A Deep Dive Into Turn 4's Track Limits | Jolyon Palmer's F1 TV Analysis | 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix

31 mar 2021
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Jolyon Palmer analyses the track limits debate brought up by the tense battle between Red Bull's Max Verstappen and Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton at the 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix.
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  • So, is the time Lewis gained By going off track at turn 4 not a lasting advantage? Im Guessing Max would have caught him sooner and would have more overtaking chances of lewis did not do that so.... it kinda looks like a lasting advantage to me. Anyway super hyped About Max and Lewis this year!!

    Ruben AarensRuben Aarens17 ore fa
  • Max should have made Lewis go offline when he gave the place back... It would have preserved his tires and put sand all over Lewis's

    TerribleFireTerribleFire20 ore fa
  • My take: The rule wasn't changed mid-race. Mercedes played an ALPHA move by faking that radio message. If Ham didn't exploit it for the last 10 laps, wouldn't matter at all, but it would put a question into RedBull and Race Control's minds. And obviously overtaking off the track is always illegal, this time going off track while NOT overtaking was legal for everyone. It was just pure foolishness from Max and RedBull to not take advantage of the rule. F1 is all about exploiting Grey Areas to your advantage and this was not even grey, ffs. Lando, Lewis, Bottas, Latifi, Leclerc, everyone took advantage.

    Nikhil PaletiNikhil Paleti4 giorni fa
  • Facts: Verstappen did a great job. Hamilton is a Cry-baby-champion Masi must first learn the meaning of rules.

    Carsti BarstiCarsti Barsti5 giorni fa
  • Never a pen

    AdzSONLINEAdzSONLINE6 giorni fa
  • Its simple, they said they weren’t watching turn 4 so they probably didn’t pay much attention to Lewis going off but when RB screamed it on the radio everyone heard it and they clamped down on it, simple math.

    Pro GamerPro Gamer6 giorni fa
  • Lewis: so what's the track limits? Bono: *you draw the line... wherever you need it*

    ChikaTCChikaTC6 giorni fa
  • Was Mercedes the only ones at the stewards meeting? You play the hand you're dealt, smart!

    Anderson GibbonsAnderson Gibbons7 giorni fa
  • Even race control favors Mercedes! Hamilton gained near 3 secs going off track at turn 4 if he did it 29 times! How is that not lasting advantage??

    soager009 69soager009 697 giorni fa
  • I love Jolyon's analysis!

    soager009 69soager009 698 giorni fa
  • Love Palmer, not this new set...

    Louis FulfordLouis Fulford9 giorni fa
  • I didn't see the onboard of Verstappen getting oversteer, shouldn't have been a penalty then.

    Erik SchererErik Scherer9 giorni fa

    Sergiusz S.Sergiusz S.9 giorni fa
  • what happens if the fastest lap was set by going wide. Would that have counted?

    Quacking pandaQuacking panda10 giorni fa
  • He already had the advantage before going off track....therefore he didn't gain an lasting advantage by going off track

    GCD4GCD410 giorni fa
  • At the end it's not too difficult, Hamilton is protected by Masi and co. All the rest is trying to give a different explanation to not admit this simple true.

    Buddha90quattroBuddha90quattro10 giorni fa
  • Hamilton 29 kere aynı ihlali yapıyor, her turda 0.3 saniye kazansa, 29x0.3=8.7 Hamilton'a 9 saniye ceza verirlerse bu, o zaman adil olur.

    MYZAMYZA11 giorni fa
  • Cars for millions and millions of dollars and the new studio got a table that shakes for 5 minutes straight when touched haha!

    Prince WilliamsPrince Williams11 giorni fa
  • if Lewis was an actual Sir. he would have given back the position to Max who was the faster man al raceweekend.

    killahfrapskillahfraps11 giorni fa
  • Max should stay on right side and let Lewis dirt his tires. All team didnt think clearly. He could win with 5 second penalty. So it is Team foult

    atombombatombomb11 giorni fa
  • Big fan of the mazepin roast

    DeanDean11 giorni fa
  • The anti-mazepin bots have arrived

    symbolresolutionsymbolresolution11 giorni fa
  • So Hamilton wins by a half of a second but gains 2.9 seconds by going wide at turn four all those times. Not a lasting advantage? Bottas goes wide at turn four and gets the fastest lap/extra point, not a lasting advantage?

