Can I help this AGGRESSIVE Dog ? (Cesar911 Shorts)

25 apr 2021
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In this Cesar911 Episode, I help a family who has gone through a recent heartbreaking event.
Leon, the family's dog, has developed aggressive behavior and has even bit someone.
If Cesar can't help solve this problem, Animal Control may be called in.
This episode focuses on holding onto the past and how our feelings and emotions can affect our dogs.
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  • how can i watch the whole video to see the end result ?

    Sanna OSanna OOra fa
  • It’s all her u need to train her how to be a better owner this isn’t dog training it’s owner training

    Gabriel TitusGabriel TitusOra fa
  • my dog dose the same things.

    eto lyncheto lynch5 ore fa
  • I've got his books too. And have had to refer to it. Learned alot from him,hes great and knows everything about a dog and animals.

    Deborah HughesDeborah Hughes7 ore fa
  • Dog is scared and overwhelmed, should slowly get her used to stuff instead of throwing her in there

    Arian KhezriArian Khezri9 ore fa
  • Nope! He wouldn't have time to call anyone to help his name would have been bullet! 💨☠️⚰️

  • It seems Caitlin needs psychological help more than the dog.

    NoosicNoosic21 ora fa
  • I cannot believe this show still comes on!

    And LeAnd Le23 ore fa
  • She needs to be less anxious cause its harming her dog's behavior.

    RA MRA MGiorno fa
  • Was the dog bone idol

    mumbles 123mumbles 123Giorno fa
  • My dog knows my father is the boss and he will never do that or he will be discipline not hit by the way

    Isreal RaphaelIsreal RaphaelGiorno fa
  • So wise for people and dogs.

    plovifyplovifyGiorno fa
  • So wise for people and dogs.

    plovifyplovifyGiorno fa
  • What's this dog breed?

    Lakmina MadusankaLakmina MadusankaGiorno fa
  • Honestly the most aggressive dog breeds around here are labs, golden retrievers and some smaller dogs, also a lot of golden doodles are very very aggressive and some larger mastiff mutts :(

    Romelia and dixieRomelia and dixieGiorno fa
  • Cesar is the best... 👏👏👏

    Nestor N. NugpoNestor N. NugpoGiorno fa
  • Is anybody to tell me why Rion's old owner passed away?

    Michelle JinMichelle JinGiorno fa
  • So the owner once again is the problem. She gets anxious because the dog is around other dogs. Get a cat Caitlin

    Aaron JohnsonAaron JohnsonGiorno fa
  • @9:36: What a drama queen.

    Jay ZenitramJay ZenitramGiorno fa
  • Half of the video is people talking. Wish there was less of that and more Cesar/dog interaction

    Maire Ni LaoiMaire Ni LaoiGiorno fa
  • An actual super hero 💕

    ShadowforgerShadowforgerGiorno fa
  • Omg!!!! Love from India ♥️🔥

    AtHul KrisHnaAtHul KrisHna2 giorni fa
  • Where is the part 2??

    FreshsoapFreshsoap2 giorni fa
  • First time I saw a retriever going rouge.. he sure missed his owner and confused

    KRODH XDKRODH XD2 giorni fa
  • This owner is an absolute nightmare and shouldn't be allowed within a mile of any animal, pigeons included.

    Hooch SmeethHooch Smeeth2 giorni fa
  • Please stop putting the way you feel onto your animals. Americans love giving in to their drama. It is not up to the dog to calm YOU down. It is up to you to control your emotions so the dog is calm.

    Ann WilliamsAnn Williams2 giorni fa
  • I wouldn't mind subscribing to you and following your videos but your videos are very hard to follow they have bits and pieces to them and you can't recover the conclusion of your videos it's difficult

    bulldog's housebulldog's house2 giorni fa
  • That isn’t an aggressive dog... cmon

    Tianzhi ChenTianzhi Chen2 giorni fa
  • Tan chulo César. La gente cree que los perritos tienen el problema pero siempre es la gente. Te amo Cesarin nada mas por que amas los perros al.igual k yo.

