TOP 5 in SOLO CASH CUP ($1200) | Flikk

21 set 2020
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How I placed 5th in the Paradox Solo Cash Cup winning me $1200. I am feeling super confident going into Trio FNCS this season with Th0masHD and Anas. Cant wait to upload more content to you guys! Please drop a like if you enjoyed the video.

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  • can we hit 1k likes?

    FlikkFlikk2 mesi fa
    • Ja

      Filip PetersenFilip PetersenMese fa
    • self bro

      B8B82 mesi fa
    • Yes we can

      ChronusChronus2 mesi fa
    • selvføligelig Flikk :)!

      Pxndxx. 69Pxndxx. 692 mesi fa
    • No😅 2k😈

      reconjulicraftreconjulicraft2 mesi fa
  • Du er dansker

    Villum SøbergVillum Søberg4 giorni fa
  • improve aim bro

    FRANCKFRANCK12 giorni fa
  • Good

    Christian CastroChristian Castro26 giorni fa
  • 👍

    Christian CastroChristian Castro26 giorni fa
  • bro all i can say is that boogie bombs are so imprtant

    bluerbluerMese fa
  • Big brain plays dude nice👌

    Mr KwekuMr KwekuMese fa
  • The 2nd game, the guy that killed you was rodlin, he's goated.

    AurixelAurixelMese fa
  • benjy top 6 flikk top 5 THE G.O.A.T

    David castroDavid castroMese fa
  • you are so underrated

    Mohammed GamesMohammed GamesMese fa
  • 4:59 rage quit

    TryzexTryzexMese fa
  • Omg you are so good

    KhausKhausMese fa
  • Ur senes are to high

    Chronic buildsChronic buildsMese fa
  • Does top 5 mean 5th place?

  • If I was u just some advise I would work on my shotgun aim

    Sychology EllixrrSychology EllixrrMese fa
  • 9:33 piece control

    Damarquieys JenkinsDamarquieys JenkinsMese fa
  • 🤣

    Rodriguez ToxicRodriguez ToxicMese fa
  • Good job mate keep up the great work buddy we r in await for your second cash cup all the best

    VIPVIPMese fa
  • Flikk er du dansk? -Nordmann

  • Can u guys check my yt its Avatar salty

    Avatar SaltyAvatar SaltyMese fa
  • In what región does it play?

    Lassed_ByhugoLassed_ByhugoMese fa
  • Wow, u outdid Benjy and wolfiez

    YlectrixYlectrixMese fa
  • Just gotta work on clutching up and winning those final 1v1 in endgame.

    YlectrixYlectrixMese fa
  • What sens do you play?

    ShotzShotz2 mesi fa

    Not_ A3YOUSSEFNot_ A3YOUSSEF2 mesi fa
  • which res >???

    qollyqolly2 mesi fa
  • Imagine being this good 😉

    Pro GamerPro Gamer2 mesi fa
  • Is it just me or is the vision pickaxe biger here

    cahp on ytcahp on yt2 mesi fa
  • Absolutely abuses boogie bombs all tourney

    Zack WorswickZack Worswick2 mesi fa
  • 57.5k??? How is he this good and only has 57.5k like he should have at least 1 million subs. Dang and I thought I was goated. 😂 Cracked

    KillaBKillaB2 mesi fa
  • Dope

    Shnawn BennettShnawn Bennett2 mesi fa
  • 💰

    noxhnoxh2 mesi fa
  • Will you join flames

    Frito FNFrito FN2 mesi fa
  • is top 6% any good in a solo cash cup?

    PlexahPlexah2 mesi fa
    • ye its really good

      m00nm00nMese fa
  • Cracked af

    ChronusChronus2 mesi fa
  • You kill me i Got shit on

    Lars LundLars Lund2 mesi fa
  • Du er så sød når du snakker engelsk! No hate.

    morten wadskjærmorten wadskjær2 mesi fa
  • Gg

    Ruyssd Crack.Ruyssd Crack.2 mesi fa
  • 1k like

    2e Clan2e Clan2 mesi fa
  • U are the Best solo player in Denmark and u Thomas and Anas are goated

    Oskar Juel ThomsenOskar Juel Thomsen2 mesi fa
  • Holy shit u bulied everyone in stark

    Oskar Juel ThomsenOskar Juel Thomsen2 mesi fa
  • Du er så fucking god

    ZackaHDZackaHD2 mesi fa
  • so good omg!!!!

    Luka #2Luka #22 mesi fa
  • nuts

    snipedexxsnipedexx2 mesi fa
  • Great stuff, just grind kovaaks and you can place even higher

    IzzyClappzIzzyClappz2 mesi fa
    • kovaaks is stupid, you like grinding bots

      Zeflr 1҉2҉Zeflr 1҉2҉5 giorni fa
    • @Odil 56 he has the shittest aim of all time

      Katalin Bánságiné Balogh KatalinKatalin Bánságiné Balogh KatalinMese fa
    • Wdym he has absolute god aim

      Odil 56Odil 56Mese fa
  • 3:53 wow they did you dirty there

    Justin PeytonJustin Peyton2 mesi fa

    chris Budhoochris Budhoo2 mesi fa
  • the fact that he misses easy shot but never miss a flick

    RelaxrrRelaxrr2 mesi fa
    • Oskar Juel Thomsen lol

      RelaxrrRelaxrr2 mesi fa
    • Thats why his name i flikk

      Oskar Juel ThomsenOskar Juel Thomsen2 mesi fa
  • Check my Faze5 video everyone pls if use don’t want to it’s fine

    KYZRO 0KYZRO 02 mesi fa
  • Your insane

    Cheater AidanCheater Aidan2 mesi fa
  • 4:51 how did you place a cone in his box?

