Ify's Imaginary Friend.

      Pink Scissors MediaPink Scissors Media2 giorni fa
    • And yeah best bit has to be Ify’s sleep paralysis demon...though “you couldn’t imiginate any damn hands?” is also a great line

      Daniel HerrickDaniel Herrick4 giorni fa
  • “ wow so this is berkeley” I CANT

    Alondra Martinez-SanchezAlondra Martinez-Sanchez5 ore fa
  • The crystals

    Astronomically Challenged GeniusAstronomically Challenged Genius9 ore fa
  • Buuuut whaat if I wanna do criiiimes?

    Keith CortezKeith CortezGiorno fa
  • Jackie is my least favorite on here, she’s never funny 😅

    Isabel MenardIsabel MenardGiorno fa
  • Ify was phenomenal would love to see him back

    L ML MGiorno fa
  • It's sad shayne knows what his tweets are

    Sevin SkillSevin SkillGiorno fa
  • This is my favorite try not to laugh so far

    Christopher StuurmanChristopher Stuurman2 giorni fa
  • Ify is so damn funny. More if please

    Tamara Van HartTamara Van Hart2 giorni fa
  • 7:30

    BlacckWolffBlacckWolff2 giorni fa
  • “We weren’t moist enough” sent me 😂

    Taylor WilliamsTaylor Williams3 giorni fa
  • E v e r y t i m e someone laughs I expect sInG uS a SoNg Mr. PiAnO mAn

    Emma LilleyEmma Lilley3 giorni fa
  • A o

    Lily NgoLily Ngo3 giorni fa
  • I really enjoy the *deep* suspicion Damien was eyeing Shayne with.

    AMTunLimitedAMTunLimited5 giorni fa
  • Bruhhh..Ify is just Derrick Henry in disguise. You ain't fooling anybody!

    Tommy LeTommy Le6 giorni fa
  • I'm a simple man: I see Ify in a video, I click.

    ShatteredPsycheShatteredPsyche6 giorni fa
  • Ify came ready, killed it every single time

    rominomenrominomen6 giorni fa
  • The kingdom hearts bit was amazing lol

    rapodacarapodaca7 giorni fa
  • _maybewecanmakeachilli_

    Jana EloffJana Eloff8 giorni fa
  • The kingdom hearts bit was by far one of my favourites ever, omfg

    MattieMattie9 giorni fa
  • I want damien to tell us his name which is alexander hamilton

    liamo59 : ]liamo59 : ]9 giorni fa
  • I just be staring at peanut butter lol

    Kevin M SmithKevin M Smith10 giorni fa
  • not the berkeley bit shayne 💀

    cactipokecactipoke11 giorni fa
  • The kingdom hearts joke is very true.

    VictorVictor12 giorni fa
  • 10:06 can someone please explain this bit????

    jazzjazz13 giorni fa
  • Ify's dinosaur bit is probay the thing that made me laugh the most in a long time. That is just the best

    charles bénardcharles bénard13 giorni fa
  • "What if I wanna do crimes?" "Maybe he's right!" this is the objectively best episode of TNTL for me, having just rewatched all of them

    KelarysKelarys13 giorni fa

    GeoffBuildzGeoffBuildz14 giorni fa
  • Sleep paralysis demon got me rolling

    Jhon Sebastian CANDIA GRIMALDOJhon Sebastian CANDIA GRIMALDO15 giorni fa

    krackenmclackinkrackenmclackin15 giorni fa
  • Try not to laugh. Special guest, The Clipboard.

