Cascina plays TLOU Part II p5

17 nov 2020
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*strange whistle*
also, I might actually finish this game. 7% through now :)))
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have the best day!

  • Wow, you have a good singing voice, that was beautiful 👏❤ What song was that?

    Andrew DePelloAndrew DePello28 minuti fa
  • What was the song she was playing on guitar and singing? It sounds so familiar

    Savanah EmbrySavanah Embry35 minuti fa
  • "that was terrifying. That was like when my turtle....sprints across the floor" 😂😂😂😂 I'm dying

    Savanah EmbrySavanah EmbryOra fa
  • man that scar arrow gets em everytime lol

    XboxLikesMeXboxLikesMeOra fa
  • I like how her face went from pleasure to anguish when beating Nora

    Alex WrightAlex Wright3 ore fa
  • If you got time for this BS all I ask is the name of the song at the end haha

    Home SkilletHome Skillet4 ore fa
  • Very good song😍😍😍

    Ciel brillantCiel brillant5 ore fa
  • "Don't expect anything else, I'm a man"....seriously? Even if you intend for it to be some kind of joke it's sexist and isn't necessary.

    Ouroboros StudiosOuroboros Studios5 ore fa
  • Cascina, I know you won't see this, but your content is just *chefs kiss* devine

    the fortnite dudethe fortnite dude9 ore fa
  • 50:21 That was half of The Last Of Us fan base when they decided to kill off Joel so early in the story. Smh.

    RUPPYIRUPPYI10 ore fa
  • Cascina singing in the end 🤩

    Marcos LeiroMarcos Leiro11 ore fa
  • I Love Dinaaa 😍

    Richard SilvaRichard Silva15 ore fa
  • watching again because im hungry for more

    Elijah L.Elijah L.19 ore fa
  • 32:59 this song sounds familiar and it’s sad because I think my dad wrote it and it got stolen from him:,(

    Stwabery :DStwabery :DGiorno fa
  • What song were you singing? Sounds familiar but not sure🤔

    JRODJRODGiorno fa
  • Impressão minha ou ela falou oi?

    Gabriel 0101Gabriel 0101Giorno fa
  • 10/10 Masterpiece

    James WardJames WardGiorno fa
  • Dina você é linda e maravilhosa , um abraço do Brasil para você !

    CassioRjBrCassioRjBrGiorno fa

    KitzZu XDKitzZu XDGiorno fa
  • I love her 😍

    Faith MeFaith MeGiorno fa
  • Dinaaa... quiero mi corazón!

    Gilmar SatterhandGilmar SatterhandGiorno fa
  • Hi watch more video the last of us 2

    Ahshad JohnsonAhshad JohnsonGiorno fa
  • i just finished it right now 😂

    Bianca Da DrummerBianca Da DrummerGiorno fa
  • I love your head at 1 minute 40 lol

    Alexandre HoeAlexandre HoeGiorno fa
  • Love this girl she funny beautiful and cute 😊

    Thando NkosiThando NkosiGiorno fa
  • I have deleted my inappropriate comment Cascina, I apologise for it,plus I don't even know if you saw it. I will continue to be a big fan. Just get more of these out. Ciao Bella

    Steve R.Steve R.Giorno fa
  • Cascina, I'm Brazilian, and I love your channel, but I dont understand a little of english. Could you put legenders in english ? Pls

    Deborah FigueiraDeborah FigueiraGiorno fa
  • Im just tryna see her reaction to what happens to Jesse next and please don’t spoil it for her and others even though the game has been out for months.

    BallSack ChinBoiBallSack ChinBoiGiorno fa
  • Manda salva pro Brasil

  • I wouldn't worry about that percent completion stat. Its counting all the collectables and everything. You'll probably finish the game well below 100%

    KarraghKarraghGiorno fa
  • Cascina, timone, as in timone and pumba, a koo na ma ta ta

    Yusaf AhmedYusaf AhmedGiorno fa
  • When you play this game looks so funny even bad situation. Keep Playing ✌

    PGG GamingPGG GamingGiorno fa
  • You look like Dina :)

    turschuturschuGiorno fa
  • Your so beautiful

    Joey MontoyaJoey MontoyaGiorno fa
  • I would love if she reacted to the last of us 2 music video, staying alive

    skizzler 123skizzler 123Giorno fa
  • We will follow Cascina into war god damn it!!!!!

    Adam HuntAdam HuntGiorno fa
  • Dina play the next part

    Paranormal GamerParanormal GamerGiorno fa
  • I’d love to see you do more story game playthroughs after this is finished, you’re fun to watch. Maybe popular games you haven’t played or horror 😁.

    Shauna LouuXShauna LouuXGiorno fa
  • Why don't you wear a listening phone because it's going to make you feel the air.

    EmmaX TubeEmmaX TubeGiorno fa
  • Am happy i know the Last of us 2

    Horst MüllerHorst MüllerGiorno fa
  • I would love to see a full cover of Island in the sun!

    F.A.SF.A.SGiorno fa
  • I’ve tried to like this video like three times after I liked it the first time lol, I’m like “gotta remember to hit the like” only to realize I’d already done it. Again. (I didn’t watch it all in one go.)

    Linda M. R.Linda M. R.2 giorni fa
  • love watching your videos of TLOU2 so where’s part 6 :)

    Martin MonteroMartin Montero2 giorni fa
    • she uploads every week so she should upload a video tomorrow

      Marek TomanMarek TomanGiorno fa
  • I hate dina

    Yakumo OomoriYakumo Oomori2 giorni fa
  • Linda demaissss ...linda rsrs

    Davi MoreiraDavi Moreira2 giorni fa
  • Why this shit is on my recomendations

    Do a Barrel Roll!Do a Barrel Roll!2 giorni fa
  • Play it with ellie

    Valentina ViggianoValentina Viggiano2 giorni fa
  • Какая же она мерзкая

    Алексей АлексейАлексей Алексей2 giorni fa
    • Ахваха0вхахп

      SimDa ;SimDa ;2 giorni fa

  • I love how in the beginning you hum some Daft Punk :D

    RonoMorphRonoMorph2 giorni fa
  • When is part 6 ??

