Henchmen and Midas Meets Galactus

18 nov 2020
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ghost and shadow henchman get blasted into space and meet galactus the devourer of worlds while he is on the mission to find the *infinite power*
and king midas returns in fortnite chapter 2 season 4
fortnite - galactus gorger (threatened)
portal 2 - overgrowth
portal 2 - bombs for throwing at you
fortnite - the device
super mario world - course clear

  • 2:49 time to die

    Kelly HarroldKelly HarroldOra fa

    It’s me EthuIt’s me EthuOra fa
  • Teh Trampet of de Gads

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  • *Midas uses trusty Trumpet* *It was fucking effective!*

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  • 0:44 LAMP

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  • 2:23 Top ten anime battles of all time

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  • Repórtense los que ablar español y aman estos videos por qué no nesecitas saber ingles

  • This is event that we need

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  • dude just noticed one henchman is black one white and none are racist to each other there pretty much brothers

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  • Shadow and ghost henchman was not an imposter 0:23

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  • Again this music should be a music disk

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  • And / also 2:27

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  • Also 0:47

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  • This has to be my favorite anime

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  • Gaclactus in space: Shadow Hencemen:Big ugly! Ghost Hencemen:Yeah!big ugly! Gaclactus:I am Galactus Me:Bruh just eat those hencemen

    Jhonoi CampbellJhonoi Campbell16 ore fa
  • of galactus smelled doot device ITS called the device

    PerkeCPerkeC16 ore fa
  • Midas saved the Fortnite island

    Catradora-ChanCatradora-Chan18 ore fa
  • 🏨by by 5 star hotel (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

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  • Turn on caption

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  • I dont like too much the space... Is black

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  • thor : where hammer?

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  • Leaked final event season 4 chapter 2

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  • The Midas will leave forever

  • Ummm thanks for the galactus event spoilers😒

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  • U do the best vids!

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  • 2:25

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  • 0:43 brrrrr

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  • Midas is my fav in this series

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  • Also 2:24 2:23

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  • There should be a music disc with all the music

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  • Everybody: You need to be good at the game to have original content ISPuddy:

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  • 2:26 is da best

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  • 1:08 my favorite part

    that weird memethat weird memeGiorno fa
  • Midas I'm lose he a storm killer

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    • I mean he storm killer

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  • I need dat infant powr

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  • The visitor's expressions are the best

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  • henchmen be like - WHy U bUllY Me

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  • I think you're ready for this kind of movie

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  • Henchmen:gfvvgbbhngvvf in the backround:red was not an imposter

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  • What’s with the portal music?

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  • ISPuddy why u leak the event????!!!!!!

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  • Wow so midas saves season 4 from galactus

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  • Oooh I like ya lightning g 2:27

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  • Leaked footage of the galactus event

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  • Every time I look at the thumbnail Galactus looks super saiyan lol

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  • Did anybody notest that the 2 visitors have half life 1 voice lines

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  • The captions is what we also need

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  • I got idea fortnite but here portal series

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  • Hey guys look its Storm, fat man with a hammer, doom man and iron man with Mark -50 2:04

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  • Were can I find that version of the device???

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  • 0:29 SANS?????

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  • Kjkkjkkjkk kkjjkkjjjkkjkkj

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  • Portal music from portal 2

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  • Trumpet requiem experience

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  • 0:03 de bu da 0:30 sans undertale Turn captions on and you know what it's saying

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  • *Me Eating* The subtitles: Galactus used COSMIC STORM! IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE! Midas used the DOOT DEVICE Me: He gonna fart? The subtitles again: IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE!!! Galactus is TASTING THE DOOT DEVICE. Me again: *Throws Up*

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  • Team henchmen is blasting off again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • HŪHŲÃ -Midas Rex

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  • 5 most epic fights in the world

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  • That's funny when Midas uses his doomsday device music to kill Galactus

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  • Jajajajajajajajajaj

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  • I like how this boi represent myself

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  • TasTe ThE dOot DevIcE

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  • Jajajajajajajajajajajaja

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  • doot-patoot

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  • Galactus:Wait what are you Midas Rex:Storm Trumpet

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  • Cool

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  • 0:43 " I want the *L A M P* " " I want that forbidden *L A M P* "

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  • Me watching this be like: ;-;

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  • We have season 4... It's time for 4th Visitor

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  • Dude kylo ren HAD NO SHIRT JUST WHY?!?!?!?!?!

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  • Midas saved the day ...

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  • How do you think mine is a stronger

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  • Funniest one yet

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  • overall this video seems better made than fortnite at the moment

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  • "Good food, but no. Galactus will make you food." How can henchmen be better than a Travvy Patty

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  • U already know when Midas pulls out the device

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  • 0:34 this kid is on crack

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  • *when this dude uploads it like god coming back down to earth*

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  • i love when midas uses the trumpet

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  • 2:24 TASTE THE D O O T D E V I C E

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  • If you turn on captions lol

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  • Turn CC on I’ll make a lot of sense

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  • He fat

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  • 0:37 f for red among us

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  • That was.......soooo funny lol

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  • 2:25

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  • 0:26 SHADOW Henchman was not the impostor

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  • That's how Midas is going to beat galactus

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  • This is so good

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  • Meep

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  • I am going to supdescribe because this video is very funny 😁

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  • No one not even a single soul. Galactus : INFINITE POWER

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