    MeltingRubberZ28MeltingRubberZ2812 giorni fa
  • I don't get it why you think Hamilton gained advantage by going off track at turn one... Almost all his laps were slower the Max's. He lost time doing that, by burning his tyres quicker. And at the end how many laps weren't enough for Max to take him down with way fresher tyres... Hamilton won fair and square and will win all other races 👏

    Jovan PJovan P12 giorni fa
  • 5:44 Max said "The whole weekend we couldn't do it" Not "I thought we couldn't do it". They KNOW it's illegal. He's referring to practice and qualifying. They had lap times disqualified if they broke turn 4 track limits. Also, Hamilton broke track limits AGAIN in the final straight I believe on one of his laps, that was definitely supposed to be a 5 second penalty on my take especially after breaking turn 4 29 times.

    Vitali LevinVitali Levin12 giorni fa
  • Someone else also overtook the outside turn 4 and he was allowed his overtake.....

    Robert CrasRobert Cras12 giorni fa
  • How is getting 1 tenth a lap advantage not "a lasting advantage"?

    BuzzedAldrinBuzzedAldrin12 giorni fa
  • The FIA honestly your change on rules on a whim is embarrassing to the sport we love.

    Isaac villyIsaac villy12 giorni fa
  • When are the FIA just going to stop all this BS and just enforce track limits on ALL CORNERS at ALL CIRCUITS? It's not rocket science.

    Julian BennisonJulian Bennison12 giorni fa
  • Why did they even say it's ok to run wide at all. Just make it so you have to stay inside track limits at all times boom problem solved

    Trueno AE86Trueno AE8613 giorni fa
  • Well, max should've just take the lead.

    SAD-JΛKSAD-JΛK13 giorni fa
  • Great video Jolyon as per usual!! Glad this whole controversy happened at the start of the season. Can you imagine if it happened at the normal time the Bahrain GP would be and there was a close fight for the world championship? Let the best man win, and with fair rules and regulations.

    The fleeing dutchmanThe fleeing dutchman13 giorni fa
  • Bruh, Mercedes has ignored the track limits for 29 LAPS... ONE warning. Max does it once and he needs to give the position back immediatly

    Ben HouwelingBen Houweling13 giorni fa
  • This will be cool to have radip message from the race director to a team when there is a problem

    FiveFive13 giorni fa
  • NO he didn't! You said it yourself, "Max is pretty much fully ahead of Lewis." MB International ASSistance.

    pear7777pear777713 giorni fa
  • Best comments so far

    t tt t13 giorni fa
  • So, it's fine MB gets a lasting advantage for a lot of the race, but as soon as RB start doing the same thing, no one can? Maybe just take back the time Lewis gained from going there, and let Maxy take the win, since he wasn't allowed to take as much advantage as Lewis throughout the race. It seems incredibly MB favored since they gained the most advantage throughout the race. The more I hear it explained, the more unjust it sounds.

    Pablo BluePablo Blue13 giorni fa
  • 1/10th of a second gained 29 times over the course of the race IS a lasting advantage.

    Rocco MapuaRocco Mapua14 giorni fa
  • Gravel Pits

    Nick IhleyNick Ihley14 giorni fa
  • It’s a mind game of rules on the track!! It’s not pure racing thrills 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

    Abhilash J-Abhilash J-14 giorni fa
  • i'm no racing expert but i think Max got past Lewis 'before' going off track.

    Jay AngelesJay Angeles14 giorni fa
  • The maFIA runs f1

    Whiffy WaveWhiffy Wave14 giorni fa
  • Ham fans: it's race Max fans: it's cheat Me: bring back real men driving real cars

    Glatze MetzgerGlatze Metzger14 giorni fa
  • Mercedes cuts half race turn 4, when RedBull starts to do it, race director says you can't do it. What a joke F1 is.

    President of EstoniaPresident of Estonia14 giorni fa
  • Hey @jolyonpalmer there are other views where you can clearly see Max getting the position before exiting

    eov9876eov987614 giorni fa
  • Max was already past Lewis so normal rules turn 4

    Jet FusionJet Fusion14 giorni fa
  • Would be interesting to know how often Max went wide in turn4

    Gaby van Dinteren, PMPGaby van Dinteren, PMP14 giorni fa
  • There used to be a track limit called gravel in my time. It worked well.

