The many 'languages' in How I Met Your Mother

18 nov 2020
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"There is a word in German: Lebenslangerschicksalsschatz. And the closest translation would be ’Lifelong Treasure of Destiny.’ And Victoria is wunderbar, but she is not my Lebenslangerschicksalsschatz. She is my Beinaheleidenschaftsgegenstand, you know? It means ’the thing that is almost the thing that you want, but it’s not quite.’"
Band of Horses - The Funeral
2x08 Atlantic City; 7x09 Disaster Averted; 6x09 Glitter; 3x04 Little Boys; 3x10 The Yips; 3x08 Spoiler Alert; 3x05 How I Met Everyone Else; 3x20 Miracles; 6x23 Landmarks; 5x18 Say Cheese; 5x03 Robin 101; 7x03 Ducky Tie; 6x15 Oh Honey; 3x13 Ten Sessions; 1x16; 4x08 Woooo; 5x22 Robots vs Wrestlers; 7x14 46 Minutes; 6x04 Subway Wars; 5x05 Dual Citizenship; 1x07 Matchmaker; 7x17 No Pressure; 5x15 Rabbit or Duck; 8x12 The Final Page 2; 8x01 Farhampton; 7x02; 9x18 Rally; 8x21 Romeward Bound

  • Just out of curiosity is the name of the show different in other languages as well? Cause in Chinese, the direct translation of the show becomes "The Romantic History/Story of My Parents" 老爸老妈的浪漫史 Edit: Thanks for all the replies. This has turned into an interesting comment thread 😊. Edit (again): Apparently, there are two other titles of the show in Chinese which I just learned from the comments. One is "Guy Chasing Love" 追愛總動員 and the other being "The Search for Mom" 寻妈记. Because some tv networks think the first title was too long and not that great so they made up a different one. Who knew huh? 😂 [Part 2] for the ones I missed... Other edited HIMYM videos

    Relique OzRelique Oz10 giorni fa
    • in finnish it’s ”ensisilmäyksellä” which is in english ”at first sight” haha 😂

      gggg8 ore fa
    • Dude how just HOW could you not let the funeral play as the outro wTf

      Leon PaulLeon Paul14 ore fa
    • In persian its ملاقات با مادر which translates to "Meeting the Mother"

      P4RNI4N 4MP4RNI4N 4M17 ore fa
    • In Spanish is "como conocí a tu madre". It is literal translation, same meaning

      RodrigoRodrigoGiorno fa
    • In Japanese it's ママと恋に落ちるまで, which technically means before falling in love with (your) mother

      sum white nigguhsum white nigguhGiorno fa
  • I am german and I have no clue what heidi klum said.

    KillahpilzKillahpilz5 minuti fa
  • zoey’s portuguese wasn’t bad at all

    Letícia CostaLetícia Costa15 minuti fa
  • 5:57 eU fAlo uN pOcO dE portugues hahahaha

    SósakeSósake35 minuti fa
  • The last one hits different

    Bradley MasaokaBradley MasaokaOra fa
  • Well, it wasn't Ukrainian, but Russian😂

    Kateryna ChornomazKateryna ChornomazOra fa
  • As a Portuguese, that blonde girl(omfg how do I forgot the name) speaks very well

    Afonso BarbosaAfonso Barbosa3 ore fa
  • Woooooooooo

    Saksham VermaSaksham Verma4 ore fa
  • 😂 10:51 I hate it so much when they dont really cast a german actor. I'm german and he sounds so weird😂😂

    Angelika vom FassAngelika vom Fass5 ore fa
  • For all non-germans out there: Lebenslangerschicksalschatz is not a word we use.

    DannyTVDannyTV5 ore fa
  • im not crying your crying

    zayne medrickszayne medricks6 ore fa
  • Awww Marshall's "Italian" 😭❤️

    Gabriella TodorovaGabriella Todorova7 ore fa
  • Actually Ranjit is Iranian in real life and 3 time he spoke Persian but i dont know why they said he is from Bangeladesh or somewhere like India. He was Iranian and spoke Persian in series.

