Yamaha R1 Austin Racing Full System Sound🤯 #Shorts

1 apr 2021
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  • My nephew just outrun one of these last Saturday night with his NA 418-W SBF powered 80 T-Bird in the 1/8 mile.

    john hoytjohn hoyt3 ore fa
  • I'll choose my Triumph Rocket over any little pocketrocket 🤣

    Martin AllanMartin Allan3 ore fa
  • There was a bike?

    mjoelnir58mjoelnir583 ore fa
  • I work on these, big deal.

    ToniToni11 ore fa
  • I wish i could ride them both🌹

    Uptothe TimEUptothe TimE13 ore fa
  • Doesn't she fell cold?

    100troqfazer100troqfazer17 ore fa
  • =p

    Dave BoyerDave Boyer17 ore fa
  • She should sit on it to feel the vibration ....just saying...

    ALEXALEX18 ore fa
  • Check out her pooper nice lol

    jdk Kittrelljdk Kittrell19 ore fa
  • Is she single

    Alex eaton explores AmericaAlex eaton explores America20 ore fa
  • Gran bel culo

    super Salvosuper Salvo22 ore fa
  • Great weather for it. ❄️

    JDMsweetnessJDMsweetness22 ore fa
  • Someone get her a coat she's having a blonde moment 😂🤣

    Joshua BeasleyJoshua Beasley23 ore fa
  • she so beautiful💝

    Anita BoodramAnita Boodram23 ore fa
  • With each rev she gets wetter and wetter

    Sean SuarezSean SuarezGiorno fa
  • Everything about this whole setup reminds me of my 20’s in colorado

    workingclassmfworkingclassmfGiorno fa
  • There’s a bike ?

    Lexus EsLexus EsGiorno fa
  • Snow ?

    Rose SmithRose SmithGiorno fa
  • O my days I love snow ⛄️ in Manchester we only get slush with a lot of ciggybutts on the top ! They make gnarly slushman 😜

    PunkinbushcraftPunkinbushcraftGiorno fa
  • Wow a blonde bimbo revving a bike nice clickbait

  • Isn't she cold

    the unknownthe unknownGiorno fa
  • Like that tight sound😍

    Mad BrawlerMad BrawlerGiorno fa
  • WhY aReNt YoU iN fUll RiDiNg GeAr

    Mitchell EganMitchell EganGiorno fa
  • Bel culo

    ludo bardiludo bardiGiorno fa
  • Is this how we dress in the snow I’m confused lol 😂

    Emjay The GreatEmjay The GreatGiorno fa
  • Honestly both are beautiful

    Chris FintaChris Finta2 giorni fa
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😘😎🇧🇷🌹💞

    Bebetto ZananelliBebetto Zananelli2 giorni fa
  • I want to see an oil change too.

    iliasmetalworksiliasmetalworks2 giorni fa
  • But can she operate a cash register?

    mikerzisumikerzisu2 giorni fa
  • 👏👏👏👏

    MaverickMaverick2 giorni fa
  • That sounds more like someone farting into a can of Coke

    KickboxendathmaulKickboxendathmaul2 giorni fa
  • Много си дб ре вафтея нешта😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏😍😍😍💕💕💕💕

    цветомир генадиевцветомир генадиев2 giorni fa
  • Is that rear tire super corsa? 😋

    KuklokTVKuklokTV3 giorni fa
  • Love the camel at the end 😁👍

    R PR P3 giorni fa
  • Nice

    Zoeyzion ArellanoZoeyzion Arellano3 giorni fa
  • Das Bike hört sich echt kacke an wtf

    HanFred 420HanFred 4203 giorni fa
  • She is Badass then the bike

    Patrick JackmanPatrick Jackman3 giorni fa
  • She good with the hand 🤘

    The PreacherThe Preacher3 giorni fa
  • Love her arse

    Mark WrightMark Wright3 giorni fa
  • She needs to workout or wear more heavy clothing to cover up

    Pokes 98Pokes 983 giorni fa
  • Wooe

    James LetuzJames Letuz3 giorni fa
  • Bike: “You can sit and ride me all day long”

    93 Jmac93 Jmac3 giorni fa
  • Where are you from? I also drive a R1

    Adrian OcasioAdrian Ocasio4 giorni fa
  • I need a white queen like her

    MyhandsspeakMyhandsspeak4 giorni fa
  • Love you

    MrSnooopDogMrSnooopDog4 giorni fa
  • God damn girl!! So fine.

    MurphyMurphy4 giorni fa
  • This dude flexing hard

    Greg MGreg M4 giorni fa
  • Who cares

    Indiana Public LandIndiana Public Land4 giorni fa
  • go ahead snow bunny, play with that twisty stick

    Jason WeberJason Weber4 giorni fa
  • Girls who wear leggings are basically tryin be naked . Everythin is showin off pussy ,ass and curves. 90% of ppl came to see that.

    S NS N5 giorni fa
  • So the bike sounds like shit and she looks half decent ..

    Norse Viking ÆsirNorse Viking Æsir5 giorni fa
  • 👍👍👍👍👍 Good sound. I like beautiful woman. 😍😍😍😆😆😄😄😂

    supotsittiyod supotsittiyodsupotsittiyod supotsittiyod5 giorni fa
  • Ugh, yeah, so, I’m keen to ugh, how do I say this, ugh.. pay for some ‘only fans’ pictures ..

