Discovering & Naming A New Species of Ant in My Yard

20 feb 2021
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Imagine discovering a new ant species and being able to give it a scientific name. That dream just got a little bit closer to becoming a reality this week. In this episode, we return to #Antopia, my backyard, where I happened to discover a peculiar new ant that I hadn't yet seen. Upon research, I was shocked to discover that we may have stumbled upon a novel ant discovery! Hope you enjoy this week's episode! Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.
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Executive Producer RJ Garcia
DOP/Editing by Heinrich Domingo
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  • AC Family, thank you for watching. So guys, what scientific name would you give to this ant? Let's make history! Remember to LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE to be part of the family! Ant love forever!

    AntsCanadaAntsCanada4 giorni fa
    • mikey Colondus ant or for short mikey ant if for long the philippiness Sharpono carteno Parnito

      Liza ArguelLiza Arguel3 giorni fa
    • However you name it, please make sure the latin is grammatically correct

      Claudius AugustusClaudius Augustus3 giorni fa
    • How do u order in your site pls can u do a clip

      FELIXFELIX3 giorni fa
    • I've already seen this ant like 1 or 2 months ago so it isn't new to me

      darragh stop motion 2.0darragh stop motion 2.03 giorni fa
    • Rexico tarki

      Menno LammeMenno Lamme3 giorni fa
  •,_Trivandrum,_India,_Kalesh_Sadasivan.jpg u click bait hard.. u know its not a new species.

    Reee FlexReee Flex3 minuti fa
  • Ok now I have to subscribe Edit: i forgot i already am

    feuerpfote 123feuerpfote 1235 minuti fa
  • I don't if I'm to late for the naming but here's one The armoured marauders eh there is better name in the comments is just I thought this could be A good name for them

    Timothy VanLingenTimothy VanLingen7 minuti fa
  • I think you should name them Titans

    Blair WalkerBlair Walker11 minuti fa
  • I think whatever you name it should very much include it's heartshaped gaster. It's beautifully distinct and is clearly identifiable.

    ShinePaw101ShinePaw10112 minuti fa
  • Fuzzy black heart ant

    Charles CisnerosCharles Cisneros13 minuti fa
  • The heart-shaped abdomen definitely meant that the new ant is definitely not a Meranoplus bicolor

    alida flusalida flus16 minuti fa
  • Call it the Red Spiny ant

    Miscellaneous ProductionsMiscellaneous Productions17 minuti fa
  • Crazy how repetitive the same info can get, and how it still entertains me everytime lol

    Mangu KingMangu King24 minuti fa
    • Name them Canadian ants

      alida flusalida flus15 minuti fa
  • New ant dropped.

    COR MORTEMCOR MORTEM27 minuti fa
  • Fuzzy butt ant

    Fluwid_Cat 64Fluwid_Cat 6434 minuti fa
  • He is Totally a ant lover cause who builds a whole APARTMENT for there ants ? :) He is my teacher cause my mom is like 😳 everytime I tell her about ants

    ItzInk-SansItzInk-Sans37 minuti fa
  • Fire ants bad

    Hi HelloHi Hello38 minuti fa
  • The Colossi

    ShadowDrakeShadowDrake44 minuti fa
  • They are so that you were the one that bought the land because otherwise they would all be dead rn

    Just an Average NoobJust an Average Noob53 minuti fa
  • in addition to the heart shaped abdomen, they kind of look like they have devil horns on their back

    Ivan MIvan MOra fa
  • Huh, ya know, the spikes on its back kinda reminds me of dragon wings. What if you named it 'dragon' or 'spiked' but that might be too simple Edit: or maybe something like armored back

    WOO i DROOWOO i DROOOra fa
  • the ant name: the Giga tribe and giga means big i think it will fit them

    Jurassic JacksonJurassic JacksonOra fa
  • i think the new ant species is like a valentine ant

    elizabeth chungelizabeth chungOra fa
  • I like the spines on it’s back it has a cool reddish hue is really good with the blackish shade on it’s abdomen I wonder if it’s a new species if it has a type of venom like a fire ant how fire ants feel like fire when they bite you and did you find where it came from like it’s colony and if it’s a female maybe it’s trying to make a new colony

    brian Drazen jrbrian Drazen jrOra fa
  • Wait did you say "toad"? hmmmm...lemmme look..Aha just as i friend it's not only bugs and toads and may have..some EASTERN HOGNOSE SNAKE! they are toad eaters so they must be some where!