    Mehrab ParsaMehrab Parsa8 ore fa
  • Fun fact: In the episode where they talk about resumes (the Possimpible I think), Lily’s resume says she’s fluent in Italian, yet when she gets the job in Rome, she says she doesn’t speak the language. Oop

    Sam IrurzoSam Irurzo11 ore fa
  • I cried at the end

    NanakoNanako12 ore fa
  • Ted’s Italian tho😭😂

    NanakoNanako12 ore fa
  • 5:42 why does this sound like koreaj words but completely japanese pronounciation?? my brain is broken

    coralie leduccoralie leduc13 ore fa
  • For those who wanna know, the final song is called The Funeral, by Band Of Horses

    Lorenzo VagionakisLorenzo Vagionakis13 ore fa
  • I said that guy in the first clip looked kinda like chubbyemu. This is how I got canceled.

    economicist2011economicist201116 ore fa
  • I like this

    U LeanU Lean18 ore fa
  • 12:20 what ep is tht

    Aditya SinghAditya Singh20 ore fa
    • 5x10 The Window

      Relique OzRelique Oz19 ore fa
  • Ranjit’s Persian speaking is underrated. I don’t get one thing tho. He was supposed to be from Bangladesh with a Lebanese wife. How is he so Iranian? 😂 Also many of his speakings were not included.

    Angela ShinnerAngela Shinner21 ora fa
  • Can somebody please tell me the song at the end?

    jalbert425jalbert42522 ore fa
  • 5:09 5:42 I've seen enough anime to know it's meaning

    Tricky RocksTricky Rocks23 ore fa
  • it always made me cringe how choppy they pronounce Shinya's name, its not that hard Americans

    GenaGena23 ore fa
  • That was a nice detail at the end

    HeightrenHeightrenGiorno fa
  • 11:45 is NOT a German word😂

    MerleMerleGiorno fa
  • Legend.. wait for it .. dary!

    John HwangJohn HwangGiorno fa
  • I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina and that is NOT The way we talk at all lol. I've seen this show and the way they represented our country It's very far from the reality. It's not hate, but if you wanna do like they are in another country, Google it or do a reaserch first.

    Paloma Lucía VizioliPaloma Lucía VizioliGiorno fa
  • Most of the time when someone tries to speak their "native language" especially Russian or German, they have a HUGE accent. I barely could understand and I speak both fluently

    MatsuzakaMatsuzakaGiorno fa
  • 7:43 is that ... Maury Povich??

    Eralen00Eralen00Giorno fa
  • And also: Lilly's Litvanian upstair neighbours Robin's date Gaelle Lilly&Marshall's doctor Sonia's talking

    Naz CimilliNaz CimilliGiorno fa
  • Great video. Loved every bit of it. And ending it with Klaus, I sense you may also be a fan of the alternate ending too :)

    Rex BannerRex BannerGiorno fa
    • Haha! Yeah I am, but I'm also okay with the one that they chose to go with.

      Relique OzRelique Oz21 ora fa
  • I love this video. This show is amazing

    Bernardo RibeiroBernardo RibeiroGiorno fa
  • It's true everyone finds it eventually, it's just they're usually already married at that point to the "nearly" one and either pass or let it mess things up 😢

    Tony HavenTony HavenGiorno fa
  • Porque siempre estigmatizan el español con México. Si en la escena estaban en Argentina tenían que hablar con acento argentino

    TheJohn298TheJohn298Giorno fa
  • Cant believe he was Count Olaf lol

    Mikylla D.Mikylla D.Giorno fa
  • Ok I am Bangladeshi, in the first episode Ranjit says that he is from Bangladesh but whenever he speaks the language, Idk what language he is speaking.

    Saimah KamalSaimah KamalGiorno fa
    • He speaks Persian. Probably the director didn’t wanna mention Iran in this movie cause some Iranians easily get butt hurt. But I’m not sure. (I myself am Iranian and my heart flew when he started speaking Farsi. Lmao)

      Angela ShinnerAngela Shinner20 ore fa
  • Brooo you missed Mexican Wrestler Ted "SOY EL CONQUISTADOR DE LAS MAQUINAS!" lmao

    Saúl SolísSaúl SolísGiorno fa
    • Damn! Even after making part 2 I still missed quite a few...This is why I need all the help I can get 😂.

