THE THRONE SEASON 10 - (New Movie) Fredrick Leonard 2020 Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie

20 nov 2020
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A child who decides to attack the unknown must know that the weapons of the unknown are unknown. That is why they are the unknown. When Prince Ikedinaigbo (Fredrick Leonard), The crown prince of Umungele Kingdom, decided to bring back an old practice of "Ikamma N'ire" of the prestigious Nze Na Ozo title before his coronation, he never knew he was going into a fight that may stop him from being the next king of Umungele. But the frowning face of a he-goat can never prevent it from being dragged to the market by the owner when the need arises. From the stables of Reemy Jes Production and Ugezu Ugezu thinks, comes this ground-breaking royal masterpiece you can't afford to miss.
STARRING: Fredrick Leonard, Destiny Etiko, Sammy Lee, Tana Adelana, Ugo Spunky, Ugezu J Ugezu, Rita Arum.
PRODUCED BY: Rob Emeka Eze/ Ebere Elizabeth Eze.
DIRECTED BY: Ugezu J. Ugezu
COMPANY: Reemmy Jes Production.
YEAR: 2020
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  • Indeed to hell is human to forgive is divine Money is not everything,am so happy that peace is now in the community I so much enjoy this movie

    Hope LawsonHope LawsonOra fa
  • During the deepest of the night full of darkness,,, don't think that sun's light will be denied to shine the following day.the two elders who denied were supposed to repent as well especially the sugar daddy to learn the lesson of their life.

    Alam BandaAlam BandaGiorno fa
    • @Nollywoodpicturestv I will definitely bdo

      Alam BandaAlam Banda17 ore fa
    • Thanks for watching sweetie, share with friends.

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  • This is an interesting movie. Unfortunately not really impressed because it proofs the authenticity of deities over Christianity. I understand Christianity has been practiced as a religion by many and in our present world those who practice Christianity turn to be worst than idol worshippers. Nevertheless I didn't like the fact that the movie showed deity superiority over Christianity, it should've been otherwise.

    Marypurra HillMarypurra HillGiorno fa
  • Great movie of the year thanks for uploading Hollywoodpictures👍

    Afia SophiaAfia SophiaGiorno fa
  • All of you acted well. May we get the message.... Love you!... Thumbs up!

    Emmanuel LanEmmanuel Lan2 giorni fa
  • Hello this is Sophia, Join the revolution You can also get some brochures to help you get started. You can find those in the store under Member/ Products Services.

    Sophia TullochSophia Tulloch2 giorni fa
  • Wow..what's anice movie

    Sherine AtienoSherine Atieno3 giorni fa

    Marcellee ThornMarcellee Thorn3 giorni fa
  • Thank God you no you are a fool

    Favour ObaghegheFavour Obagheghe3 giorni fa
  • Ugezu J Ugezu you say if they want to move you..............😂😂😂

    Benter AriellaBenter Ariella3 giorni fa
  • "Those are forces that keep the land,,yeeeessss" Ugezu J Ugezu, what's wish without you

    Benter AriellaBenter Ariella3 giorni fa
  • Good friend

    Roseline FlomoRoseline Flomo3 giorni fa
  • Love ur movies king rep +254

    caro kikicaro kiki3 giorni fa
  • I love ur movies king be blessed zaddy much love from 254

    caro kikicaro kiki3 giorni fa
  • The god s did the goog job to the price mey the gods be breysd

    Valentine NamusiaValentine Namusia4 giorni fa
  • part 11

    Robin MurphyRobin Murphy4 giorni fa
  • Money has a way of changing people,look at the way the princess just change over night not as if she was suffering., ah money money money

    Idoghor GloryIdoghor Glory4 giorni fa
  • Kindly bring part 11 etc.. of this excellent movie with my favorite actor Fred to provide a beautiful closure

    amg amgamg amg4 giorni fa
  • Thx for uploading, this movie is nice

    Natty RitaNatty Rita4 giorni fa
  • Season 11 please and thank you 🙏🏾

    Nicole DennyNicole Denny4 giorni fa
  • 11&12 hurry up on it thanks great movie

    shellyann edwardsshellyann edwards4 giorni fa
  • Our Ancestors and Traditions are our DNA, and it takes only a proper fool to reject them.