    Jurassic JacksonJurassic JacksonOra fa
  • Hey I've seen the ants in the thumbnail

    PropopopaPropopopaOra fa

    ꧁Yuki Yoru꧂꧁Yuki Yoru꧂Ora fa
  • Name them Canadian ants

    Dragon LoLoDragon LoLoOra fa
  • The bulldozer of antopya is a nice name

    Minecraft dungeons TIMEMinecraft dungeons TIMEOra fa
  • **me going to the comments to see if anyone posted the time Stamp so I could see the ant**

    alex_pesqalex_pesqOra fa
  • Yeah I love the new ant name she definitely is a lil cutie bug lol

    Leticia ArroyoLeticia ArroyoOra fa
  • when you dedicate your entire life to the study of ants and don't find anything new and some ITworldsr finds a new species while chilling in their backyard: *This... is acceptable*

    funny valentinefunny valentineOra fa
  • For the new marauder ant I recomend the name (Gargantua's) because Titans are big from what I got so I think the name would be fitting

    Burn Steel DJIBurn Steel DJIOra fa
  • I want to know what everyone else would name this ant if they discovered if please let me know ide call it roselious theosis

    mini parodicemini parodiceOra fa
  • This species is already discovered 😂 Its meranoplus bicolor and its a Common species found in Asia. This video is Clickbate.

    Norwegian antsNorwegian antsOra fa
  • The ant name mr loper ant.

    Theo Sebastian SveenTheo Sebastian SveenOra fa
  • The titanus ants

    Nausheen AhmediNausheen AhmediOra fa
  • name suggestion: Bombardiers

    MuffinMurderX_XMuffinMurderX_X2 ore fa
  • Name suggestion: “the wandering honey vikings”

    DylanthekirbDylanthekirb2 ore fa
  • Draconis antcanadis

    It's a me, ICYIt's a me, ICY2 ore fa
  • You should all it Pilus Formicidae cause Pilus = hair and Formicidae = ant

    Quest PrismQuest Prism2 ore fa
  • Call it a Armor-back ant.

    BlueFlamesPlayzBlueFlamesPlayz2 ore fa
  • The ant looks like it’s wearing some sort of jacket without sleeves or like a cape lol

    T0R11 - MU0RR3’ !!T0R11 - MU0RR3’ !!2 ore fa
  • The Goliaths for the marauder colony

    Donavon HarrisDonavon Harris2 ore fa
  • the gods

  • You new here? Me: Not exactly either way i'm pleased to hear this news after so long

    okok2 ore fa
  • I think a good name for the native marauder ant colony would be The Ravagers or The Vikings, due to the word marauder having similar meanings As for the new ant, I have a few name suggestions: While Meranoplus Acfamilius sounds good, I also think that Meranoplus Vermiculos, Meranoplus Vulpes, or Meranoplus Cormeum would sound good and relate to its crimson coloration, cute body, and heart shape, respectively

    Jacob AckertJacob Ackert3 ore fa
  • i'm not sure if this matters but if you are going to keep a colony i would make sure that there is definitely two queens so if you accidentally kill your colony in your anterverse there is still a colony in the wild

    George GouldGeorge Gould3 ore fa
  • My favorite feature are the fuzzy mess and there eyes XD

    jonathan hernandezjonathan hernandez3 ore fa
  • Love ants

    Dragon BgDragon Bg3 ore fa
  • A.C.F or Valinced AC d: that’s my names suggestion :/

    Starlight FilmsStarlight Films3 ore fa
  • Imagine finding a new ant species And totally ignored it and Just Thought it a fire ant and kils it cause it Might bite u

    chino louis cruzchino louis cruz3 ore fa
  • For the name I would suggest I would like to call them "The Eldians" it's a reference to the popular anime AoT, in which Eldians fight Titans. I dunno, you called your marauder ants colony the titans, so I wanted to call them Eldians because in the series Eldians fight the titans.

