2021 F1 Drivers - My First & Last | Part 1

6 apr 2021
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What was your first car? What app do you open first in the morning? Last time you Googled yourself? Hear from Max Verstappen, Sebastian Vettel, Lando Norris and more.....
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  • yuki : S2000 made my day :D

    LucasBELucasBE3 ore fa
  • I’ve never heard someone call 2009 Twenty-oh-Nine

    Mirai141Mirai1418 ore fa
  • Kimi Classic

    victor lamvictor lam15 ore fa
  • Kimi - Lada :D -cool

    Natasha KuzmanoskaNatasha Kuzmanoska17 ore fa
  • Yuki had an S2K? NICE!

    Le car EnthusiastLe car Enthusiast19 ore fa
  • Mazepin a Russian with an English accent... what a surprise.

    chumleyokchumleyok22 ore fa
  • I can really imagine Yuki in a Honda S2000, such a cool car

    Beta HaedarBeta HaedarGiorno fa
  • Nicolas latifi flexing

    Eric BemaEric BemaGiorno fa
  • Kimi had a lada, thats amazing 🤣

    Mark WilliamsMark WilliamsGiorno fa

    ParamParamGiorno fa
  • Is it just me or does anyone absolutely lose it at the dramatic background music that starts playing right when George elaborates on his airport incident at 7:30?

    Jojo MusicJojo MusicGiorno fa
  • 8:09 he thought you left a bomb inside and he asked to make sure 🤣

    КаJot DeКаJot DeGiorno fa
  • George Russells Wikipedia Picture is actually awful. Does not suit him at all :D

    Kranken BruderKranken BruderGiorno fa
  • That was Matt Gallagher who got LeClairs first autograph

    RangifullaRangifullaGiorno fa
  • 2:14 Everyone searches "George Russell"

    Mitchell RoweMitchell RoweGiorno fa
  • I knew I liked yuki

    bleeblee2 giorni fa
  • LADA dudes 1200 enough said

    pongabor8pongabor82 giorni fa
  • Confirmado, Checo se levanta 6am para analizar el mercado

    hector ehector e2 giorni fa
  • Eee Lada😂

    Aqza Tri Ananda HATAqza Tri Ananda HAT2 giorni fa
  • LOVE Georgie. And Ocon.

    Ave JalyAve Jaly2 giorni fa
  • we need a link to max's discord server

    MikeDoesContentMikeDoesContent2 giorni fa
  • Raikkonen top

    elia zucconielia zucconi2 giorni fa
  • would've loved to see carlos say GOLF

    Tr1ggerTr1gger2 giorni fa
  • When George Russel says my photo thing on wiki is awful Me be like:on google George Russel XD

    Xxpetalz XxXxpetalz Xx2 giorni fa
  • ゆうきっつぁんはS2000

    チャランポランチャランポラン3 giorni fa
  • fun content! thank you!

    joost griffioenjoost griffioen3 giorni fa
  • I am here for Mazepin mean comments

    Sunder KartikSunder Kartik3 giorni fa
  • Lando 😂

    Chester CallahanChester Callahan3 giorni fa
  • Everyone searching now for George Russell

    rockvettelrockvettel3 giorni fa
  • Kimi : i always have it in silence

    Le ChainLe Chain3 giorni fa
  • Il love how every pilot had had vw,Renault,... and Yuki pulling up in a mythic jdm

    leo horizonclipleo horizonclip3 giorni fa
  • VW polo is faster than ur F1 car George

    SherwinizerSherwinizer3 giorni fa
  • Yuki's 1st car was an S2000?! No wonder he's so fast!

    Rolando TillitRolando Tillit3 giorni fa
  • S2k as a first car. No wonder that kid is fast ;)

    M00nM00n3 giorni fa
  • Everyone: googling Georges Wikipedia page

    Lisa BoschLisa Bosch3 giorni fa
  • Kimi: L A D A

    苟富贵苟富贵3 giorni fa
  • Kimi: Lada

    Geo AdiGeo Adi3 giorni fa

    Fresh HunterFresh Hunter3 giorni fa
  • Kimi be mah fav

    PizaCrusTPizaCrusT3 giorni fa
  • Sebastin never gave an autograph?? I'm gonna be his first

    DhrutubeDhrutube3 giorni fa
  • yup. I just went to Russel's wiki.

    J HyourinmaruJ Hyourinmaru3 giorni fa
  • cant be hard for yuki to remember his firsts, he was born like 2 years ago

    Connor FauldsConnor Faulds4 giorni fa
  • 1:24 lmafo Lando you're cracking me up Also I forget how everybody outside of America solely use whatsapp for sending and receiving texts.

    Seve GarzaSeve Garza4 giorni fa
  • You already read the book " alem de mim a jornada da deusa" - besides me the journey of the goddess is awesome this on Amazon...Law of attraction, high vibrations, inter-dimensional travel is fantastic!!! and VERY SPEED - It's a tribute to KIMI, is very funny!

    Rui BatistaRui Batista4 giorni fa
  • who is the most superstitious formula 1 driver

    Faith ThomasFaith Thomas4 giorni fa
  • I have a citroen 2cv and i love it so much

    DJ CARROTDJ CARROT4 giorni fa
  • We seriously need a monthly russel story time

    D-PadDanD-PadDan4 giorni fa
  • LADA

    finlanderxxfinlanderxx4 giorni fa
  • you could give more time to the new drivers like Schumacher or Mazepin, even Tsunoda got more time than them, you are better than that guys.

    David RodriguezDavid Rodriguez4 giorni fa
  • george russel: i had a polo car lance stroll: ehumm...

