Leclerc FURIOUS team radio after the race! "I am as stupid as in Baku!!" | 2020 Turkish GP

15 nov 2020
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This weekend is the 2020 Turkish grand prix at Istanbul, Turkey! During this race weekend I will upload as many team radios for you as possible!
This video includes the team radio from Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz, Lando Norris, George Russell, Kevin Magnussen, Alexander Albon, Romain Grosjean and many more!/ Mclaren Renault F1, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, Scuderia Ferrari F1 team, Mercedes AMG F1 team, Renault F1 team, Haas F1 team
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  • Ferrari, please build this man a competitive car!

    Brandon KBrandon K3 giorni fa
  • Leclerc.....???? Ahahahahh...

    Florian BalavoineFlorian Balavoine3 giorni fa
  • When you were one point off getting an A as your final grade...

    Nate LecardeNate Lecarde6 giorni fa
  • With such a serious and self-critical attitude, he'll definitely be world champion one day. Forza Charles! 🥇🇲🇨

    Phantom RSPhantom RS7 giorni fa
  • so nice to hear that he is actually caring a lot about his own performance .. and that he puts 100% energy even if its criticizing his own mistake that cost him 2nd place ..

    Spion SilverSpion Silver9 giorni fa
  • "You did a good jo..." "NO NO"

    Ein Google-NutzerEin Google-Nutzer10 giorni fa
  • We have all been waiting for this one bois

    filippos stavrofilippos stavro10 giorni fa
  • What did he sayd in Italian?

    Searching for StuhlisSearching for Stuhlis10 giorni fa
  • I used to like LC now I LOVE HIM, we need more of the REAL LC and less the "good boy" he tries to portray to the public ..

    oscardriveroscardriver11 giorni fa
  • This guy getting praise and sympathy for doing a shit job, unbelievable

    Sarang SharmaSarang Sharma12 giorni fa
  • Mamba mentality

    lea martinezlea martinez12 giorni fa
  • did Charles open DRS in front of prez in the last lap?

    Vivek KrishnanVivek Krishnan12 giorni fa
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 that's y still long way to be a good driver

    ckthana muthoockthana muthoo12 giorni fa
  • haahahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahah

    PennywisePennywise13 giorni fa
  • If there is one racer who is made for Ferrari, it is Charles. He went all italian there

    Bert DemeulemeesterBert Demeulemeester13 giorni fa
  • Love it! Shows his passion and determination, nice that he said something decent to Seb as well.

    Illuminated SkeletonsIlluminated Skeletons13 giorni fa
  • Victories are the only acceptable result for Leclerc. He has the spirit of a true champion.

    Marco PoloMarco Polo13 giorni fa
  • He indeed is stupid, throwing away P2 because of no reason at all. You can say "P4 is great too" and "you drove very well to even end there" as much as you like, as a racing driver you only see what could be if it weren't for your incompetence. You can't help but be furious about yourself when you drive that well the whole race just to throw half the work away at one corner. Don't forget it's significant points he lost there. That's also why he never will be a world champion, because he keeps doing these small errors when under pressure. The same with Vettel, the only way he became a world champion was because there was nobody to pressure him and since he's at Ferrari under pressure, he keeps throwing everything away. That's the reason why Hamilton is one of the best - even under huge pressure, he keeps delivering.

  • Good lord he's like (sorry is a stereotype) all the Asian kids who gets only a B+ in his math test and jump off the window. As a African I was really satisfied with that result but my parents not and it really feels like he dishonest his family.

    Ay TestaroseAy Testarose13 giorni fa
  • Return of legend

    Dashy Dog F1 MemerDashy Dog F1 Memer13 giorni fa
  • Tranquillo charles... binotto lo rassicura,lui si calma ma nn è sicuro un campione

    Mattia FincattiMattia Fincatti13 giorni fa
  • Engineer: Radio off. Basta!