    Matthew BowmanMatthew Bowman16 giorni fa
  • "wow, so this is berklee" really got me

    A leafA leaf16 giorni fa
  • The sleep paralysis demon killed me

    bobrady412bobrady41221 giorno fa
  • courtneys cat lady bit is the BEST she has ever done i love it so, SO much XD

    LuxLux21 giorno fa
  • Stop with those damn harmonicas

    Morten AsphaugMorten Asphaug22 giorni fa
  • 3:38 has no reason being that funny to me

    Jeremy RyanJeremy Ryan22 giorni fa
  • Damien and Shane are the most hilarious people of the whole group

    IMRA instrumental music rhythm archiveIMRA instrumental music rhythm archive23 giorni fa
  • Bro she look like the kid from Ice Age

    SouppleSoupple24 giorni fa
  • I’m gonna take whiskey, lotion and black beans to every single party I go to from now on. Also we need a “Wanna make some chilli” and a “Black In” shirt

    Darklef DDarklef D25 giorni fa
  • I was stuck in that fowm because of cwimes!

    Michael ChristensonMichael Christenson25 giorni fa
  • Anyone else want them to use water again?

    Jk OmelettesJk Omelettes26 giorni fa
  • I came back to check after not being here for forever and MY GOD has everyone changed, especially Damian/Damion

    Lillian RuthLillian Ruth26 giorni fa
  • Every time I hear the Harmonica I think Piano Man.

    Cypher StudiosCypher Studios26 giorni fa
  • Love this show. The harmonicas are a serious downer though.

    John WertzJohn Wertz27 giorni fa
  • The kingdom hearts bit was so accurate

    AmCoolDude YeahAmCoolDude Yeah27 giorni fa
  • This was posted on my birthday LOL

    Sleepy KatiSleepy Kati28 giorni fa

    TheVikingOfNorwayTheVikingOfNorway28 giorni fa
  • i fuckin love IFFY!!

    Carrie AdcockCarrie Adcock28 giorni fa
  • I fucking love jackie so much. The sorry at the end took me out

    504brizzle504brizzle28 giorni fa
  • whos this off brand jackscepticeye thats joined them

    CoreyWinterCoreyWinter29 giorni fa
  • Ey yo, i got some black beans and whiskey, wanna come back to my place? Maybe we can make a chili. -Socially awkward pick up lines from normal people after 2020

    Rascal016Rascal01629 giorni fa
  • It’s 2021 Anthony needs to come onto try not to laugh. ❤️

    Shy GibsonShy Gibson29 giorni fa
  • At 12:40 he come out lookin like black light yagami

    Dingus KongDingus Kong29 giorni fa

    Adam ScottAdam ScottMese fa
  • Why is no one talking about Damien's "BUT WHAT IF I WANNA DO *crimes~*" ??!?

    Harley Dakota NavalHarley Dakota NavalMese fa
  • This is my favorite try not to laugh simply because of Ify’s sleep paralysis demon joke

    Bre S.Bre S.Mese fa
  • Anyone else miss the old gang Keith, Courtney, Shane, Noah, and Olivia

    Elayna WurzElayna WurzMese fa
  • Courtney would look rlly good w black hair...

    Ollie FryOllie FryMese fa
  • Wtf Keith got fucking jacked

    Michal MourekMichal MourekMese fa
  • Hello wery traveller are you looking to enter the cave of comments many have tried but never returned

    _cookiexgacha__cookiexgacha_Mese fa
  • General “Dear God.. it’s Gus Johnson..” President “Send in Ify...” General” But sir..” President “I said do it god damnit!”

    Jesse MurilloJesse MurilloMese fa
  • Ifys legs. That’s all

    TimTimMese fa
  • dude i'm gonna say it... Ify looks like a dragon from How To Train Your Dragon.

    Bird's WordBird's WordMese fa
  • I'm a bit thirsty for Ify, that Neverwhore spoke to me. :D :D :D XD

    theweyrdtheweyrdMese fa
  • Shayne's catboy Innosuke cosplay is on point

    comradekuncomradekunMese fa
  • Where did Courtney get her hoodie?! Cause I neeeeeed one.

    Trenton RandallTrenton RandallMese fa
  • Damien's "what if I wanna do Criiime~" absolutely lives in my head rent free

    MenhadenMenhadenMese fa
  • I neeeeeeeeeed Courtney’s hoodie!!!! Please help me find it!!! Update: I found it...

