ASMR But i am YOU

2 mag 2021
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I hope you guys enjoyed
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  • The fact his air pods are in but we can still hear...

    Ellie JEllie J7 minuti fa
  • i thought the title was a skz reference

    wutojiwutoji18 minuti fa
  • This guy know what's QUALITY means

    Tuah DanishTuah Danish23 minuti fa

    4k JUNIOR FF4k JUNIOR FF41 minuto fa
  • no im white

    niggzniggzOra fa
    • 😂 Shut up

      Selenium IzotopuSelenium Izotopu26 minuti fa
  • I always do like that when i watching asmr

    Farish HakimiFarish HakimiOra fa
  • Ok but like this is what we ALLL DO

    Dr. Dabria Amadis Loralai ReznikovDr. Dabria Amadis Loralai ReznikovOra fa
  • 1. This dude is just flexing on me with those apple devices 2. I don’t sleep in the day

    Aaron's Vlog TubeAaron's Vlog TubeOra fa
  • not me watching this in class

    kayla Lettskayla LettsOra fa
  • 3 min wtf

    Mervin_925Mervin_925Ora fa
  • my man liked the video before watching it

    mohd danishmohd danish2 ore fa
  • Meanwhile the brain: *Whats the best way to lay down on my bed*

    ClyydeClyyde2 ore fa
  • Yo just realized he got the same desk as me


    ertturi _ytertturi _yt3 ore fa
  • I wish I had that room it looks nice

    IdcBaconHairIdcBaconHair3 ore fa
  • im white

    Lance cedricLance cedric3 ore fa
  • I- I'm under the same sheet

    Manu LayManu Lay3 ore fa
  • is it only me or u guys too are whispering to yourself while writing essay?

    Pan DżeluśPan Dżeluś3 ore fa
  • Why were you wearing a beanie inside for ????

    Jack ColemanJack Coleman4 ore fa
  • Literally me

    Turu ruruTuru ruru5 ore fa
  • Winkeys new phone 🥵😂

    Salih OflazSalih Oflaz5 ore fa
  • I finally know how it is to be tall

    sᴋʏᴢᴢ editxsᴋʏᴢᴢ editx7 ore fa
  • Edit program name pls

    Nihat Hatip Oğlu Ile Sahura DoğruNihat Hatip Oğlu Ile Sahura Doğru7 ore fa
  • Asmr gives me a headache Lmao

    AshAsh7 ore fa
  • Did he put the Camera in he mouth I Confused

    MiloMilo8 ore fa
  • This takes dedication, I HATE watching my recorded self. 🥴

    Josephine DeLeonJosephine DeLeon8 ore fa
  • Finally house tour

    Robin SinghRobin Singh8 ore fa
  • I have that blakent

    Mr .CorruptedMr .Corrupted8 ore fa
  • Winkey said 📷 💁‍♂️📱

    krankr karloskrankr karlos8 ore fa
  • Just got a question? Who looks at the phone with asmr???

    DebiDebi8 ore fa
  • This is 2 accurate, I actually do this to your videos😂 but it's too satisfying😌👌

  • I was doing a book report while watching this wth...

    Sans 2xSans 2x9 ore fa
  • my guy always does the same thing 😂

    YxngRxtroYxngRxtro9 ore fa
  • Bluetooth has left the chat

    Puneet MangarPuneet Mangar9 ore fa
  • The phone falling off the bed is the most relatable thing for me lol

    CoopCoop9 ore fa
  • I skip the preview ngl

    KevinKevin9 ore fa
  • Hey that looks like my house wait weres my laptop and WHOS THAT mom we have someone in my bed

    Goodplanet123Goodplanet1239 ore fa
  • I know I’m dirty minded but he was looking like he was going to you know

    Jonmarcos TovarJonmarcos Tovar10 ore fa
  • Every add be like

    Sniper MonkeeSniper Monkee10 ore fa
  • if only sleeping was that fast ..

    wehateJoxwehateJox10 ore fa
  • Yall shut up

    Faheem AhmadiFaheem Ahmadi10 ore fa
  • That chair in the beginning is probably more flakier then the Frosted Flakes I just had

    Ford Person2269Ford Person226910 ore fa
  • Ok but he wore a sweater, sweat pants, and socks to bed. Under the first sheet on his bed.

    Clearly YouClearly You10 ore fa
  • (There’s no comments on the buried alive vid so this comment is for that video). Escalators? Lol

    RainRain10 ore fa
  • I love how much work and creativity he puts into all his videos ! Never seen asmr content quite like this haha love it !!!

    Dylan GallowayDylan Galloway10 ore fa
  • I have the same blanket as you

    Beef GoulashBeef Goulash11 ore fa
  • Yeah, you know how make POV.

    Mario ChavezMario Chavez11 ore fa
  • This deserves a subscribe

    WrLD T E N T A C T I O N らやんWrLD T E N T A C T I O N らやん11 ore fa
  • His face in the phone screen at 2:01 😂😂 this dudes really Is me

    WrLD T E N T A C T I O N らやんWrLD T E N T A C T I O N らやん11 ore fa
  • We can all agree the phone dropped was the most realistic thing we have ever seen come on you have of done it One time

    Daniel RuizDaniel Ruiz11 ore fa
  • Yes

    Bloody WineBloody Wine11 ore fa
  • you are amazing ican now slepp thanks

    AmSN Ilove serenAmSN Ilove seren11 ore fa
  • Omg ur room 😍😍😍

    Rohan ChonelRohan Chonel12 ore fa
  • Brodie spent almost 1k on a 7min vid. Aye but at least he did cuz I wouldn’t have done it

    Senpai_ OxzySenpai_ Oxzy12 ore fa
  • Heh this is nothing like me. I always have the tv on failboat or FNF gameplay or something nyehehehe Also I use headphones not earbuds

    IzzyAnimsIzzyAnims12 ore fa
  • That blanket looks comfy as hell

    AceNinja97AceNinja9712 ore fa
  • I cannot watch that coffin video it gives me anxiety

    ZyniixxZyniixx12 ore fa
  • You got games on yo phone?