    Sarah ConnorSarah Connor13 giorni fa
  • This is why he will be a world champion his standards are so high for himself and he carries his errors with him like all the greats did and do you can tell that with one of the GOATs and the actual GOAT in my eyes hamilton still carries 07 china with him into wet races

    David SwanboroughDavid Swanborough13 giorni fa
  • Leclerc: I did fucking shit job.. Engineer : slow button oonnn.... P4.. Leclerc: I am as stupid as baku.. Engineer : slow button oonnn... radio off.. slow button oonn... Ferrari Engineer and his fancy for pressing button just never ends.. 😂😂😂

    Vignesh BhattVignesh Bhatt13 giorni fa
  • Learn it up Leclerc!!!!!! That’s a very good attitude that cultivates excellence. Still a Rookie but demanding the absolute best from himself.

    TakamusasuTakamusasu13 giorni fa
  • I thought he was asking for the mafia because I am sure I heard Corleone multiple times 😂

    Shut upShut up13 giorni fa
  • Something tells me he's going to be the next great

    Raashid TakRaashid Tak13 giorni fa
  • I felt bad for Charles. So close.

    Nia AndrewsNia Andrews13 giorni fa
  • Charles had an amazing drive

    Matt PMatt P13 giorni fa
  • No lad ... You did a fantastic job. He is a terrific driver and I can't wait to see him in the title battles of the future against Verstappen. I'll be rooting for him. From a Hamilton fan.

    MimMMimM14 giorni fa
  • Sono un coglione

    Luigi 06Luigi 0614 giorni fa
  • This is why Leclerc will one day be champion!

    Elliott WardleElliott Wardle14 giorni fa
  • Charles: *angry noises* Engineer: "Copy" Binotto: "🅱️asta"

    TripeTripe14 giorni fa
    • @Leon Kastelic From Maranello

      F1 DailyF1 Daily3 giorni fa
    • Binotto wasn't there he didn't go to turkey

      Leon KastelicLeon Kastelic13 giorni fa
    • 🤣🤣🤣

      alexalex13 giorni fa
  • His reaction is understandable when you know you have a vastly superior car to your teammate and he still beats you.

    GoaneasyGoaneasy14 giorni fa
    • Sbinalla

      specter290specter29013 giorni fa
  • LeClerc: "I am as stupid as in Baku!!" Radio: Copy

    426dfv426dfv14 giorni fa
  • over confident

    Noel de VillaNoel de Villa14 giorni fa
  • xavier(charles engineer): ssssslow buton on, sssssslow buton on...p sero, p his spanish accent lolllllll

    Bruce HarperBruce Harper14 giorni fa
  • Racing inchident

    raj gunaseelanraj gunaseelan14 giorni fa
  • Fuck man that’s just heartbreaking.

    Dutchies HollandDutchies Holland14 giorni fa
  • Charles literally drags that Ferrari whole season and also has one of the best races of his career (despite starting from dirty side and being P16 on lap 1) until that little mistake which 70% of the drivers would have done the same Also Charles -: I did a fucking shit job No my boy you have done a incredible job whole season. You are the only reason Ferrari fans have a little hope for the future. I would certainly not take much interest as I am taking now in watching F1 this season if not for you Charles. You remind me of Alonso in 2014 by dragging that car to the places it never belonged. Hopefully soon we will see a season by you like Alonso in 2012. And this time your Ferrari winning the championship. In the meantime don't be so hard on yourself.

    Doug JudyDoug Judy14 giorni fa
  • Charles grazie di amare la Ferrari come noi amiamo te.

    Baghera BenzBaghera Benz14 giorni fa
  • "You did a goooooood job" - that was clever

    Code ReviewCode Review14 giorni fa
  • 1:47 I stopped my work thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    sanjay dangolsanjay dangol14 giorni fa
  • oh my god. i clicked for the screaming part and it still jumpscared me

    Dion PeetersDion Peeters14 giorni fa
  • "Slow button" so that's been their issue so far this season

    Ron BaruahRon Baruah14 giorni fa

    Paul DalliPaul Dalli14 giorni fa
  • I see that most people do not understand his frustration. He had taken over Perez for P2 two or so corners ago. So when he made a mistake, he was not making a move on Perez, he just did a mistake that cost him two places. That is why he is so frustrated. While on the sky F1 broadcast it looked like he was making a move there.

