Indie/Pop/Folk Compilation - October 2019 (1½-Hour Playlist)

27 set 2019
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Discover the best new indie, pop & folk music in our October compilation! Tracklist & download below… 👇
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💿 Tracklist:
0:00 Hollow Coves - ‘When We Were Young’
4:02 Ok Moon -- ‘Loved You Right’
7:42 Corey Harper-- 'Blind’
11:22 Jordy Searcy -- ‘Why Can’t We Be Friends?’
14:43 Aaron Smith - ‘Unspoken’
18:07 Hein Cooper -- 'Hear My Voice’
21:15 Wild Rivers -- ‘I Do’
24:16 Thomas Oliver - ‘Bulgarian Mountains’
27:35 I See Rivers -- ‘Helios’
30:55 The Brook & The Bluff - ‘Shelby’
34:34 Big Little Lions -- ‘I Can Have It All’
38:49 Little Chief -- ‘Running Wild’
42:16 Our Atlantic Roots -- ‘Wildflowers’
47:00 Young Mister -- 'What If I?’
50:45 Samuel Gajicki -- ‘Serenity’
54:24 Cattle & Cane -- ‘Mexico’
58:10 Stables -- ‘Ringmore Rise’
1:02:09 Jacko Hooper - ‘Egg Shells’
1:05:41 The Collection -- ‘Breathe Till I’m Full’
1:08:58 Native Culture -- ‘Bella’
1:13:21 Joel Leggett -- ‘Living In Your Dream’
1:16:40 Joel Ansett -- ‘This Could Be’
1:20:22 Kimberly Knighton - ‘Nobody Knows’

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  • Welcome to October and to one of our favourite playlists EVER! We love all of these indie songs and hope you do too - let us know! 🎃 *Stream on Spotify* : *Download this compilation (to support us and the artists)* : *Listen on Apple Music* : *Find on SoundCloud* :

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    • R4

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    • How could we not love it.😍 You've just made october 🍁much more melodious 🎼than it is. I'm eager 😳to discover november, and the following months, just keep it going, you've made me so happy.🤣 Thank you. 🙏👍 💖🏅🤗

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    • I love it I recently saw this channel and I loved it from the starting 🥰😍

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  • Молодцы! Сборник то что надо!!! Впечатляет и вдохновляет 🌞

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  • Je voulais me poser mais la musique me tappe sur les nerfs bad bad bad

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  • La iglesia católica recibe muchos millones del estado, esta bien que ayude al gobierno ha que haya mas teletrabajo

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  • Here's the tracklist.. Enjoy !! 💿📀 0:00 Hollow Coves - When We Were Young 4:02 Ok Moon - Loved You Right 7:42 Corey Harper - Blind 11:22 Jordy Searcy - Why Can't We Be Friends 14:43 Aaron Smith - Unspoken 18:07 Hein Cooper - Hear My Voice 21:15 Wild Rivers - I Do 24:16 Thomas Oliver - Bulgarian Mountains 27:35 I See Rivers - Helios 30:55 The Brook & The Bluff - Shelby 34:34 Bit Little Lions - I Can Have It All 38:49 Little Chief - Running Wild 42:16 Our Atlantic Roots - Wildflowers 47:00 Young Master - What If I ? 50:45 Samuel Gajicki - Serenity 54:24 Cattle & Cane - Mexico 58:10 Stables - Ringmore Rise 1:02:09 Jacko Hooper - Egg Shells 1:05:41 The Collection - Breathe Till I'm Full 1:08:58 Native Culture - Bella 1:13:21 Joel Leggett - Living In Your Dream 1:16:40 Joel Ansett - This Could Be 1:20:22 Kimberly Knighton - Nobody Knows

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  • ✾Смотрите Что такое Транс, на самом деле, и как вводить себя в Трансовое Состояние

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  • Me encanta escuchar esta recopilación 🤩👏👏👏👏👏💖

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  • Thank yoy! It very cool complation. Inspires...

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  • Saudi girl’s vlog in a beautiful place 😍 watch please

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  • ahh the good days of 2019

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  • Ok

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  • This is literraly the best playlist i ever hear. I want every single song in my phone, their so good. Thanks for this. Kisses from Venezuela.

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  • I love the The Brook & The Bluff.. it gave a relax vibes...

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  • who is here in october 2020 ----------->

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  • 36.00 whats song??

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  • This playlist sounds like First Love :)

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  • This is for my friends.. Remember the golden days? Those times where we'd go on long-ass road trips, sing like nobody heard us..? Slept and drooled on each other? Those times when we'd play silly games? When we used to climb trees and grab their fruits..? When we played in the autumn leaves and drink hot cocoa with fluffy marshmallows? When we'd share memes on Instagram..? Those times when we used to watch Hetalia on funimation late at night? When we sang on the top of our lungs? Yeah... We didn't know we were making memories.. all we knew was we were having fun.. so much fun.. Remember those times when we were young.. when we were 12.. Man.. Time flies so fast.. See you next fall..

