Grumpy, Un-adoptable Cat Is Her New Mom's Shadow | The Dodo Cat Crazy

1 mag 2021
934 656 visualizzazioni

Cat who was so aggressive that her mom had to wear knee-high boots turns into a snugglebug 😻
You can keep up with Barbara and all of her adorable, grumpy adventures on Instagram:
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  • She really does look like an old grump!! lol

    JIMMYJIMMY46 secondi fa

    Debby SienkiewiczDebby Sienkiewicz26 minuti fa
  • We took in a very mistreated cat that someone dump in our neighborhood. Theirs was one mean cat! For some reason she took to my daughter then after several months to my husband and after four years finally to me. I knew she had been most likely locked up in a cage all day and only let out between 6-8 in the evening. That’s when she was particularly mean. It took a long time for her to realize the only time we put her in a cage was to take her to the vet. Our vet had never seen anything like her before. I wouldn’t give up and eventually she realized. She was in a good home. She was the best cat we ever had. She live 15 years and two years ago we had to put her down. We miss her more than ever.

    Hester MontgomeryHester Montgomery42 minuti fa
  • another person to everyone that says that an animal is impossible. it's through time that allows them to open up.

    Donna IckesDonna IckesOra fa
  • Great story

    Christine McphersonChristine McphersonOra fa
  • This cat adores that girl! Beautiful to see.

    AngieInTheSkyAngieInTheSkyOra fa
  • So awesome! Thanks for sharing and being so patient with her. I think people today have so much impatience and that's why animals are deemed unadoptable but I think it's the people that are unadoptable. It is the reverse because they don't have the patience!

    Wendy BartonWendy BartonOra fa
  • This lady should be a therapist.

    Mary S.Mary S.Ora fa
  • So adorable.

    Izziedora DoraIzziedora Dora2 ore fa
  • She’s so soulful. There a lot in her eyes she’s gorgeous . What a beautiful family

    Sarita HsaSarita Hsa2 ore fa
  • You had the patience to let her come around on her own time line; now that's love. and thank you for caring enough to make it happen !

    Dorothy RobdauDorothy Robdau2 ore fa
  • What a beautiful story! ❤🐈

    Joan M MacyJoan M Macy2 ore fa
  • Love the grumpy expression on her face! She is beautiful. It is that way sometimes when trying to connect with a cat. I have worked with dozens of feral cats over the years. Some were okay being pursued and others wanted to decide for themselves. Right now I have two sisters I am working with. One sister (Bootsie) was easy and did not mind me working at it. The other sister (Socks) is still not letting me near her but she hangs around closer to me more often now. I am so glad one has only little white booties and the other has a long white "sock" on one leg or I would not be able to tell them apart. - Heidi

    BlackCat2BlackCat22 ore fa
  • I want a kitty! 🥰

    Crystals Texas Channel!Crystals Texas Channel!4 ore fa
  • Lol its always the "pretty people" in these stories (media tactic naturally). I wonder how many of these stories get put on the backburner because the people look more average and common and relatable.

    Josh JJosh J5 ore fa
  • I love that sweet little face!!! Baby was scared!! Beautiful kitty, thankfully this lady didn't give up!!😍

    Donna TaylorDonna Taylor6 ore fa
  • what a patient caring forgiving unselfish person 💖💗💝you give the world hope sarah

    Bob ThompsonBob Thompson6 ore fa
  • when i see animals act like this i think they had someone they love so much but then they got their hear broken very bad in some war

    Bob ThompsonBob Thompson6 ore fa
  • Cross patch kitten. Good she met the right mom.

    Merle MobjergMerle Mobjerg6 ore fa
  • Beautiful

    Elizabeth ConroyElizabeth Conroy7 ore fa
  • kiciuś 🐈🙋

    TeresaTeresa8 ore fa
  • Love conquers all

    Sabrena AllisonSabrena Allison9 ore fa
  • Cats are the best

    Hunter The Parmesan Cheese SmokerHunter The Parmesan Cheese Smoker9 ore fa
  • Actually, you are her

    olddogg eleventy2olddogg eleventy29 ore fa
  • I am grumpy kitty! Hear me roar!