    Emergency FoodEmergency Food3 ore fa
  • I've NEVER EVER said this in my life but WHAT A CUTE ANT!!!!! She is just the most interesting and actually PRETTY ant. Those spikes are really fashionable and cool. That gaster is just cute as can be

    Tamijo CampbellTamijo Campbell3 ore fa
  • hey i like the smoll like wings on the ac ant

    Rahul DeshpandeRahul Deshpande3 ore fa
    • hey btw i am in india

      Rahul DeshpandeRahul Deshpande3 ore fa
  • ant-tastic

    michael daimichael dai4 ore fa
  • Hey ants Canada I love your videos and want to keep ants but my family can't afford a queen and the proper equipment. Do you think you could do a giveaway soon.

    Brady Price-WittenauerBrady Price-Wittenauer4 ore fa
  • I see the new ant as a type of ant Royalty not the queen but a version ants that took the royal aesthetics humans had back in the day The fuzzy gown with a cape like structure y'know?

    Gatch - Uriel TamGatch - Uriel Tam4 ore fa
  • Ancanadaius Valirentinous Thats what its name should be.

    Acy The AbsentAbyAcy The AbsentAby4 ore fa
  • This is really cool dude I miss your channel

    DomedinDomedin4 ore fa
  • Aweesome

    TheJinx14TheJinx144 ore fa
  • Call the marauder ants the nomads

    Hunter BrittHunter Britt4 ore fa
  • Imagine if a drone incidentally mated with the wrong species of ant

    Gatch - Uriel TamGatch - Uriel Tam4 ore fa
  • 999999HD quality footage of new ant.

    TelamonGaming YTTelamonGaming YT4 ore fa
  • My most favorite feature of the ant is the back bone kind of lines I think they are cool

  • Let’s call the ant Boris.

    Dino MationDino Mation4 ore fa
  • Call them the back tiny crawlers

    ___noodle soup___noodle soup4 ore fa
  • I think the right name for the ant would be Meranoplus Dracon/heart Because the ant is hairy like a dragon it also has the spine on his back and the first thing I remember when I see the ant is dragon . OR The heart shaped abdomen . Nick name: Dracon ant as Dragon ant is already there Dragon ant

  • Can it (the new species name) have something to do with the meme word 'Pog' thanks

    Daphne ShankDaphne Shank4 ore fa
  • Spike ant or cicil

    nimmi Rajapakshenimmi Rajapakshe4 ore fa
  • My recommendation:full of undertale au and daily dose of internet Random ant species discovered somehow got in my recommendation Me: *HMMMM INTERESTING*

    NoobEditorTTONoobEditorTTO4 ore fa
  • Super ant or anthofhopia

    nimmi Rajapakshenimmi Rajapakshe4 ore fa
  • Reminds me of when I discovered the “jumping bug” one day which may or may not be discovered before I did I have no idea

    Epic Wolf RunEpic Wolf Run4 ore fa
    • Oh and when I found this 3 foot by 3 foot spooder I freaked out lol thankfully it was dead

      Epic Wolf RunEpic Wolf Run4 ore fa
  • I saw this ant in my tea bowl 😺lol

    Gucci Devil YTGucci Devil YT4 ore fa
  • “Montarush“ looks like a good name for the ants.

