Seniors Needs to be STOPPED!

31 mar 2021
3 967 244 visualizzazioni

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  • The audacity of those ladies. Holy fuck.

    MeliMeli41 minuto fa
  • Why is there always the team of 3 on the couch that picks on everybody else? Same with the adults.

    Maren RMaren R3 ore fa
  • 22:51 fucking killed me hahahaa

    Dude PoolDude Pool4 ore fa
  • It’s always the person in the middle that’s the most negative

  • I think it ended before it started the 3 ladys clearly had a bond and was not going after anyone but others sooo im not surprised

    WeebaSauraSusRexWeebaSauraSusRex15 ore fa
  • how they gotta be less civil than the teenagers gotdamn

    Egg TartEgg Tart15 ore fa
  • middle lady sucks wtf

    Delaney LovellDelaney Lovell16 ore fa
  • Does anyone notice how all of the white people got out first

    Damien LoveDamien Love17 ore fa
  • Actually, running through a cow pasture is incredibly dangerous if you’re running across it and not along the fence. Cows would see you as a predator and stampede you to death

    Jes ZapataJes Zapata19 ore fa
  • Some Johnny Cash voice the first guy has! :)

    Radoje ĐurđevićRadoje Đurđević23 ore fa
  • should have been teeth immediately like no question. life is horrible with bad teeth or no teeth. people kill themselves over it. literally so sad to see people even trying to rationalize why teeth weren't a necessity.... if someone ever needs and there's an op for them to get them - NEVER let that op slip away. teeth are so important but you don't realize it till it's too late.

    Kaylee FinleyKaylee FinleyGiorno fa
  • I'm learning so much about human nature with this videos, damn

    Samuel ReyesSamuel ReyesGiorno fa
  • That’s her own fault for having a kid at 15.

    Lei DLei DGiorno fa
  • Its always that A holes that sit in the middle 🤣🤣🤣

    Katie LindseyKatie LindseyGiorno fa
  • That one lady doesn't need time away from her family, her family needs time away from her. At least that's a positive from this

    Bethany HallBethany HallGiorno fa
  • There's a rule, I don't remember what it's called, It go's like If somebody says they deserve something they probably don't deserve it.

    Main AMain AGiorno fa
  • Denture lady needs it.

    Main AMain AGiorno fa
  • If you're not paying off a house or a car I bet you could live on $1,000 a month fairly easily.

    Main AMain AGiorno fa
  • The lady in the middle just reminded me of my middle school bully who hated me just for where I was sitting and threw stuff at me for it.

    MoopieDootsMoopieDootsGiorno fa
  • those last three are just nasty

    theTurbanMantheTurbanManGiorno fa
  • personal space is about self pleasure, def cant do that anywhere

    P OP OGiorno fa
  • why is it always the bullies who make it to the last round

    Hannah DietscherHannah DietscherGiorno fa
  • hej

    ambrož zvenambrož zven2 giorni fa
  • Is ken a fatphobic or something? Why would he pick on the thick lady so much jdjdjdjdj like...what r those jokes u 12💀

    TheEpichuTheEpichu2 giorni fa
  • Just by looking at them you can tell who the rude ones were gonna be

    ZiotZiot2 giorni fa
  • The thick ladys feet about to pop out of her shoes

    emma oliveremma oliver2 giorni fa
  • the first guy who vote himself off made a great choice

    GailGail2 giorni fa
  • Okay so I haven't watched it all yet but I'm sure that the three women on the couch will be the last left and will build a possy just like every other time and it's so annoying. Also the woman in the middle will get the money because she's horrible. Edit: Huh.. I was actually not correct..

    Elvira ForsbergElvira Forsberg2 giorni fa
  • It's always the women in the middle who's so freaking annoying. She's really like one of those girls in highschool who, whenever anyone talks about their experiences and mental health, says like "omg saaaame lol I'm so depressed UwU"

    Elvira ForsbergElvira Forsberg2 giorni fa
  • Bruh those women that were saying they want “personal space” or time away is another way of saying they just want to go on vacation they’re not fooling anybody lol

    ElliᴥeElliᴥe2 giorni fa
  • Bro didn’t they ask who was the most BORING???? Not who did the craziest thing!! They lady in the middle shoulda been gone!

    SirChristianSoldierSirSirChristianSoldierSir2 giorni fa
  • There's always one in the group.😑

    M. BanerjeeM. Banerjee2 giorni fa
  • B

    Big ChungusBig Chungus2 giorni fa
  • I hope the lady in the middle never gets her personal space. Disrespectfully

    Ben ParoBen Paro2 giorni fa
  • I think the three ladies are sisters xD

    Aloe VeraAloe Vera2 giorni fa
  • I have that same hawaiian shirt from walmart

    Jacob GuerreroJacob Guerrero2 giorni fa
  • I ran through a field of cows once with my cross country team and the whole herd started chasing us non-stop

    Bryan LangstonBryan Langston2 giorni fa
  • classic communitarianism

    MrGuisseyMrGuissey2 giorni fa
  • This is racism at its finest.