    NducationNducation14 giorni fa
  • Just make the white line THE limit. If it should be allowed to use the given curb, paint the line on the outside of the curb instead of the inside. Problem solved, everything easy, clear and consistent. "Looking" or "not looking" at track limits in selected parts of the track or different sessions is just pure nonsense.

    bidzej86bidzej8614 giorni fa
  • Next year, Bahrain GP will be replaced by Sakhir GP, so no more T4 track limit issues 😅.

    TheFikri136TheFikri13614 giorni fa
  • Max should have won, mercedes sheeted. If Max would have gone 29 times wide he would have been punished.

    René PronkRené Pronk14 giorni fa
  • I think the FIA should replace Michael Masi for someone who knows and controls the F1 rules.

    Leo nardLeo nard14 giorni fa
  • It was a decent analysis but you have to include what other drivers were doing. They all were going off track limits.

    Sam MallocSam Malloc14 giorni fa
  • Do 29 times a quicker laptime so youre not gonna get catched IS a lasting advantage too. FIA f's up more and more.

    Steven WielandSteven Wieland14 giorni fa
  • Karma from alonso

    IZZ HARITHIZZ HARITH15 giorni fa
  • FIA: use turn 4 how you want Max overtake FIA: not like that....

    TLR EclipseTLR Eclipse15 giorni fa
  • I don't know, Hamilton do the same in lap 15 overtaking sainz, brake late and go wide, and nobody says anyting

    Alan CastleAlan Castle15 giorni fa
    • footage would love to see it

      Quacking pandaQuacking panda10 giorni fa
    • Interesting. Never heard/saw this.

      MeltingRubberZ28MeltingRubberZ2812 giorni fa
  • This analysis is made for clearing Hamilton's non-deserved win. But we have a lot of races in the season. True team and driver will be the champion (if FIA lets :D ).

    Melik Mehmet BıyıkMelik Mehmet Bıyık15 giorni fa
  • I know on F1 2020 I'd get a penalty for running that wide.

    KarstyKarsty15 giorni fa
  • I don’t agree with this and what most people are saying about this. Max was clearly ahead going into the corner, and then went off track during turn 4 which was deemed okay to do if you weren’t passing. He made the pass in the previous DRS zone, not during the corner. Lewis was behind going into turn 4 and if he overtook while going off the track, yes I would agree he would of been at fault because he was behind. I agree with Max’s initial instincts on this, he shouldn’t have given the position back.

    Daniel BaldoniDaniel Baldoni15 giorni fa
  • F1 corupion shiitshow

    hater splaterhater splater15 giorni fa
  • What was that 5-6 seconds in on the intro.....f*cking Plonker, I'm already done!

    George LedgerGeorge Ledger15 giorni fa
  • Hammy didnt leave any space tho ?

    Joe LawlerJoe Lawler15 giorni fa
  • F-yes this is WHAT WE WANTED!!!

    alexander claytonalexander clayton15 giorni fa
  • Where's Palmer? In the swanky new studio. Karma.

    tgymartintgymartin15 giorni fa
  • in every F1 Game we get a penalty there. So why Mercedes does not get in real?

    U CRU CR15 giorni fa
  • If they call it lasting advantage then gaining 0.2 seconds 30 times is too. I've had enough of Formula Hamilton. Takes them 50 minutes to take action against the Merc only because someone complained but 2 corners if it happens against the Merc

    Elon MuskElon Musk15 giorni fa
  • *Vettel doing the same thing* Race Control: 10 seconds penalty for exceeded track limits

    Faris Ilmi HattaFaris Ilmi Hatta15 giorni fa
  • One thing is sure ! I bet verstappen will stay straight in the straight next time ! it’s the only portion he did wrong ! Going wide to help Hamilton !

    Oved ApprOved Appr15 giorni fa
  • It’s not a different issue ! If you got 10 racer doing it one way and 20 other racer doing it the other way ! It is an unfair advantage ! we don’t talk about grass tractor week end racer that do it for fun ! People put money in racing ! Vast sun for f1 ! I m sorry but in the last race , my opinion is Hamilton did not win !

