Cesar Millan Faces a Pitbull Terrorizing a Neighborhood | Cesar 911

1 mag 2021
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Cesar Millan spies on this out-of-control pit bull from the safety of the second floor and provides his unfiltered opinion! The owner is clearly not doing enough to control her dog's behavior, and Cesar must step in before it continues to terrorize this South Los Angeles neighborhood. Get more dog training tips like this on Cesar 911, Sundays at 10AM Eastern | 9AM Central. Visit bit.ly/2sGTUwA for where to watch! #Dabl #DablNetwork #CordCutters #FreeTV

  • I've been attacked and severely bitten by 3 different dogs..pitbulls are like a loaded 357 magnum!! I hate dogs!

    Caryl FontaineCaryl Fontaine9 minuti fa
  • I won't watch another one they don't show the ending

    Joe SchneiderJoe SchneiderOra fa
  • What a pretty woman, beautiful smile. You’re the Best Cesar 🙏🏻

    Joyce EdwardsJoyce Edwards2 ore fa
  • Love the SHOW 😍😃✨❤️💙

    Clarence DixonClarence Dixon2 ore fa
  • Red Flags when I heard her said she was afraid of Luna and fears one day may attack a family member and get rid of her. Dear GOD. When will people learn to be proper pet owners. There are so many breeds. Y u need to stress yourself out by having one of the most aggressive breed such as a pitbull?! Get a grip.

    Khaleesi888 AmazonKhaleesi888 Amazon3 ore fa
  • Give her ultrasonic- bark-control. Than tell her what she must not do, show her something instead, e.g. take a rest at her place. Done.

    Tobias KernTobias Kern4 ore fa
  • Why this lady have a dog in the first place , crazy

    Martin Fiay SrMartin Fiay Sr4 ore fa
  • if you remember correctly, then, the American Staffordshire Terrier, also known as a Pit Bull, is the most aggressive and destructive dog at the United States of America however Rottweilers always have and always will be superior to pitbulls in terms of domination, physically speaking, of course

    yhootoobyhootoob4 ore fa
  • People who get pitbulls for a fashion statement, are signing their death warrants. Stupid.

    joeashbubemmajoeashbubemma7 ore fa
  • Some people shouldn’t own dogs!

    Tree TreeTree Tree8 ore fa
  • "Yeah let's cut the video halfway, that's what the people want"

    Broken soffaBroken soffa8 ore fa
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    kadir kuchingkadir kuching8 ore fa
  • If that vicious dog hurts someone the owner should have to pull some serious jail time.

    roger thorntonroger thornton8 ore fa
  • Five minutes for nothing!

    Touchofgrey53Touchofgrey539 ore fa
  • You couldn't pay me enough to own that breed. Not worth the liability.

    linda maddoxlinda maddox13 ore fa
  • So what happened next did cesar able to alleviate that pitbull's aggressiveness? Is there a continuation video?

    Orlee CodnobOrlee Codnob13 ore fa
  • I hate pitbull.....

    Rod LudeñaRod Ludeña13 ore fa
  • I remember that time he got bite

    Jamie LancasterJamie Lancaster13 ore fa
  • Well, still can't see if the situation was resolved!

    Clarina Van Der MerweClarina Van Der Merwe14 ore fa
  • Can you crop more this video? Like 15 seconds, so that it will be more interested to watch :)

    Philip Jan BaruisPhilip Jan Baruis14 ore fa
  • Oh man.I ended when I wanted to know what happen in the end , never mind the dog now I'm stressed😂🤔🤔🤔🤔

    love sick 831love sick 83114 ore fa
  • " He's just playing he doesn't bite. He's friendly. He just smelling you. He's never acted like this." - Every stupid ass pitbull owner.

    J. PJ. P16 ore fa
    • I wonder how many mail carriers have heard this before ?

      JohnnyScotchmanJohnnyScotchman2 ore fa
  • she loves animals and raised them as a monster...lol

    say 10say 1017 ore fa
  • This is the story behind the story of pitbull mauling family member.....