    Harry LucasHarry Lucas2 giorni fa
  • Teeth, you get the lady teeth. This should have been like a 30 second decision.

    SnewpTDSnewpTD2 giorni fa
  • These videos stresses me out 😂

    bakabaka2 giorni fa
  • 7:00 now you can be an alcoholic on the move.

    Robert HillisRobert Hillis2 giorni fa
  • Why does the person need personal space when if you give the money to homeless people person multiple people get personal space

    Finished FishFinished Fish2 giorni fa
  • How can you be that "old" if you re wearing such high heels? damn even younger people I know don't wear those like that

    Mrs. WolffinityMrs. Wolffinity3 giorni fa
  • Ken starting to look like a real boomer

    KazooboiKazooboi3 giorni fa
  • You guys didn’t know what recuse meant....... 🤦‍♂️🤣

    Joseph WhiteJoseph White3 giorni fa
  • Woman in the middle using having kids as a reason....What about all the other women?

    Ace LuciaAce Lucia3 giorni fa
  • The next video should be millionaires argue who take 1k or businessman

    Justine Kent HerniaJustine Kent Hernia3 giorni fa

    Raivis BērtiņšRaivis Bērtiņš3 giorni fa
  • Ssea

    Big ChungusBig Chungus3 giorni fa
  • omg watch the adult one then this

    DaGbombDaGbomb3 giorni fa
  • Not sure how nice teeth for $1000 dollars would be . I paid $5000 per tooth .🤷‍♀️

    Phoenix RobinsonPhoenix Robinson3 giorni fa
  • that woman in the middle is SO ANNOYING

    LexiLexi3 giorni fa
  • I get that the dentures lady is in the most dire need of the money but how the fuck do you get your teeth eaten by a dog?

    Daniel HerronDaniel Herron3 giorni fa
  • I think the eliminations sould of gone backwards.

    Malia Landry-GrafMalia Landry-Graf3 giorni fa
  • I have 7 siblings and it’s amazing I say the last three people were just selfish

    Sick NinjaSick Ninja3 giorni fa
    • Never mind last 2 I just saw her recuse herself

      Sick NinjaSick Ninja3 giorni fa
  • I don't think charity is superior reason to get 1000$ than any other reason.

    Michal MamMichal Mam4 giorni fa
  • He advertised a figurine of a boss he couldn't beat in terraria ahahahahaha

    Arthur SilorioArthur Silorio4 giorni fa
  • My parents are spending my inheritance and I could not be happier about it. They took care of me all my life they deserve to live a great life now !!!!!

    jennifer smithjennifer smith4 giorni fa
  • Subscribe to t series

    PriyanshuPriyanshu4 giorni fa
  • I was expecting that lady in the middle to yell out “REPARATIONS!!!” What a rotten person.

    Dima OliDima Oli4 giorni fa
  • why everyone acting like 1k so much though, I mean sure every bit counts but too be fighting like that over 1k, doesnt seem worth it.

    KyleFlavouredMonsterKyleFlavouredMonster4 giorni fa
  • I would like to see cut do this with literal children, maybe not give them 1000 dollars but something that they would all have to decide who gets it. I feel like most of the kids would want to give it to the kid who "needs" it the most. I just think it would be really interesting to see what they would do since they haven't been as influenced by society. I know there's one with kids but they were like 16-18, I want to see 12 year old's do this or even younger.

    Morgan DialMorgan Dial4 giorni fa
  • *You dipshits are both Rich enough to HIRE SOMEONE to bring you your GD Mountain Dew while you’re watching Netflix AND go to the store for you, any time of the day or night!!! Get yourself a goddamn BUTLER, you rich sons of bitches!*

    Jenn LecherJenn Lecher4 giorni fa
  • Why does it seem like the couches are racially divided..

    RieeBellaHoneyRieeBellaHoney4 giorni fa
  • Lol the people who went skydiving and scuba diving, you have the money to do that you don't need 1000 dollars, looks like you already have time to get away from family

    TangerineTangerine4 giorni fa
  • i hate how the middle lady was just like i win

    NykolettuceNykolettuce4 giorni fa
  • Proof that age doesn't equal to maturity.

    Mo sanMo san4 giorni fa
  • at 27:57 min you can see all the people who relly need the money... (edit)and how do you want to split 1k in 3 ?

    LeROUXLeROUX4 giorni fa
  • Ahhh i love cinnamontoastken with buffpro.....where's k kitchen? I get that it's cool to try new ways. Of course i love u guys and want u to be successful. Aahh i just want back the dream team.

    Taylor NewsomeTaylor Newsome4 giorni fa
  • Bro the couch is breaking

    luciano hugsteamluciano hugsteam4 giorni fa
  • I love how the middle woman literally convinced everyone that it was a game and they started playing games. That was on the verge of manipulative to downright evil.

    Braden HuntBraden Hunt4 giorni fa
  • Two young, white, rich people laughing at a bunch of less well off people fighting for a lot of money sounds worse than it really is

    n0talen0tale4 giorni fa
  • the middle girl says shes been through everything everyone else has. so she started her own charity thing that she disagrees with ?