    Rail AzureRail Azure9 ore fa
  • Oh I have a cat that was like her love you for be patient

    Dawn MarshallDawn Marshall10 ore fa
  • This cat looks like rose namajunas from the ufc .

    Dave ThomasDave Thomas10 ore fa
  • A month? A month is so little, most cats I had took WAY MORE than that. But that's a nice video, and giving space and letting the animal do what they need is what most people don't get / dislike about cats. It's not about the human, it's about the connection.

    Marcos WicketMarcos Wicket11 ore fa
  • She is pretty.

    Noname AtallNoname Atall11 ore fa
  • CUTE FACE!!! It's taken over 5 years for us, he is loving but not a snugggler.

    Bev TurquoiseBev Turquoise12 ore fa
  • Cute face!

    Alex EdwardsAlex Edwards12 ore fa
  • grumpy cat 2.0

    HawtDawgHawtDawg14 ore fa
  • Barbara the cat definitely had a grumpy face at the beginning of this video and it makes you wonder just what experiences had made her that way. Top marks must be given to the lady who filmed this video and the method that she chose to turn Barbara's life around for the better and just look at the outcome - truly heaven sent.

    Brissieskater1Brissieskater114 ore fa
  • You did good! She is a much different cat thanks to you. Just backing off and giving her time to come to you was the right move..

    Rickey MitchellRickey Mitchell14 ore fa
  • I know it's a bad thing but her super angry face was so cute 😂

    Another PersonAnother Person14 ore fa
  • I LOVE BARBARA, one of my all time favs on Insta, shes such a beautiful girl full of love XX

  • ❤❤❤👍

    Georgiana MarcuGeorgiana Marcu15 ore fa
  • omg that's the cutest cat ever...

    qdL 7lqdL 7l16 ore fa

    Yoj KimjieYoj Kimjie16 ore fa
  • happy tears right now.. absolutely beautiful. thank you so much for sharing

    Rana beyroutiRana beyrouti19 ore fa
  • God bless you both.

    salvadorpnerisalvadorpneri20 ore fa
  • Those eyes. Lol

    Jason MeyersJason Meyers20 ore fa
  • This touched me in a way not many cat videos do, I love the attitude of the woman as that's the way to go, let the cat make its way to you, now they'll be best pals for the rest of their lives together, I love the way animals bring out the best in humans.

    cherylw1958cherylw195820 ore fa
  • Cute eyes! :O

    staLker1202hustaLker1202hu20 ore fa
  • Good work .She is so beautiful.Those eyes .....

    cl ridesagaincl ridesagain20 ore fa
  • 1:19 "my own selfish need to smother her needs to subside" She has such an unusually grouchy frowning face LOL

    Thoi PhamThoi Pham20 ore fa
  • Wow. I’m going to rescue animals one day. God bless.

    AkIce QueenAkIce Queen21 ora fa
  • great work!

    Drew W EatonDrew W Eaton22 ore fa
  • Such a great video!

    John MarloweJohn Marlowe22 ore fa
  • All cats hide at 1st. Get over yourself

    Buzz KillBuzz Kill23 ore fa
  • ‘ love it !

    Genio DiezGenio Diez23 ore fa
  • Good job

    donibrooklyn sportswagerprodonibrooklyn sportswagerproGiorno fa
  • Big beautiful eyes.

    Antoinette HunterAntoinette HunterGiorno fa
  • i love evvvvverything about her! Her short curly wiskers, those big, big eyes and even bigger ears and, man, the way she luxuriates on the bed is simply adorable. The cat's pretty cute too.

    Paul KleinPaul KleinGiorno fa
  • Shes a much stronger person than me cause I would smother her 😬😬.

    YvonneYvonneGiorno fa
  • She is adorable! Other grumpy faced cats have had media careers!

    Yvonne YoumansYvonne YoumansGiorno fa
  • the cat doing ? look at its eyes

  • Why do all dodo videos sound like she is talking from a remote location

    Christopher PedersonChristopher PedersonGiorno fa
  • so true, I have 6 strays, all in different places on that timeline. It really is all up to them, but yes I want to grab them and hug them too. One I have yet to even touch, but 2 will sit next to me and purr while I brush them. They are a funny bunch.