    Cory GallivanCory Gallivan17 ore fa
  • Where's the rest of the video??

    you & MEyou & ME19 ore fa
  • Cesar makes a Pitbull toss a Salad

    Maurice Sebastiaan van OosterhoutMaurice Sebastiaan van Oosterhout20 ore fa
  • Cesar 911 season 3 episode 7

  • I’m sorry , I don’t play doggie psychologist , an aggressive dangerous dog should just be put down period. I’ve known two families whose devotion to their aggressive dogs lead to several family members being mauled, in one case the dog owner’s own four year old daughter was the victim.

    Normando CabanNormando CabanGiorno fa
  • Thumbs down video is too short!!! No results!👎👎

    Ray LuminRay LuminGiorno fa
  • That people are scared of their dog and should not stay with her. I don’t think is aggressive . What that dog needs is at least a basic training of sit, stay or sit down 🤷🏽‍♀️My Dogo Argentino and Bichon Frise barks like that when someone is at the door. Looks at me like saying “hey there is someone here” then I tell them “I am coming “ lol! They sit and stay. Are not aggressive , they are my door bell 😂🤣

    Ninibeth RamirezNinibeth RamirezGiorno fa
  • 2:48

    John SniperJohn SniperGiorno fa
  • Cesar Millan Menghadapi Pitbull yang Meneror Lingkungan | Cesar 911

    Thomas Ksatria GurkhasThomas Ksatria GurkhasGiorno fa
  • Mmm there's no blue pitbulls that's an American bully

    carlos sanchezcarlos sanchezGiorno fa
  • Here is a dog under control itworlds.info/round/hJ5qaLqEnp2UaWc/video

    ironmiketoddironmiketoddGiorno fa
    • It’s not the BREED IT IS THE OWNER! itworlds.info/round/o5mZibqpp5yJfWc/video

      ironmiketoddironmiketoddGiorno fa
  • Por que no lo ponen en español o subtitulado

    Virginia Pacheco MoscosoVirginia Pacheco MoscosoGiorno fa
  • Weak owners

    Max battersbyMax battersbyGiorno fa
  • You have no business with a pitbull if you can't control it. Those dogs aren't weak. lol. I think thats obvious by now.

    Kit RodriguezKit RodriguezGiorno fa
  • People without knowledge of dog behavior 😫

    ZatomisZatomisGiorno fa
  • Personally, I do not like pit bulls. Most people shouldn't own them because pits need a strong hand. My perfectly socialized German Shepherd was at the dog park and in comes one of them tree hugging millennials with an intact male pit she saved from certain death. What a hero! Immediately the pit went for my Shepherd and tried to latch on, my dog turns away and trots off. The girl said "He always does that". I told her the dog was looking for trouble and tried to latch on. It happened again and I told her she should leave. 4 millennials jumped my ass and I was defending my POV when that damn pit latched onto an elderly Husky. No one could get the pit to release and guess what? The chick disappeared. Pits can easily become a weapon..

    Guy SolisGuy SolisGiorno fa
  • Bro wtf now I gotta look for part 2

    Calvan ✔️Calvan ✔️Giorno fa
  • She loves to own a pitbull, but doesn't know how to handle it. Bad, dangerous to other people.

    rajesh shettyrajesh shettyGiorno fa
  • How does Cesar deal with these people! Honestly.. the owners are so damn stupid! Animal person.. what a joke! Yes, lock the dog in a cage and DO THE EXACT OPPOSITE of what should be done.. which is being the pack leader and giving the dog direction and clear rules and boundaries!

    Hella BellaHella BellaGiorno fa
  • What is this woman doing she says she loves pitbulls but has no idea how to train them so they’re dangerous to humans and other dogs it’s just stupidity

    Alex ReyesAlex ReyesGiorno fa
  • Not a CAGE NO NO.NOT.DONT UNLOCK THEM.UPPP...PLS..DON'T U CAGE CAGE UP.....I.DONT..LIKE TO.CAGE.ANYONE.CAGE.UP..I'M happy-go-lucky that's u.got.the.teacher..for you..and ur beautiful dogieeem. Now.you well.be the. treaner good going ..T.Y...AND.GOOD.LUCK....HAVING A.GOOD.TIMEE.. Good nite.now to.u.ALLLLLLLL.now.go and have some FUNNNNNNNNNNNNMMMMMM

    Michael LewandowskiMichael LewandowskiGiorno fa
  • cesar the worst dog trainer ever in the world he himself should have a lifetime ban on owning any dog

    TheSniperno99TheSniperno99Giorno fa
  • This dog is doing exactly what he's supposed to be doing. If you want a friendly dog, get a different one!!!!