    Racci BeracciRacci Beracci4 giorni fa
  • how is chasing a stranger who broke down your door less daring then child birth XD

    Racci BeracciRacci Beracci4 giorni fa
  • So fking true. Everyone is pretending and bulling the same sh!t.

    Mak BarriosMak Barrios4 giorni fa
  • The sass and the greed are out of hand

    YdmYdm4 giorni fa
  • I hate people. people are selfish. Dogs are not selfish, I love dogs.

    Johan JönssonJohan Jönsson4 giorni fa
  • Such good content

    James DonnellyJames Donnelly4 giorni fa
  • why’d I think the title was referring to HS seniors.

    EllaNoraEllaNora4 giorni fa
  • God these videos make me never want to associate with people ever again lol

    MariahMariah4 giorni fa
  • after watching the high schooler video I thought well maybe bc they are young but istg these three women are the worst. id be ashamed to call any of them my mother or grandmother..

    Tannii òᄉó BANGTANTannii òᄉó BANGTAN5 giorni fa
  • I also feel like I can somewhat relate to the lady in the middle, who is projecting her pain through tense, maybe even hostile/closed-off body language, tone of voice, etc. I can’t speak for her directly, but I will say that this type of behavior is often a big facade that people adapt to make themselves seem more tough and emotionally untouchable or less vulnerable (at the very least). It is often those people who have really endured a lot of trauma and pain. I would consider this an adaptive, trauma response/self defense mechanism to “protect” oneself from appearing vulnerable or weak. In my experience, it is usually those of us who are the most mushy, emotionally fragile 90% of the time. The one that is most likely going to “cave” in the end, feeling like our needs are less important. “People pleasers”. It tends to not take much convincing, and is best achieved by emotional influence/response to the stories of others’ hardships. The feeling of “wow, my problems really aren’t that bad after all - maybe they deserve it more” Also, the tiny bit of narcissism wants to “look like the hero” in the end while genuinely doing what feels like a good deed. Often in careers that serve others like volunteering/social work, or in her case, being what seems to be the matriarch of her family. I’m not an expert, but I found this very relatable and unlike many of you (according to comments) - I am not really that surprised by her decision in the end. I find these to be very interesting and informative studies. Our social behaviors and language has evolved so much over the years. Imagine, this same conversation just 30-40 years ago. It probably would have been way less sensitive in terms of racial climate in the US.

    Jaclyn ZenJaclyn Zen5 giorni fa
  • The first guy was so wholesome, and so polite after voting that lady out. I’m so upset at this...AND he even agreed that the lady that needed teeth needed the money the most

    Eijiro KirishimaEijiro Kirishima5 giorni fa
  • Lady it was your own choice to have a kid at 15. Your "me" time is bullshit.

    JenJen5 giorni fa
  • The top 3 was obvious from the start.

    Motorbike in the SnowMotorbike in the Snow5 giorni fa
  • That first sir seemed so sweet, he must be a much loved grandpa.

    Vinícius VyllerVinícius Vyller5 giorni fa
  • I guess new appliances are more important than chewing your food and not choking

    DD Bears36DD Bears365 giorni fa
  • The chick in the middle is rude and I have a feeling she’s probably abusive to her kids guarantee they’re probably not kicking it with her and her negative ass

    DD Bears36DD Bears365 giorni fa
  • You guys she has front bottom teeth not back bottom teeth so she cannot grind her food...

    DD Bears36DD Bears365 giorni fa
  • why did the one in middle wait till after they voted Jennifer off to forfeit when she could have done it before

    aideenaideen5 giorni fa
  • That woman’s teeth we’re definitely messed up you could tell when she was talking.

    Erin Arndt-ThompsonErin Arndt-Thompson5 giorni fa
  • They should make a version of $1000 to 1 where people are supposed to pitch a charity instead of something like "needing some alone time"

    Bearded Dragon SirBearded Dragon Sir5 giorni fa
  • i'm just sad that the people on the coach didn't run for there life

    Fishy101.Fishy101.5 giorni fa
  • Y’all could’ve simply not had children and you would’ve had so much time for yourself that is so unfair that the people that actually need shit get voted off first and so easily.

    Imani TiptonImani Tipton5 giorni fa
  • react to a video from the maicon kuster channel

    Bruno OlivaesBruno Olivaes5 giorni fa
  • Who tf is ken

    pidgedoughpidgedough5 giorni fa
  • my friends grandma is second to the left in the cooooooooool

    Bear’s ChannelBear’s Channel5 giorni fa
  • You had kids, own it. It was a choice even if there was a risk of pregnancy happening. The charity men or the woman who needed dentures were the ones who deserve the money, while 'alone time' was almost used as a manipulative crutch to go on a vacation with a sob story. I get it we all need a good vacation/ alone time , but that wasn't the way to go about it. Not to mention the woman in the middle of the couch was so selfish and rude to begin with.

    Grizchogg 3Grizchogg 35 giorni fa