Arm Wrestling Championship TOP 5 Eastern Russia 2020

17 nov 2020
2 180 454 visualizzazioni

Armwrestling Open Championship of Eastern part of Russia
November 14th 2020
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    • Who defeats schoolboy???

      SaMiT RaNtASaMiT RaNtA2 giorni fa
    • ლევან საგინაᲨვილი 🇬🇪🇬🇪levan saginashvili🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪леван сагинашвили 🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪

      TSL TEMKATSL TEMKA3 giorni fa
    • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      Bhawani BhandariBhawani Bhandari5 giorni fa
    • @Chalvin Saliama boo pp

      Reginald LopezReginald Lopez8 giorni fa
    • Congratulations both of you

      Chronic LethargicaChronic Lethargica8 giorni fa
  • he is a cheater

    ayush giriayush giriOra fa
  • Its Armwrestling a vicious activity?? This guys makes more after de tournament!!!!

    alvaro deutchalvaro deutchOra fa
  • Леха молоток

    Артур БорАртур Бор7 ore fa
  • 5:36 Did schoolboy let his brother win?

    DekuDudeDekuDude8 ore fa
  • Neffex motivation :)

    MaxiMaxi15 ore fa
  • ١

    عزت الشاكرعزت الشاكر16 ore fa
  • так а как на самом деле то у вас в нынешнее время? брательник уже набрал силу и может побеждать тебя Алексей ?

    Greatest TonyGreatest Tony17 ore fa
    • Да , катанет меня 😊😌

  • Nice filming. The Wookie playing with his prey at 3:25 !

    Dan TrutronDan Trutron18 ore fa
  • 5:35 what the fk was that? 😂

    Piattos TimePiattos Time19 ore fa
  • schoolboy used his body to win while the others only used their arm hahahaha

    Izzwan AlifIzzwan Alif19 ore fa
  • Brasil!!!!! Da like

    Yure AndersonYure AndersonGiorno fa

    Абдулазиз ХаитовАбдулазиз ХаитовGiorno fa
  • Братья?

    yurok386yurok386Giorno fa
  • Леть Гоуу 😂💪💪💪👍

    Артем СергеевичАртем СергеевичGiorno fa
  • Damn school boy beats everyone

  • what happened to your wife/girlfriend?

    Ry RybreadRy RybreadGiorno fa
  • oh my gosh this sport makes me feel really excited!!

    Juan José Zarate GarcíaJuan José Zarate García2 giorni fa
  • 5:36 why??

    Ulwan IqbalUlwan Iqbal2 giorni fa
  • 5.36 why??

    Ulwan IqbalUlwan Iqbal2 giorni fa
  • 05.36 why??

    Ulwan IqbalUlwan Iqbal2 giorni fa
  • 3:50 engine sound 😂😂

    Ferdinand Jaroslav NalezinekFerdinand Jaroslav Nalezinek2 giorni fa
  • Саня 🤝👍но аккуратнее☝️ со здоровьем , удачи👋

    Oleg SochiOleg Sochi2 giorni fa
  • no one behind with masks...unbelievable

    Paolo LorenziPaolo Lorenzi2 giorni fa
  • Красавчик

    Beruniy TVBeruniy TV2 giorni fa
  • Красиво боретесь

    Антон ИвановАнтон Иванов2 giorni fa
  • Алексей Саша привет вам крепкие ребята.

    Валерий ЛампВалерий Ламп2 giorni fa
  • School boy its amazing

    Ahmad TVAhmad TV2 giorni fa
  • Уххх Силушка Богатырская !!) красаучики!

    Анатолий КузнецовАнатолий Кузнецов2 giorni fa
  • The only one who can beat schoolboy is his homework

    Zhenu TvZhenu Tv2 giorni fa
  • I wish he must not go to collage,in the name of school boy there is🤘🏼, if he goes also he must not change the name form school boy to another.👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

    ayushman janaayushman jana2 giorni fa
  • no one but school boy😲🤘🏿😤

    ayushman janaayushman jana2 giorni fa
  • 4:44 he thought that with yelling he would win lol poor idiot don't miss with the badass school boy keep trying.

