"I'm F**king Stupid" Charles Leclerc Post-Race Team Radio at the #TurkishGP

15 nov 2020
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  • Charles needs to be stronger mentally

    Dalisu NgobeseDalisu Ngobese9 giorni fa
  • Well, he is stupid, to think people believe his stupid psychology trick.

    ytwos1ytwos112 giorni fa
  • He took a free gamble for the team, that's brillant.

    Lionel PalazziLionel Palazzi12 giorni fa
  • I love this real emotions

    Mike WitteMike Witte12 giorni fa
  • Lmao, he just sees how volatile F1 is and wants to keep his seat lol. Nothing to see here.

    Boosted DailyBoosted Daily13 giorni fa

    Jeep GucciJeep Gucci13 giorni fa
  • Basta, Charles, basta!

    Stereo3DProductionsStereo3DProductions13 giorni fa
  • he need to stop blaming himself and had more confident to whatever mistakes he did on the track.. i still think he is slightly better than max

    Julius TjahyadiJulius Tjahyadi14 giorni fa
  • Charles making the bed in the morning: I did a sheet job... A sheet job

    MitchMitch14 giorni fa
  • Charles is so mature, more mature than a 7 time world champ cry-baby Hamilton who wouldn’t stop crying the whole weekend

    Eylem KEylem K14 giorni fa
  • Me: ahh this video's a bit quiet better turn up the volume..AAAAAAAAAAAA

    TheSquigglySlugTheSquigglySlug14 giorni fa
  • I can understand how frustrated he was, and how angry he must have been at himself, but damn, did he ever prove, once again, how much talent he has.

    Valerie RodgerValerie Rodger14 giorni fa

    Fulvio PresuttoFulvio Presutto14 giorni fa
  • He shouldn’t be so hard on himself, he didn’t cost the team a single point with that error, he basically swapped places with Seb. And still a brilliant drive.

    Tronald DumpTronald Dump14 giorni fa

    Paul DalliPaul Dalli14 giorni fa
  • 0:36 "...aaaand radio off" - optimistic engineer there!

    Apothecary TerryApothecary Terry14 giorni fa
  • You can feel the rage in his breath

    Doğan YazgıDoğan Yazgı14 giorni fa
  • I'll give you some help on the italian part of the message From 0:21, while Leclerc is raging, Binotto says "Tranquillo Charles. È un bel risultato, stai tranquillo" (Keep calm Charles. It's a good result, keep calm). After some unitelligible words here is what follows Binotto: Bene così (It's good like this) Leclerc: Sono un coglione. (×4). Non "bene così". Sono un coglione. (I'm a moron (×4). It's not "good like this". I'm a moron) After a bit of conversation in english we got another small dialogue in italian from 0:52 Binotto: Basta Charles, basta. Porta la macchina al box (Stop Charles, stop. Bring the car back into the garage) Leclerc: Si, si. La macchina te porterò, ( *he actually says "te la farò normalmente" but that wouldn't be translatable* ) sennò sarò un doppio coglione se la metto al muro dopo la bandiera a scacchi (Yeah, yeah. I'll bring the car back otherwise i'll be a double moron if I put the car into the wall after the chequered flag) That's it. Hope it was helpful

    Nicola RastelliNicola Rastelli14 giorni fa
  • Seems like this race both drivers were allowed to disengage the slow button during the race.

    Simon GKSimon GK14 giorni fa
  • This pureness and honesty this guy has is just awesome. I really can feel the pain and suffering in his voice. While it is hard to take, it makes me even more supporting him than before.

    s7evin88s7evin8814 giorni fa
  • Okay, Radio off...

    Rocky does it allRocky does it all14 giorni fa
  • 0:36 I dont owe anybody anything now thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    Alex CromwellAlex Cromwell14 giorni fa
  • Aww I feel so sorry for Charles drove a fantastic race the whole time and last corner lost it yet still had time to congratulate seb true champion in the making keep head up Charles

    Steven MSteven M14 giorni fa
  • You're not mature enough, it will come with age and experience.

    harshlensharshlens14 giorni fa
  • I love it that when the overtaking in the last lap happend they were showing hamilton crossing the line. Ohh comee ooon

    ChrisSF90ChrisSF9014 giorni fa
  • 0:17 I quit my 9-5 because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    Prakash RajPrakash Raj14 giorni fa
  • This shows that he has the killer world championship mindset, he was willing to take the gamble for a higher position

    Kew3rnKew3rn14 giorni fa
  • Arrogant nonce

    Infinate Gamer SUInfinate Gamer SU14 giorni fa
  • 😣😣

    - LinoDudu -- LinoDudu -14 giorni fa
  • He’s not stupid.

    Eduardo NeyraEduardo Neyra14 giorni fa
  • I think he’s far too hard on himself. He shouldn’t beat himself up once one moment. Yeah he lost some positions but as a whole he and seb both did an exceptional job in a horrible car with even worse track conditions. That track surface is atrocious.

