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Here are the luckiest people caught on camera!
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football, basketball, soccer, tennis, and more!
In this video we commentate/report about some unbelievable lucky moments that happened mainly focused on sports, we also add edits in the clips to make it more entertaining!
Thanks Elliot for helping with the voice over!
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  • Wow

    claudia chengclaudia cheng27 minuti fa
  • I don't thing that motorcycle rider "Jumped" onto the top of the car he ass-ended... It was called, "An act of God."

    Nigel 900Nigel 90027 minuti fa
  • I thought this was a video about people suffering thats what i came here to watch

    Cybercat55Cybercat552 ore fa
  • *I’m that one bee*

    Marie DLMarie DL2 ore fa
  • I thought the drone behind the skier was another skier falling to their death

    Gonzo LonzoGonzo Lonzo3 ore fa
  • 6:59 beauty girl and that eyes ;))

    heavenheaven3 ore fa
  • 0:43 I haven't laughed so damn hard at anything I feel so bad

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    Fitness PalFitness Pal4 ore fa
  • Naaaaaaaah 😂😂😂 @ 1:48

    Kenny MclemoreKenny Mclemore5 ore fa
  • Luckiest people caught on camera “ somebody records bees “

    TNT RUSHTNT RUSH6 ore fa
  • 5:04 I saw another vid where the a wheel hit a house at light speed this could be where it came from 😳😳😳🤯

    just causejust cause6 ore fa
  • So it's just normal for trees to just randomly fall?

    kiss a turtle gentlykiss a turtle gently6 ore fa
  • 2:10 🇦🇹🇦🇹🇦🇹🇦🇹🇦🇹🇦🇹

    RelaxoTrumpRelaxoTrump7 ore fa
  • 3:52 wasn’t luck..... that was intentional.... this is a Knuckle Huck event and this was a good run.

    Renee AlessiRenee Alessi7 ore fa
  • 0:51 that's not luck, that's skill

    Mr. WeirdoMr. Weirdo8 ore fa
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    sdfs sdssdfs sds9 ore fa
  • That was crazy

    Libby JaneLibby Jane10 ore fa
  • 2:07 someone was obviously trying to sabotage. Do people not know what's at stake at competitions like these? The prestige and money people put in. 6:16 is reversed, so it's fake.

    King ZeebKing Zeeb11 ore fa
  • the guy on motorcycle getting in accident and Landing on top of car takes the grand prize for me.

    Manny DonaireManny Donaire14 ore fa
  • 3:00 this video is fake

    Felix StorchFelix Storch14 ore fa
  • Good but not bad a little bit but OK

    Martha NyenjeMartha Nyenje15 ore fa
  • thumbnail:8:00

    lorrylorry16 ore fa
  • 7:28 Am I the only one who saw the twin at the left press the sooner?

    Daniel MejiaDaniel Mejia16 ore fa
  • I liked seeing how the lightning sound came after It struck

    Master Of Fall guysMaster Of Fall guys17 ore fa
  • When I saw the shark my heart beats fast

    Zeigena OjedavmeZeigena Ojedavme18 ore fa

    Hello :DHello :D18 ore fa
  • All the people who are lucky is because god save them

    monica parmonica par18 ore fa
  • Bs I dont believe the scratchie . Of course the lottery is going to make money if he wins 250k. Imagine how many people bought tickets after that.

    Ba RiBa Ri18 ore fa
  • They asked the guy to reenact it, he reenacted it completely by winning 🤣🤣🤣

    Gay WerewolfGay Werewolf18 ore fa
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    Ngo Ngoc CanhNgo Ngoc Canh21 ora fa
  • lol this isnt luck is just jesus helping them threw.

    TheSunfarifaxthTheSunfarifaxth21 ora fa
  • 3:49 *Skiing* Snowboarders: "Am I a joke to you?"