    Oved ApprOved Appr15 giorni fa
  • Hear the non sense ! They got a message on paper that they were not watching turn 4 and later change their mind while the racer are racing ! That was also reckless ! you don’t change your mind while a race is going on gees ! This is not New York City traffic N if they need more action force racer to respect their lane when racing is going between car instead

    Oved ApprOved Appr15 giorni fa
  • .1 per lap. So 29 lap that end up being a lot if you look at the qualification time !ok let me reword it !So fia expected all team to pass the line !fine ! Why the change of mind then ? Why after 29 lap warning Hamilton to stop that ! they are not looking at turn 4 right ? (At least not for that ?)see the double standard !it add a layer that is not necessary when fia can’t even make racer respect lane ! Fish oils focus on making sure racer respect a chosen lane ! Hamilton had chosen the inside ! And suddenly he moved to the side of verstappen ! Verstappen was a nice player he went wide in the straight ! to give Hamilton a chance to pass gio!check the distance between the inside curve and Hamilton ! The inside is the ideal line right ? So what is Hamilton doing in verstappen line ? we all know what he is attempting ! He is attempting to block verstappen ! He does not care one bit for lane !last week end was not racing ! at least not on Hamilton car ! Hey verstappen ! Stop being nice ! Next time ! Don’t move ! stick to your lane ! If you had done that ! Hamilton would have been forced to brake! What Hamilton did in the curve is reckless ! And that is not racing

    Oved ApprOved Appr15 giorni fa
  • The rule did not float around ! All got the piece of PAPER EITHER VIA DIGITAL OR ON PAPER ! It’s online gees ! everybody have read it ! Yes even the racer themselves! They knew they could pass the line fia had said so on paper ! and at lap 30 or say ! Oups no Hamilton you can’t pass the line ! that was deliberate from fia ! Fia knew the time delta of each racer ! This gave an unfair advantage to Hamilton ! since he was expected to have a tire on the red and white

    Oved ApprOved Appr15 giorni fa
  • Hamilton was benefited by English and black (in times of so much anti-white racism). Max passed it to Lewis and then he jumped the boundaries like Hamilton did 30 times. Same Bottas to get a lap record. **** If the situation is reversed, Max jumping the limits 30 times, harassed by Hamilton and beaten in the same way ... Lewis was not asked to return the position. I am 130% sure.

    Gustavo OlaizGustavo Olaiz15 giorni fa
  • You did not see the other photographs! If you look at the other photographs you can see that if he does not move out Hamilton clip verstappen

    Oved ApprOved Appr15 giorni fa
  • at least now we know fia was baught by Mercedes ! We had the same issue with ferrari and now it’s Mercedes ! What a bad show !the whole point of stupidity spirit was to get rid of this non sense ! And instead it went from Ferrari to Mercedes ! problem is still there ! At least now we officially know that fia hate racing ! Qualify first and play the nice little freight train game till last lap !

    Oved ApprOved Appr15 giorni fa
  • Hamilton pushed verstappen out! If verstappen stay in the lane , both car crash because Hamilton does not have the tire ! What Hamilton did was intentional !fia need to stop th! is gray zoning!mercedes cheated on the keeping their own lane ! Fia even warned all team last year ! And there ergo again this year with the same problem ! You guys are lucky I only listen to highlight because I bet 50% of racer were subject to the same tactic ! Force them keeping the line adopted ! If there is racing involved and they keep to the ideal line ? Penalty ! It’s that simple , because you know they plan to block

    Oved ApprOved Appr15 giorni fa
  • Hamilton tire has no say in this , why? Because it’s called racing ! Hamilton is using tire as an excuse for bad behavior that he did deliberately !

