Dropping a Plump Tarantula would’ve Exploded the Abdomen

2 mag 2021
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Monocentropus balfouri
(Socotra Island Blue Baboon)
** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.
Tarantula TOO EXCITED to Meet his Girl ..
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  • Very Billy

    Lilas MohammedLilas Mohammed27 minuti fa
  • Bruh...just watching the first 10 seconds where it runs up your arm made me literally start itching. I swear I felt something on my neck.

    Dunk Master DariusDunk Master Darius45 minuti fa
  • This is what happens wen we humans play god shit like this happens...humans play god but cant even get to a new planet ok...

    Deshawn RyderDeshawn Ryder47 minuti fa
  • 0:02 my heart beat would have stopped if it happend with mee

    shitachishitachiOra fa
  • He walked the valley of darkness and greeted death as an old friend.

    BTG AnimationBTG AnimationOra fa
  • You should get a nother mail

    Daron PicardalDaron PicardalOra fa
  • Geeezz! I don't know why i'm watching that. I HATE SPIDERS.🥴😵😖😫🤯😱😷

    Jaru crab CancerJaru crab CancerOra fa
  • Oh hell nah why u start the vid with that clip lol

    VynxrVynxr2 ore fa
  • Not sure if I did the math correctly but if a human were to fall in the same proportion, it would be the same as if a 5'7 man fell ~44.6 ft. (The Math was done by taking the average size of tarantulas, the average height of countertops, and the average size of a man) "The median lethal distance for falls is four stories or 48 feet, according to the reference book Trauma Anesthesia." That fall would've been pretty lethal for us too haha

    Your Neighborhood's Friendly DogYour Neighborhood's Friendly Dog2 ore fa
  • Bro for that start I could strangle you, scared the soul out of me

    Master EnlightenmentMaster Enlightenment2 ore fa
  • Why its abdomen was that tiny? Has he not been eating since days?

    luca costanzoluca costanzo3 ore fa

    KAKA3 ore fa
  • Why don’t you just bury him

    Chloe WoodgateChloe Woodgate4 ore fa
  • I dropped my phone when the spider crawled to him hands .... trauma ...

    Victor LeeVictor Lee4 ore fa
  • Eat it

    Achul KarkiAchul Karki5 ore fa
  • Preserve him. He is in a pretty good condition and he hopefully did his job twice also he seems to like you (climbing on your arm and back). So yeah, I'm for preserving.

    Miss UndercoverMiss Undercover6 ore fa
  • Human die Me: it's nature bruh

    O ZoneO Zone6 ore fa
  • Mah man😂

    Rabbit HoleRabbit Hole6 ore fa
  • Damb, I remember when you were at 2k 🥲

    Xx_Ellie_xXXx_Ellie_xX6 ore fa
  • it is a friendly legend, you have to keep it, you have to preserve it. R.I.P

    M1k3Cp9M1k3Cp96 ore fa
  • 0:02 I can feel it in my arms

    -DEVICE- -057--DEVICE- -057-7 ore fa
  • He died 4 years old and screwed 2 women....this man did more than i'll ever do

    SCP 173SCP 1737 ore fa
  • Are these spiders ok with small enclosures? I'm honestly asking because I thought they like to roam a lot. So I thought their enclosures would be bigger. I'm not a fan of spiders lol so I know next to nothing except what I see on the occasional nature documentary.

    Leo O'RyanLeo O'Ryan7 ore fa
  • Me watching a very sad video: -_- Me seeing that your spooder died: 😭😭

    Rahbil HillRahbil Hill7 ore fa
  • Is no one gonna talk about “you see that flappy thing? That’s a female” I can’t- Oh I love these videos 😂

    TodotokeiTodotokei8 ore fa
  • Im sorry for your spider 😕

    Sanija GrietenaSanija Grietena8 ore fa
  • That dam spider running up your arm scared the fuck outta me

    lizard manlizard man8 ore fa
  • stahp touchin em aaahhhhhhhhhhh there's roaches he's touchin em runnnnnn aahhhhhh

    rajraj8 ore fa
  • Eat !T

    i AM GROOTi AM GROOT8 ore fa
  • You're really brave for having spiders dude but no way in hell i'll ever come near one

    Michelle PridgenMichelle Pridgen9 ore fa
  • Everytime I see that tarantula run across ur am and back I feel my soul leave my body out of fear. Honestly if that were me I would faint.

    rachael estradarachael estrada10 ore fa
  • It’s kind of gross to see him man-handle the dead body so much!!!