    Cedric YeCedric Ye22 ore fa
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    Sandra RiggsSandra Riggs22 ore fa
  • The snowboarder putting his hand down is a hand drag lmao

    Jason BernardJason Bernard23 ore fa
  • Some of these are silly while some really life threatening

    riasriasGiorno fa
  • The mean perch sporadically appreciate because stretch uncommonly bomb at a selfish digital. mundane, first hobbies

    marlon detorresmarlon detorresGiorno fa
  • my life has come to bee collisions omg

    SssnakePlisskinSssnakePlisskinGiorno fa
  • fakes. 6:23 reversed video, it's so stupid

    SalezxSalezxGiorno fa
  • The fall guys thing happened to me too :'D

    BlacktwigBlacktwigGiorno fa
  • Lucky for the pole breaking, skiing when there's obviously a snowboarder pictured...the voice over was terrible enough up till that point, but I'm not sticking around to see if it gets any worse. I guess the whole voice-over thing is just another to be chalked up with the endless line of terrible things the US incessantly displays to the rest of the world.

    DRFDRFGiorno fa
  • The one with the shark and the ledge was fake, it was proven

    xSlays is coolxSlays is coolGiorno fa

    Audrey RAudrey RGiorno fa
  • 3:48 snowboarding*

    KokamellKokamellGiorno fa
  • What the fuck happens at 1:50??

    TheRobiLiveTheRobiLiveGiorno fa
  • Of All the lines to say, 2020 has not been the best year. “You blew it”

    John KillsJohn KillsGiorno fa
  • Seriously I already watched all this video clips from other channels. 🤷🤦. Well... Now I can say that this is my last time I watch this channel ever again. Bye bye!! 👋👋

    Good morningGood morningGiorno fa
  • oh no the poor bee :c

    Isabella DuranIsabella DuranGiorno fa
  • The bike one wasnt luck it was just raw talent

    Samuel OyemomiSamuel OyemomiGiorno fa
  • 7:53

    Malcolm HunterMalcolm HunterGiorno fa
  • The correct title:"Luckiest, people caught on camera"

    Devang PeriwalDevang PeriwalGiorno fa
  • Luckiest people ever

    Sharon GordonSharon GordonGiorno fa
  • Wtf is it with tens of trees falling at the same time? Like how is that possible?

    Tekla _Tekla _Giorno fa
  • 06:44 That was a woman looking for her cat after her home was destroyed by a landslide. This was a 2nd landslide hotting and they got away in the nick of time. I don’t think she found her fur baby.

    Spring Summer Winter FallSpring Summer Winter FallGiorno fa
  • 4:00 minute on the road it like something what just woke up and went back to the forest xddd just bad raining time maybe or maybe not xd

    Katka PapouškováKatka PapouškováGiorno fa
  • that bee said "biiiiii bish"

    willow loevendiewillow loevendieGiorno fa
  • Fake videos and a clear misunderstanding of what luck means.

    crashmyzebracrashmyzebraGiorno fa
  • I got ganyu from just a ten pull and qiqi from also a tenth pull earlier. I think I got pretty lucky.

    YULUN WangYULUN WangGiorno fa
  • *when the bee hit the bee tho-* Bee: *MY WAY, MY WAY, OR THE HIGHWAY*

    ฅ JustAlex ฅฅ JustAlex ฅGiorno fa

      Shadow WolverineShadow Wolverine4 ore fa
  • The lightning was god saying yeah no shit

    trouble1044 hdndfntrouble1044 hdndfnGiorno fa
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    moriusca liviamoriusca liviaGiorno fa
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    Rodger StachuraRodger StachuraGiorno fa
  • Bee that fell after collision: *MAY DAY!! MAY DAY!! I AM GOING DOWN!!!!*

    AngelKittyCornAngelKittyCornGiorno fa
  • 2:20 attempted murder more like

    LiQuid FlaVah DubstepLiQuid FlaVah DubstepGiorno fa
  • god exist omg

    Sabiha AkvSabiha Akv2 giorni fa
  • Luck isn't the thing

    Kia._.GamingKia._.Gaming2 giorni fa
  • 7:54 for the people who came for the thumbnail