    Modestas SukareviciusModestas Sukarevicius14 giorni fa
  • Imagine if he was fighting for the championship... he would have punched himself more. This boy learns hard, he will become champion

    Jetstar001Jetstar00114 giorni fa
  • So glad Seb is getting away from this guy. I’ve never cared for him from day one.

    Doyle HargraveDoyle Hargrave14 giorni fa
    • Sbinalla

      specter290specter29013 giorni fa
  • Sono un collione

    Andrea PoffAndrea Poff14 giorni fa
  • Can someone translate the Italian parts ?

    Keerthi SagarKeerthi Sagar14 giorni fa
  • Lol dude, relax.

    Mr RoyalGardMr RoyalGard14 giorni fa
  • This is the proof that everyone that always talks about Charles praising him is wrong. There is no need consider him a future champion. I mean, he is good, but I don’t think he can be compared to Lewis or Max, like everyone does. People make mistakes, but sometimes he makes huge ones

    Giulia FerriGiulia Ferri14 giorni fa
    • @jossiqua I would love to see that too. I hope you are right

      Giulia FerriGiulia Ferri14 giorni fa
    • @Giulia Ferri I don't think that's a fair comparison. Yes they're the same age, but Max has been in F1 for nearly 6 seasons, over 4 of those in a race winning/podium capable car. This year is only Charles third season and he has only spent 1 of those seaons in a race winning/podium capable car (last year's car, which by the way he scored 10 podiums to Max's 9). This year's car is on balance probably only 6th quickest where as the Red Bull is overall the second quickest so Max has a much better opportunity to score podiums again this year and open that podium gap. Raw numbers don't tell the full story and I'm hoping one day (maybe 2022?) to see the two of them in similar paced cars and watch them fight it out fairly. It will be exciting to watch.

      jossiquajossiqua14 giorni fa
    • @jossiqua As I said, everyone makes mistake. It’s true, Max had a pretty bad race yesterday, with a bit too many mistakes, but it’s rare to see him driving that way. On the other hand, Charles makes mistakes quite often. Not mentioning the difference in the results. 40 podiums for Max and 12 for Charles, and they are the same age. I think Max is a future Lewis. Charles is good, I’m not saying he isn’t. But I don’t think he will become a champ like Lewis

      Giulia FerriGiulia Ferri14 giorni fa
    • Max started 2nd and finished 6th, spinning the car on more than one occasion. Charles started 14th and finished 4th and kept it on track pretty much the whole race. So I think we can compare him favourably to Max. Lewis was in a league of his own today though, especially when compared to Bottas finishing 14th in the same car.

      jossiquajossiqua14 giorni fa
  • Why Binoto is talking is not here we do a podium and p4

    Nathanael HouriNathanael Houri14 giorni fa
  • He’s really hard on himself, I mean he literally done great and did his best but it wasn’t meant to be and that’s fine!!

    Lil Dva.Lil Dva.14 giorni fa
  • He's a real fighter, the fact that he's so hard on himself after having such an amazing race proves it. In a few years, he'll be disputing a championship against Verstappen and perhaps Norris or Gasly, this new generation of drivers is exciting.

    Alejandro PorrasAlejandro Porras14 giorni fa
  • Fantastico

  • Upcoming meme format in the making.

    -TJ--TJ-14 giorni fa
  • I feel really bad for him.

    Aaron RocqueAaron Rocque14 giorni fa
  • P2 was in reach, and he took a risk as a fan, I hope every single driver on the grid would take that same risk. We need more daring in F1

    Ranga MavhungaRanga Mavhunga14 giorni fa
  • Can someone please make a transcript of this because I can barely understand it

    AEC MediaAEC Media14 giorni fa
  • He needs to just take it on the chin instead of crying like a baby. He pulled over at the end of the pitlane and started trashing around like a child before the camera changed views.