    Agyeng Kwaku AntwiAgyeng Kwaku Antwi4 giorni fa
  • Plz it there any means I can get the background song

    Jennifer NkrumahJennifer Nkrumah5 giorni fa
  • Next part ooooo I love dis movie

    Blessing EroBlessing Ero5 giorni fa
  • They came to take away our tradition and culture with their so called church where all the evil are being practiced. I love my culture Omenala ga Di.

    Chibueze Beske StanleyChibueze Beske Stanley5 giorni fa
  • Nice movie

    Osa FaithOsa Faith5 giorni fa
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    annastacia1 annastaciaannastacia1 annastacia5 giorni fa
  • Thank you for uploading...when are you uploading the last part?

    Anastasia KelAnastasia Kel5 giorni fa
  • Interesting movie

    Amadou SallahAmadou Sallah5 giorni fa
  • God bless you guys, i wish this can work in the present day naija ijn

    samuel osaetinsamuel osaetin5 giorni fa
  • Very interesting thanks for uploading next part please ❤❤❤😍

    Regina OnwuemeleRegina Onwuemele5 giorni fa
  • I really enjoyed this movie.

    Bright EssienBright Essien5 giorni fa
  • I can't wait for d concluding pt.

    Favour EdohoFavour Edoho5 giorni fa
  • Peace return to the land waiting for season 11. L wisdom Evil doer nothing to undone on earth God power and might holy spirit. I am exciting for L to be King and to see big wedding of King L and Queen Belinda her excellency Tana wedding .Peace

    Yvette FortneyYvette Fortney5 giorni fa
  • Yes Prince L go get your Queen Belinda. Tana the Queen. Love win Belinda go girl get your Prince .

    Yvette FortneyYvette Fortney5 giorni fa
  • Next part please

    Nakanji PriscaNakanji Prisca5 giorni fa
  • Alot to learn from dis

    Golden GoldGolden Gold6 giorni fa
  • Very interesting movie👌👌 thanks for uploading nollywoodpicturestv ❤❤❤💋💋✌✌

    Pretty VeraPretty Vera6 giorni fa
  • Great movie

    Ebokem PhiloEbokem Philo6 giorni fa
  • Wow . I love dis movie.i alwz know that my leo will win dis battle

    Isable LoveIsable Love6 giorni fa
  • No weapon of evil found against us shall prosper for the battle is for the lord and the victory is ours .if you believe give a like.

    Esther GraceEsther Grace6 giorni fa
  • Freddie

    Sophia DouglasSophia Douglas6 giorni fa
  • We are still waiting for the part 11 and 12 please guy's may the almighty Allah guide and proprietary you much love 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️

    Hio HryHio Hry6 giorni fa
    • Coming out soon dear. Thanks for watching.

      NollywoodpicturestvNollywoodpicturestv5 giorni fa
  • Watching supporting

    Yvette FortneyYvette Fortney6 giorni fa
  • It did not end😳😳😳😳

    Rahmat MuhammadRahmat Muhammad6 giorni fa
  • come on, all that was put for 10 could complete the conclusion of the whole movie when looking at why needing another part to the movie as if it's not obvious how the ending will be without seeing the rest. you guys need to do much better than this for it's getting too often with all the movies you come out with lately as if your fans still won't support watching them when they come out.first time it wasn't like that when these movies came out all was out, so why now.upload next soon

    Quannia WalkerQuannia Walker6 giorni fa
    • My thoughts exactly...I hope they will show us the wedding...actually they must show us the wedding bcz the plot had ended

      Maidi MokubediMaidi Mokubedi6 giorni fa
  • Man is nothing without God and man is nothing without tradition.

    highly favoredhighly favored6 giorni fa
  • Belinda and Fred u deserve one another in real life

    Nalule MableNalule Mable6 giorni fa
  • Where is the rest of the movie nollywood? Come on...

    Grace JesusGrace Jesus6 giorni fa
  • This movie is excellently illustrated, the prince stood for truth and the truth lifted him above his enemy. I love his way and manner dealing with the princess , a tyrant, who thinks she knows better than her brother, but with love he embrace her. She learnt her lesson in a big way. I dont support diabolical ways but royality can not throw away tradition, that is why God tag them as different and only God can judge their deeds while on throne. However enough of this delay pls , let's see the end. Thanks for loading.