    HjalteV3HjalteV32 mesi fa
  • i like ya cut g 8:12

    cloverclover2 mesi fa
  • Right now you are my favorite player you are INSANE

    Carlos Daniel Contreras FranjulCarlos Daniel Contreras Franjul2 mesi fa

    W1x & ChopperKW1x & ChopperK2 mesi fa
  • Nice duo fncs with anas and thomas >(

    KanninnKanninn2 mesi fa
  • Every game he had mats and height but he dropped down and died

    ItsScareItsScare2 mesi fa
  • The best german player

    A Chenah 24A Chenah 242 mesi fa
    • He is danish

      FredDPFredDPMese fa
  • Ur amazing dude but u need to work on some parts of your aim. Like your flicks are amazing but you need to work on your direct aim no hate.

    corbin hopkinscorbin hopkins2 mesi fa
  • Yesterday I saw you in leaderbords keep it up man ur good

    Nick HardenbergNick Hardenberg2 mesi fa
  • the best

    deagle2cdeagle2c2 mesi fa
  • Worst Imposter EU

    AJAMIZ BtwAJAMIZ Btw2 mesi fa
  • Yo flikk i hope you win trios FNCS I have high hope for you anas and Thomas keep up the grind my man

    MagneticEUMagneticEU2 mesi fa
  • Holy shit du vinder Word cup

    MiXed GarrrMiXed Garrr2 mesi fa
  • 10:35 oof

    Marie-Louise EkelundMarie-Louise Ekelund2 mesi fa

    4k.Zaplayzz4k.Zaplayzz2 mesi fa
  • Hey Jarvis 11:34

    HenriiqHenriiq2 mesi fa
  • niceeee

    zerfix.zerfix.2 mesi fa
  • Leavet Wave flikk ;(

    Hammel ay nonHammel ay non2 mesi fa
  • what is your color blind and strength

    Marianne sachtMarianne sacht2 mesi fa
  • bro you kill me its me nintendofinjan i was 1 hp and 0 metirials

    OROR2 mesi fa
  • To the Early Squad Reading This: sending Virtual hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe read my name btw

    lollol2 mesi fa
  • Good stuff man you're insane. But you should change your name to "I-Use-Boogies" so many kids were probably triggered during the making of this video.

    Loko FlipzLoko Flipz2 mesi fa

    aquaqu2 mesi fa
  • Well played man

    FuzznumFuzznum2 mesi fa
  • you’re so amazing :)

    Satan - BTDSatan - BTD2 mesi fa
  • The fact that he beat benjyfishy... Dude ur insane

    crash_bobo 10crash_bobo 102 mesi fa
  • You just too good

    BlemFNBlemFN2 mesi fa
  • So good

    its teteuits teteu2 mesi fa
  • well done

    TANGOZTANGOZ2 mesi fa
  • Flikk your insane

    verxcyyverxcyy2 mesi fa
  • Flikk best player in the world (sorry for killing you the over day) xd

    GreezyGreezy2 mesi fa
  • i placed 67th i hope i get noticed one day to GG THO

    IceTIceT2 mesi fa
  • Cracked 🔥

    Pred1xPred1x2 mesi fa
  • please show all games next time

    Cleezty on IGCleezty on IG2 mesi fa
  • best danish player

    FlecFlec2 mesi fa
  • If you play kovaaks you going to be the best player

    Legendenharder FTWLegendenharder FTW2 mesi fa
    • not if you have dogshit mousepad

      10K Subs With No Video Challenge10K Subs With No Video Challenge2 mesi fa
  • Its soo sad to see just flikk in ur name :(

    JehnksJehnks2 mesi fa
  • You could have gotten first place but you made some mistakes

    FearFear2 mesi fa
  • Hope your gonna win FNCS 😀

    Oliver Christian HansenOliver Christian Hansen2 mesi fa
  • Your insane

    DawxnlDawxnl2 mesi fa
  • You just shit on me at 9:28 gg

    Arox کArox ک2 mesi fa
  • Noti

    McDaBeastMcDaBeast2 mesi fa
  • Your just too goated it makes me wanna quit

    Hawq BackupHawq Backup2 mesi fa
    • ?

      GxlxcticGxlxctic9 giorni fa
  • Hope y’all win next time

    Jay plays HockeyJay plays Hockey2 mesi fa
  • insane flikk

    ProxxyFNProxxyFN2 mesi fa
  • Code Flikk#ad

    CrackzyCrackzy2 mesi fa

    AstlmAstlm2 mesi fa
  • twitter noti

    SeylonEUSeylonEU2 mesi fa
  • Best FN Player

    VxrticalVxrtical2 mesi fa
  • Flikk godd

    younglyl is a botyounglyl is a bot2 mesi fa