    Black lives MatterBlack lives Matter2 giorni fa
  • lol stupid bees

    Shaun DizShaun Diz2 giorni fa
  • some people r just scammers, but not this man

    Gloria CookeGloria Cooke2 giorni fa
  • lol that Australian didn't even look happy about winning 250k. He's probably thinking about all the people who are gonna call him up asking for money after that thing airs on TV XD

    taiyoctopustaiyoctopus2 giorni fa
    • Yes, a friend of mine won half a million and said he wish he hadn't as it tore his family apart.

      James StockJames StockGiorno fa
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    Lynne ReedLynne Reed2 giorni fa
  • wsf live leak?

    Edfiki86Edfiki862 giorni fa
  • 7:32 hi army 👋👋

    ami foreverami forever2 giorni fa
  • so are we not gonna talk about how he took the thumbnail picture like bruh.

    Aiden MclainAiden Mclain2 giorni fa
  • Roses are red, Violets are blue, The only thing you came to the video for, is 7:52

    Charlie FentonCharlie Fenton2 giorni fa
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    Jane HunterJane Hunter2 giorni fa
  • Bad editing in the cuts you can here where it cuts

    Sai AnimationsSai Animations2 giorni fa
  • 9:18 Thumbnail

    HeyHey2 giorni fa
    • ????

      Stuart CarterStuart Carter2 giorni fa
  • The tree falling is due to land slides

    Suhail ShahSuhail Shah2 giorni fa
  • If u fear medium/small sharks just don't do anything don't swim away leave them alone if u wanna leave then just leave like a normal swimmer if u can't swim then just try u can

    BIG I-BRUHBIG I-BRUH2 giorni fa
  • This was 4 monthis ago there is many views

    haihsia maria saguiyodhaihsia maria saguiyod2 giorni fa
  • Is anyone else confused how the trees randomly fall

    i am LUIZAi am LUIZA2 giorni fa
    • 4:03 looks like a giant foggy monster making dem trees fall

      Rudah KgRudah KgGiorno fa
    • Landslide/landslip

      James StockJames StockGiorno fa
    • @Max * 🤯

      Demon WolfDemon WolfGiorno fa
    • Or possibly just a landslide!

      Max *Max *2 giorni fa
    • So actually in science there is this thing called soil creep and it’s when, over time the gravity moves the soil down a hill. And with enough pressure on the tree the soil could have easily knocked the tree down!

      Max *Max *2 giorni fa
  • You said please so I liked

    Arthur PhillipsArthur Phillips2 giorni fa
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  • Those bees stupid haha

    Mja5y DonMja5y Don2 giorni fa
  • I laughed at the box thing

    Madeleine GuangcoMadeleine Guangco3 giorni fa
  • Thumbnail is so fake, but good vid tho

    Connor NelsonConnor Nelson3 giorni fa
  • so lucky

    TrooperTrooper3 giorni fa
  • The thumbnail if that was me i would of had a heart attack before i hit the floor anyone else?

    im hear to make a change mr steal your tingim hear to make a change mr steal your ting3 giorni fa
  • 6:27

    HijitoriHijitori3 giorni fa
  • How do the trees just randomly fall

    Ella’s pageElla’s page3 giorni fa
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    mike m tubman jrmike m tubman jr3 giorni fa
  • The lighting be like : ikr

    Rizza AguillonRizza Aguillon3 giorni fa
  • Why do I never get to meet famous people just why

    Jon EyreJon Eyre3 giorni fa
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    감성이성과감성이성과4 giorni fa
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    Gerard BenoitGerard Benoit4 giorni fa
  • "luckiest people caught on camera" CubeHub01: haha bees go brrr

    Matthew Curtis (Student)Matthew Curtis (Student)4 giorni fa
  • 3:47

    Hazel Cemre SenHazel Cemre Sen4 giorni fa