    Gt77rsGt77rs14 giorni fa
  • 1:27 I stopped my job because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    Jason M. SwickJason M. Swick14 giorni fa
  • Charles did well, his overtake against Seb is graceful, his mental grit to carry that dog of a car every race is amazing, his frustrations are understandable but he shouldn't be too hard to himself as he did everything he could and both him and Seb deserves to be at the top it's just a shame that the management of their teams sucks.

    LuisLuis14 giorni fa
  • 0:20 I stopped my work with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    Hanna MckenzieHanna Mckenzie14 giorni fa
  • I still dont understand why people who make fun of drivers like Leclerc who honestly blames himself for mistakes he has done are the same people who make fun of drivers like Verstappen because he blames anyone but himself (basically the polar opposite)

    Ringo FerrerRingo Ferrer14 giorni fa
  • He is a sore looser, he should be happy happy the scored points

    TwistedTub3TwistedTub314 giorni fa
    • Not a Sore loser hes just frustrated and angry. He didnt even blame anyone but himself

      Unnown 410Unnown 41014 giorni fa
  • He is too hard on himself 😔

    igna0101igna010114 giorni fa
  • He lost a lot of time in the first part of the race... at one point he was like 50s behind Stroll.. so he was the fastest driver of those who pit twice.

    TheKuiouTheKuiou14 giorni fa
  • wn rico enojao salvaje imagina en la camita alele

    Rafael BaldazziRafael Baldazzi14 giorni fa
  • Poor Leclerc. Binotto brings him in front of Vettel with two undercuts and then the golden boy bins it. :)))

    Turrican 4DTurrican 4D14 giorni fa
  • Slow button on ...Slow button on 😂 Ive never seen heard him this mad but I knew he would be kicking himself for messing up a podium in the last 2 turns of the entire race

    K20civicsirturboK20civicsirturbo15 giorni fa
  • Charles: speaks from the bottom of his heart Radio: coPy, wE'Re cHecKIng

    DHL maoDHL mao15 giorni fa
  • Can anyone explain how can Binotto speak on the radio? I thought he wasn't there at the track?

    DHL maoDHL mao15 giorni fa
  • Sono un coglione = I am a testicle.

    Ezra PoundEzra Pound15 giorni fa
  • Binotto: "Don't worry Charles, it's a good result, don't worry, it's ok" Charles: "I'm an asshole (x4), don't say that, I'm an asshole (almost crying)" After he says "as much as Baku": B: "Stop Charles, stop. Let's bring the car in the box" C: "Yes, I'll do, as usual...I would be a double asshole if I crash after the chequered flag"

    RobertoRoberto15 giorni fa
  • Seriously, Charles needs to calm the fck down. Of course he his just 23 and he is demanding with himselft, but.... You can´t throw that ton of shit over you after a GOOD race so hard that even your race engineer has to say you to stop (0:41 Basta charles, basta).

    Miguel VenenoMiguel Veneno15 giorni fa
  • What the FFFFFFFF 😂😂

    Big manBig man15 giorni fa
  • This is a championship mentality. He will bounce back after this. Despite this mistake he drove excellently.

    Cliff BoothCliff Booth15 giorni fa
  • What he did on this radio just prove how he have a champion mentality, he knows that he has done a mistake, but he blame only himself, assume the error and probably will learn with this, like he did in baku, monaco, austria, and others races, this man when he have a good car, will fight for the tittle and will win, and seb's podium was amazing today too, he deserves it

    ParktsParkts15 giorni fa
  • Great charles self-critical

    ljacljac15 giorni fa
  • As much as he did a really good job today, in some way I'm happy he is this hard on himself, he strives to be the best and that's a legends attitude.

    KingReaperGamer 99KingReaperGamer 9915 giorni fa
  • Holy hell lol I was not expecting that!! Shame Charles threw away a podium but still alot to be proud of for the team. Great haul of points and both drivers were there to take the points available.

    Luis RangelLuis Rangel15 giorni fa
  • The traits of a champion, pissed at himself instead of saying WE like gasly and stroll

    Claudio MartellaClaudio Martella15 giorni fa

    Simone Lo MonacoSimone Lo Monaco15 giorni fa
  • I don't like how he beats himself up so much he's been brilliant this season in a broken ferrari let's be honest, this guy will be world champ before verstappen, much better driver in my opinion.