    Mojisola OdusanwoMojisola Odusanwo6 giorni fa
  • This is beautiful. Please release the other remaining seasons without delay.

    David OJDDavid OJD6 giorni fa
  • I can not wait for 11 and 12 ooo bravo 👏 guys

    Christina PollockChristina Pollock6 giorni fa
  • Next part biko

    Ewemade OkunmwendiaEwemade Okunmwendia6 giorni fa
  • They say who God has blessed no man can curse .. and what’s urs will always be urs no matter who tries to steal it away from u and patience is an important virtue

    Carine CarineCarine Carine6 giorni fa
    • True dear. Thanks for watching and share with friends.

      NollywoodpicturestvNollywoodpicturestv5 giorni fa
  • This very beautiful loving great movie. I give this movie a great 👍 👍👍👍👍to my handsome actor Frederick and lovely beautiful Belinda. I love ❤️ stand with what you believe in. The award 🥇 movie. Well acted in all, team 👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️love them too.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Ibiyemi KomolafeIbiyemi Komolafe6 giorni fa
  • "You shall know the truth and that truth that you know will set you free". He that is free is free indeed. Forgiveness is paramount in creating a peaceful community.

    Ebonygirl Christ-centredEbonygirl Christ-centred6 giorni fa
    • Thanks for watching love, share with friends.

      NollywoodpicturestvNollywoodpicturestv5 giorni fa
  • very funny!!! 10 tubers of yam and a huge ram indeed! I love that guy!

    Ebonygirl Christ-centredEbonygirl Christ-centred6 giorni fa
  • It was a nice 👍 movie 🎥 Thank you 🙏

    Faith NjokiFaith Njoki6 giorni fa
  • The movie is so beautiful

    Fatmata BangourFatmata Bangour6 giorni fa
  • Yesoo you were a fool princess

    Gifty OwusuGifty Owusu6 giorni fa
  • Waiting for The Throne season 11

    pmuraxpmurax6 giorni fa
  • Ugezu nice job,u no Dy disappoint at all.more wisdom 😘😘

    Lilian TankoLilian Tanko6 giorni fa
  • Looking for this and that has no meaning for we go no where with them for Christ sake

    Chidinma KaluChidinma Kalu6 giorni fa
  • Nice movie

    Angela SadiatAngela Sadiat6 giorni fa
  • That part in the movie is stupid, the princess was just greedy and stupid. The guy didn’t cause her any suffering.

    Bella MarcelinaBella Marcelina6 giorni fa
  • Wherever you are, I pray that God’s love be with you. Wherever you go, I pray He will protect you in Jesus name amen 🙏🏽

    amen enamunaamen enamuna6 giorni fa
    • Amen.

      NollywoodpicturestvNollywoodpicturestv5 giorni fa
  • You guys are doing well... Thanks for uploading.

    Ukaire ChukwudaluUkaire Chukwudalu6 giorni fa
  • Can't wait for the next part Frederick Leanard is such a great actor and writer

    Kathleenn ConnerKathleenn Conner6 giorni fa
    • Coming out soon dear, thanks for watching and share with friends.

      NollywoodpicturestvNollywoodpicturestv5 giorni fa
  • Very good movie

    Christine HillairelouisonChristine Hillairelouison6 giorni fa
  • For long Nollywood has bastardized our cultures and traditions, making it appear inferior to other cultures.... I'm happy to see this one promote our culture and traditions, Chukwu Okike bless the production crew and the cast.

    Uche OkojiUche Okoji6 giorni fa
  • This is what our culture truly stands for; Justice. Thank you Ayaka Enugwu Ukwu na Ụmụ Nrị for this masterpiece... More greese to your elbow Ọnye echichi

    Uche OkojiUche Okoji6 giorni fa
    • Thanks for watching love, share with friends.

      NollywoodpicturestvNollywoodpicturestv5 giorni fa
  • Well-done guys!!! Thank you so much.. I really enjoyed seasons 9&10. Honestly Ugezu's charisma is out of this world. Please can the final seasons be uploaded for us as well? Many thanks.