    Jovani DanielJovani Daniel2 giorni fa
  • Борода всех победил!

    Станислав ТюринСтанислав Тюрин2 giorni fa
  • what is the name of the man with the dark glasses?

    DarmaDarma3 giorni fa
  • I want to see schoolboy vs Oleg zhokh Lift hand

    Khdr AliKhdr Ali3 giorni fa
  • This guy's know how to wrestle not like larrat when he's loosing he starts pulling like a tugwar

    Arturo BorjasArturo Borjas3 giorni fa
  • note or warning---dont arm wrestle with russians

    rohit pargairohit pargai3 giorni fa
  • Acá en Chile le llamamos gallito... Pero no usamos apoyo solo fuerza bruta... Una mano a la nuca y la otra contra el otro contrincante... Tan fuerte somos jajajajaja

    Israel MillánIsrael Millán3 giorni fa
  • Откуда эти братья хороши особенно младший(в чках)

    Александр БоровикАлександр Боровик3 giorni fa
  • Don't worry, you'll get'm next year champ!

    healthaccountservices hbs.bankofamehealthaccountservices hbs.bankofame3 giorni fa
  • Lame that Schoolboy just handed the win to his brother.

    Chris HarrisChris Harris4 giorni fa
  • I wish a speedy recovery for schoolboy

    mp3talonmp3talon4 giorni fa
  • Саня, просто выиграй 👍. Голос за кадром -👌

    Эва EvaЭва Eva4 giorni fa
  • 1:55 Bros gonna hurt himself!

    The EggThe Egg4 giorni fa
  • Wtf is 5:35?! Schoolboy vs schoolboy lol

    BabaaaMcBuschBuschBabaaaMcBuschBusch4 giorni fa
  • Schoolboy is a beast 🦾...keep hunting broo love from India 🇮🇳

    Roni RoyRoni Roy4 giorni fa
  • Ví sao thê is the song

    Tifyspo OndraTifyspo Ondra4 giorni fa
  • парень в красной футболке по моему раз 5 обосрался во время поединков, посмотрите на его лицо

    Jevgenij NazarovJevgenij Nazarov4 giorni fa
  • Wait did big brother win? I thought schoolboy had his number nowadays .

    craigman1016craigman10164 giorni fa
  • Which one of you is currently better??

    CuckSlayerCuckSlayer4 giorni fa
  • It looks so obvious that those who used their body weight and leaned over won 🤨

    Adam WazAdam Waz4 giorni fa
  • Hi schoolboy I am huge fan pls reply me brother love from india

    RATNA DeviRATNA Devi4 giorni fa
    • Thank u so much brother 🙏 ❤

      RATNA DeviRATNA Devi4 giorni fa
    • 👋

  • 5:36 ?

    ospina79ospina795 giorni fa
  • 5:36 xd

    LSDLSD5 giorni fa
  • Ok

    Fake gaster WingdingsFake gaster Wingdings5 giorni fa
  • 3:15 SYKAAAAAAAAA(сукаааааа)

    HenderHender5 giorni fa
  • Powerpoint its something he does he squeezes a nerve to weaken the other guys

    Wetfor ThewinWetfor Thewin5 giorni fa
  • 💯💪

    Sebastián Guevara rojasSebastián Guevara rojas5 giorni fa
  • 1 и 2 - супер

    Эва EvaЭва Eva5 giorni fa
  • Good job guys!

    Bruno PhilibertBruno Philibert5 giorni fa
  • wait wait wait.. did i just saw 2 schoolboys? eh?

    jon 90jon 905 giorni fa
  • I thought schoolboy was just not wearing his glasses? I'm guessing that's family lmao

    K1NG o L3GENDK1NG o L3GEND5 giorni fa
  • The Toproll Brothets Are Already Legends, But In The Future They Will Become Even Legendary!