      Relique OzRelique OzGiorno fa
  • I love how this whole comment section is Germans being offended. It's not even supposed to be real German, they're just making a joke about a stereotype. Shows do the same with my language. It's funny. 😂

    Alice LindholmAlice LindholmGiorno fa
  • 5:15 oh hey, there's Genji from Overwatch!

    Owl WisenhiemerOwl WisenhiemerGiorno fa
  • @ 5:17 IT'S GENJJJIII

    Sky Gamer15Sky Gamer15Giorno fa
  • 6:15 it's not Ukrainian you bitch. Its Russian

    Janne NazarchykJanne NazarchykGiorno fa
  • I'll never get why they dont hire someone who is actually fluent in the language he/she speaks in the show. Klaus can obviously speak German, but it's certainly not his native language. Horrible accent.

    PH1LZPH1LZGiorno fa
    • It was even worse in "Scrubs". There was a German patient which I couldn't understand at all - and I'm a native speaker. How hard can it be to find an actor who speaks German if you want a German character in a series?

      PH1LZPH1LZGiorno fa
  • the portuguese pronunciation was............... um....... yikes ://

    Liz MitchellLiz MitchellGiorno fa
  • 8:40 what language is this?

    Grace PearsonGrace PearsonGiorno fa
  • Because there is so much discussion about „Schicksalsschatz“: it would habe been funny if these words existed and if they were pronounced correctly and separately. Here's what he wanted to say: le-bens-langer Schick-sals-schatz (he pronounced schickschalschatz). Well, the description already says that it is not right. No offense😁😅 Anyway, it was a funny series!

    BirgerBirgerGiorno fa
  • I love how they put the woos and the conductor in there lmao

    x Zodiac Playz xx Zodiac Playz xGiorno fa
  • i love how ranjit is supposed to be indian but he's speaking farsi, like im happy as a persian that we got some representation but like i dont think its fair for the indians or iranians, cuz why give him an indian character instead of a iranian one, or why hire an iranian instead of an indian edit: he’s supposed to be bangladeshi my bad

    dina khdina kh2 giorni fa
    • @Angela Shinner my bad i searched it up on google and took the first source i saw, probably should’ve done more research

      dina khdina khOra fa
    • @Relique Oz i cant really tell lmao, he’d singing the melody for the most part and saying like two words. but i could make out a "mikham" which means "i want" but thats it haha

      dina khdina khOra fa
    • @Relique Oz It’s probably an Iranian folk song. Lmao my grandfather sings songs like that in the mornings all the time but I have never heard the song. And also he is not supposed to be Indianian. He is supposed to be from Bangladesh

      Angela ShinnerAngela Shinner20 ore fa
    • The part where he is singing, is it also in farsi?

      Relique OzRelique Oz21 ora fa
  • the lady who speaks "argentinian spanish" barely speaks spanish lmao

    Fiore DesteFiore Deste2 giorni fa
  • Me being multifandom - Friend's and How i met your mother *“Jé m'apellé Klaud”*

    Lord GrimLord Grim2 giorni fa
  • hätte man nicht nen deutschen für Klaus nehm können😣😄

    Karl MeyerKarl Meyer2 giorni fa
  • Klaus the German guy does not speak German and can't even pronounce any German words without American accent. Its HORRIBLE, knowing he represents a German!!! and the word Lebenslangerschicksalsschatz does not exist we call it soulmade in German "Seelenverwanter", simple it is.

    Sam SameliaSam Samelia2 giorni fa
  • 6:15 is actually great russian. Other russian parts are not even nearly as good.

    thunderous8thunderous82 giorni fa
  • To me even Heidis Part was weird .. And in the german Version Klaus has a specific dialect, which makes him... Quiet unlikeable.