    Judy UzJudy Uz6 giorni fa
  • the message of this movie carry a lot of weight. today politicians who are supposed to uphold justice are the same that rape our countries and impoverish their people instead of walking in the way of truth.

    Harriet AcquahHarriet Acquah6 giorni fa
  • Nice movie

    salamatu turaysalamatu turay6 giorni fa
  • very nice i cant wait to see the end well play mr Fredrick loving every moment of this movie

    Jackie WilliamsJackie Williams6 giorni fa

    Julius WiseJulius Wise6 giorni fa
  • So these movie nor finish here? 🤦‍♂️🤔🤔

    Ramsy YoungRamsy Young6 giorni fa
  • Nice movie, thumps up

    Emem OkonEmem Okon6 giorni fa
  • Destiny I feel ur pain, you got what you deserve. Fredrick Leonard you're incredible, cudos to all the cast tana, destiny, Fredrick, Fredrick friend, ugezu g ugezu etc. much love

    Aster 1Aster 16 giorni fa
    • Thanks for watching love, share with friends.

      NollywoodpicturestvNollywoodpicturestv5 giorni fa
  • Asaze what goes round comes round 😂😂😂😂

    Bird 2020Bird 20206 giorni fa
    • True dear.

      NollywoodpicturestvNollywoodpicturestv5 giorni fa
  • Ahhh, greed has taken over Nigerian movies producers oo, masquerade even you could not end this movie in season 10, what else do you want to show us😂😂😂🤣🤣

    Thelma ObianujuThelma Obianuju6 giorni fa
  • God no best

    Faith NekkiyFaith Nekkiy6 giorni fa
  • Wonderful, beautiful and powerful movie i enjoyed it. Thumbs up to all the actors and actresses

    Martin YeboahMartin Yeboah6 giorni fa
  • Stand in your convictions always#Belinda

    Gayann GodfreyGayann Godfrey6 giorni fa
  • Beautiful inside and out side, God is so good ,congratulations king 🤴 and his beautiful wife and thanks to ugeze and the kings best friend bravo 👏 🙌 ❤ 💜 ♥

    Christina PollockChristina Pollock6 giorni fa
  • Next pliz

    Nasrah AhmedNasrah Ahmed6 giorni fa
  • Nice movie but the stupid elders like to let money blind them even in the evil ways,to the princess selus fooled you but he paid for it any way

    Virginia NelsonVirginia Nelson6 giorni fa
  • This is the power of "LOVE 💘 "

    Christina PollockChristina Pollock6 giorni fa
  • But y didn't they end the movie here now, y prolonging 🙄🙄

    Omogbehin OgechiOmogbehin Ogechi6 giorni fa
  • This movie shows, that your on family members in your house hole are your worses enemies. Not all family members, but the most. The Bible speak of it, but much love to our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth and much Love to everyone who reads this or give it a thumbs up.

    robin davisrobin davis6 giorni fa
  • Fredrick Leonard pls continue given ur as he dey hurt so....tanks for uploading

    Promise LovePromise Love6 giorni fa
  • Loving UGEZU so much for his wonderful stories

    Clinton JuniorClinton Junior6 giorni fa
    • Glad you enjoyed the movie dear, share with friends too ok.

      NollywoodpicturestvNollywoodpicturestv5 giorni fa
  • The most important relationship in the world is the one you have with God. And when they say to you, “Seek those who are mediums and wizards, who whisper and mutter,” should not a people seek their God? Should they seek the dead on behalf of the living? To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them. Isaiah 8:19-20.

    GloGlo6 giorni fa
  • Powerful movie

    Nuru SaulyNuru Sauly6 giorni fa
  • Another please

    Kelly JoshuaKelly Joshua6 giorni fa
  • Next part

    Prince HarrisonPrince Harrison6 giorni fa
  • Frederick my name I admire you a lot

    Acheampong FrederickAcheampong Frederick6 giorni fa
  • So is this movie about promoting idol worshipping or what

    Gyabaa yeboah RuthGyabaa yeboah Ruth6 giorni fa
    • Please ask

      AdultingBuzz with MamtoloAdultingBuzz with Mamtolo6 giorni fa
  • Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth while the evil days draw nigh. When thou shalt say, i have no pleasure in them. Fret not thyself because of evil doers because the Lord your God watches over thee.

    GloGlo6 giorni fa