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2 mag 2021
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The best action from the Moto GP Grand Prix of Spain in the amazing circuit of Jerez. The best moto GP pilots fought hard to get a victory and at the end there was an unexpected result from a pilot who failed to keep leading the race.
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  • I prefer 18 commercial breaks in 16 minutes than subscribing to Sky & C.! Thanks for the hightlights! (e fan**lo anche alla 8 che non si riceve da nessuna parte!) Daje Aprilia Goooooooo !!!

    Jack GJack G4 ore fa
  • le plus beau sport au monde !!! Merci à Fabio, Mark, Jack, Franco, Alex, Johan, Valentino et les autres. 1er ou 15ème, it does'n matter, grand respect à tous.

    1uxo11uxo123 ore fa
  • Baggnai :cukup tiga seri untukmu y....

    Dirwan batubara DirwanDirwan batubara DirwanGiorno fa
  • What happen to Fabio Quartararo if he doesn't have a problem he was going to win here very sad for him

    Diesen Sainte marieDiesen Sainte marie2 giorni fa
  • Bon ben on va acheter une Ducati alors... arf!arf!arf!

    Yann DuboisYann Dubois2 giorni fa
  • Delighted for miller.. i guarantee that marquez wins the championship

    Darragh FinnanDarragh Finnan2 giorni fa
  • YAM Up (YAMAHA) hd a Painful Toothache UnFortunately. They Lucky. More YAM Up time cmng. Where Rossi ? Yamaha YAM Up Master. Jst Strtd Followg MotGP agn. Who Rossi ridg 4 ? Lst time I wtchd MotGP wz whn Rossi hd 7 MOTGP Chmpnshp Titles. He wz NYAMming ( Eating Hungrily ) Up Evrybdy. Now dis New Guy 4 me, Quatara, n a Yamaha, seems lk The New " YAM ' Em ALL Up " Master. Gt Serious Fangs. Just a BAD Toothache dis time. He'll b bk w dem Fangs Sharpened.

    Dezee FreshDezee Fresh2 giorni fa
  • Horrible job of highlights not worth watching

    S TomielloS Tomiello2 giorni fa
  • I like, i like i like MOTOS IMFO.

    nukiar abasnukiar abas2 giorni fa
  • salute near nakagami ... this is just a rider who really wants to succeed ... hafizh, you have to emulate need to be busy and interfere with politicians in management ... there aren't many reasons ... this is busy with bicycles and reasons here and there but never want to improve their own achievements ... people also hate ...

    Unappreciated HeroUnappreciated Hero2 giorni fa
  • Yamaha is down.

    Lastyorina hutajulu rinaLastyorina hutajulu rina3 giorni fa
  • Hyperactive highlights, awful editing

  • @10:23 "...this really is like freebasing...." No thanks all the same, I`ve got work in the morning, feel free to cook for yourself though, but chop me a small line if you will...

    Rattus NorvegicusRattus Norvegicus3 giorni fa
  • Last😂😂

    Allen AndradeAllen Andrade3 giorni fa
  • Unbelievable, my Ducati Boys !!!

    Ngoli NyirendaNgoli Nyirenda3 giorni fa
  • I gave in to my fans, he couldn't win because his hands were still sore, MM93💪

    Zulkarnain ZulZulkarnain Zul3 giorni fa
  • Grats nakagami

    It's Me Kuya PandaIt's Me Kuya Panda3 giorni fa
  • Ada apa dengan motor qoartararo ?

    AdN bdrAdN bdr3 giorni fa
    • Rusak mesin

      Rahmatullah MarkuniRahmatullah Markuni2 giorni fa
  • Morbideli itu setim ya dgn rosi

    Agus HilmiAgus Hilmi3 giorni fa
  • slowly but surely Marc Marquez will bounce back!!!

  • Pembalap pembalap dunia yg tidak akan pernah ada dari Indonesia

    eyang sepuheyang sepuh3 giorni fa
  • :027 ahahahaha

    Bango BrBango Br3 giorni fa
  • Im sad for Fabio :C

    RobertDanJrRobertDanJr4 giorni fa
  • Rossi sdh saatnya ngurus bini dan anak he2😇😇😇😇

    Andy ArifinAndy Arifin4 giorni fa
  • Yet another embarrassing performance from Rossi.... What's his excuse this time??,,,,, hang on.... Let me guess.... Rear Grip..... He should go and make up numbers in world superbike

    Lord BelvoirLord Belvoir4 giorni fa
  • Rossi, where? 😪

    Joe HarryJoe Harry4 giorni fa
  • 93HONDA👍🏻👍👍

    KidsM BulahKidsM Bulah4 giorni fa
  • Fabio Quartararo No.1 2021. year....

