OneRepublic - Wild Life

10 nov 2020
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I’m staring at these sudden waterfalls
Tears that don’t make sense to me at all
This life's what happens when you’re making plans
Don’t know what happens next or where I stand
Wanna live this wild life, wild, every day
Wanna say the things people never say
I’ll take all the love and all the pain
Wanna live this wild life, wild today
Give me all your love and all your pain
Gonna live this wild life wild today
I’m staring at these faded signs ahead
But all these turns just fill me up with dread
But life's what happens when you’re making plans
Dive or step right in but please don’t stand
Wanna live this wild life, wild, every day
Wanna say the things people never say
I’ll take all the love and all the pain
I want to live this wild life wild today
Give me all your love and all your pain
Gonna live this wild life wild today
Gonna live this wild life wild today


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OneRepublic is an American alternative rock band from Colorado Springs, Colorado. This is their official ITworlds Channel.

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Music video by OneRepublic performing Wild Life. © 2020 Mosley Music/Interscope Records

  • Beautiful!!! 🌈🦄☮️

    Katherine SimmsKatherine Simms10 ore fa
  • 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

    Sizan KhanSizan Khan15 ore fa
  • *life happened when you making plans* i feel that, man you the best band

    CJCJ19 ore fa
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    Danny chongDanny chong20 ore fa
  • When I read Ryan's biography, I found out that he came from a line of hereditary preachers. I thought about what it would be like if he was. And now I realize that Ryan is a preacher, and he preaches to us with his divine songs. And I'm very grateful to him for that.

    Anastasia PytkoAnastasia PytkoGiorno fa
  • I love band One republic # From Thailand 🐺

    Wolf WalkerWolf WalkerGiorno fa
  • This is OneRepublic's new song right? :D

    hihiGiorno fa
  • Same as Heaven, the best songs are the most underrated ones. Beautiful work from this amazing band. SIMPLY AMAZING.

    Luis van den BroeckLuis van den BroeckGiorno fa
    • :)

      hihiGiorno fa
  • This song is very good and thank" God for the year of 2020 because stupid covid19 .🙉👎

    DeWayne FrazierDeWayne FrazierGiorno fa
  • i like i will subscribe

    nazim saadnazim saadGiorno fa
  • Same

    Sebstien GonzalezSebstien GonzalezGiorno fa
  • Ohhhhhkahyyyy

    Tunahan TektaşTunahan Tektaş2 giorni fa

    Elif YılmazElif Yılmaz2 giorni fa

    Elif YılmazElif Yılmaz2 giorni fa
    • :D

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    Awakened LionAwakened Lion2 giorni fa
  • Put your headphones on, close your eyes and imagine dragons))

    А 8А 82 giorni fa
  • Alzjsjksdjksdkskdksksk

    Aimanaizat2001 Mohd RizalAimanaizat2001 Mohd Rizal2 giorni fa
  • Thank you. Depression is killing me right now but this song gives me a little bit of hope. :)

    Onkel Irohs Jasmin TeeOnkel Irohs Jasmin Tee3 giorni fa
    • @Onkel Irohs Jasmin Tee Oh yay that's great! :) I know that there will be better days :D

      hihiGiorno fa
    • @hi thabk you but im better now :)

      Onkel Irohs Jasmin TeeOnkel Irohs Jasmin TeeGiorno fa
    • Oh that's good! I hope you feel better soon

      hihiGiorno fa
  • if we knew better by now...

    th!aggoth!aggo3 giorni fa
  • How can a head voice be this perfect

    NoNameNoName3 giorni fa
  • awesome

    PepePepe3 giorni fa

    betibeti3 giorni fa
  • so bad... where is one republic? Zero guts, zero rock. zero content. Song of nothing,

    rkloczko22rkloczko223 giorni fa
  • What is his hairstyle called

    mustang 04mustang 043 giorni fa
  • Imagine dragon feat one republic

    edwin jeovani santos cuellaredwin jeovani santos cuellar3 giorni fa
  • Kickass video!

    Brenda LeverickBrenda Leverick3 giorni fa
  • Remember this.......... everyone is part of nature and you are your own beautiful creature

    Nicholas RamsaranNicholas Ramsaran4 giorni fa
  • This is my best song!!!!

