The Kid LAROI, Miley Cyrus - WITHOUT YOU (With Miley Cyrus - Official Video)

29 apr 2021
3 762 053 visualizzazioni

Official video for "WITHOUT YOU (with Miley Cyrus)" by The Kid LAROI & Miley Cyrus.
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Directed by Miley Cyrus.
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  • Miley is the best vocalist in the world. The best of the best! We very love you, all of us! 😘

    Dima BuratinoDima Buratino6 minuti fa
  • 1:51 I've been thinking of what he whispered.

    Jhon YuzonJhon Yuzon11 minuti fa
  • Rich kids with there daddy’s money

    IdontknowvictorIdontknowvictor15 minuti fa
  • Laroi is so Good lookin

    Joana MejiaJoana Mejia31 minuto fa
  • Dude she is 28 he is 18

    Blake_ MelanderBlake_ Melander53 minuti fa
  • Gua kesini gara" btr branz

    Dimas AryaDimas Arya57 minuti fa
  • why are they low key cute?

    little dragonslittle dragonsOra fa
  • Rest in peace to your career.

    Steven JordanSteven JordanOra fa
  • Now you have to give your music away to get people to listen.

    Steven JordanSteven JordanOra fa
  • Your career is pretty much over.

    Steven JordanSteven JordanOra fa
  • Good luck getting 300 million views again.

    Steven JordanSteven JordanOra fa
  • You had 300 million views now you have 3.

    Steven JordanSteven JordanOra fa
  • Miley, please don’t stop making music! DON’T EVER! ❤️

    Jonathan HoJonathan HoOra fa
  • Can you guys make a whole album please!! Fuck this shit is soooo fire 🔥

    Cassie PistoleCassie PistoleOra fa
  • I wish Miley Cyrus will also do collab with Ez Mil 💖

    Cy ClostomeCy ClostomeOra fa
  • I wish Miley Cyrus will also do collab with Ez Mil 💖

    Cy ClostomeCy ClostomeOra fa
  • I wish Miley Cyrus will also do collab with Ez Mil 💖

    Cy ClostomeCy ClostomeOra fa
  • I wish Miley Cyrus will also do collab with Ez Mil 💖

    Cy ClostomeCy ClostomeOra fa
  • Love this 💖

    Cy ClostomeCy ClostomeOra fa
  • 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 Rainha 😻😻😻

    Mariana AlmeidaMariana Almeida2 ore fa
  • Directed by Miley Cyrus wow

    Camila CastroCamila Castro2 ore fa
  • This music is a success bc Miley her voice is so powerful.

    Maria MarcelinoMaria Marcelino2 ore fa
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    Jesus 2030Jesus 20302 ore fa
  • That was weird man

    StevenSteven2 ore fa
  • Far better than the original for sure.

    LiftyGamezLiftyGamez3 ore fa
  • I absolutely looooove this song, but the music video.... oh my lord. His lip synching is awful and it looks like it was thrown together in 20 minutes. But the song itself is amazing!

    Kirsty JayneKirsty Jayne4 ore fa
  • Hi who is boyfriend Miley cyrus?

    Mobile ForMobile For5 ore fa
  • Miley loves the aussies HAhaha

    Demon GaviriaDemon Gaviria5 ore fa
  • Best #mileycyrus ♡♡♡♡

    Annie Love One Direction Annie Love OneAnnie Love One Direction Annie Love One5 ore fa
  • Omg, this is really amazing. ‘Y new favourite version

    Makismus1Makismus15 ore fa
  • Miley Cyrus voice is so rect

    Hannah SelbHannah Selb5 ore fa
  • Woooow with Miley!!!!😳😳😳😳😱😱😱

    FranziFranzi6 ore fa
  • he a little young for her 👀

    JoshuaJoshua6 ore fa

    DimeDime7 ore fa

    DimeDime7 ore fa
  • this is terrible get it off the radio no offence miley

    Natasha LNatasha L7 ore fa
  • Soooo in love with her personality and voice!!! Keep on sparkling miley!