    Goran .nikolicGoran .nikolic4 giorni fa
  • they can win in the absence of Marquez

    kamdi gonzaleskamdi gonzales4 giorni fa
  • best power of ducati

  • Good on you Jack great win . I’m getting sick of these commentators all they talk about is Fabio & feel sorry for them. They do it nearly every race . Fuk him. There’s more than one rider on the track. If your going to commentate do it better

    Eric SteinEric Stein4 giorni fa
  • Beberapa rider telah membuktikan bahwa mereka berpeluang untuk menjuarai MotoGP tahun ini, kompetisi akan berjalan menarik..

    Muttaqiina ImaamaMuttaqiina Imaama4 giorni fa
  • congrats jack miller for your 1stplace in moto go.

    Terence BayaTerence Baya4 giorni fa
  • What happen with Quartararo 😂

    Hi YouHi You4 giorni fa
  • makin hancur yamaha

    aladin alamakaladin alamak4 giorni fa
  • f qua. lemah dan vinales lemah,

    aladin alamakaladin alamak4 giorni fa
  • 10:22 "Freebasing" does not mean what this commentator thinks it means - lmfao. Please google it for a laugh.

    AlexAlex4 giorni fa
  • Lets goo just started to get into MotoGP and Miller’s the one I support

    callum keyescallum keyes4 giorni fa
  • 👍💪😎☠️🇧🇷

  • Morbidelli awesome skill but using 2019 bike...Morbidelli you are legend.

    Head WritterHead Writter4 giorni fa
  • Edit at end of sentences so it doesn’t sound like an Engrish ransom note

    UXXVUXXV4 giorni fa
  • Jack Miller finally a win and a Supreme ride......

    Aasar PtahAasar Ptah4 giorni fa
  • Ukraine freedon 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    Sanderlei LisboaSanderlei Lisboa4 giorni fa
  • 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇾

    Sanderlei LisboaSanderlei Lisboa4 giorni fa
  • 21 Franco parabéns....Sempre ao teu lado

    Sanderlei LisboaSanderlei Lisboa4 giorni fa
  • motogp portogal

    Mix_Videos_ChannelMix_Videos_Channel4 giorni fa
  • Mm93 iyes💪💪💪👍

    bendhot 93 ndotbendhot 93 ndot4 giorni fa
  • 11:45 Marc Marquez

    Frihmad gaMingFrihmad gaMing5 giorni fa
  • FQ had issue arm pump.. unlucky for Yamaha.. Ducati win cz yamaha had issue.. ok.. next round we will see Yamaha Roarrrr....hahaha...

    Kepong SelayangKepong Selayang5 giorni fa
  • That was the worse stitched together upload i`v seen for a while....2 minutes in and i`v had enough

    Biased Broadcasting CorporationBiased Broadcasting Corporation5 giorni fa
  • Dihhh bnyk nontn ytobe..bca min

    Aiwan AiwanAiwan Aiwan5 giorni fa
  • Yang paling saya benci sekrng tiap buka youtub slalu ada iklan. Bahkan di ulang2. Bikin kesel

    Koko KrenzKoko Krenz5 giorni fa
  • Jakarta Indonesia

    Imam CahyonoImam Cahyono5 giorni fa
  • Editing is so abrupt!

    Paul BertenshawPaul Bertenshaw5 giorni fa
  • I love you Marc Marquez❤️❤️❤️

    ababil subhaababil subha5 giorni fa
  • Bravo Morbydelli!!

    Chicao CarissimiChicao Carissimi5 giorni fa
  • Thriller for sure 👍 couldn't be happier for Jack and the team Cheers from USA

    Dave KatDave Kat5 giorni fa
  • 93 comeback

    7Viênngọcrồng7Viênngọcrồng5 giorni fa
  • Semua pembalap motogp ok, j.miller konsisten dan penuh power, sementara quartararo kurang bisa memilih ban, akhirnya ban cepat habis dan M.marques berlahan menyatu dengan performa motor dan pemulihan skill, tapi saya yakin M.marques, masih bisa memimpin podium dikala waktu.

  • Hi Jack...🏍️🏆

    Billy JoeBilly Joe5 giorni fa
  • jelas terlihat awal2 lap...taro20 merajai... kasihan dia ....masih untung bisa finish dgn armspump dideritanya

  • congratulations for my friend

    Oka YudaOka Yuda5 giorni fa
  • Lumayan biar di posisi 9 marquest.. msh dpt poin

    Deni SetiawanDeni Setiawan5 giorni fa
  • *Selamat Untuk JACK naik PODIUM from Australia*

    Adi RubiamanAdi Rubiaman5 giorni fa
  • Vaya... Qué carrera tan impactante y divertida! Gracias por compartir, saludos!!