    UberCat9UberCat9Giorno fa
  • I would have adopted her immediately.

    Linda LuluLinda LuluGiorno fa
  • Continua com a cara de mal... Kk.

    MarcelahiMarcelahiGiorno fa
  • Not a fan of cats, but glad they do have people who love & care4/about them too!! This cat really looks like Garfield - Doesn't she!? Cute video. God Bless these People & their Kind/ness!

    PeacePlease!PeacePlease!Giorno fa
  • GORGEOUS CAT!!! LOVELY story!!! Notice how the presenter did the RIGHT thing by NOT saying that she owned the cat?!?!!!! ANIMALS ARE LIVING BREATHING CREATURES, NOT PIECES OF PROPERTY!!!

    Julie GillJulie GillGiorno fa
  • This was so heartwarming. Bless you for your patience and for seeing her worth. :)

    Phyllis DeL GiudicePhyllis DeL GiudiceGiorno fa
  • 😹😘🤗😻😽

    Cheryl WhitestoneCheryl WhitestoneGiorno fa
  • I commend you for dedicating the time, effort and bandaid supply to bring this cat into your world and hopefully give her the love she needs!! Great job!!

    Elizabeth DarseyElizabeth DarseyGiorno fa
  • Didnt u post this once already

    Alexandra PuiuAlexandra PuiuGiorno fa
  • I'm a cat lover and I have to say, this vid touched my heart and brought tears to my 66 year old eyes!

    Steve SmithSteve SmithGiorno fa
  • lol crazy cat lady

    Charlie EscobarCharlie EscobarGiorno fa
  • "...I was ready to commit to whatever it took." That is the kind of light God is awaiting on the landing strip.

    N TN TGiorno fa
  • If people really wanted to treat animals with respect, we'd stop stealing them from nature so that we had emotional support and we'd stop destroying the planet so that we could breed ourselves into extinction.

    Mike FallerMike FallerGiorno fa
  • If Karen was a cat.

    SpaceageMrTSpaceageMrTGiorno fa
  • There was a single kitten in our neighbor's shed that my dog had discovered. I told the homeowner that the kitten was alone I rarely saw the mother cat with it. When the mother cat saw my dog sniffing, she didn't seem to mind and wasn't acting maternal like a normal cat would. The small size of the cat led me to believe it was neglected, but the homeowner said the mom was a stray who was being fed, so the kitten will be fine. It wasn't. I finally stepped in and started providing food and water, but I think the early malnutrition led to some mental slowness and challenges and the kitty has a look similar to the video cat, in addition to strange jumping and running style (she jumps up on stuff with all 4 paws at once).It took much longer for the cat to warm up, and only did so because she liked my dog's food and wanted some. I play with her but she is aloof and only wants attention when she hears the microwave beep to announce that the pup's food is ready. She is still a cutie. Dont believe people who think they know everything about animals, especially if the animal's safety/health is at risk. Err on the side of safety, because there is always an exception to the rule that professional experts think all animals follow.

    Steve TaylorSteve TaylorGiorno fa
  • This is exactly how it went down with my cat. We got him as a little feral kitten who only ever hid under my bed and hissed at me. Then one night I woke up and he was curled up next to me, we've been inseparable ever since

    Lunar SystemLunar SystemGiorno fa
  • Awesome ♥️

    Frog GreenFrog GreenGiorno fa
  • I literally let my cat come to me. If she climbs on my chest for cuddles, cuddles it is. She wants to sleep on my desk? Good night, sweetheart 😊 If she stares at me, then I give her the pats and kisses she wants and she happily accepts them. She runs from everyone else because their instinct is to pick her up.