    Sonja TampeSonja Tampe2 giorni fa
  • The Italian parts were embarrassing

    WavererWaverer2 giorni fa
  • this would have been so much better if they didn't put laughs

    Loay Awad لؤى عوضLoay Awad لؤى عوض2 giorni fa
  • Zoey's portuguese is everything to me ❤

    RaissaRaissa2 giorni fa
  • 1:16 Marshall's face is mine that entire scene 😂

    Mosi My CreationsMosi My Creations2 giorni fa
  • Actually, eu falo um pouco de português

    Leonardo NascimentoLeonardo Nascimento2 giorni fa
  • Klaus words doesn't make sense for German. Lebenslanger schicksalsschatz this word and the other doesn't exist dlthats dlthe only what I am getting pissed of. And Heidi Klum is a German for all who said wow heidi speaks germen so well. With these words have a great day

    KyaraKyara2 giorni fa
  • its a proven fact, americans barely speak english and for them it is physically imposible to learn another language.

    mariano medinamariano medina2 giorni fa
  • tho Klaus was a joke. Like he could kind of pull off a German accent when he was talking English but as soon as he talked German his American accent was so thick that it became immensely clear he did not speak the language well at all. Also basically every German term they pretend is common is actually nonexistent, it's just a bunch of words put together, but I guess that is the joke.

    Zora LewizZora Lewiz2 giorni fa
    • to this day I don't understand why they didn't cast a German actor. there are Germans who speak English. a lot actually.

      Zora LewizZora Lewiz2 giorni fa
  • I just like how they all scream 赢了 at each other when Barney wins the... game.

    J LukJ Luk2 giorni fa
  • Zoe's portuguese is actually not bad at all.

    Inês NevesInês Neves2 giorni fa
    • I had to listen twice to understand

      JeysuJeysuGiorno fa
  • Ranjit is an Indian name for Bangladeshi driver which speaks Farsi(Persian) WTF 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😳😳😳 Talking about twist plot

    بهروز محمدیبهروز محمدی2 giorni fa
  • When Barney speak korean in front of north korean guys, I didn't recognized that is korean. Seriously, it doesn't sounds korean at all.

    Han ParkHan Park2 giorni fa
  • the ending felt so nostalgic ✨

    clasiqhclasiqh2 giorni fa
  • Why did I get so emotional at 12:00

    Dracony ESYGCDracony ESYGC2 giorni fa
  • What is it with American Series depicting Germans with Non-German actors? Better Call Saul did this as well. Just hire some German or don't make them German at all.

    Lukas K.Lukas K.2 giorni fa
  • 8:03 ofc Canadian is there

    Dawid GarusDawid Garus2 giorni fa
  • i fucking hate the heidi klum part so much

    quoshtardquoshtard2 giorni fa
  • Divine Comedy original language was Tuscan

    MagelaMagela3 giorni fa
  • The second Chinese scene 😂😂 they couldn't decide if they were Cantonese or mandarin and at some point there was even Japanese hahhaa

    NYA AliciaNYA Alicia3 giorni fa
    • I thought I heard Cantonese yeah. But when did they say anything in Japanese?

      Heather SaxtonHeather SaxtonGiorno fa
  • If Hank Azaria can no longer voice Apu from the simpsons since it's offending people, please let the guy who plays "Klaus" never play a German again. Please cast real germans. It's just horrible..

    lu3mm3llu3mm3l3 giorni fa
  • Didn't know Jimmy Fallon used to be an actor

    xjxxmdmme djjdjddxjxxmdmme djjdjdd3 giorni fa
  • I live in Austria and I've never heard "Lebenslangerschicksalschatz" before. Y'all sure this a real word? 😂

    D. DD. D3 giorni fa
    • it's not. I mean technically compound words like that are legal but nobody would talk like that in Germany. or pronounce it like that

      JanaJana2 giorni fa
  • I did not know Emma swan was in this show...

    Divinity QuartzDivinity Quartz3 giorni fa
  • Their klingon is wrong....

    micheal cameronmicheal cameron3 giorni fa
  • As a indian i need to point.. That.. Barney's namaste was almost perfect 😑🙏🏼

    Hament SinghHament Singh3 giorni fa
  • Damn, that last one got me

    ilive4animeilive4anime3 giorni fa
  • Barney said 미안해요 가야되요 in Korean

    procopius —procopius —3 giorni fa
  • What happened to El gonzo con la riñonera?

    lacrarte zoroklacrarte zorok3 giorni fa
  • I think the non-verbal conversations should also be included. Okay, they are in English but it's still a different way of communicating. Am I the only one in this?

    Simone WahlenSimone Wahlen3 giorni fa
    • You mean the telepathic conversation?