    Mr. SkepticalMr. SkepticalGiorno fa
  • Pit bull should definitely never exist 😖 they’re not dogs , they’re evil creatures 😖

    Javier LopezJavier LopezGiorno fa
    • *arent

      Kevin KingKevin King21 ora fa
    • Pit bulls are evil it’s the owner that is evil

      Kevin KingKevin King21 ora fa
  • They should have got her help a long time ago.

    Nicolette MorrNicolette MorrGiorno fa
  • Hi .

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  • It’s a pitbull, just shoot it.

    PATPAT2 giorni fa
  • Why did this stop abruptly? It showed nothing but the backstory and initial process. What happened next, how did he sort the dog?

    Cleveland explorerCleveland explorer2 giorni fa
  • Cesar you are 100 100 amigo, I love your work tks for sharin us.

    Gustavo GorocicaGustavo Gorocica2 giorni fa
  • I bet her home insurance is high as hell.

    Patient Care AssociatesPatient Care Associates2 giorni fa
  • That thumbnail is a dog possessed.

    K MK M2 giorni fa
  • this is like a women lending a power tool that has could injury you or kill you and not no hoe to use it...its crazy this dog could kill

    alexander cameronalexander cameron2 giorni fa
  • we give off emotions every second or our lifes so so duz everything on this planner that is living and this man crackes into that verry intelligent person

    alexander cameronalexander cameron2 giorni fa
  • This dude Caesar is a genius

    Global Go GetterGlobal Go Getter2 giorni fa
  • Bite his ass lol

    Rebecca CombsRebecca Combs2 giorni fa
  • I have a Pittie and I'm definitely not afraid of her. U must be the leader. Luna is being protective and Michelle is not in control and taking control 🙄😒.

    Mary AllenMary Allen2 giorni fa
  • I wish they'd show the whole clip

    chillinebonychillinebony2 giorni fa
  • When you give dog to a woman... you get this Woman can not lead Dog feels that

    Silvio ŠarunićSilvio Šarunić2 giorni fa
  • Just a matter of time, pitbulls are breed the wrong way, its a very instinktive dog, they are clueless, dont have much Brain, not an alpha-dog, one insane fighting breed dig. Made to fight No matter the pain, the muscles goes above the head and down to the upper jaw, to be able to bite 1 your og more NBA McKee position...a designer dog, not supposed to be living, Nature never breed a dig like that, they cant survive in the open country, poor Hunters, poor smell, a real psyco dog, when a famely hasca daughters and the Day she get above the dog in the park og famely members, they turen in Them.. these dogs should not be aloved to breed, its even stupid dogs with No personallity....

    Christian JakobsenChristian Jakobsen3 giorni fa
  • A person like this should never own a pitbull.

    melted1980melted19803 giorni fa
  • why they say dangerous?

    SC: rlugo2025SC: rlugo20253 giorni fa
  • Luna is a good name short for lunatic

    Dee BroDee Bro3 giorni fa
  • She is your typical “I love pit bulls” yo-yo but has no idea how to train or physically control. 99 percent of these type of people don’t have a Caesar Malone to train their pit.

    B. O. B. BB. O. B. B3 giorni fa
  • "Their tenacity and the challenges they bring." Lady, how about their gentle loving nature and loyalty? You're only seeing one side of the dog because you are not doing your part in training the poor thing correctly. As much as you love Pitbull's, I would suggest getting yourself a dog you can handle if you're going to lead it astray and not direct or train it correctly. Owners like this give this beautiful breed such a bad name.

    ElenaElena3 giorni fa
  • More idiots with dogs.

    Dan-ODan-O3 giorni fa
  • These dogs are genetically trained to be guard dogs. That's why they act like this. This breed became "domesticated" because people thought they looked cool in the 90's. They are literally half retarded and can't control those instincts because it's in their DNA.

    oplixoplix3 giorni fa
  • I love the way pit bulls smile, their short coat, devotion and loyalty. That’s a short simple list. Now go watch any video with a pit Bull attacking an animal or person, even a child. That same smile is right there the whole time. Put them down and eliminate the breed. In the interim make owners purchase annual insurance, millions of coverage. If the insurance lapses send out a team and put the dog down on the spot.