    Jalyn WishemJalyn WishemGiorno fa
  • so adorable cat and what a wise women

    Diana SavchukDiana SavchukGiorno fa
  • She is the most adoptable cat ever seen ,the face is like rude all time ,put smile on my face watching her 🤣🤣🤣

    ajit kumar maharanaajit kumar maharanaGiorno fa
  • what do you mean un-adoptable? i love her!

    zee boozee booGiorno fa
  • "She is just my sidekick." Awwwwww-- it's so nice the kitty-cat lets the actual sidekick think that!

    verilyheldverilyheldGiorno fa
  • I visited a friend who was not the original owner of a cat named Tinkerbelle. As soon as I sat on the floor, Tinkerbelle climbed in my lap. Friend said, "be careful." Tinkerbelle wanted to be petted, but only on certain parts of her body. Up to me to find which parts. She purred continuously, even while scratching and biting me. At one point she rolled over on her back. Friend went, "uh..." I tried to pet her chest. Scratched and bit the hell out of me, before rolling over on her stomach. This continued for about half an hour. Tried to nudge her off my lap. No. So, I stood up. She remained attached, head pointing to the floor, claws dug into one trouser leg. I walked to the door and she let go. Next visit, I wore tougher clothing.

    Stephen LehrStephen LehrGiorno fa
  • One of my cats had a rough start in life. Took him eight years to begin to trust, nine to become cuddly. The wait was so worth it.

    ScrapofKindnessScrapofKindnessGiorno fa
  • that cat is in a constant state of MAD

    CaptainShadowGamingCaptainShadowGamingGiorno fa
  • You did the right thing.Great job !

    Carlos DyerCarlos DyerGiorno fa
  • Cat: "I think at some point the woman realised that she is just my sidekick"

    75hilmar75hilmarGiorno fa
  • My girls cute ...hates everybody but her daddy.mommy is dying and she's sad now .will only have me.

    Bryan EddyBryan EddyGiorno fa
  • Such a sweet story..wonderful that you didnt give up on her & were willing to let her work out her own timeline with you. She finally relaxed & "adopted" you! Got to feel so rewarding that you are now her special person.

    barbara brownbarbara brownGiorno fa
  • She’s sooo cute and she’s big and flooofy hehe 😮

    I Plant FruitsI Plant FruitsGiorno fa
  • Animals act the same way emotionally as humans do, if you got abused or cheated on in the past, from that moment forward, you are no longer as open as you used to be! And it takes time for you to come around, different circumstances and different people react differently towards this, you just have to give them their space.

    Nope LandfillNope LandfillGiorno fa
  • You never adopt an animal, they adopt you.

    Lloyd MagnusLloyd MagnusGiorno fa
  • if you think you are a terrible person, just remember people disliked the vid

    Hamza AbdelmuhdiHamza AbdelmuhdiGiorno fa
  • ❤️

    Sayhard SlayerSayhard SlayerGiorno fa
  • Very good hooman !! When she rubs her face on your face/ head she's marking you a hers.💞 They have a gland just in front of their ears that releases a small amt of oil. They do this to mark their territory as well esp around other pets

    Dori WeishaarDori WeishaarGiorno fa
  • Unadoptable? More like irresistible. ❤️🙃And yes, that resigning sense of care taking is a sense of love that I think every cat taker/ lover comes to know. ❤️😊

    Leslie Ann AlbrightLeslie Ann AlbrightGiorno fa
  • Tsundere Cat

    Speckielishous PieSpeckielishous PieGiorno fa
  • Side kick -. She's going to kick the

    Rebeccaofsunnybrookfarm FarmRebeccaofsunnybrookfarm FarmGiorno fa
  • This was great to watch. My two rescue cats will never be so affectionate, as I suspect they were mistreated as kittens. They show lots of affection in their own ways, but can't stand to be picked up. One sleeps on our bed, and loves to have his fur brushed, when he purrs so much. He is also the most curious cat I've ever known, who loves looking on my tablet computer, and hates it when I shut it down. His sister is really affectionate, in that she wants to get on our laps and pummel away, but again, she is quite timid in a lot of ways. This is cats, they are their own thing, don't think you can transform them if they don't want to be.

    Steve KileySteve KileyGiorno fa
  • You’re her sidekick

    Robert BrayRobert BrayGiorno fa
  • Solo está falto d mucho amor!♥️😻

    Jessica RiveraJessica RiveraGiorno fa