    Danny H94Danny H942 giorni fa
  • She’s so cute and funny 😩 I’m in love

    PineappleSplashPineappleSplash2 giorni fa
  • So excited bc I’m about to get TLOU II in a couple of days!

    JackJack2 giorni fa
  • Your face when yr about to beat the shit out of nora 😈 u on the 3rd swing 🙁😟😨😰

    Lillardfan4LifeLillardfan4Life2 giorni fa
  • Where’s your ps5..?

    fragsandmagsfragsandmags2 giorni fa
  • Are you still pregagnant?

    Enrico MiceliEnrico Miceli2 giorni fa
  • Took you this long to finish the game?😂😂😂

    Anthony PerezAnthony Perez3 giorni fa

    el_nicolas XDel_nicolas XD3 giorni fa
  • Y is it taking 6 months to finish this game?

    Supreem CourtSupreem Court3 giorni fa
  • I think u have snapchat can I add u

    New AccountNew Account3 giorni fa
  • Do u have instagram

    New AccountNew Account3 giorni fa
  • Homi peidra

    Guilherme AndradeGuilherme Andrade3 giorni fa
  • You look like dina litery

    Wanda MáximoffWanda Máximoff3 giorni fa
  • You getting better and better. You don’t listen much to scan your surroundings though 😅

    Pelah PelahPelah Pelah3 giorni fa

    Andrea De santisAndrea De santis3 giorni fa
  • "7% through now" yup... and this is where the game really, really begins....

    Derk-Jan HartmanDerk-Jan Hartman3 giorni fa
  • 32:07 , you blew off her leg and she screams the living hell out of her , and you say "is that entirely necessary?" :))

    Mcoi GamesMcoi Games3 giorni fa
  • no offence, but are you gay or normal?

    Lianboi TombingLianboi Tombing3 giorni fa
  • Lol that Gaggling sound haunts me .

    King CheemsKing Cheems3 giorni fa
  • This wouldn’t be a Cascina video is she didn’t say her camera was gonna die

    Anthony FloresAnthony Flores3 giorni fa
  • U are so similar to mia kalifa :D gg for the video..

    Savat_94Savat_943 giorni fa
  • Parece un tío la fea está

    jose maria hernandez garciajose maria hernandez garcia3 giorni fa
  • Boo

    Chill GamerChill Gamer3 giorni fa
  • Bella y simpatica !

    Marcos alfonsoMarcos alfonso3 giorni fa
  • Dina plays TLOU2 ,please dont drink and drive

    Владимир СтепановВладимир Степанов3 giorni fa
  • I wonder if Sony will send you a PS5.

    Oh No! It's JackieOh No! It's Jackie3 giorni fa
  • Du bist voll hübsch

    Dragon ball zDragon ball z3 giorni fa
  • Molotovs are your friend.

    John RehfeldJohn Rehfeld3 giorni fa
  • Hiii Cascina thanks for your Tlaou 2 videoo !!!🤗😁👍

    Dheeradj LachmanDheeradj Lachman3 giorni fa
  • The Myth, The legend, Cascina Return back. Edit: Really missed your videos.

  • What a voice Cascina

    tony tipo sheiktony tipo sheik3 giorni fa
  • Igual a ti

    Antonio MarafonaAntonio Marafona3 giorni fa
  • جوووووووووون

    AWW AWWAWW AWW3 giorni fa
  • Please play Spiderman Miles Morales

    major mercermajor mercer3 giorni fa
  • Уюбище

    mike mayersmike mayers3 giorni fa
  • Wow mia khalifa 😅😅❤️

    Gigi SaxokiaGigi Saxokia3 giorni fa
  • 14 add rolls, she is making banks of us simps lol

    Ankit Sai KumarAnkit Sai Kumar3 giorni fa
  • 🤢

    yamaka 71yamaka 713 giorni fa
  • Cascina, you're so goofy!

    KRAKEN TKRAKEN T3 giorni fa
  • "uuuuuuhhhAAHHHHoyy!" that is both so strange and cute I had to play it at least 10 times!

    Steven TanSteven Tan3 giorni fa
  • Why are you playing without headphones?? Takes a big part out of the whole experience.

    Abdullah MohabAbdullah Mohab3 giorni fa
  • broooo with the last of us hbo show coming out she should definitly play the real life Dina, Cascina is an atress as well right? But Dina would probably be in season 2 or 3 concidering they're basing the first season on the first game.

    m -m -3 giorni fa
  • She Is beutyfull

    John cJohn c3 giorni fa
  • Hey Cascina have you watched the 2018 documentary "Dominion" ?

    Iron GamerIron Gamer3 giorni fa
  • Your name is just like Mr Krab's cash register name in Spongebob

    Michael MyersMichael Myers4 giorni fa
  • Girl, you better go vote for this game as GOTY!!! I love watching you play this!!!

    Cory BakerCory Baker4 giorni fa
  • Getting Ellie to play Island In The Sun was pretty awesome. The need to slurp tea though not so much. Can't agree with you on that one.

    Nate JonesNate Jones4 giorni fa
  • im sure someone had to die to record those sounds

    Dan MigaboDan Migabo4 giorni fa
  • Good shit 'Cascina🌺👌

    Deedric KeeDeedric Kee4 giorni fa
  • I love how she plays shes chill.

    DARKNIGHT5500DARKNIGHT55004 giorni fa