    Tricia JangTricia JangMese fa
    • ​@Tricia Jang Thank you so much for responding!! I'm hoping they do too because that hoodie is a must have.

      Jordan SchmidtJordan Schmidt28 giorni fa
    • @Jordan Schmidt it’s from Teddy Fresh, but it seems like they sold out of that collection. I’m really hoping they restock

      Tricia JangTricia Jang28 giorni fa
    • Obsessed with her hoodie too!! Where did you end up finding it??

      Jordan SchmidtJordan Schmidt29 giorni fa
  • I’ll be your sleep demon for the night

    a1d4a1m3a1d4a1m3Mese fa
  • Smosh isn’t the same as it use to be

    Cravens Boy 05Cravens Boy 05Mese fa
  • IFY has taken his spot in the hall of fame along side Shayne, Noah, and Gus

    Warman225cowWarman225cowMese fa
  • Courtney got a nice hoodie

    Ethan FarveEthan FarveMese fa
  • Need more Iffyyyyyy!n!💖

    hey man.hey man.Mese fa

    MidnightLightMusicMidnightLightMusicMese fa
  • I think smosh vs. aunty donna should be happening

    Jonas JordanJonas JordanMese fa
  • Bring ify baq

    my acountmy acountMese fa
  • when shayne said “so this is berkeley” i nearly screammmmed. i just moved to berkeley 😭

    A ; - ;A ; - ;Mese fa
  • Ify: Edgar Allen Poe Captions: *I met a girl in poo* 💩

    A ; - ;A ; - ;Mese fa
  • 6:21- 6:50 this was god tier I lost my mind

    Poodle apocalypsePoodle apocalypseMese fa
  • daM that peach tho

    Shane SlateShane SlateMese fa
  • Holy shit, We should have Ify more on this show, He killed me, I want to see him 1v1 Gus!

    Official T101Official T101Mese fa

    CamuzCamuzMese fa
  • 2:15 captions 😂

    Jamie LeeJamie LeeMese fa
  • Damien's ghost f*cker hit me harder than Diana's car hit that tunnel wall

    Emily ClinkEmily ClinkMese fa
  • U guys should do like a opposite thing where the person sitting on the chair has to make the person who's usually trying to make you laugh like say if ur trying to act out something and then the person on the chair can say or do something to make you laugh.... It's an idea :)

    H20SkyGirlH20SkyGirlMese fa
  • 9:12 definitely the best act this video🤣

    ChickenMcfrigginNuggetChickenMcfrigginNuggetMese fa
  • 7:05 ladies and gentlemen, I present to you "Cats" (2019)

    robin petersonrobin petersonMese fa

    Sarkozi KidSarkozi KidMese fa
  • 14:11 ... Inosuke?

    Loli BunnyLoli BunnyMese fa
  • What happened to Olivia and Noah? They just kinda disappeared

    Kyra VlogsKyra VlogsMese fa
  • Prince Damian was hella handsome

    Giles SGiles SMese fa
  • 4:26

    teddycuthbertteddycuthbertMese fa
  • Just a request. Can I get the unedited of these please! I want to experience what they experienced.

    Angelica WhiteAngelica WhiteMese fa
  • 2:16 subs i met a girl in poo

    GoozmanGoozmanMese fa
  • Damien could legit be a voice actor.

    ReyezReyezMese fa
  • ngl alt-girl Shayne is doing things

    Definitely Not Dingse!Definitely Not Dingse!Mese fa
  • Courtney: 1:29 But also Courtney: 7:04 Ngl I totally get her tho

    Definitely Not Dingse!Definitely Not Dingse!Mese fa
  • They've had Funhaus and Ify, now they just need Achievement Hunter to play a round

    SorinshutoSorinshutoMese fa
  • Hot take: Jacklyn really needs to up her game, she's really not as funny as the others (yet).

    Michael KrämerMichael KrämerMese fa
  • Yo Ify is fucking hilarious, hire him immediately pls thx

    Taylor VGTaylor VGMese fa