    Jeff PolJeff Pol3 giorni fa
  • This the full episode where can I watch the whole thing?

    Bråndøn Got thė grėėn lightBråndøn Got thė grėėn light3 giorni fa
  • Lady: She's pissed Cesar: She's not pissed, she's confused.

    CesarConHCesarConH3 giorni fa
  • Locking a dog up in a cage when people come over and not letting them get socialized properly is a recipe for disaster.

    spoonman73spoonman733 giorni fa
  • Now…ALL the experts tell us your opinions! Nobody cares! Make your own video!

    Temujin PowellTemujin Powell3 giorni fa
  • This channel is so frustrating!!! Why does the video just cut off??

    Deplorable IslandGirlDeplorable IslandGirl3 giorni fa
  • Oh why do these self pro claim "animal people" always get powerful type breeds that they can't control???

    goober beansgoober beans3 giorni fa
  • You suck! Lol

    Dan OakleyDan Oakley3 giorni fa
  • Luna the lunatic

    j wj w3 giorni fa
  • Why the little cage?the dog can't jump?lol

    GabrielGabriel3 giorni fa
  • Okay said nothing. No discipline as usual.

    Michelle BatzelMichelle Batzel3 giorni fa
  • Cesar what do you think about using remote trainers?

    Lyn DudaLyn Duda3 giorni fa
  • Spanners

    winnie winwinnie win3 giorni fa
  • Luna is guarding and protecting her home. Her owner is not teaching Luna very well. She is being irresponsible. Young dogs have alot of extra energy. Does this woman ever take her for a long walk, or let her run in a field, with training? You have to direct dogs. All pit bulls have a scary bark, which certainly keeps the robbers and criminals away. My small Amstaff had a blood curdling bark, but never bit anyone. She did run off a home invader/ burgular three times.

    Linda PierceLinda Pierce3 giorni fa
  • Pathetic owner.

    DmizeDmize3 giorni fa
  • Sesar me admiro lo que hace con los perro 🐕 es muy peligroso pero hace buen trabajo 👍 cuídese mucho.

    bob thegreatbob thegreat3 giorni fa
  • Not Everyone should have a Pitbull! I have many! She Totally let the dog control her

    fazeorocks fazeorocksfazeorocks fazeorocks3 giorni fa
  • Where is the rest of it?

    Gulliver7Gulliver73 giorni fa
  • I'll be damned if my pit acted like that. So irresponsible.

    Andi LeighAndi Leigh3 giorni fa
  • love pit pulls

    GodschildGodschild4 giorni fa
  • So the owner had the puppy since it was 6 weeks. So everything we are seeing is the owners lack of leadership for the dog. Snd this will cause someone to be bitten and the dog put down. Certain breeds need strong calm leadership and pitbulls are definitely one of those breeds.

    Greg LewisGreg Lewis4 giorni fa
  • Always the same, lol, Owners need training not the dog.

    thewatcherthewatcher4 giorni fa
  • This shit animals should not be aloud. Dangerous stupid.

    daniel wolfdaniel wolf4 giorni fa
  • Poor dog.

    Lars KorffLars Korff4 giorni fa
  • She is not an animal person if she is scared of the dog, she is not intelligent making the dog control her.

    ShanShan4 giorni fa
  • 1:30 I've heard that often. Next meal they have usually is a dead animal. Hypocrites

    TheNewHopeTheNewHope4 giorni fa
  • Harming the neighborhood. Great!

    Thiago BodiniThiago Bodini4 giorni fa
  • That house is beautiful lol

    gud biegud bie4 giorni fa
  • How about their propensity to kill people ?

    Martin DavisMartin Davis4 giorni fa
  • Cesar hat Angst... und diesen Hund hat nicht mal er in 5 Minuten im Griff !

    Diego BrühwilerDiego Brühwiler4 giorni fa
  • Weak people should not have dogs

    ah huatah huat4 giorni fa