    TridentM4DM4X93TridentM4DM4X9315 giorni fa
  • LO AMO :D 0:50 se no... sono un doppio ... se la metto a muro dopo la bandiera a scacchi... XD

    Gianluca BingGianluca Bing15 giorni fa
  • I let Vettel win, I did shit job, please don't tell Papa. LMAO

    ZE_GERMANZE_GERMAN15 giorni fa
  • basta charles basta

    VillagerVillager15 giorni fa
  • The most agressive variation of "I am stupid" We have heard

    Greg De SousaGreg De Sousa15 giorni fa
  • LeGlerg actually means Twat in French

    Ewok FromEndorEwok FromEndor15 giorni fa
  • It’s painful to hear Charles so frustrated like this and so hard on himself but ngl it’s bit funny. 🤣😅

    Daph SmithDaph Smith15 giorni fa

    Daph SmithDaph Smith15 giorni fa
  • I don't mean this in a rude way, but I think Charles should see a psychologist. This sort of self-criticism will have you fail psychometric tests in aviation, corporations, and even basketball or football teams...

    Jegunica SimracingJegunica Simracing15 giorni fa
    • @Jegunica Simracing As a professional basketball player who has read about and studied Jordan a lot, I can say that Jordan's youth attitude is the closest to Charles's. I'm talking about this self-critic youth attitude, not all time greatness later, of course, because Jordan's greatness can only be comparable to Hamilton's and Schumacher's in F1. But otherwise Hamilton and Jordan are not very similar, Hamilton is much more composed, gentlemanly, patient, etc. (which might be better in F1 tbh) Funny that you say that Jordan would have never said he was stupid, because that's exactly what he did when he was young 😀 In his pre-champion years, obviously, in his youth. It's just that he didn't have a radio at his mouth, for everyone to hear it. So it's not such a well known fact about him, especially that later in his career he became known more about bullying his teammates than bullying himself. His so called faith in his own greatness, that you mention, was at that later time. Not at the start of his career of course, when he hasn't achieved anything yet and still made a lot of mistakes, (but he had a good amount of self confidence too). But from all I know about Jordan, I say that young Jordan and young Charles are very similar in this self-criticism. Only time will tell whether it's good or bad for him. Not every single thing Jordan did was good and great, of course. It was just funny that you mentioned that you can't even join a basketball team with this amount of self-criticism, when the GOAT of basketball himself had exactly this amount of self-criticism in his youth, and we basketball players are told that all the time. Btw this type of mentality is not that rare for champions in other sports either, Novak Djokovic still punishes himself very openly during games for stupid mistakes, shouting with himself and smashing his head with his racket. You CAN compare one competitive athlete's mentality to any other competitive athlete's mentality, it's not about background. They are all there to compete and they all want to win. I don't know what you mean about "Hollywood drama", if you mean the tragedies, it's a very rude way to say it. And it doesn't matter whether you are from North Carolina or Monaco or the UK, or anywhere else, whether you are black or white, your hunger for success and for victory, and your way of work in competitive sport can be the same. Background doesn't mean anything in this case. There are athletes who come from very humble background and at the moment they receive the first bag of money they just start to enjoy it and eventually don't become great at their sport. And there are kids from humble background too who never stop, not even when they are incredibly rich, until they become the greatest in their sport. There are rich kids who would be talented but lose determination and hunger very easily, and there are kids from very comfortable background too who stay incredibly determined and hungry for success until they become the greatest in the end. Any background can produce the same determination for success and victory, it doesn't matter where you come from or what skin colour you have.