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  • Благодарю, отличная музыка 🔥🔥🔥👍

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  • Big fan of the playlists you create! Keep going!

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  • love it I was listing while making my madusa costume foe Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Love this compilation!

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  • Listening this random playlist and suddenly I hear singing "she's going home in the Bulgarian mountains" 😶 and I'm Bulgarian wtf 😄

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  • It’s time for this thanks ITworlds 🍁🍂✨💫

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  • Makes me feel like I'm in my twenties lol.. Love just what I needed for a mood pick me up.

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  • Ce djjbb

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  • Hey there, I'm just listening to the song by Thomas Oliver - ‘Bulgarian Mountains’ and with a smile on my face, I can say - I'm from Bulgaria! Our mountains are truly beautiful and inspirational, and I'm very happy there is a song about them :D Thank you so much for including it in the list. Kisses

    Alex GeorgievAlex Georgiev2 mesi fa
  • Still listening to this in October 2020 wishing it was October 2019. :-(

    mdmlmdml2 mesi fa
    • same.

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    • when its october and this comment was a month ago: h o l ' u p

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    • Agreed

      Rat lover forever I love ratsRat lover forever I love ratsMese fa
    • me and you both

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  • Thanks to this playlist I found Corey Harper and Hollow Coves

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  • Guess who just! I love this music. Perfect for hanging out with your friends around the fireplace. The first song already got me in tears btw,

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  • Best for chilling when alone. So much positivity and a great mix as always

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  • Gràcies per..compartir...boniques fotografies... 🥁...!

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  • Happy first day of August #2020

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  • have almost forgot that I listened to this every day last year... thank god I found it again

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  • The start of the first song sounds like the worship at my church. Where's my coffee and donuts!!!!!!!!

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  • I know it's not October yet, but it's one of my favorite playlists for autumn.

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  • Yes, welcome to october with such a playlist. 🙏🤗💟🎶🎼👂

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  • I was looking for good music and I found this fantastic channel congratulations on the channel I already subscribed and I will share.

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  • they would always play this specific video in my iop therapy group so it gives me hella nostalgia,, the music isnt rlly my type but it reminds me of then

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  • I listen to this playlist a whole lot and every time it starts I can feel my whole body relax. The second it starts I feel like nothing could go wrong and all my stress leaves me in an instant. Thank you for creating the best playlist!

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  • first day of online classes in 10 minutes. this playlist always gives me confidence and comfort, I keep coming back to it when I'm nervous or excited.. wish me luck guys!!

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    • @riley white it did!! thank you

      Phreak PhaysePhreak Phayse3 mesi fa
    • i hope it went well for you!!

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  • Love the first song

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  • Cant wait for fall 🍁🍂

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  • the first song hit me like a truck as it reminded me i'm in college and can't go back in time to highscool, when things were much simple and innocent.

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  • Hollow Coves sounds like Chris Martin from Coldplay!

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  • Cool!)

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  • The impact of indie music to the listener is different, immeasurable and unexplainable. keep it up, thank you!

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  • Best one yet :)

    Sophia HollisSophia Hollis7 mesi fa
  • Blind (7:42) is the perfect quarantine song! I'm loving this even though it's not October, thank y'all for putting this together!

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  • October is nearly 5 months away! Get hyped!

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  • I love all of your playlists! They are the soundtrack to my days. THANK YOU! never stop!!

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  • This is one of the Best Playlists i have ever heard!!! It's so relaxing...

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  • in Indonesia, you can say you are "indie" if you like to drink coffee, and enjoy the evening in the afternoon with a cigarette and poetry songs that are exclusive and not mainstream, hahaaa. yes of course, they are very independent but to me their style is too "independent" and instead looks like a hipster who just wants to have exclusivity in style and socializing

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  • wonderful Music

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  • Gotta love "I Can Have It All" by Big Little Lions! Glad I listened to this playlist :)

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  • I'm so happy indie music exists. its just so peaceful. brings everyone together :)

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  • First song sound kind of like the Paradise from Coldplay - both the singer and the melody.

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  • Here's some Bulgarian who really appreciates the song for the Bulgarian mountains ( 24:16 ) in this mix!

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  • I've been trying to figure what's my favorite type of music for my entire life... I knew it was a specific type, turns out it's Indie/Folk. Thank you for finally letting me figure it out.

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  • new sub from me, only 2 min into your compilation ;)

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