    TurtleJeepJenTurtleJeepJen10 ore fa
  • I think he finally got killed by a female. The female must have killed him. A few of his legs were chewed shorter.

    Mel LeeMel Lee10 ore fa
  • Encase him in resin

    Caleb StregeCaleb Strege10 ore fa
  • The fact he said "he expired"

    Yareli OrtegaYareli Ortega10 ore fa
  • Im not fan of tarantullas or bugs but im impressed how freely you handle them. While im being in panic myself.

    KadōKadō10 ore fa
  • Me:are you gonna finish that?

    terence hardinterence hardin10 ore fa
  • 0:02 my soul left my body after seeing that.

    XalconXalcon10 ore fa
  • Okay, clicked on this video by accident, jumped when i saw the spider move quickly, stayed because even though i am terrified of spiders, i still find them fascinating.

    Sir FireBrandSir FireBrand11 ore fa
  • When a Tarantula is more of a chad than you are

    I don’t KnowI don’t Know11 ore fa
  • He should be preserve so you could have him as good remembrance

    thuthu11 ore fa
  • You have ice in your veins, dude. GD 😂😂😂

    TheDude LebowskiTheDude Lebowski11 ore fa
  • Are the babies born venomous?

    Bronson GjelstrupBronson Gjelstrup11 ore fa
  • Okay so y'all know when your scroll down youtube and a video just plays without you clicking it first I SCREAMED WHEN THE SPIDER RAN UP HIS ARM😭😭😭😂😂😂😂

    Mimi 101Mimi 10112 ore fa
  • Give him a Viking burial or something honorable. He Died how all straight men want to, having fun with a female...~

    Jimmy CasketJimmy Casket12 ore fa
  • I ain't even kidding the start of the video scared my iron balls

    Phoenix GamingPhoenix Gaming12 ore fa
  • Bath him in salt then fry them he might be crunchy

    Tsukishima KeiTsukishima Kei12 ore fa
  • I learned this hard way when i had my putnam jumping spider. He was so cute and just an amazing pet. I cried for hours.

    Abby wAbby w12 ore fa

    Patricia TaylorPatricia Taylor13 ore fa
  • I have a fear of spiders irl but in videos its ok, especially the house spider they are huge and scary but harmless.

    BinRobinson CabreraBinRobinson Cabrera13 ore fa
  • I bet this dude is good at animal crossing lol

    Tiny Stxr22Tiny Stxr2213 ore fa
  • You should dig him a nice grave after all he survived two female trantulas and it would be nice to dig him a grave to show that he is apreceated even if he passed away

    Gwen.Gacha.GangsterGwen.Gacha.Gangster14 ore fa
  • If I was you I would've been on the floor begging for the tarantula to get off😩

    B. O. N. E. SB. O. N. E. S14 ore fa
  • el(exotic lair): *drops tarantula* me: you are sinned!

    Mr. NoobeleusMr. Noobeleus14 ore fa
  • My headcanon is that the males believe if they can successfully mate when they die they go to a spider version of Valhalla

    Nightmare FuelNightmare Fuel14 ore fa
  • Eww that’s creepy

    Wolf FoxyWolf Foxy14 ore fa
  • Guy: playing around with a dead boddy of a male spider Me: ....... Me: is that allowed?

    hungry wild childhungry wild child14 ore fa
  • I damn near died when it came running out

    JB MoneyJB Money14 ore fa
  • Died a legend survive 2 females 2 r.i.p legend

    DEMON得DEMON得14 ore fa
  • he putting him in freezer and after the video ends he will eat it..

    SuzTreXDSuzTreXD14 ore fa
  • Petrify him

    Tuckbot 285Tuckbot 28515 ore fa
  • put aside the tarantulas, way he grabbed that roach ooff 💀

    Black vixenBlack vixen15 ore fa
  • My gawd that box of spider molted exoskeletons are the stuff of nightmares XD

    edward delormeedward delorme15 ore fa
  • He lived a good life considering the first female would of killed em after they mated.