      Lili1127Lili112713 giorni fa
    • ​@Lili1127 You cannot compare the hunger of a black kid from North Carolina to that of a Monegasque kid whose backstory smells like a Hollywood drama. We have to wait and see. As for Jordan, he always thought very highly of himself (and rightfully so); never would he say that he is stupid. Charles isn't half as impulsive as Max, but I'm not here to allocate stat points. Find 1 driver with 3+ titles who looks like a fella who tends to say "I'm stupid" when he fails. When they overtake with confidence, they don't do a "sh** job" in the penultimate corner. I was in denial for years when it came to Hamilton's superiority (until yesterday, to be exact). The dominant Merc aside, he has reached a level where even in crap circumstances he would make the most of it. His tire/engine management is fantastic, and his confidence grows exponentially with time spent on track. He's the guy similar to Jordan. As for Senna, his attitude cost him a lot of points during his career.

      Jegunica SimracingJegunica Simracing14 giorni fa
    • Funny that you mention basketball, because the GOAT of basketball, Michael Jordan was very similar to Charles in his self-criticism in his youth 😀 And that's what made him the GOAT in the end. He hated losing and hated mistakes so much, in a weird and obsessive way, that when he missed an important shot in a game, he was so furious that no one could talk to him or dared to go close to him. He was so pissed off, he went on to the court usually next morning very early, hours before the usual training, and practiced only that one shot, for long long hours, until he could do that shot perfectly and without mistakes. That weird obsessive mentality, hating on his own mistakes, is what led him to greatness. And a closer example to F1: Senna. His mentality was very similar to Charles's. He was very pissed off when he made a mistake. One time he was asked about how could he become such a great rain driver, and he answered he was actually a very bad rain driver. It's just that he hated so much the lot of mistakes he made in wet conditions, he worked and worked and worked to improve himself and dismiss those mistakes that he eventually became very good in it. I don't know about psychometric tests in aviation and corporations, but in competitive sports, self criticism is very welcome and very much required. You can't have enough of it. Of course you have to use it well, to improve yourself so much that you never make the same mistake again. But if you don't have enough self-criticism in your way of work, you will never become great.

      Lili1127Lili112714 giorni fa
  • Charles has the will and inspiration, which i am lookin up to. He is a great guy and delivers very well at his age

    Florian rxFlorian rx15 giorni fa
  • “if you no longer go for a gap that exists you are no longer a racing driver because we are competing” - Senna

    Ossy AncelottiOssy Ancelotti15 giorni fa
    • I’ve seen better quotes from WRC drivers

      Dominik MaslykDominik Maslyk13 giorni fa
    • Please stop using one of the worst F1 quotes ever.

      NtsParadizeNtsParadize14 giorni fa
    • @Matteo Tommasi thank you ! No one likes to talk about that

      Deezel KaneDeezel Kane14 giorni fa
    • @A D holy hell. So who was driving well ? Lance stroll ? Sergio ? We all know max sucked... so who drove well in your opinion, seeing as Hamilton got lucky with the track drying up lmao.. you haters are something else.. Hamilton was in a class of his own, as usual, while the rest were sliding around like amateurs.

      Deezel KaneDeezel Kane14 giorni fa
    • @Deezel Kane yea obviously hes good in the wet but today he wasnt really anywhere before the track started to dry up, then we really saw the car's capabilities

      A DA D14 giorni fa

    Paul DalliPaul Dalli15 giorni fa
  • From 17th lowest to 4th, it indeed is a good job.

    S SS S15 giorni fa
  • I mean he has done a madness to get in poudium like seb did. Forza Charles

    jan strcajjan strcaj15 giorni fa
  • I can totally see why Leclerc went off on one. If I was on my way to an unlikely podium in a car that doesnt really belong there on merit (yes I know the Ferrari was pretty decent today) in and lost it in the last few corners of the race I'd be absolutely kicking myself too. I dont know if it's patronising or even right to say he's been too hard himself because it's shows he wants to get the most out of himself and how passionate he is about racing. What I do worry about though is that he says that's he's "stupid" like in Baku. He clearly still harbours onto his mistakes. With races like this you want the next one to come along quick so you can put it right but its 2 weeks till Bahrain and he might find himself dwelling on today But I'm sure he'll learn from this and bounce back. Like he learnt from Bahrain and Baku last year. Chin up Charles, three more races to go. Finish strongly!

    John AiwoneJohn Aiwone15 giorni fa