    Maria RentMaria Rent2 giorni fa
  • My pit bull used to love playing with other dog when he was around 2 years old but when we adopted another dog he became aggressive towards people and other dog what do I do to make him stop he tried to attackmy other dog three times but we was there in time to stop it

    Erika MilesErika Miles2 giorni fa
  • just seeing him attack that other dog in the beginning and the dog screaming gave me goosebumps. My 10 kilo poodle mix was bitten over 10 days ago by an grown up husky thank god it was Only a little scratch but my dog kept on screaming even almost 1 minute afterwards and coule shake himself for the first e days i guess it was the huskys weight that affected him most. My Dog is pretty much trained after cesars way and is bot one of these tipical little biting ancle machines you see around there in fact they always were okay with each other but it depends WHO walks that Husky that makes him attack other dogs... he already bit several different dogs and even managed to hurt people

    RoyalPTRoyalPT2 giorni fa
  • Amazing

    Jessica GraftonJessica Grafton2 giorni fa
  • Is that a golden retriever? First time I see an aggressive golden retriever 😂

    lidllidl2 giorni fa
  • An aggressive golden? Jesus people... 🤦‍♂️

    Ferb • 321 years agoFerb • 321 years ago2 giorni fa
  • One day, Caesar, your luck with those ferocious dogs will end, and your stupid moves won't help you from their killer jaws.

    sam fishersam fisher2 giorni fa
  • My pitsky puppy keeps biting me

    el random csel random cs3 giorni fa
  • Most owners forget about muzzles for any aggressive dogs when out in's not much but it keeps others safe

    weeguyweeguy3 giorni fa
  • is fucking king

    Júpiter22Júpiter223 giorni fa
  • Any advice for the same issue when i walking 2 dogs(brothers)

    FryLeigh 1974FryLeigh 19743 giorni fa
  • I also have a German Shepard. I would love to see more videos about how to control an aggressive breeds. Love your show!!

    Misty CarsonMisty Carson3 giorni fa
  • This woman is bot the right one to handle this dog. She is to much of a drame queen. And to stressed

    Anuksunamun 04Anuksunamun 043 giorni fa
  • - He will bite, he will bite... Then why aren't you putting a muzzle on him? I don't understand how people rationalize going out with aggressive dogs, and not taking the necessary precautions to make it safer.

    Anne NielsenAnne Nielsen3 giorni fa
  • Rest In Peace, Lisa.

    Y WrryY Wrry3 giorni fa
  • I once called 911 abt cesar but they thought em joking:(

    Master MindMaster Mind3 giorni fa
  • 🐕🦮🐕‍🦺🐩Every Dog Owner Should Have To Take a Course With this Incredible Man Ceasar 👍👏

    Christine CollisonChristine Collison3 giorni fa
  • I'd love to see some of the edited out videos where Cesar's attempts with the dogs failed and didn't work out exactly as planned!

    Dont CareDont Care3 giorni fa
  • Oh dear mama. You didn't lose your daughter because you were being punished ❤. That is not the way of physical death. There is no death of the soul/spirit. We live our physical journey but our spirit is still very much alive. I hope you sense this often when you sit with her memory/energy in the moment. She is still with you. It is only the FORM of your relationship that has changed. From one mother to another you have done nothing that would warrant the weight of that way of thinking. Please let that way of thinking go. You are blessed eternally with your relationship with your daughter Lisa ❤❤❤.

    Sheila GallagherSheila Gallagher3 giorni fa
  • Love, losing a child isn't punishment for us mothers. We are only loaned these precious souls to love them through their journey on earth. May you know this deep in your heart 💞

    Coffee LoverCoffee Lover3 giorni fa
  • This girl it’s a master manipulator.