    Infktious VenomInfktious Venom15 ore fa
  • kinda interesting that turantulas aren't immune to fall damage but every other arachnid and insect on the planet is

    Bunny KimBunny Kim15 ore fa
  • Ripper

    SirCrash17SirCrash1715 ore fa
  • This Spider is literally a GIGACHAD

    GravemindGravemind15 ore fa
  • Preserve this legend of a man. He deserves to be remembered

    GaydilyGaydily15 ore fa
  • RIP but good Luck bro

    Chris BehrensChris Behrens15 ore fa
  • Get off my recommend

    Breezy GamingBreezy Gaming15 ore fa
  • u should try casting one in Epoxy resin !!

    elly van der meulenelly van der meulen15 ore fa
  • That pimp of a spider needs a cane and a hat whether he's buried or taxidermied. Also, why does Molt Haven give me SimplyNailogical Peely Bag vibes?

    fugueoffiberfugueoffiber16 ore fa
  • I think preserving him would be interesting! Some pet owners get their furry ones cremated so why not do the same? Minus the fire lmao

    Drawing NightmaresDrawing Nightmares16 ore fa
  • "ugh what is that on his butt? those white stuff" *Dats what he saiiiiiid*

    Siyan LinSiyan Lin17 ore fa

    Eli BentonEli Benton17 ore fa
  • Jesus dude. The start of this video nearly killed me lmao

    Mountain MoverMountain Mover17 ore fa
  • I do wonder why tarantulas are so fragile. Smaller spiders can survive almost any fall while larger, heavier and hairier tarantulas are injured by even a small fall.

    WorthySoulWorthySoul18 ore fa
  • Ok the beginning of the video made me jump 🙄

    Shelby MycheelleShelby Mycheelle18 ore fa
  • Oof

    JellydiabloJellydiablo18 ore fa
  • When can we see king baboon again?

    Dayjelle SmithDayjelle Smith18 ore fa
  • RIP overexcited bro.

    AndyAndy18 ore fa
  • Rip him he was a good spider 🕷

    Marcus the giantMarcus the giant19 ore fa
  • 4.08 are you sure he was dead! You didn’t drop it, he scuttled off!

    JuniorDoug1982JuniorDoug198219 ore fa
  • He’s a real one I’ll tell you that.

    RJ RussellRJ Russell19 ore fa
  • Who else fucking shivered and recoiled their right hand at the sight of the male spider? I hate you😂😂

    WhetNessWhetNess19 ore fa
  • Why do you collect the molts?

    Clyde MarshallClyde Marshall21 ora fa
  • I love their knee highs!~ I want one!

    Joshua PathfinderJoshua Pathfinder21 ora fa
  • That start of the video is a meme

    LuviaLuvia21 ora fa
  • rip

    Jerrico RewJerrico Rew22 ore fa
  • How do spiders mate

    GreenBubby 13GreenBubby 1322 ore fa
  • That man's a dog he had 2 girlfriends what a dog but a god and I heard if u say people yt 3 times you get pinned Exotic lair Exotic lair Exotic lair

    I_BE_GONE _-_I_BE_GONE _-_22 ore fa
  • Preserve him ❤️

    Arilita Moore MooreArilita Moore Moore23 ore fa
  • Plesss plesss a spider

    Superv0112 LiuSuperv0112 Liu23 ore fa
  • Hopefully this channels cures my phobia of spiders

    Myggy Ch. みぎMyggy Ch. みぎGiorno fa
  • day 1 of trying to get famous off youtube comments subscriber count :14

    blockboy jrrblockboy jrrGiorno fa
  • Lol 3:50. I feel you little guy, roaches scare me too. 🤣

    Mrs SmallhandsMrs SmallhandsGiorno fa
  • Him lowering his voice when her sister was getting near is just like me when recording and suddenly my family member went into my room without knocking on my door 😁

    Sausan RajulismanSausan RajulismanGiorno fa
  • F in the chat for the ultimate alpha male

    Commander NoobCommander NoobGiorno fa
  • Exotic lairs: it's not sad it's just Nature " Me holding back tears: " it's just Nature 🥺"

    GarugamafushuGarugamafushuGiorno fa