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17 nov 2020
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A very dramatic moment from Nene's Mario Kart stream -
@Polka Ch. 尾丸ポルカ
@Nene Ch.桃鈴ねね
Terminator theme on kazoo -

  • matanene~~~~~~~

    Nene Ch.桃鈴ねねNene Ch.桃鈴ねね5 giorni fa
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  • We can see a lot of hard work in this video

    Pin KevinPin Kevin14 minuti fa
  • I’ve watched this roughly 42 times now.

    KawattaKawatta31 minuto fa
  • Can you make a tutorial of your animation stile, it's feels like its more fluid without loosing the 2D animation spirit

    darkpegasus321darkpegasus32133 minuti fa
  • Even if I am a big terminator fan, how do you make me rewatch everyone of your videos countless times in one sitting?

    Star PillarsStar Pillars44 minuti fa
  • i cant stop watching this please help

    Ezequiel Facundo Ferreira CamposEzequiel Facundo Ferreira Campos55 minuti fa
  • Straight garbage

    RushyGRushyG4 ore fa
  • The Animation Looks So Serius Lmao

    Devin SuhendraDevin Suhendra4 ore fa
  • Okay... the fact you grabbed the Terminator 2 scene just surprises me

    KAIsibs Does GamingKAIsibs Does Gaming4 ore fa
  • I know now why you cry.

    Thomas GreysonThomas Greyson5 ore fa
  • I can't stop watch this

    nnrr善昭nnrr善昭5 ore fa
  • there is ppl in these world sharing the same body but completely different brain

    Ali السفاحAli السفاح7 ore fa
  • In other news, James Cameron has confirmed a new Terminator movie starring Nene as John Connor and Polka as T-800

    kaikanphasekaikanphase7 ore fa
  • She better be back!

    AnAn7 ore fa
  • I have no idea whats happening, but it's great stuff.

    DaveyDavey8 ore fa
  • Alright, what do we have here. . . "Hmmmmm~Buh!" . . . seems to be my new religion.

    ArcherBaschaArcherBascha9 ore fa
  • She’ll be back

    R.N GrantR.N Grant9 ore fa
  • Top 5 saddest anime deaths

    Cristiano HenriqueCristiano Henrique10 ore fa
  • ??????????????????????????????????

    Marcos PradoSFCMarcos PradoSFC10 ore fa
  • aloe... pain peko~

    Filip SimakovićFilip Simaković10 ore fa
  • THIS IS SOO DEEEEEEP 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    JesterJester11 ore fa
    • That Aloe plush got me crying 😭

      Rafa FirdausRafa Firdaus32 minuti fa
  • Bye bye

    Papai PaiPapai Pai11 ore fa
  • I watch this at least 2 times a day

    Dante LawnDante Lawn12 ore fa
  • This is beautiful oh my god literally i laught for hours, as a huge fan of terminator this make my every day

    Cedric BowenCedric Bowen12 ore fa
  • in portuguese matanene can be translated as *kill baby*

    Sanduíche de plutônio?Sanduíche de plutônio?13 ore fa
    • En español también

      Agustin sosaAgustin sosa13 ore fa
  • Polka Is Power

    Heimskr, Prophet of TalosHeimskr, Prophet of Talos13 ore fa
  • The blending of 2d and 3d is really fukin gud + the special effects adds alot. If you told me Ufotable animated this i wont even question it

    Rei mendRei mend14 ore fa
  • i have no idea what happened

  • Nobody: Auto-captions: *[Música]*

    KurenaiKurenai14 ore fa
  • Anime characters speaking japanese, shitposting american memes *God i love the internet*

    Layers of political jokesLayers of political jokes15 ore fa
  • "She'll be back..." - Terminator 3

    M1A2 AbramsM1A2 Abrams15 ore fa
  • Me finding out the answer to a math question: 0:00

    BlackoutKittenBlackoutKitten17 ore fa
  • What i am doing here?