    John ValenciaJohn Valencia3 giorni fa
  • Sería fenomenal poder verlos traducidos al español

  • Whistle blower???😂😂😂. How about snitch..😂😂

    Blue MoonBlue Moon3 giorni fa
  • Good clip but I have one thing to say I don't believe in using a foot tap to get a dogs attention I have a Siberian whom I've trained myself without tugging the coller or chain and without foottapping yet all I'll say good clip

    Jerome almore CalvertJerome almore Calvert3 giorni fa
  • i use a newspaper - takes a few seconds, problem solved - dog behaves, nice walks after chat with newspaper correcting his problem

    letsrockzaletsrockza4 giorni fa
  • Leon, there a video of them at the ranch???

    Michelle PoitrasMichelle Poitras4 giorni fa
  • Such beautiful family n friends,im so glad Cesar showed up for leon,🥰

    Michelle PoitrasMichelle Poitras4 giorni fa
  • I feel soo sorry for Lisaˋs mom

    Rocco6161Rocco61614 giorni fa
  • Love watching Cesar totally captivating.....Hes a master at what he does🥰🕊🙏🕊....

    Michelle PoitrasMichelle Poitras4 giorni fa
  • I wish someone could tell me what to do about a new neighbor who moved in and announced their pitt is a biter but then they turn around and let him run loose. I'm afraid to go outside because i never know when he is out of the fence. The other day i was on the mower and he stood at the fence facing me full on with his eyes locked on me. And not making a sound. The other day their other dog, a german shephard, and I came around a corner at the same time and every hair on the shephards back stood on end.

    Robin CRobin C4 giorni fa
    • Most cities/counties have a leash law. You typically report violations to the county animal control, or non-emergency police number. Make yourself a "walking stick." Something about 5-6' tall. About 1-2" diameter. This will help you project a larger stature, controlling more space around you being able to reach out with the stick. I carry a police "ASP" baton. It's steel and collapses into a 6-8" long thing. You flip your wrist and it extends into a 2.5' long rigid baton. These can do a lot of damage. It's not something to enter into lightly. But, I figure if it came down to a serious, injurious fight, and I'm following all the rules walking on leash, my dogs aren't going to be the ones injured. That's the reality for me. I will use it for maximum stopping power. It's not my fault the dog has a bad owner. It's not going to be my dogs suffering the consequences of another dog's bad owner. I know it sounds bad. Fortunately it has never come to that. Perhaps just carrying it gives me confidence the loose dogs can sense. I've had to extend it 5-6 times in preparation. That confidence could have been enough to stop it from escalating. I hope I never have to use it for actual contact because it will break bones, and I'm not going to use it for anything less than that. So, if it reached that point, it's going to be over with minimal injury to my rule-abiding dogs. As bad as I'd feel having to use it, I'd feel worse letting my dogs suffer serious injuries from an irresponsibly owned dog. I know they exist. All I can do is prepare myself for the lessor of two bad outcomes. Neither of which are my fault.

      Mark FullerMark Fuller4 giorni fa
  • Like my dog bit me in my face

    sweetheart vs heartbreak heartbreaksweetheart vs heartbreak heartbreak4 giorni fa
  • cruise ships are nasty places

    qwertyzupoiqwertyzupoi4 giorni fa
  • Rip leeca

    Pam NaidooPam Naidoo4 giorni fa
  • The dog is only reacting to her negative energy, and wish these people would just stop equating human 'feelings' to a dog, they don't 'feel' - they react. She is just pathetic, should not have a dog-she can't/wont change as is required, she thinks the dog is a human.

    Paul BuskiePaul Buskie4 giorni fa
  • I have a boxer bitch veight 80 pound, and I have tried Cesars teckniques, but I get no contact when there is another dog. Touch has no effect, sounds have no effect, walk alongs has no effect, goodies has no effect. I can NOT control her and I am not strong enough to hold her without a tree to get hold on. she is 6 years old and has always been like this. Any advice? :(

    charlotte saabye elmstrømcharlotte saabye elmstrøm4 giorni fa
  • Of course I love Cesar, but the love that the family & friends have for Lisa is so touching.❤️

    goober beansgoober beans4 giorni fa
  • Oh dear Sue, I am so sorry for your loss!!!