    Caleb VickeryCaleb Vickery4 giorni fa
    • :D

      hihiGiorno fa
  • I LOVE LOVE THIS. Why did I only listen to this today?! Like this is the song of my life right now. Wanna live this wild life

    PAULINE JPAULINE J4 giorni fa
    • :D

      hihiGiorno fa

    The G ParticleThe G Particle4 giorni fa
  • Лучший канал, и лучшая музыка... Очень успокаивает, желаю тебе удачи

    Рашид ХайретдиновРашид Хайретдинов4 giorni fa
  • Excelente música One Republic siempre sorprende ..genial

    cesar kardcesar kard5 giorni fa
  • Amazing

    Broken Wings but still can flyBroken Wings but still can fly5 giorni fa
    • :)

      hihiGiorno fa
  • So pretty

    ec ceec ce5 giorni fa
  • Is the music inspired by M83 - Outro? 🧐🤨🤔

    Thaamawi aThaamawi a5 giorni fa
  • Dahora vey❤

    Stéfany MSStéfany MS5 giorni fa
  • This a beautifu is today 💐🌸💮🏵🌹🥀🌺🌻🌼🌷⚘

    Yao De OoiYao De Ooi5 giorni fa
  • Very Good man to sing a song🤩😍

    Yao De OoiYao De Ooi5 giorni fa
  • A beautiful masterpiece! Feel so much connected to nature.

    IvyIvy5 giorni fa
  • 👍🙂 verry good

    Gréta AlbertGréta Albert5 giorni fa
    • 🙂

      hihiGiorno fa
  • Why do u copyright so many videos?

    Sunny Skies • GamingSunny Skies • Gaming6 giorni fa
  • One of the most beautiful song.We look forward to having the new album in our hands. You are the best!

    KostasledKostasled6 giorni fa
  • -after 10yrs (2030): if u r still watching this song, then u r a legend.

    ARUN SARUN S6 giorni fa
  • Stop making me cry

    aisyah yunusaisyah yunus6 giorni fa
  • Nice! Golden vocals

    Mohamad SudaniMohamad Sudani6 giorni fa
  • Piece of priceless art! 🎨

    greeksurferdudegreeksurferdude6 giorni fa
  • Gracias por existir ♡

    ReginaRegina6 giorni fa
  • he has a different hair style every video

    HigherHigher6 giorni fa
  • Amaizing 😍💚

    Luisa CastroLuisa Castro6 giorni fa
  • As a white singer, you have to bring a black person in your music video, but as a black singer, it’s ok for you to have all your models are black 😒

    RobbieRobbie7 giorni fa
    • It's disappointing that that's what you choose to focus on. That man's body moves like water and that is phenomenal

      Richard StacyRichard Stacy6 giorni fa
  • 5th Dimensional Awakening 🌌

    Emily GEmily G7 giorni fa
  • All I can say is "beautiful"

    Fitz WilliamsFitz Williams7 giorni fa
  • That's why I live u make me and thousands want to continue to make the next day even better amazing one song or a thought from one brain affects millions of them in public thank you

    George ReisGeorge Reis7 giorni fa
  • Nice music 🎶

    Travel LoversTravel Lovers7 giorni fa
  • Bliss vibes with this one

    Stepan KuzminStepan Kuzmin7 giorni fa
  • Alsome

    123非利浦123非利浦7 giorni fa
  • Super 👍

    Галина ШвидьГалина Швидь7 giorni fa

    All background MusicAll background Music7 giorni fa
  • This song should be on the Billboard chart. I'm tired of the one hit wonders and songs that are just about the beat. We're missing the soul of music.

