what if you create a wither in water

1 apr 2021
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so funny!

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  • Now all he needs to do is make that wither in his natural habitat aka lava

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  • “Follow the leader”

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    • @Selorm Online k

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    • @one way Adam [GD] maybe... I honestly don't know

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    • @Selorm Online and thats how you got nearly 100 subscribers

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    • I always do that when I find a new youtuber that's growing fast

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    • Yeah

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  • amazing

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  • This is an ez way to take over a temple

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  • as of this comment steveee made 95040 us dollars.

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  • Wither: I shall kill these drowns Drowns: We follow you

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  • No one. ITworlds algorytm: - 10 sub? Wait. Week later... Stop, here 1 000 sub? WHAT A 🅰🅱🅾🅱🅰?

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  • Just summon it with commands lol

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  • What's 1m subs in 3 months

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  • now what if u create a wither in lava

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  • poor wither

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  • Okay!! this channel hit 1M sub with 1 month

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  • Wither : *confusion

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  • เม่งมีเเต่คนอังกฤษ

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  • Que loooco e interesante

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  • Wither: exist Drowneds: and i took that personally

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  • Do /summon wither

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  • Wither:umm, help me pls!!!

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  • Lmao

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  • The wither is like my phone works amazing on land burns up in water wither deadly on land slow underwater

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  • Genius founded

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  • Drowned: *hitting wither with trident* Wither: *flying underwater without taking damage from tridents and drowning*

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  • 9 million views!!

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  • You came to see what steveee's most viral video Truth?

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  • This guy grows faster then speed of light

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  • as a wise man once said, "just because it's not what you wanted doesn't mean it's clickbait"

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  • You said in the water thats under water 🧐🧐

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  • xDDD

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  • Players of 2b2t:ohh, so simple and boring, have you any more interesting?

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  • wather

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  • And it even works underwater!

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  • As a wither..... I can't breath at all so I am fine

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  • Ok these bots are making me hate this channel a lot

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  • Yeah new army

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  • @0:47 Either be like - It's summer! I'm gonna Chill underwater 🤣

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  • there is no difference

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  • Логично

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  • Wof

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  • Haha witheeeer

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  • 0:38 Steppenwolf going to atlantis be like

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  • water wither

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  • Ты русский?

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  • and that’s on how to get an army of drowneds

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  • Are you indian

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  • The withers face was like bruh

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  • The zombies hate it

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  • Looks pretty cool ngl

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  • Huh

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  • Congrats on 1mil!

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  • title: what if you create a wither in water 9M people: you son of a bitch, i'm in.

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  • 9.5M views WTF Xd

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  • Agh so bad video

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  • *this is illegal*

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  • i don't need sleep i need answers

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  • Huh thats kinda wiered it cant be made in water but when you make in side a stone box and then release into water it dont take damage that makes no sense if it wouldnt spawn in water wouldnt that be its weakness then? If it couldnt spawn in water? It just doesnt make sense the physics in games never makes sense

  • u got 1m subs in a month.. so noice.

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  • And this is how you get 1 million subscribers in a month

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  • So basically, this has made fighting the wither 10 times easier

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  • Water wither xd

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  • wither:i am the stronk water:time to end another carrer

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  • This them song name is? Any one comment me plase

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  • 👍

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  • Интэрэсный факт стив знает русский язык

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  • I love how he was forcing the head to be placed underwater

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  • Он чё русский?👀👀👀

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  • Wither in the water is called *_Wather_*

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  • Fun fact this video was the most popular video

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  • Anybody after stevee gets 1 million subscribers?

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  • Its like godzilla What mo can a say

  • Your iq level:1,000,000 Our iq:100 :d

  • mitosis

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  • wither: EXPLOSIO-shit

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  • 0:45 He just vibing

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  • How did we get here? No seriously, this gained 9M+ views in 2 weeks

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  • Can u try if u get wither effect?

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  • Pog 1m

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  • This gu must be notch

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  • Lol

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  • Here before it reaches 10 million views!!..

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  • a wather

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  • Technoblade can't destroy any governments down here

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  • It's not drowning

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  • drowned: atack wither wither: *oh no, anyway*

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  • /summon wither ;-;

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  • wither: in the ocean with ineffective wither skulls also wither: *confused screaming*

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  • Dużo

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  • The drowns *"master"* Half the drowns: *"I hate u master"*

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  • Whater

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  • 0:45 the wither is like you really think these can take my down what am I a creeper

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  • I'm impressed!

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  • Whatafunk

  • Under dah wither

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