    Bernadette MercadoBernadette Mercado8 ore fa
  • 💛💛💛💛💛

    Tomorrow by the end OfficeTomorrow by the end Office8 ore fa
  • ten years difference

    jj jonnyjj jonny8 ore fa
  • I'm glad he rerecord with miley so much more feeling and song sounds better video is better and he looks alot more chilled and

    Becki BlackwellBecki Blackwell8 ore fa
  • If you didn’t already listen to laroi, I just feel bad

    Course RockyCourse Rocky9 ore fa
  • Awesome

    PakehahahaPakehahaha9 ore fa
  • Hi myly

    Minecraft gamer DudeMinecraft gamer Dude9 ore fa
  • This is shit

    Min Khant NaingMin Khant Naing9 ore fa
    • Nahhh

      Tomorrow by the end OfficeTomorrow by the end Office8 ore fa
  • She sounds like a dying Yodeler jajajaja

    raquel guzmanraquel guzman10 ore fa
  • she killed this made it 100x better

    Maria MellaMaria Mella10 ore fa
    • Made it 10x worse.

      Patriot_101Patriot_1019 ore fa
  • This sounds like a Hannah Montana song, if you don’t understand the lyrics

    vilcea gabrielavilcea gabriela10 ore fa
  • "Can't make a wife out of a hoe". Anyone else get what it felt like to be Miley Hemsworth feels?

    Jahnavi SharmaJahnavi Sharma10 ore fa
  • Nice collab.

    Elle DeeElle Dee10 ore fa
  • Miley Cyrus welcome to SPORE Finance family 😃 🍄 #SPORE$

    Steve RogersSteve Rogers11 ore fa
  • Please Miley talk about dogecoin 🙏🏻🥲 Who agree?

    Hussain AlmutawaaHussain Almutawaa11 ore fa
  • Like the drip laroi🔥

  • Miley ruined the whole song

    shaneshane12 ore fa
  • Bro she’s 28 and he’s 17 😮

    Bitchrealy HeyyyBitchrealy Heyyy12 ore fa
  • Ok so I love miley cyrus but the parts she is singing in the song is my favorite parts he sings with the version of only him. Am I the only one who feels that way?

    Yoooyooo yoYoooyooo yo12 ore fa
  • Finish it off. So there I go,

    Tom SharmanTom Sharman12 ore fa
  • She has always had a thing for Australians boys.

    EL CHAPOEL CHAPO12 ore fa
  • Miley Virus. She has more piercings than Pin Head. Like a joint at a Grateful Dead concert, they keep passing her around.

    William SawyerWilliam Sawyer12 ore fa
  • I'm not even a Miley fan and she just killed it. Respect.

    SnakeaterSnakeater13 ore fa
  • ♥️

    Arthur MarmoriArthur Marmori13 ore fa
  • Ironic Miley singing the lyrics 'can't make a wife out of a hoe' 😂😂😂 bet her ex husband finds this comical too!

    Taliah ReynoldsTaliah Reynolds13 ore fa
  • I love you so much🖤🖤

    3 na3 na13 ore fa
  • They are have a amazing voice damn

    Lalu alviansyah Wahyu anugrahLalu alviansyah Wahyu anugrah14 ore fa
  • mfs had a $50 budget for this music video

    Curtis WittCurtis Witt14 ore fa
  • He’s. A cheater he wrote that song for is ex

    Hannah SafronHannah Safron14 ore fa
  • Nenhum BR viu o Poladoful nesse clipe! Kkkk

    Marcelo de Mello PereiraMarcelo de Mello Pereira14 ore fa
  • She needs to move to this type of music and do some stuff with Yung blud and mgk she could reinvent herself as one of them IM LIVING FOR THIS TO HAPPEN!