    Jamie TaylorJamie Taylor5 giorni fa
  • That actually sounds so fucking good.

    Wolf ConeWolf Cone5 giorni fa
  • Nice body !! I'm talking about the motor cycle !! Lol

    Keith FaulkKeith Faulk5 giorni fa
  • I will beat that thing up

    Chico ChicoChico Chico5 giorni fa
  • Rica

    Héctorl Llanten cerdaHéctorl Llanten cerda5 giorni fa
  • Nice

    Ufuf JcjcUfuf Jcjc5 giorni fa
  • So where in this video is the bike located?

    Jr Mr.unknownJr Mr.unknown5 giorni fa
  • Awesome! Bike is ok too

    Tom KruzeTom Kruze5 giorni fa
  • I can't stand such shallow people who make an five second video, this is my bike an hot girlfriend, don't you wanna be me?? 😉

    Richard FoisterRichard Foister5 giorni fa
  • Where was the bike in this Video🤷‍♂️?

    Stefan PoppStefan Popp6 giorni fa
  • I aint even look at the bike at all lol

    Michael PerezMichael Perez6 giorni fa
  • Oxi grande merdinha é essa não entendi nada

    casal gamesxcasal gamesx6 giorni fa
  • Why did they move away camera from bike? There was nothing intelligently made to see.

    DefraglerDefragler6 giorni fa
  • May i say the clutch is incorrectly adjusted The rear tire should NOT move on the stand period unless engaged in a gear. Im a licensed moto tech.

    Stephen HargravesStephen Hargraves6 giorni fa
  • Mamacita hermosa como me gustas

    Luis SegundoLuis Segundo6 giorni fa
  • Rink

    Salvatore PreiteSalvatore Preite7 giorni fa
  • Who gives a fuck about that organ donor machine.......that ass if fine 🙂

    Jason ClarkJason Clark7 giorni fa
  • It's ALL throttle NO response

    Jordan WhiteJordan White7 giorni fa
  • Both ass r Burning❤️🔥💥♥️, don't even try to touch them, otherwise unconsciously u"ll burn your hands 😑😑

    Abhishek ChatterjeeAbhishek Chatterjee7 giorni fa
  • Tbh girl is hot but damn that bike is hotter

    Moe ProMoe Pro7 giorni fa
  • To reiterate someone else’s comment, then add my own bit; Two of the best things in the world female and bikes

    Gregory JacksonGregory Jackson7 giorni fa
  • After press...go to bed..😅🤭🤭

    wan Evowan Evo7 giorni fa
  • I'd dip my stick in that exhaust pipe until it didn't poop right for a week

    Guitar of DestinyGuitar of Destiny7 giorni fa
  • I would love to ride on that 😉

    Enrique RamosEnrique Ramos7 giorni fa
  • When you visit a bike, always wear leggings.

    xSixtusxSixtus7 giorni fa
  • Девчка красивая

    Руслан ГусейновРуслан Гусейнов7 giorni fa
  • Wow how beautiful she is 😍

    Anoop PrabhakaranAnoop Prabhakaran8 giorni fa
  • Beast

    Jaime ArceoJaime Arceo8 giorni fa
  • fuck the motorcyle im here for sth more intensive

    SmSm8 giorni fa
  • Is it cold or what !

    stewballsrbigstewballsrbig8 giorni fa
  • What is looked your butt, I am so sorry extremely sorry my apologies for the same. Plz forgive me.. I did wanted to stay at sound I do own with similar HP if I convert to those exhaust surely make same sound, she is gonna kill me my Wifey!! Am done with this all ITworldss

    Peter SamuelPeter Samuel8 giorni fa
  • Yamaha để tủ kính trưng đi cưng..tao đấy có đường đẹp lại đeo có xế R1

    Phước ThanhPhước Thanh8 giorni fa
  • You ass is not beautiful

    Flavio DuonnoFlavio Duonno8 giorni fa
  • I don't see a bike..😅

    Ma MaMa Ma8 giorni fa
  • Your figer is so saxy

    Panwargaurav GujjarPanwargaurav Gujjar8 giorni fa
  • Shes all 💦 when doing it 🥴

    Gman 207Gman 2078 giorni fa
  • Admit it boys, you watched the video just to checkout the girl Lol

    Henry VargasHenry Vargas8 giorni fa
  • When ya can't ride your bike....

    Mr. AveryMr. Avery8 giorni fa
  • Tik tok skank

    San CamblySan Cambly8 giorni fa
  • Səni 100 dənə mataskile deyismerem ingilis dilin bilsəydim səninlə əlaqə yaradardim cox heyifki bilmirem

    Samo İsmaylovSamo İsmaylov8 giorni fa
  • She got wet.

    Green ProspectingGreen Prospecting8 giorni fa
  • Sounds awesome and beautiful u 😉🤙

    Brandon WatsonBrandon Watson8 giorni fa
  • Why would you fuck your girlfriend's hearing up for fun like this

    Zane BlaireZane Blaire9 giorni fa
  • God bless yoga pants

    Jackie ChannJackie Chann9 giorni fa
  • Her lipstick it's so cold out.

    TheRgregor455TheRgregor4559 giorni fa
  • That's not how it should sound. This is absolutely horrible. Okay hilarious 🤣

    Who ElseWho Else9 giorni fa
  • I didn’t see the bike 😜

    Fun PacksFun Packs9 giorni fa
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    Anthony FunderburkAnthony Funderburk9 giorni fa