    Edy EdyEdy Edy5 giorni fa
  • Prediksi juara dunia pecco Runner up Miller

    Be JoBe Jo5 giorni fa
  • MM 93 😍

    Bella LestaryBella Lestary5 giorni fa
  • Pity to Valentino Rossi....what's his role? a decor maybe... time to retire dude!

    bing aguilarbing aguilar5 giorni fa
  • Fabio 20

    Mely DilsyaMely Dilsya5 giorni fa
  • Terlalu banyak iklan auto berhmeti nonton

    Ali SaidAli Said5 giorni fa
  • Fabio Quartararo-20

    Arwi La1001Arwi La10015 giorni fa

    Leonardo DarosiLeonardo Darosi5 giorni fa
  • Morbidelli the next rossi and Feco bagnaia🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Wayan Gede SudanaWayan Gede Sudana5 giorni fa
  • Quartararo mau ketawa takut dosa

    sabna sajisabna saji5 giorni fa
  • Pecco bagnaia n franco rider gp

    Budi SantosaBudi Santosa5 giorni fa
  • No entiendo que le pasa a Favio Cuartararo, hace muy buen trabajo de clasificación, comienza la carrera relativamente bien, pero con la presión y todos encima, se va desinflando y pierde y pierde lugares. No se ...... me parece que todo el problema está en su mente. Saludos

    Alan is LifeAlan is Life5 giorni fa
  • Marquez is back

    Earl BationEarl Bation5 giorni fa
  • Fantastic Morbidelli using a Yamaha 2019 in 2021 !!!

    Marc AntoniMarc Antoni5 giorni fa
  • The pit crew wear masks, give each other hug when victory is theirs and the podium finishes share the champagne....just don't wear any masks guys 😕

    Gary MarquettGary Marquett5 giorni fa
    • It's just the health protocol, they did swab test nearly every single day

      BajofBullBajofBull5 giorni fa
  • อย่างมันส์

    M Indy ChannelsM Indy Channels5 giorni fa
  • Y? 46

    Saudagar_kembara Hj iskandarSaudagar_kembara Hj iskandar5 giorni fa
  • Kalau Yamaha pengen kompetitif ,,Vinales di ganti dgn Morbidelli,,

    Hermanto HermantoHermanto Hermanto5 giorni fa
  • ขอแสดงความยินดีกับ Jack 5 รอบด้วยนะครับ

    Dovi 04Dovi 045 giorni fa
  • Let’s go DUCATI!!!!!!

    JacobJacob5 giorni fa
  • Jack Miller VS Fabio Quartararo Just like Casey Stoner VS Valentino Rossi

    Aldho SukadiAldho Sukadi5 giorni fa
  • love you fabio

    avian leeavian lee5 giorni fa
  • Kenapa tayangan ulang ke skip mulu sh

    Hery SujanaHery Sujana5 giorni fa
  • Tahun ini milik Ducati winnner champion

    Handre DinataHandre Dinata5 giorni fa
  • I just watched a rebroadcast of this race. I enjoy MotoGP, but it has to be said that these things look downright slow compared to the F1 cars ...

    S KingS King5 giorni fa
  • Well rode Jack congrats Ducati 🇭🇲👍

    Barbs98Barbs985 giorni fa
  • franco 👍👍🙏👍

    Rikki SipayungRikki Sipayung5 giorni fa
  • These commentators are pathetic. If Fabio got a buck for everytime they said his name he could've made a grand by the end of the race. Even when he started fading you could almost hear them burst out crying. Oh poor Fabio. Notice I'm not saying his surname. They ruined a good race by jabbering over him non stop like love sick school girls. Miller road the race of his life and these yobs in the box ruined it.

    Clinton MorrisClinton Morris5 giorni fa
  • Iklane dancuuukkk...

    Anang SulistyoAnang Sulistyo5 giorni fa
  • Congratulations Jack 💪👍

    Sérgio GomesSérgio Gomes5 giorni fa
  • Forza bagnaia

    Suhadi HadiSuhadi Hadi5 giorni fa
  • Tambah hebat se ang kni mah miller

    Muhammad exsa ciptadiMuhammad exsa ciptadi5 giorni fa

    Henry MisiscaHenry Misisca5 giorni fa
    • Erm no. Ducati win races.

      Pe TemsPe Tems3 giorni fa
  • Rosi dah tua gk bisa kenceng kenceng kasian

    Putra RamaPutra Rama5 giorni fa
  • Just loved Jack's race . You could tell how much it meant to him

    Bradley WicenciakBradley Wicenciak5 giorni fa
  • Amazing bro

    AMAU TVAMAU TV5 giorni fa