    Dekol's channelDekol's channel17 ore fa
  • new terminator looking good.

    KINNUKINNU18 ore fa

    MargenMargen19 ore fa
  • can i ask how many days or hours this took you?

    Aozora WeissAozora Weiss19 ore fa
  • กาก

    ตยา ชบาวตยา ชบาว19 ore fa
  • Wuts the last song

    logua Freshlogua Fresh20 ore fa
  • The view : 1,8 milions His subs : 182k Me : wait that ilegal

    DuddyHakim 07DuddyHakim 0720 ore fa
  • What is it with Japan and T2? I've seen a number of vtubers hum the T2 theme.

    n0denzn0denz20 ore fa
    • Arnold Shwarzenegger is a super popular icon in japan, he even has a nickname, Schuwa-chan or something... I do not exactly remember but I read about it quite a while ago, you can look it up for more info. but yeah, Terminator is a hit there

      crisiscoreffv2crisiscoreffv219 ore fa
  • Your Animation is Hilarious. Loved it ❤️❤️❤️

    ミュラ --ミュラ --20 ore fa
  • What?

    BoB 13BoB 1320 ore fa
  • This is not your first last time ur here

    Edo DirgantaraEdo Dirgantara20 ore fa
  • 0:24 *sad noises* 0:25 *happy*

    Red AiRed Ai21 ora fa
  • She is came the Future!!🤣😂

    Reiki121 / ユウトReiki121 / ユウト22 ore fa
  • matsuri

    猫アレルギー猫アレルギー22 ore fa
  • *Polka was an Impostor.*

    Arthur BalbuenaArthur BalbuenaGiorno fa
  • mata nene :this in latinoamerica is like a kill the kid (sorry for my bad inglish)

    Tele EzeTele EzeGiorno fa
    • @Samuel Nathan sorry i needed to use the translator for this i am not good with english and some words i dont understand like (demonym, Latinx)

      Tele EzeTele Eze15 ore fa
    • A lot of you guys have been mentioning this. Just out of curiosity, what's your opinion on Latinx as a demonym for people from Latino America? How would you pronounce it?

      Samuel NathanSamuel Nathan16 ore fa
  • I dont even watch Vtubers so why the fuck can I not stop watching these

    NikenNikenGiorno fa
    • Welcome to the VTuber rabbit hole. Make yourself comfortable.

      Rafa FirdausRafa Firdaus22 ore fa
  • I this a wholesome version of terminator?

    sjnddjd untalansjnddjd untalanGiorno fa
  • Aoll be buack

    Caesar ZeppeliCaesar ZeppeliGiorno fa
  • how do you upload these at a decent rate wHAT

    wasuretawasuretaGiorno fa
  • I can’t stop watching this goddamnit

    UzumakiheroUzumakiheroGiorno fa
  • Fubuki's Den den den vs Matanene who would win? Awn fuck, I know both gonna win

    Mr.FlygonMr.FlygonGiorno fa
  • MATANENE means KILL KIDS dont be fooled

    Matiaz RguelloMatiaz RguelloGiorno fa
  • Everyday I came here just to hear *mata neneeeeee~~~* and im happy humhum! :^)

    vonvieravonvieraGiorno fa
  • this guy needs to be hired by cartoon network or something

    Kap'n KenKap'n KenGiorno fa
  • Are you japanese ?

    ygor vssygor vssGiorno fa
    • Brazilian actually

      Moff AntMoff AntGiorno fa
  • This was released 6 days ago.... it feels like a lifetime.

    Lilly BowenLilly BowenGiorno fa
  • Being ejected: 0:17

    I have no idea What to name this dumb channelI have no idea What to name this dumb channelGiorno fa
  • but what does it mean? Mata nene?