    DeathlessFuryDeathlessFury5 giorni fa
  • 05:35 WTF

    Luis Fernando Chávez RodríguezLuis Fernando Chávez Rodríguez5 giorni fa
  • *I'm about to start my own channel and tour the world "THUMBWRESTLING TV".*

    ChR!5t0fUrChR!5t0fUr5 giorni fa
  • are wrestlers immune to covid19? nobody wearing mask 😄

    Gianpaolo PazziniGianpaolo Pazzini5 giorni fa
  • Champions

    solarrsolarr6 giorni fa
  • @2:04 nice man-bun . . . with a beard no less - what a jerk off world of bozos

    TAROTAITAROTAI6 giorni fa
  • Ле го... Сук рефери, ты серьёзно?

    Рустам КэмлРустам Кэмл6 giorni fa
  • Love you all from indonesia

    f imbaf imba6 giorni fa
  • Alex always let's his братан win 🇷🇺

    Small Engine NationSmall Engine Nation6 giorni fa
  • 5:35 не понял, не было что ли смысла здесь бороться?

    Roman KharitonovRoman Kharitonov6 giorni fa
  • What's the name of that runner-up please? Right arm.

    lordpage82lordpage826 giorni fa
  • Abdula pathan

    Sameer KhanSameer Khan6 giorni fa

    PortgasD. ACEPortgasD. ACE6 giorni fa
  • Можно вопрос? 1 и 2 место это родные братья?! Спасибо 😉 заранее за ответ!

    Белый ВолкБелый Волк6 giorni fa
  • Training with Larry did pay off 🤙🏻😉

    Kostas KosmidisKostas Kosmidis6 giorni fa
  • Right arm matches

    Rose SantosRose Santos6 giorni fa
  • Someone here who noticed the presence of neffex

  • We wanna hear ur broda speak

    GOW THERGOW THER6 giorni fa
  • Чё за судьи? Почему такие хуёвые

    Эржан ЗаебалЭржан Заебал6 giorni fa
  • 1:30 oops

    ToFuToFu6 giorni fa
  • Oh wow

    Israel FreeNationIsrael FreeNation6 giorni fa
  • я не понял кто эти монстры ?)))) два брата вы молодцы )))

    Леха ЧемпионЛеха Чемпион6 giorni fa
  • А че по русски нельзя команду на старт подать иностранцы херовы.

    alex pokorskiialex pokorskii6 giorni fa
  • Bear man tough,sun Glassman cool,toproll brothers awesome

    Akumwati ImchenAkumwati Imchen6 giorni fa
  • Братья Безъязыковы богатыри!!!!! Гордимся!!!!!

    Kaliningrad NewsKaliningrad News6 giorni fa
  • Почему чел в очках?

    ИгорьИгорь6 giorni fa
  • WTH this place was not for the duo....

    Moiz AliMoiz Ali6 giorni fa
  • school boys fist is not straight that is why hie wins all the time. this is a actully cheating. both persons fist should be at 90 degree...

    dinesh malhardinesh malhar6 giorni fa
  • 5:36 *favourite match* ever😂🤍

    Otaku KhieyaOtaku Khieya6 giorni fa
  • Respect

    Adis sadyanaAdis sadyana7 giorni fa
  • Gratulation the Best armwrestler in the World

    Yusuf SheikhYusuf Sheikh7 giorni fa

    johnny lewaijohnny lewai7 giorni fa
  • Класс - уже жду не дождусь когда увижу скулбоя) на а1 или каком нибудь топовом турнире - очень хочеться посмотреть на его поединки с топами

    Nik YarNik Yar7 giorni fa
  • Song 3:15 ?

    Elias RoldanElias Roldan7 giorni fa
  • А почему ТОПы шоу не создают? Это вы так армреслинг популяризируете???

    Павел ТарлагановПавел Тарлаганов7 giorni fa
  • Кому понравилось ставь лайк😊

    Илья НовоселовИлья Новоселов7 giorni fa
  • 2 минута 45 сек Что у него с ЛИЦОМ ? он всегда так делает ? XD

    kilka_ruskilka_rus7 giorni fa