    Michael MatsMichael Mats12 ore fa
  • i would rather do the report then watch this complete and utter bullshit 🤢

    Nicholas LiedtkeNicholas Liedtke13 ore fa
  • If this video was accurate, it would’ve been 40 seconds long instead of 3 minutes

    2020 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack2020 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack13 ore fa
  • I bet he hid the lotion and tissue

    Noel CardiNoel Cardi13 ore fa
  • I se your face

    Carmen OrengoCarmen Orengo13 ore fa
  • You are sou cutee

    Carmen OrengoCarmen Orengo13 ore fa
  • Winnky make a house tour it is so big bro it is large

    Krithik MurugesanKrithik Murugesan13 ore fa
  • Ayo bro chill you Loki bc spying if you know what we always be doing like holy. but at the same time I’m like keep doing it. lol😂😂😂😂

    Dxvil_xxDxvil_xx13 ore fa
  • Wasd dogwater so bad dollar tree headset so free more free the free like were are you going

    Pupper 2.0Pupper 2.014 ore fa
  • So close to 500k!

    Ok.Ok.14 ore fa
  • shesh

    Audrey WilliamsAudrey Williams14 ore fa
  • Me who doesn't have an iPhone nor airpods: 🖐😩😩😩

    LmaoLmao14 ore fa
  • 2:00

    JimmitheawesomeJimmitheawesome14 ore fa
  • Then your mom yells at you to do the dishes 😂

    KXL ViciousKXL Vicious14 ore fa

    Sokka Water tribeSokka Water tribe15 ore fa
  • Love the asmr but the title is horrible

    ItzaishaItzaisha15 ore fa
    • Like the spelling is triggering me 😭

      ItzaishaItzaisha15 ore fa
  • U on creative mode bruh

    Chemssou HamziChemssou Hamzi15 ore fa
  • I'm Men 😍👁️👄👁️

    Paola SilvaPaola Silva15 ore fa
  • Who else uses AirPods when they’re going to watch ASMR?

    Alexis Gijon PabloAlexis Gijon Pablo16 ore fa
  • Really creative I haven’t seen no one do this props to you ❤️

    Salvatore BrothersSalvatore Brothers16 ore fa
  • Im not sure phjxiokfejzfejzviihfvuiebzrihlbnfjigjiriudnjknvjktngornojfnjornifnfdncojnvjijnrbcijrncjioif Fnfudnjfnifnirfn Frig,ij Rgjngfjngjnnifejifejfujurjiijcj nvjnrfjngfjgjrgiunreeguojgueorhuoegrjgeor Ghqssdghjkll dop, is a words

    Skreptical Bizarre channelSkreptical Bizarre channel16 ore fa
  • Do You Have Problems With Your Voice?

    Rounder - Fortnite LeaksRounder - Fortnite Leaks16 ore fa

    Sokka Water tribeSokka Water tribe16 ore fa
  • Bro generally speaking you're the Mr.Beast of ASMR and i love everything about it

    Dixn TsDixn Ts16 ore fa
  • like your house it looks comfy

    spotlightspotlight16 ore fa
  • You have a great mind

    Marcoligno MMarcoligno M16 ore fa
  • Im watching him watching him doing asmr

    Sh1N3 B71gh1Sh1N3 B71gh116 ore fa
  • Wait.. let me check if my eyeballs have cameras in them real quick-

    KingOfTheWormsKingOfTheWorms16 ore fa
  • Ngl looks like you were going for a walk

    Harry WattHarry Watt17 ore fa
  • Wait if ur me than who am i right now

    TopHatMusicTopHatMusic17 ore fa
  • My daily routine:

    The last CookieeeThe last Cookieee17 ore fa
  • And then the next morning I can't find my airpods

    Lofi Vids ASMRLofi Vids ASMR17 ore fa
  • And then an ad pops up and scares the crap out of me

    Dark SoulsDark Souls17 ore fa
  • Why are comments disabled on the newest vid

    stef0nstef0n17 ore fa
  • the vid where you did asmr in a coffin i was sooo shocked almost screamed😔

    Eliana CouronnelEliana Couronnel17 ore fa
  • omg the book report thing is legit how I do it. I randomly put in words that don't even make sense lmao

    hey ;W;hey ;W;18 ore fa
  • Can you copyright strike yourself and still get benefits? (This was a joke)

    Mr.Cat_Boi Of_Soviet_RussiaMr.Cat_Boi Of_Soviet_Russia18 ore fa
  • true

    Call Me_dadyCall Me_dady18 ore fa
  • what in the hell is that book youre reporting on thats the weirdest book report ive ever seen

    BreeziBreezi18 ore fa
  • Ok not to hate or anything but you can afford the newest iPhone out rn a 16" MacBook Pro a GoPro Hero 9 5K, and thousand dollar microphones. But you still cant by new couches?

    Taras EditsTaras Edits18 ore fa
  • if you are me i must be you

    Escobar 1620Escobar 162019 ore fa
  • Why is this so relatable? 😅

    VeeLike WolfVeeLike Wolf19 ore fa