    Alen FergusonAlen Ferguson14 ore fa
  • This is the kind of music her voice is made for. She's never looked or sounded better.

    Adrienne TomsicAdrienne Tomsic14 ore fa
  • I'm shocked at the views

    OswaOswa15 ore fa
  • I'm very impressed by her and him what they do in their personal lives is just that . People need not to worry about what people do or dont do just enjoy the music.

    Richard SchoonoverRichard Schoonover15 ore fa
  • Industry at its finest

    plxnetmood badthehoodplxnetmood badthehood15 ore fa
  • If Laroi is 17 and Miley 28 and doing this THEN I AM THE CEO OF TESLA

    Noah The DrummerNoah The Drummer16 ore fa
  • 😍😍

    Istanller MaiaIstanller Maia16 ore fa
  • this song is way better without her

    Joshua GreenJoshua Green16 ore fa
  • She's literally a queen.

    Cecilia SalcedoCecilia Salcedo16 ore fa
  • cant take this song off my head

    D. Marlene SeguraD. Marlene Segura16 ore fa
  • Why they so close? 😳

    Jim JimJim Jim16 ore fa
  • spore finance 2 the MOON 😍😍

    muchamad ajimuchamad aji16 ore fa
  • Juice would be so proud of laroi rn

    Ethan MunroeEthan Munroe16 ore fa
  • 💕

    LQ TYLQ TY17 ore fa
  • 😍😍😍❤

    Odhara MeloOdhara Melo17 ore fa
  • The Kid Laroi is blind now?

    LazySlothLazySloth17 ore fa
  • This song is a bery ugly🤢🤢🤢

    Alexis TornesAlexis Tornes17 ore fa
  • Muy bueno

    Yeri Arteaga SeasYeri Arteaga Seas17 ore fa
  • people who disliked this i am with you. very horrible ..soo soo terrible. , so terrible i had to go out and scream,i had to get my 177 Caliber BB Gun and shoot a bird.

    Trevor DawsonTrevor Dawson17 ore fa
  • Has anyone noticed Miley's Kurt Cobain sweater ? ❤️🖤

    Cansu KabayeğitCansu Kabayeğit17 ore fa
  • Miley is a BOSS!!!

    Allen WhittAllen Whitt17 ore fa
  • Miley legend

    BcrbesBcrbes17 ore fa
  • just coment to hit 20k comments

    Ana Maria MariaAna Maria Maria18 ore fa
  • imagine if the roles were reversed, and it was a 28-year-old guy with a 17-year-old girl. kinda weird ngl.

    JonathanJonathan18 ore fa
  • Love this!! Beautiful voices.

    Brittany FergusonBrittany Ferguson18 ore fa
  • no hate but this version sucks

    Brooke_ SoccerBrooke_ Soccer18 ore fa
  • I feel bad to think they look SO good but they have such a big age difference

    Annabelle HudsonAnnabelle Hudson18 ore fa
  • I've been following and loving you since you've started. My first concert was you with jonas brothers, and couldn't wait until you branched out from Disney and became YOURSELF. It's been an HONOR watching you grow up and become who you are today.

    Jes JacobsJes Jacobs18 ore fa
  • amo

    LQ TYLQ TY18 ore fa
  • to the voices of the two combining so well that they will try to release an album or an EP together I am sure that it would be a definite success, Miley Cyrus respect for you and The Kid Laroi I am very proud of you continue like this and give priority to the legacy of Juice a as you write your own story 😁😁😊

    Txiø AdrianTxiø Adrian18 ore fa
  • The vocals omg This collab is genius

    BlackIce 671BlackIce 67118 ore fa
  • lovin the vibe

    Marion Fiedler MusicMarion Fiedler Music18 ore fa
  • Comments on ITworlds are so positive but comments on social media about this song are so true.

    gladys saenzgladys saenz19 ore fa
  • It's so fucking good...

    BoobsonBoobson19 ore fa