    goober beansgoober beans4 giorni fa
  • Que tal cesar espero puedas leer mi comentario en verdad eres alguien muy grande gracias a ti y gracias a dios por personas como tú y más que nada en tus vídeos es como pude aprender a controlar a mis dos perros y pues algún día quisiera ser así alguien como tú dónde también pueda ayudar a personas y así a entrenar a sus perros y más que nada entenderlos y aún así sigo viendo tus vídeos y aprendiendo en verdad eres grande

    Zuss powerZuss power4 giorni fa
  • From Egypt.. You are the best Cesar

    hamzh ahmedhamzh ahmed4 giorni fa
  • I have one anxious dog who shows aggression towards other dogs and people. But not all dogs and all people. She is very unpredictable and it makes me so nervous to take her around people. I never know how she's gonna act.

    Bethany HBethany H4 giorni fa
    • Generally the owner is the issue. They read your body language and act accordingly.

      kcrob1977kcrob19772 giorni fa
    • Look at the people and animals that your dog is aggressive with and try to figure out why they're aggressive to them .what makes them different . After figuring out watch some dog training videos like "its me or the dog" If you're still clueless as to why your dog is like that get a trainer.the trainer might know.

      Hanah WelchHanah Welch3 giorni fa
  • Why didn't they walk him with a muzzle (before meeting Cesar), at least that way he couldn't do any damage to other dogs or humans.

    Petra BiedermannPetra Biedermann4 giorni fa
  • ms

    الطبيب النفسيالطبيب النفسي4 giorni fa
  • He acts like my german shepherd lol. I need Caesar too 😢

    Miike HazeMiike Haze4 giorni fa
  • Reminds me of my chihuahua mix she goes into protection mode barks like crazy and tries to lunge at people or dogs everytime my husband (he suffers from PTSD which causes him to have bad anxiety among other stuff) is in control of her.When I walk her she's a good calm pup she enjoys her walks

    D@rK50uLD@rK50uL4 giorni fa
  • One good kick to the ass

    Christopher HChristopher H4 giorni fa
  • My friend's dog on a leash was attacked by someone's "brother's" dog, the guy flew out of his house to tackle this attacking dog, so far $1,500 surgery, drain for the neck wound my friends full size poodle got. What's the probability of reforming that dog who leaves the house to jump and clamp down on dogs on leashes walking by? My friemd's other dog is a whippet, she grabbed her fast or she'd have been killed no doubt. They called animal control after, but who knows what they do in Rancho Cordova CA.

    Maytheforce BewithyouMaytheforce Bewithyou4 giorni fa
    • You should be following up with animal control, not wondering about it. If they know people are concerned, they'll do more about it (impress upon the owner). FWIW: I carry a police "ASP" baton. It's those steel collapsible batons. It fits in my backpocket (or a belt holster). A flip of the wrist and it extends to about 2.5' long. It's considered a dangerous weapon, and can break bones. It's not something to be entered into lightly. But, after careful consideration (years ago), I decided that I'd feel better causing such injuries than to be helpless while my dogs (following the rules) are injured by an irresponsibly-owned dog. In my mind, it really does come down to that. If there's going to be surgeries and draining wounds, etc., it's going to be the off-leash dog. I won't enjoy that. But, I've already reconciled in my mind that I'll enjoy the alternative even less (my dogs being injured by an irresponsible dog owner). It's a hard topic all the way around. For me it came down to what will be the least hard. Fortunately I've never had to use it. I've pulled it out of my pocket a couple dozen times, and flipped it open half a dozen times. Perhaps just having it gives me a confidence that the irresponsibly-off leash dog can perceive. That confidence may be what prevents escalation. I don't know.

      Mark FullerMark Fuller4 giorni fa
  • These puppy mill dogs should all be put down

    frostbittenfrostbitten4 giorni fa
  • Most of the time the problem is the owner not the dog.

    Bruno FurtadoBruno Furtado4 giorni fa
  • She’s just a person who is too emotional. Some people just aren’t a right fit with certain animals. She’s not doing any favors for the dog. I think it would be best if she allowed someone else to have the dog.