      Relique OzRelique Oz3 giorni fa
  • wow.

    Defne AKTÜRKDefne AKTÜRK3 giorni fa
  • I'll laugh every single time with the second one, Marshall kills me.

    Yan ПетровYan Петров3 giorni fa
  • I love how they just repeated what Barney said and celebrated lol

    Jack PasqualeJack Pasquale3 giorni fa
  • You missed out when Marshall and Lily are actually in Italy and they speak Italian.

    Simon RoSimon Ro3 giorni fa
    • Lol!

      Relique OzRelique Oz3 giorni fa
    • @Relique Oz Jesus wept I watched that video days ago which is the only reason I remembered the Italian scene lmao. How dumb am I

      Simon RoSimon Ro3 giorni fa
    • Yeah I forgot to put it in so I made a part 2 😂

      Relique OzRelique Oz3 giorni fa
  • Nice

    matthew changmatthew chang3 giorni fa
  • "Andiamo, fratello. Non 'Mastroianni'(??) tutti i funions." I had to read an entire article to know wtf could means Mastroianni in this sentence for an american

    GiMMiGiMMi3 giorni fa
    • @GiMMi Grazie, ora ha tutto senso. Anche perché nella versione italiana è stato tradotto con "non PAPPARTI tutti i funziona" e tutto ciò mi confondeva non poco

      Laura LauriLaura Lauri2 giorni fa
    • @Laura Lauri Bogart per loro significa Appropriarsi ma è anche il cognome di un attore famoso

      GiMMiGiMMi2 giorni fa
    • I guess it's an Italian "translation" of Bogart (a great actor from the 40s-50s) to the Italian equivalent (Marcello Mastroiani)

      Haris SpanHaris Span3 giorni fa
    • And what does it mean? As an Italian, I am confused 😂

      Laura LauriLaura Lauri3 giorni fa
  • 5:58 I'm Portuguese... I badly understand that

    Inês SilvaInês Silva3 giorni fa
    • Da pra entender sim vilão, não é o melhor português que já ouvi de um gringo, mas com certeza da pra entender.

      Wendel PatrickWendel Patrick2 giorni fa
    • I’m surprised so many people are commenting that it was good, for a simple sentence her pronunciation was awful

      Thomas McDonoughThomas McDonough3 giorni fa
  • 6:15 actually, this "ukrainian" is russian

    lukermatelukermate3 giorni fa
  • Just realized; in the show, the subtitles for the sign language is "She sure can talk a lot, huh?" But in reality, he's signing "She sure can bitch a lot, huh?"

    Latee HateeLatee Hatee3 giorni fa
    • @Awesomest Person Ever You're probably right - surprisingly I haven't had to sign talk in a long time; but it would be funny if it were, you know? :D

      Latee HateeLatee Hatee2 giorni fa
    • No. It's similar looking. But I believe it leans more toward talk. While the sign for Bitch would show all the fingers together instead of spread out and from the mouth instead of the chin. He signs it a little fast for me, so it's possible I misunderstood. I'm not an expert if anyone wants to correct me. But I don't believe he said bitch or that anyone would think that's what he said.

      Awesomest Person EverAwesomest Person Ever2 giorni fa
  • omg i totally forgot Heidi Klum was in there. My german me is full of joy rn

    Emi S.Emi S.3 giorni fa
  • Taylor wasn't speaking Ukrainian, it was Russian

    Aria StarkAria Stark3 giorni fa
  • Klaus has been a wounderful character, his german was worse but his wisdom speaks for himself.

    Mr. Frost EntertainmentMr. Frost Entertainment3 giorni fa
  • 09:39 - 09:46 And that's not even a real sentence.Only the 1st part makes sense(Andiamo,fratello=C'mon,bro),all the rest makes no sense and"funions"is not even an Italian word.

    NicamonNicamon4 giorni fa
  • I love the ending to this video. Well done

    Lexi PrinzLexi Prinz4 giorni fa
  • damn the ending hits hard

    Charbel KhouryCharbel Khoury4 giorni fa
  • Why does Ted have a spanish accent when spealkng italian? 😂

    Vincent NightrayVincent Nightray4 giorni fa