    Lord SargasmLord Sargasm14 giorni fa
  • He did excellent. Just a bit impatient. He’ll learn a lot from this race after this.

    Syzrl AnwrSyzrl Anwr14 giorni fa
  • Stroll made the exact same mistake on the same corner about ten laps earlier and that was when Leclerc and Vettel passed him. And then Leclerc did the same thing Stroll did and lost a podium. Ha.

    b. t.b. t.14 giorni fa
  • Keep your composure, man.

    Josh HermanJosh Herman14 giorni fa
  • Live and learn

    TridentgumisgoodTridentgumisgood14 giorni fa
  • 1:26 I stopped my work because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    Jason M. SwickJason M. Swick15 giorni fa
  • Feeling sorry for the guy...

    Zak ErZak Er15 giorni fa
  • 0:50 i am uncomfortable making baku jokes now because it clearly still hurts him

    Andrew OmeruoAndrew Omeruo15 giorni fa
  • 0:38 my entire life changed because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    Brian's ThoughtBrian's Thought15 giorni fa
  • Leclrec and Verstappen and mercedes please

    Foxtrot6624Foxtrot662415 giorni fa
  • Well what did the late Ayrton Senna tend to say: "If you're not going for a gap that exists, then you are no longer a racing driver" The gap was there so Charles went for it as he should do. Mistakes happen. Even the best do them sometimes. Nonethless he drove a superb race from p16 after the start through the whole field up to p4. That guy has all it needs (expect a good car) to become a multiple world champion. Looking forward to see what the future will bring

    ShibataShibata15 giorni fa
  • Italian translation pls

    Unathi MbathaUnathi Mbatha15 giorni fa
  • Charles is being too critical of himself in this situation, he went over a huge amount of marbles on the track which is what probably caused him to lock up.

    ContendedRacer5ContendedRacer515 giorni fa
  • Hahahaha

    Phil thyPhil thy15 giorni fa
  • 😅😬

    DAUR RUDADAUR RUDA15 giorni fa
  • ...."Radio off...."

    Christopher Robin GarrishChristopher Robin Garrish15 giorni fa
  • It was a brilliant drive of Leclerc, I think if you look where he was at the start and coming back so strong. He overtook quite a few cars and yeah just a minor mistake in the final lap. Still 4th, if it had worked out he would have finished 2nd ! This guys is amazing.

    hape4hape415 giorni fa
  • Did mattia say Basta? If so, i love that.

    NoisyBoyNoisyBoy15 giorni fa
  • A champion in the making

    6ixNine-getsRaped6ixNine-getsRaped15 giorni fa
    • Not in a Ferrari. 🏁🏎️

      Jake HazeJake Haze15 giorni fa
  • Leclerc was already p2 when he made the mistake. The mistake was that he overdefended a pretty tentative attempt to pass him by Perez. Had he let Perez try and overtake on the inside, he would have probably made the same lockup giving both ferraris a podium

    Raunak AhmedRaunak Ahmed15 giorni fa
  • true

    casanova- majkcasanova- majk15 giorni fa
  • He was banging his steering wheel just after he crossed the line. Full of adrenaline, driving for your dream team. He's growing up fast, can't wait to see him fighting for wins.

    G.D. GoodwillG.D. Goodwill15 giorni fa
  • Charles is in a car that is an absolute shitbox and this is how he acts getting a good position in the car?

    Mario TVMario TV15 giorni fa
  • translation for his italian?

    Javier Rosado Jr.Javier Rosado Jr.15 giorni fa
  • O.k. Yeah, at the finish there, yes, you did a shit job...39 lashes with the wet macaroni!! Now shut up.

    Chris AChris A15 giorni fa
  • Yes, yes you are Charles.

    Soy of DarknessSoy of Darkness15 giorni fa
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    Jack MoreJack More15 giorni fa
  • What a F..... spoiled brat he is. Tremendously unnecessary to freak out like that.

    Flori FPVFlori FPV15 giorni fa
  • 0:46 when i go get a glass of milk at 2am but drop the carton in the fridge and spill it everywhere by accident

    timecrusadetimecrusade15 giorni fa
    • That’s me when I drop something in the bathroom at 3 in the morning lmao

      Spongechico_Spongechico_15 giorni fa
  • 🤣🤣👍

    M MartinezM Martinez15 giorni fa
  • And radio off!!!

    M MartinezM Martinez15 giorni fa
  • Leclerc is really hard on himself. I hope he manages to cope with the pressure he exerts on himself long term, because he has a really high standard. Nothing against it, if he deals with it that's what makes him a champion, I guess. He doesn't pat himself on the back when he has an average result

    AlonsoFan94AlonsoFan9415 giorni fa
  • This is the sound of a hungry future champion!!