    Enrico MenegattiEnrico Menegatti4 giorni fa
  • wheres big head

    Oliver Grice pardyOliver Grice pardy4 giorni fa
  • Wonder if yuki likes jdm cars Like... his first car was a s2000

    Ollie boiOllie boi4 giorni fa
  • Part 2 pls

    HaxingorHaxingor4 giorni fa
  • ahh George is so handsome 😍

    Enikő HorváthEnikő Horváth4 giorni fa
  • I love Fernando hahaha "This morning probably" 😂😂😂😂

    JebJeb4 giorni fa
  • Of course Kimi has Do Not Disturb on 😂

    Unlimited GamingUnlimited Gaming4 giorni fa
  • Honda s2000? Wow 😂

    Devandra WahyuDevandra Wahyu4 giorni fa

    M1S7AKEM1S7AKE5 giorni fa
    • That was cap

      FELITO 21FELITO 214 giorni fa
  • Watch my first video for EFFECTIVE STUDYING!! 😃

    tommyBAtommyBA5 giorni fa
  • Yuki with the S2000, respek!

    Donovan KruserDonovan Kruser5 giorni fa
  • Yes Max it was last year. You forgot to brake in Hungary

    Lewis RowleyLewis Rowley5 giorni fa
  • Max Said he opens discord. True gamer

    Jeb HiJeb Hi5 giorni fa
  • Discord, that's interesting

    Eva MEva M5 giorni fa
    • Except that's cap 😩

      FELITO 21FELITO 214 giorni fa
  • Everybody is a gangster until Kimi says Lada 😎

    Lorin StefanLorin Stefan5 giorni fa
  • 1:53 я умер

    JRayJRay5 giorni fa
  • Raikkonen's phone is as silent as him

    yee haw busteryee haw buster5 giorni fa

    RyeballRyeball5 giorni fa
  • I want to meet the guy who asked Mazepin’s autograph and have some words with him

    Consistent UploaderConsistent Uploader5 giorni fa
    • Get in line buddy

      Le ChainLe Chain3 giorni fa
  • Now I want to discord with Max

    LyvixzLyvixz5 giorni fa
  • I think we know why they didn't ask Lance Stroll to say what his first car was.

    Car-mazingCar-mazing5 giorni fa
  • Who else instantly googled George

    GamingFactoryGamingFactory5 giorni fa
  • Best answer ever 8:48

    Jesus Del VillarJesus Del Villar5 giorni fa
  • Me when I hear that Kimi's first car was a Lada: *Soviet Anthem Intensifies*

    Jhyro Messiah PeJhyro Messiah Pe5 giorni fa
  • 5:13 Hey vsauce, michael here!

    Theo ThesdaTheo Thesda5 giorni fa
  • Seb with 3 kids.....when did this happen....?

    John Patrick LimJohn Patrick Lim5 giorni fa
  • 06:20 best part 😂😂😂

    danyelgunnerdanyelgunner5 giorni fa
  • I love how apathetic Kimi is. Unless he's racing he just can't be bothered.

    Jayson McCulloughJayson McCullough6 giorni fa
  • Evryone talk about: raikkonen tsunoda fernando alonso or Vettel or lando or george me: verstappens first car is a toro Rosso 2015 f1 car Honda!! Huh wait what the...

    Marciano Van drunenMarciano Van drunen6 giorni fa
  • I love how when asked about their first podium, they all light up and look so happy when talking about childhood karting.

    Spencer CookSpencer Cook6 giorni fa
  • Carlos Sainz got a tesla when he was 2.5 years old. F1 drive in the making

    markuksmarkuks6 giorni fa
  • Max with the discord call. Love it

    SlimeSlime6 giorni fa
  • Kimi has the best answers

    markuksmarkuks6 giorni fa
  • George looks like James Allison

    SlimeSlime6 giorni fa
  • verstappen with de discord doe

    JoshuaW_2JoshuaW_26 giorni fa
  • How did anyone want mazepin’s autograph 😂

    GeoGeo6 giorni fa
  • 4:55 I'm surprised he's ever completed more than one lap. Jk lol

    Elliott FontaineElliott Fontaine6 giorni fa
  • kimi first car was a lada... so he is a comrade

    Davi GerhardtDavi Gerhardt6 giorni fa
  • "Discord" - Proffesional Esport Athlete Max Verstappen

    Windows Tech SupportWindows Tech Support6 giorni fa
  • First Car: Yuki Tsunoda: Honda S2000 Me: wOuLd YoU lOoK aT tHaT

    Sunburst YTSunburst YT6 giorni fa
  • Where is part 2? It's been almost a week.

    Arvind WeeArvind Wee6 giorni fa
  • "Lada" ...

    Steve RussSteve Russ6 giorni fa
  • Man I went to St Hilaire karting a couple of times. Didn’t know Lance used to race there

    CleverAxeCleverAxe6 giorni fa
  • so, nobody's gonna talk about Tsunoda's epic first car? he got an S2000 as his first car FFS XD

    RamiRami6 giorni fa
  • Yuki had a S2000 Honda one of my favorite car in the world 😳

    Giulia VoltiGiulia Volti6 giorni fa
  • What car you got first? Kimi: Bwoah

    Kristers AndersonsKristers Andersons6 giorni fa
  • A monopoly of facebook owned apps.

    Rameen AyubRameen Ayub6 giorni fa
  • Yuki be like: V-TEC 4 LIFE!

    manolisdentgamesmanolisdentgames6 giorni fa
  • Kimi:LADA

    Stuka BlyatStuka Blyat7 giorni fa
  • George's dramatic forgetting a bag moment 😂

    Tom BeattieTom Beattie7 giorni fa
  • Of course Kimi had a Lada

    Tom BeattieTom Beattie7 giorni fa