    SelvokazSelvokazGiorno fa
    • matane=see you nene=the vtuber matanene is pun

      flowerflower20 ore fa
    • See you Nene

      Kalo ChanKalo ChanGiorno fa
  • It's beautiful I've looked at this for 5 hours now

    Rixave' yustinRixave' yustinGiorno fa
  • I love the ending

    Zachariah HedgesZachariah HedgesGiorno fa
  • 0:21 Oww, Mano Aloe Doll :'0

    NiggachuNiggachuGiorno fa
  • God the best part 0:40

    Jdm enthusiasts NoahJdm enthusiasts NoahGiorno fa
  • I was laughing until I saw Aloe plushie. Pain peko

    Kairu 42Kairu 42Giorno fa
  • Konichiwa

    Edsamil PomalesEdsamil PomalesGiorno fa
  • I can't stop watching this.

    RattangoRattangoGiorno fa
  • You're fucking breathTaking My guy

    fluffy boi. [Virus-Z]fluffy boi. [Virus-Z]Giorno fa
  • man anime is so cool

    wax milvawax milvaGiorno fa
  • What anime is this

    dalekdoctordalekdoctorGiorno fa
    • Virtual youtubers from the company HoloLive. You should check them out.

      Moff AntMoff AntGiorno fa
  • I need help, i cant stop viewing this video aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh send help i love it

    ZabdiZabdiGiorno fa
  • Айрбибак

    RavenRavenGiorno fa
  • Damn... this is next lvl

    tribopowertribopowerGiorno fa
  • Am I blind or does the thumbnail look like Sans?

    Techno KnightTechno KnightGiorno fa
  • Oh god the reference. What a great ending Terminator 2 had. For me that's where the Biology ended.

    BerserkSlayerBerserkSlayerGiorno fa
  • *When the main channel has fewer views than the second*

    Silent ArseniiSilent ArseniiGiorno fa
  • Skynet sick and tired of failing terminators decided to build the next best thing... TERMINATOR WAIFUS

    Zapzel24Zapzel24Giorno fa
  • if not the weird smile it would have a million likes

    VibesVibesGiorno fa
  • いや草なんやけどもww

    かかぉかかぉGiorno fa
  • This is beautifully animated and so damn clever. What a great T2 reference!!

    MonteBond8MonteBond8Giorno fa
  • I can't pin it down, but I just love this animation style.

    Chad ChaddingtonChad ChaddingtonGiorno fa
  • The best terminator movie: MATANENE~~~~~

    monamonmonamonGiorno fa
  • Mi compa cuando va ha rendir un examen :v

    Ezequiel SuruguayEzequiel SuruguayGiorno fa
  • Wololo

    hardly known johnnyhardly known johnnyGiorno fa
  • I dont know what's going on in this video, but i want to come here again

    VanTooTreeVanTooTreeGiorno fa
  • Terminater say matanene

    skumaruskumaruGiorno fa
  • smolka...

    Sean ZoiloSean ZoiloGiorno fa
  • Me during senior year saying one last goodbye to my friends

    s0n1c ranger 564s0n1c ranger 564Giorno fa
  • "I know why you cry but it's something i can never do" ~T-800

    RHYXRHYXGiorno fa
  • thank u, really, this makes my so happy

    JuanJuanGiorno fa
  • Polka's face while descending to death is worthy of a giga chad

    Furry Slayer #Ozob2077Furry Slayer #Ozob2077Giorno fa
  • Fun fact "mata nene" means kill baby in Brazilian portuguese

    Frederico Daia do Lago Carnauba SalgadoFrederico Daia do Lago Carnauba SalgadoGiorno fa
  • What? Wait, Wat....?

    太子椰太子椰Giorno fa
  • I will be oru

    広縁TW広縁TWGiorno fa
  • Matanene

    VitorPneuArrastadoVitorPneuArrastadoGiorno fa
  • 可愛すぎんか…?

    そらっちょれいそらっちょれいGiorno fa
  • Banger after banger

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  • Stop putting this in my recommended

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  • These animations just keep getting better and better :) Well done!

    X-GamerX-GamerGiorno fa