    JCar4life ManCity4LifeJCar4life ManCity4Life15 giorni fa
  • They actually have a slow button... mystry solved

    Dragged KevlarDragged Kevlar15 giorni fa
  • He went for it. Ballsy. It didn't work out but it could've easily worked out too. Unlucky man.

    bpbp15 giorni fa
  • I am going home.

    debasish paridadebasish parida15 giorni fa
  • Tranquillo ragazzo mio, hai tanto tempo per farci star bene! Tu hai risvegliato in me una FEBBRE sopita da anni e anni! Sono sicuro,certo che ci darai tante soddisfazioni! È un attimo: DA FEBBRE VILLENEUVE A FEBBRE LECLERC! Tu riuscirai dove lui non riuscì... FORZA FERRARI.

    Pancio27Pancio2715 giorni fa
  • I feel bad for Charles, but this temper tantrum is completely hilarious.

    USMCLPUSMCLP15 giorni fa
  • No.. He did well actually..

    KOREI TVKOREI TV15 giorni fa
  • Hey, Charles... sheet happens!

    CaptWindShearCaptWindShear15 giorni fa
  • He did a good Job.

    li_Re YouTubeli_Re YouTube15 giorni fa
  • That's the right mindset, I hope Ferrari can give him a Championship-level car.

    TenorCantusFirmusTenorCantusFirmus15 giorni fa
  • He was too impatient. He lost 3rd jus to be 2nd.

  • At least knows he errored and admitted it! Good for you Leclerc! Forza, in the future, Ferrari!

    Ron BonoraRon Bonora15 giorni fa
  • 😯😯😯😯😣😣😣😣😲😲😫😦😦😦F1✌👎

    Amarildo GojdeshiAmarildo Gojdeshi15 giorni fa
  • Leglerg didnt s🅱️in so it was a good race

    SchraibfelaSchraibfela15 giorni fa
  • This is the right reaction. He is a champion. Grande Charles

    Mario BottiMario Botti15 giorni fa
    • Non è mai contento di se stesso! Ha la stoffa del campione in tutto e per tutto! Ce la farà!

      Pancio27Pancio2715 giorni fa
  • Good mentality, good race. On to the next one Charles!

    GioGioGioGio15 giorni fa
  • Che cazzo di voglia di vincere che ha sto ragazzo.. Sei il nostro futuro!

    Lorenzo ColombiniLorenzo Colombini15 giorni fa
  • CL: I did a shit job, I did a shit job. His Engineer: No! You did a good job, You did a good job! CL: No! I did a shit job, I did a shit job. AAAAAAAH Am I that stupid???

    TheYazimanTheYaziman15 giorni fa
  • I feel really bad for 2 people today, Stroll and the guy listening to this with earphones on

    S KS K15 giorni fa
    • Haha you got me 👍

      R CR C15 giorni fa
  • What i hope the most is that Charles will do the same shit every time, NEVER take away your killer instinct. You fully send it from P3 and are not satisfied with it. When you have a Championchip at stake, and you overcome it. it will be the greatest moment of your life.

    Blue SteelBlue Steel15 giorni fa
  • Don't be sad Charles, Seb got a podium 🤣

    Aaran ChauhanAaran Chauhan15 giorni fa
  • So sad for Charles but at least his mistake benefited two guys who absolutely NEEDED this podium. Objectively speaking he did amazing today, he needs to learn from this and use that fire to become a better driver and competitor for when he's fighting for bigger things (right now he's competing for the scraps).

    bbbazzingabbbazzinga15 giorni fa
  • He is. Champion

    Imad SoyImad Soy15 giorni fa
  • i feel the pain in his words..

    emaexpemaexp15 giorni fa
  • I blame the "slow button"

    Xolamzi MqhayiXolamzi Mqhayi15 giorni fa
  • Future 6 times world champion

    AltRaGAltRaG15 giorni fa
  • No, Charles, that is exactly the sort of racing we want to see. Way to go for it!

    MSMS15 giorni fa
  • he's right ad least he knows it

    Tonio ReyesTonio Reyes15 giorni fa
  • Haha he mean the team did a shit job to sabotaging vettel😂

    Wuza WuzaWuza Wuza15 giorni fa
  • This is a behaviour of a driver that cares about the team, and always wants to do the best he can. If he doesn't get frustrated after an error, he will never better himself. One error at a time he could become the best

    Alfonso CasconeAlfonso Cascone15 giorni fa
  • i like charles le chair, err leclerc ^^ good man

    Neriak SoulNeriak Soul15 giorni fa
  • Intelligence, experience and patience got the podium.

    Crusard ModdingCrusard Modding15 giorni fa
  • This is entertainment

    durim187durim18715 giorni fa
  • Charles is hyper critical of himself, but I think that’s what enables him to be so good because he demands perfection from himself.

    Jonathan KingJonathan King15 giorni fa
  • He shouldn't be that harsh on himself, last laps are always about all or nothing, he did very well in the race nonetheless.

    Matthew LuiMatthew Lui15 giorni fa

    Spark RoccaSpark Rocca15 giorni fa
  • I'm Dutch, but I love this guy. Experience would've won him a podium, but he'll have many of those in the future.

    Moseh KhayimMoseh Khayim15 giorni fa
  • Too hard on himself but he's really competitive

    Dzer AlfonzoDzer Alfonzo15 giorni fa