    Editor SnowCaneEditor SnowCane4 ore fa
  • I found a super tiny little yellow ant that's the size of a pin head

    Cassiel_your_saviorCassiel_your_savior5 ore fa
  • Name idea “natures monsters” or “beautiful monsters”

    RoRo DRoRo D5 ore fa
  • The name of the wild Marauder Ants should be "The behemoths"

    Mark133 GtMark133 Gt5 ore fa
  • It definitely LOOKS like a bicolor

    Furyhound The Devil DogFuryhound The Devil Dog5 ore fa
  • Qx

    1D Gavin1D Gavin5 ore fa
  • our yard is full of purple grasshoppers are they rare,

    mApLemApLe5 ore fa
  • let's call it The Labo-Nabos

    Loanf8954Loanf89545 ore fa
  • The only man who can make a 2 centimeter long insect interesting to everyone

    Not_Eggs _Not_Eggs _5 ore fa
  • Looks like the wood ants here in the uk

    Adventure PeaksAdventure Peaks5 ore fa
  • She's so beautiful. I can't get over how precious this new ant is

    Charley MCharley M5 ore fa
  • To be honest while im watching this i feel itchy.but i love it

    MASTERMASTER5 ore fa
  • I dont know how to name a ant

  • Antscanada do you think that the ant reminds you of a rose? And the ‘new’ ant you showed us here is very adorable but have you tried letting it bite you? The ant has a a characteristic of like a valentines gift but since it’s different from the other 2 pictures you showed us doesn’t it remind you of a red rose? The ant has a thorn in the back and it really does reminded me of a rose!

    DJ AMDJ AM5 ore fa
  • im name it tony

    fnrfhurfhurfhur frjhfurhfnrfhurfhurfhur frjhfurh5 ore fa
  • Breaking news: man makes murder ants They eat children -2021

    DragonRewindDragonRewind5 ore fa
  • the fact that its a new, undiscovered species. P.S. I love your videos and they inspire me. I want to have an ant colony. Thank you. Thanks to you I can survive COVID.

    Jakub GamerJakub Gamer5 ore fa
  • thats Meranoplus bicolour commonly known as shield ant you didn't discover it

    ants and petsants and pets5 ore fa
  • we should name the marauder ants the titans of antopia

    Dias DasilvaDias Dasilva5 ore fa
  • I think the Wild Marauder aunts should be named "The children of Ymir." Ymir or also known as Augelmir is a the father of all Giants in Norse Mythology.

    McScwoofMcScwoof5 ore fa
  • But sometimes it invasive species can save the ecosystem there's a couple but there's very few and much more invasive species are bad

    Autum BickharryAutum Bickharry5 ore fa
  • Other vid: Him:fire ants can walk on water Me:why are they called fire ants and if they touch water they dont die🤦‍♂️??

    Abdelkader BahriAbdelkader Bahri6 ore fa
  • How about the runner titants

    Maharanee CuaresmaMaharanee Cuaresma6 ore fa
  • fighting ants: look up at camera "ODIN IS WITH US"

    Nic DNic D6 ore fa
    • lol antasins creed

      ants and petsants and pets5 ore fa
  • Kurama.

    MythicLAriesMythicLAries6 ore fa
  • Maybe name it The heart Cactus ant because it's tail is spiky and the tail shape is a heart.

    Ava RiveraAva Rivera6 ore fa
  • Building off of what I've seen other people comment, a heart shaped gaster covered in hair could result in a name having to do with the expression of having a hairy heart (meaning uncaring). Not sure if this is the origin of it, but I read the expression came from a story about a wizard prince who removed his heart and put it in a jar, where it grew hairy. Perhaps in reference to this, a Latin word for magic or mage could slip into the name somewhere

    Eli SpludeEli Splude6 ore fa
  • Call them spikey girls genus spickisantisfamilius

    Jm RogadorJm Rogador6 ore fa
  • That's one of the prettiest ants I've ever seen.

    Jessica SJessica S6 ore fa