    Oved ApprOved Appr15 giorni fa
  • Once again FIA closing an eye for Mercs but not for the others

    Alex89Alex8915 giorni fa
  • Before the race there was a vid of the safty car showing the tracklimit 🤣🤣

    Johnny TwiceJohnny Twice15 giorni fa
  • Before the race there was a vid of the safty car showing the tracklimit 🤣🤣

    Johnny TwiceJohnny Twice15 giorni fa
  • Hamilton squeezed Max off the track, he left him enough space. Show the angle from Ham to show how he squeezed Mac off

    Johan KasselmanJohan Kasselman15 giorni fa
  • interesting

    Hoten HitonokoeHoten Hitonokoe15 giorni fa
  • 0,1 second per lap what are you saying.... 0,2 second per lap minimum

    Michiel van OsMichiel van Os15 giorni fa
  • Hamilton runs wide at turn four 29 times gaining an average of 0.1s each time. That comes to 2.9s over the length of the race. He then wins by 0.7s. So did him running wide at turn 4 not give him a "lasting advantage"?

    mjribesmjribes15 giorni fa
  • Recap: Hamilton won by a mistake of someone else Verstappen lost by his unease of grasping wins Bottas mediocre as always and unlucky with the pit stop Alonso for a debris going on his brakes or whatever, same unfortune Vettel, same story 😂

    Paul MartomPaul Martom15 giorni fa
  • Max will be even more motivated and inspired by all these machinations!!

    Richard ter VeenRichard ter Veen15 giorni fa
  • Verstappen was ahead in turn four so why he got let Hamilton pass

    Aleksi VääräjärviAleksi Vääräjärvi15 giorni fa
  • Stewards confirmed afterwards it would have been a 10 seconds penalty.

    Dutchbird757Dutchbird75715 giorni fa
  • Honestly, I think Hamilton won that one - I just can't get over the audacity of this *****. When he immediately called it out as Verstappen overtook him after gaining a lasting advantage of just about 3 seconds over the entire race, it reminded me of those s*ithole kids who always called their mommys when they were losing to get the win anyway. Just consider, people, that playing according to what is legal is not equal to doing what is right. There's a reason terms like "sportsmanship" exist - And Hamilton clearly has none of that, even though he won "according to the rules".

    P MP M15 giorni fa
  • Nice analysis, but I would like a inboard from Hamilton because I think Max already passed him when he got off track

    N TipkerN Tipker15 giorni fa
  • They would have made it a 10 second penalty if 5 wouldn't have been enough...

    Daniel GijsbersDaniel Gijsbers15 giorni fa
  • The amount of people saying that Max didn't overtake Lewis off track is insane. Why does this always happen with Hamilton? Every single time an incident occurs with Hamilton people always judge him differently to all the other driver's. Its been like this since day one.

    M TM T15 giorni fa
  • The conversation will always be around the interpretation of "lasting advantage" and the fact that someone was allowed to do a thing for half the race, but when someone else is told to do the same thing, suddenly everyone is threatened with penalties. No one questions Max overtaking outside track limits being illegal, but that the other rules being changed midrace might have contributed to him only having that opportunity to overtake, and otherwise, might have been able to do so in a legal (and lasting) way.

    julesnaturaljulesnatural15 giorni fa
  • So lewis can do it all race but Max does it once and it's not allowed. F1 isn't rigged at all!

    sicmicsicmic15 giorni fa
  • Anyway, what is just pointed out is that Verstappen was ahead of Hamilton before turn four. There fore Verstappen was in the lead and should have kept first place. Sour loser Hamilton.

    Sharp_StoneSharp_Stone15 giorni fa
  • Having areas of the track you can use, but not overtake, is simply not acceptable. Without exploiting the unenforced track limits Hamilton would not have been ahead after Verstappen's pit stop. That is as much an overtake as Verstappen's move. Frankly a lasting advantage is anything improving your lap time or position in any way. This is absolutely not on. Masi is entirely blame, a driver is paid to exploit any advantage possible.

    Olivia LambertOlivia Lambert15 giorni fa
  • Whats the PROBLEM... Oh.!! thats right RED BULL shooting them selfs in the foot again, RED BULL have a history of complaining ALL THE TIME, They obviously didnt read the full race notes & complained about Hamilton & lets have it right, it wasnt only Hamilton going wide at turn 4 either, But RED BULL complain & Hamilton stops doing it, Max catches Hamilton & uses the same corner they have been complaining about to over take & actually complaining AGAIN that they had to give the place back , Dear RED BULL STOP COMPLAING

    Anthony LeslieAnthony Leslie15 giorni fa
  • another nightmare for lewis haters..

    Julius TjahyadiJulius Tjahyadi15 giorni fa
  • Hoy esa pendejada

    Luis MuñozLuis Muñoz15 giorni fa