    Christina LTChristina LT7 giorni fa
  • wow

    Walid Mihoub GraphisteWalid Mihoub Graphiste8 giorni fa
  • Ryan Tedder always does it exactly right I had a chance to see them several times they are even better live cheers

    Mr QMr Q8 giorni fa
  • 0:31

    tomas castañeda ruatomas castañeda rua8 giorni fa
  • I need a crossover with imagine dragons or Coldplay

    Emmanuel AcevedoEmmanuel Acevedo8 giorni fa
  • Bellissimo questo video 😘

    Valentina ToscanoValentina Toscano8 giorni fa
  • one of my favorite bands... always pushing me to live my life.

    love, clove, c8 giorni fa
  • Love ❤️🥰 from India guys What a great song 🙏😘

    Pritam 037Pritam 0378 giorni fa
  • Alguém no Brasil ai !?♡♡♡

    Geidson DrumsGeidson Drums8 giorni fa
  • Linda música

    Geidson DrumsGeidson Drums8 giorni fa
  • Travis scoot and one rebublic and Juice wrld is the best

    Katariina Nilsson HakkalaKatariina Nilsson Hakkala8 giorni fa
  • One of the best modern bands. So many fantastic memories connected to their music.

    Lord_ActurusLord_Acturus8 giorni fa
  • Linh Tran NhatLinh Tran Nhat8 giorni fa
  • The way that first man moved his hands is so mesmerizing

    Polina SPolina S8 giorni fa
  • Stunning....beautiful... every...element. With tears, I Thank you

    Kelly StuartKelly Stuart8 giorni fa
  • Aaaaaa que música incrível e que clipe perfeito, eu to muito apaixonada mds 🥺✊🏻❤

    Marya EduardaMarya Eduarda8 giorni fa
  • Words can’t describe how amazing this song is

    Alma WeinreichAlma Weinreich8 giorni fa
  • I just felt my heart beat when he was slayin that chorus💗...dam..

    Steffany PulpulaanSteffany Pulpulaan8 giorni fa
  • Lovely song ❣️ from lovely artist 🥰

    Nasro HamNasro Ham9 giorni fa
  • So good 😍😍👍

    kathy ajhkathy ajh9 giorni fa
  • Love you ❤️ one republic ❤️ best band ever

    goldghost ninogoldghost nino9 giorni fa
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Jairo Godoy ParedesJairo Godoy Paredes9 giorni fa
  • i’m so in love with this song

    smokedavocadossmokedavocados9 giorni fa
  • Que lugar bonito,encantador 🇧🇷✊

    Ryan PauloRyan Paulo9 giorni fa
  • this song makes us think about how we are taking care of our nature! it is a reflection.

    Adrielly OliveiraAdrielly Oliveira9 giorni fa
    • Mother nature.....

      danijela majicdanijela majic2 ore fa
  • Jdjdhd

    shahid khanshahid khan9 giorni fa
  • Why does it feel AutoTune ?

    Mahendra BobadeMahendra Bobade9 giorni fa
  • OneRepublic ft. Imagine Dragons! I'd love to see that happen!

    I'm A WonderFulI'm A WonderFul9 giorni fa
  • Chainsmokers featured Coldplay and that song became a big I'm waiting for OneRepublic to feature imagine dragons for a bigger hit🙂much love from Ghana

    Nana KwameNana Kwame9 giorni fa
  • Amazing work 👍🏻♥️♥️

    Bouhadou IbtissamBouhadou Ibtissam10 giorni fa
  • I really like it ♥️😍

    Bouhadou IbtissamBouhadou Ibtissam10 giorni fa
  • Are they in iceland?

    victoria borsanivictoria borsani10 giorni fa
  • única que habla español espero que no qwq

    Rousse Madeline Pimentel LeónRousse Madeline Pimentel León10 giorni fa
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    trustin JesusChristtrustin JesusChrist10 giorni fa

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  • this song gives me the power in this corona time

    madhav khanalmadhav khanal10 giorni fa
  • Wow~~Perfect dancers!

    Chia Wen HsiehChia Wen Hsieh10 giorni fa
  • Underrated music...

    Davi HenriquesDavi Henriques10 giorni fa
  • I've using this song as my caller tune 😎 & my mom said, this is amazing ❤❤ could u set it up my caller tune too😃😃😎😎

    Lone RangerLone Ranger10 giorni fa
  • Great

    Lee DuyLee Duy10 giorni fa
  • Thank you

    Katariina Nilsson HakkalaKatariina Nilsson Hakkala10 giorni fa
  • Im not American but Im a fan long time ago.. Whose with me?

    Muy Ching VLOGMuy Ching VLOG10 giorni fa