    Johanna DavisJohanna Davis4 giorni fa
  • OMG! Seriously ! I don’t want to sound mean but please! The over the top reaction when the dog growls walking by cesars dogs, by her and her boyfriend is ridiculous Really?? The dog growls and she makes it all about her and the boyfriend feeds into it with the “ are you ok” You would think something traumatic and earth shattering was going on by her nonsensical reaction. She’s putting the dog into a state he doesn’t want to be in and he’s not happy to be in.

    Johanna DavisJohanna Davis4 giorni fa
  • Cesar: You have an emotional attachment to this dog Mom: Yeah *smiles* Cesar: It's not a compliment

    PiedutchPiedutch4 giorni fa

    Jax ParadizeJax Paradize4 giorni fa
  • I think a good way of dealing with this asshole dog is let him play with my 130lbs rottweiler 😂

    jay jjay j4 giorni fa
  • Why would someone unleash an aggressive dog at a dog park? WHO DOES THAT??

    J KnoxJ Knox5 giorni fa
  • I need help!!! My dog likea to bite.

    Diane DotillosDiane Dotillos5 giorni fa
  • Can I give you a dog Ceasar? She is a 4 year old English mastiff

    johnathan twinzjohnathan twinz5 giorni fa
  • Hola necesito , urgente ayuda tengo un problema similar no se qué hacer ya que llega al punto que nadie a parte de la familia puede hacercarse y la tenemos en el patio trasero sola y de forma permanente ya que que hay más animales dentro de la casa y provoca peleas. Tiene una año por favor necesito ayuda soy de chile :( no se qué hacer y hoy al salir a dar una vuelta quiere peliar con todos los perros y llegó a intentar morderme para que la soltará :(

    Ignacio LopezIgnacio Lopez5 giorni fa
  • im in tears :( just so simply as going abroad and your life could end i could imagine what that pains like i lost my daughter to adoption and that broke me so to have a bond and then to loose her would be way to much to handle how this woman has coped well done baby girl ur doing an amazing job

    Kaaz96.Jinxed GamingKaaz96.Jinxed Gaming5 giorni fa
  • It helps with dogs if u sit down when u are going for a walk

    Krystal Buckingham-FamilyKrystal Buckingham-Family5 giorni fa
  • Buen trabajo señor whisper

    Supermazorquero CSupermazorquero C5 giorni fa
  • Competence in its finest from! Really great!

    Armin HenslerArmin Hensler5 giorni fa
  • I’m sorry but the dog has forgotten his last owner . He’s only acting this way because his present owner is anxious amd definitely not a pack leader. His first owner was calm and assertive. It’s very very simple. It’s the same with every case. Secondly, people need to stop treating dogs like children because they’re not. They are animals. They are dogs. Let’s give nature the respect or deserves. You’re in this nightmare in the first place because you are mot respecting the dog by submitting to what it actually is. Let’s start there. America has gotten so out of hand with this. My mother comes from a third world country and they laugh at how ppl treat dogs in this country. There’s no respect for the nature of the animal. Instead, they’re overwhelmed with emotion and feeling because of their lack of knowledge and insecurities.

    JohannaJohanna5 giorni fa
  • My American Bully is 10 years old and she is aggressive to other animals all of a sudden

    Black NiorBlack Nior5 giorni fa
  • Wow

    Gaby CordovaGaby Cordova5 giorni fa
  • “ Send him to the ranch “ 😄😄😄

    vraliciavralicia5 giorni fa
  • So wonderful

    Nan DitoNan Dito5 giorni fa
  • This is fuck

    Hiba KhanHiba Khan5 giorni fa
  • Cesar is very good friendly guy thank you for sharing your beautiful dog love your pet thanks

    Anne CoreyAnne Corey5 giorni fa
  • The looks on peoples faces when he immediately changes the energy of those dogs lmfao

    Well ThenWell Then5 giorni fa

    salad lordsalad lord5 giorni fa
  • You hug over the dog too much ..treat him like a dog

    Carol CornellCarol Cornell5 giorni fa
  • Girl is somewhat nuts

    Marc MenetMarc Menet5 giorni fa